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 It is so easy to choose which Peshawar Ziegler rugs to buy. Their prints and multiple borders make them unique. They look like antique rugs. They are handmade with as much care as antique rugs. But the price is much lower than antique.

And we all know displaying an antique rug is a quick way to create a discussion about your decor.

Peshawar Ziegler carpet go by a few different names but they are all the same. You can find them as Peshawar Ziegler, Chobi, or even Chobi Ziegler rugs

They look antique when they are freshly manufactured. Buying a Peshawar rug online will save you money and time.  We went through the hard part of sifting through all the varieties of Peshawar Ziegler rugs and picked out the best Chobi rugs for 2019.

Peshawar Ziegler Rugs Rating

How does a Peshawar rug stack up against other wool rugs? Very well actually. Let’s look at the durability, price, and softness of Peshawar Ziegler rugs.


When it comes to durability, the Peshawar Ziegler traditional rugs are tough to beat. They are hand-knotted with thick, New Zealand wool. They are dyed using only organic dyes.  

To get the muted colors, they are left in the sun to fade. This also helps them look antique. They look antique but they are newly made - which means they will last much longer. 

How Chobi rugs are made makes a huge difference in their durability. Because of the hand-knotting techniques of our artisans, they are built to last for generations. 


When you buy Peshawar Rugs online from RugKnots, you are saving money because you are shopping direct.  

Antique Ziegler rugs are very rare and the price reflects it. Their price tags range from $50,000 - 150,000.  

Peshawar Chobi rugs are huge in 2017 because of their ability to subtly fit into any decor scheme.  Their muted earth tones fall into the background of the room and create an elegant feel. 


The way they are made makes them incredibly soft, even though they are made with wool.  After they are dyed, they are hand stonewashed. This not only mutes the colors but leaves the wool feeling super soft. 

Peshawar Rugs Review


One of the best features of the Peshawar rugs are the colors. They are dyed to look antique. This means their colors are muted. After being stone washed they are left in the sun to bleach out the dyes. 

Love how this rug would allow the colors in the room to pop. The beauty in this rug lies in its quiet, floral patterns.  

Peshawar Rug Patterns

Peshawar Rugs are known for their delicate floral patterns. Unlike Bokhara rugs - which have diamond shapes, Ziegler rugs have floral designs in the middle and around the edges of the rug. 

When you buy this red and beige Peshawar rug, you will be proud of the beautiful leaves, flowers, and vines are woven throughout the body of the rug. Also, notice how boldly the red wool wraps around the outer edge. 


One of the coolest things about buying Ziegler oriental rugs is having a story to tell. Oriental rugs are often thought to be combined with traditional decor. However, we see unique aspects of modern decor in these chobi rugs, such as their light, fresh colors and whimsical motifs. 

When you buy a Peshawar rug, you are buying a hand-knotted wool rug made in Pakistan.

As the name implies, they are hand-crafted in Peshawar, Pakistan. This city sits on the Afghan border. It has become a contemporary hub of high-quality rug making – with artisans producing top standard hand-knotted weaves in the Persian and Central Asian style traditions.

If you would like to learn more, you can watch this video. It explains the quality and care taken in every single Chobi rug. 


Peshawar Rugs Coupons

Here at RugKnots, you don't need a coupon code for Peshawar rugs. We always offer low prices below retail. Following are some of the ways you can save money on Chobi rugs. 

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