2020 Best Wool Rugs for Your Home: RugKnots’ Top List
Wool Rugs

Wouldn’t it be nice? Have you ever thought of getting the best rugs that suits every space in your home? Just imagine the perfect rug in your mind and poof! It appears in your home. Unfortunately, not all buyers have that magic rug-conjuring instincts. Instead, they trudge through store after store, website after website, trying to find the best wool area rugs for their home. Yes, wool rugs. Why? It is because 100% wool rugs are durable and are considered to be the best investment that worth every penny. But before anything, here are some things you’ll find out in this blog:

  • Where to buy 100% wool area rugs?
  • Where to order reasonably priced 100% wool area rugs at 8 by 10 feet?
  • How much are hand knotted 100% wool pile rugs are that are 2 foot by 8 feet?

RugKnots has been producing high quality wool rugs made 100% wool rugs in the market. They offer nothing but the best wool rug; a wide range of different types of large area rugs in several sizes and shapes. You can buy an 8 by 10 feet 100% wool area rugs or 2 by 8 feet of 100% wool pile rug that is worth every penny that you will pay, all in one online shop. Now, just to sift through the noise and help you decide which wool rug best suits your spaces, we decided to put together the best wool rugs for 2019. These rugs include picks of the most beautiful, elegant, durable, and highest quality wool rugs available in the market.This list will help you decide which rug is right for you. It is group it through rug type for your ease. Feel free to use the links below to navigate to each section or scroll down to start from the beginning.


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The Best Wool Rugs of 2019

  • Best Bokhara Rugs
  • Best Ikat Rugs
  • Best Shag Rugs
  • Best Kilim Dhurrie Rugs
  • Best Runner Rugs
  • Best Modern Area Rugs
  • Best Wool & Silk Rugs
  • Best Peshawar Ziegler Rugs
  • Best Pak Persian Rugs
  • Best Overdyed Rugs

Best Bokhara Rugs

Bokhara rugs are renowned for their soft, luxurious feel, heavy pile, attractive colors and pleasing symmetrical design.


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1) 2x3 Light Grey Bokhara Rug

Few rugs characterize the Bokhara style like this wool rug. Its intricate designs are woven in a soft yet sturdy pile that will hold up for years. The rug’s light gray coloring makes it excellent to accentuate both light and dark furniture. Being 2x3 allows you to place this rug in many areas around the home or office.

2) 2x3 Beige Bokhara Rug

This rug is the perfect size to complement small pieces of furniture (like side tables and chairs) and even outdoor areas (like covered patios). Made from the finest New Zealand wool, this rug is made to last generations and maintain a luscious feel throughout.

3) 4x6 Red Bokhara Rug

This Bokhara is made from wool that is very finely spun, giving it a shine and a gloss that resembles silk. Hues of red and burgandy give this 4x6 rug an alluring appeal that will draw eyeballs in any room it’s placed.


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4) 2x3 Blue Grey Bokhara Rug

The blue, gray, and beige coloring gives it a semblance of its predecessors — the rugs that ordained palaces and the homes of royalty across the Middle East and Europe. Symmetrical designs characterize classic bokhara design elements and style.

5) 8x10 Red Bokhara Rug

This rug’s size gives it a whole new look and feel. At 8x10, it gives off a powerful aura to those who lay eyes upon it. Striking red and formidable brown coloring balance nicely across the carpet. Made from 100% New Zealand wool, this rug can handle foot traffic for many years.

6) 2x3 Green Bokhara Rug

The repeating triangular pattern of this wool area rug gives it an eye-catching look. Light and dark green resembles tranquility and will add to the beauty of any room.

7) 2x3 Red Bokhara Rug

This is one of the most elegant bokhara rugs out there. Floral patterns and powerful red colors are pleasing to the eye. This hand-knotted artwork makes for a wonderful accent or centerpiece.


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8) 8x10 Red Bokhara Rug

Need a beautiful rug for your home or office? This 8x10 dazzling bokhara is great for large spaces, like living rooms, reception areas, and more.

9) 2x3 Rust Red Bokhara Rug

The trimmings of this rug are long and plush, giving it a soft touch and feel. Its rustic red coloring allows it to be paired with all types of furniture and accessories. Feel free to place this rug in areas of high foot traffic, as it is made with durable 100% natural materials.

10) 8x11 Red Bokhara Rug

If you’re looking for a dependable rug or centerpiece, this 8x11 beauty is great for dining rooms (to border dining room tables) and living rooms. Guests won’t be able to stop themselves from commenting on it.

Best Ikat Rugs

Featuring neutral tones of ivory, brick, grey and beige, together with blurred abstract patterns resembling peacock feathers, snowflakes or fossils - Ikat rugs provide the ideal counterpoint to modern styling in contemporary homes.


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11) 6x9 Ivory Ikat Rug

Floral patterns give this Ikat rug a delicate look and feel. The classic ivory, blue, and beige coloring is soothing to both the eye and the mind. 

12) 6x9 Gold Ikat Rug

Gold is a fantastic color to pair with the unique designs of an ikat rug. Gorgeous patterns combine with soft, durable fibers to give you a one-of-a-kind combination of design and foundational quality.

13) 8x11 Black and Grey Ikat Rug

Wavy patterns of black and grey give this ikat wool area rug a daunting yet lavish appeal. You can’t go wrong pairing this carpet with white or light colored furniture.

14) 6x9 Blue Ikat Rug

This ikat rug represents an elegance and beauty in being unique. If your personality (or the personality of your home) is one of its own, this rug is an excellent choice to complement that.


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15) 9x12 Gold and Tan Ikat Rug

This Ikat area rug is delicate and exquisite. Every time you lay eyes on it you will feel a sense of luxury and fulfillment overcome your being. Durable wool fibers ensure that this rug will maintain its quality for many years.

16) 8x10 Black and Light Gray Ikat Rug

The elegant patterns of this rug perpetuate a calmness and tranquility. The precision of this rug is like no other. Each little design is repeated by hand perfectly, elevating any room it's placed in.

17) 8x10 Gold Ikat Rug

This rug gives off a slightly burnt distinction, as the darker hues mix with the light. This lavishly rustic look makes it a great complement for wooden furniture and brown accessories.

18) 8x10 Black Ikat Rug

A rug with striking patterns will always turn heads. This ikat rug is very representative of a grey wolf in the frozen tundra, a sullen yet powerful piece of imagery. Made from durable material and high quality New Zealand sheep wool.


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19) 9x12 Gold and Ivory Ikat Rug

What we see in this gold and ivory ikat rug is a look that’s almost Ancient Egyptian in its styling. Take yourself back to the times before technology. Feel this time period and bring it into your home with this gorgeous carpet.

20) 7x9 Grey Ikat Rug

We love the patterns in this rug. Sharp outlines combine with lighter background patterns to give this rug multiple dimensions to enjoy. Use it as a centerpiece or as an accent to bring together a living room, dining room, or bedroom.

Best Shag Rugs

Plush, soft and colorful – nothing says luxury more than a high quality shag rug. These shag rugs are hand-crafted by expert artisans to be both attractive and durable.


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21) 2x3 Brown Shag Rug

Featuring thick, fluffy pile, this rug is hand-crafted to be both luxurious and practical in your home. The mix of two different brown hues will show guests your stylish side, and soft fibers feel grand to the touch.

22) 3x4 Red Contemporary Shag Rug

Looking for amazing comfort and an eye-catching style? Look no further than this contemporary shag rug, made in Pakistan out of 100% New Zealand wool

23) 3x4 Lime Shag Rug

This rug is vibrant. It will stand out in any room and provide an extra level of comfort for your family and guests. Pair it with light colored furniture to help it stand out even further.

24) 3x4 Tangerine Contemporary Shag Rug

This contemporary shag rug comes in a striking tangerine color. Pair this with almost any furniture for a standout look. Cushiony durable pile also allows this rug to be used and enjoyed extensively.


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25) 3x4 Ocean Blue Shag Rug

The cool ocean blue of this shag carpet is perfect for living rooms, bedrooms, or playrooms. Relax on this rug as you immerse yourself in the beauty of your home.

26) 3x4 Merlot Shag Rug

This rug comes in a beautiful dual shade of red and merlot, resembling red wine. Use this rug to accentuate any part of your space and add beauty to your home.

27) 3x4 Orange Shag Rug

Comfort and style pair wonderfully with this orange shag rug. The long, durable, and luscious fibers feel amazing to the touch, and you will be able to enjoy it for generations to come.

28) 3x4 Caramel Brown Shag Rug

Hand-knotted by expert artisans, this shag rug is made in a rustic brown characteristic of early oriental rugs. The lengthy pile feels amazing as it slides through your fingers.


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29) 3x4 White Shag Rug

The tranquility this rug provides is second to none. Effortless white pairs with luxurious rug fibers to create a rug that beautifies any space.

30) 3x4 Neon Green Shag Rug

Take yourself back to the 70s and 80s with this vibrant neon green shag rug. Yet, maintain all of the quality of 100% New Zealand wool in a hand-knotted rug.

Best Kilim Dhurrie Rugs

Kilim Dhurrie rugs get their name from their knotting style and texture. As opposed to most Oriental rugs, Kilim rugs are light, flat and rougher in texture.


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31) 6x8 Multi Colored Brown Kilim Rug

The rustic colors of this Kilim rug pair together beautifully. The rectangular patterns allow it to be paired with any design scheme to add an additional layer of style and class. Flat, tough fibers make it as durable as they come.

32) 6x8 Multi Colored Red Kilim Rug

This Kilim rug features extremely durable and long lasting pile that will can be handed down for generations. Combine this color scheme with beautiful wooden furniture and you will have a complete interior design masterpiece.

33) 6x8 Brown and Grey Flatweave Kilim Rug

This kilim rug comes in a flatweave style, meaning its pile is short and strong. This casual rug is lightweight and has a short pile height, meaning it's comfortable underfoot and without being too plush or distracting.

34) 6x8 Orange Kilim Rug

The weaving of this rug is big and bold. High ridges feel like a massage underfoot, and its striking dark orange color will liven up bland spaces.


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35) 5x8 Repeating Diamond Pattern Grey Kilim Rug

What’s not to love about the repeating diamond pattern of this wool area rug? Calm and assertive grey mixes with the diamond pattern to form a splendidly designed rug. Keep it and enjoy it for years to come.

36) 5.5 x 8 Multi-Colored Kilim Rug

This multi-colored kilim is one of the most unique designs around. Tribal patterns give it a charming look that goes great in all types of spaces.

37) 5.5 x 8 Multi-Colored Kilim Rug

This rug came together magnificently. Repeating geometric patterns will certainly enhance any space and give your guests something to ooh and awe about.

38) 6x8 Brown Kilim Rug

Horizontal patterns of alternating light and dark brown hues characterize this Kilim Dhurrie rug. Tough, durable pile will allow this rug to handle ample foot traffic for many years, and this rug is lightweight, meaning it can be transported and handed down easily.


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39) 6x8 Brown and Ivory Kilim Rug

Representing the white and brown sands of the Middle East, this rug has a rustically beautiful look. The simple design includes a series of stripes in different thicknesses. Some stripes have intricate, smaller horizontal layers of color.

40) 6x10 Deep Red Kilim Shards Rug

This kilim dhurrie rug provides one of the most unique, elegant designs available. Deep red triangular patterns correspond with lighter red and grey to create a contemporary look and feel.

Best Runner Rugs

The ideal way to bring warmth and color to a previously merely functional space, runner rugs will transform your narrow corridors, hallways and tight interior spaces.

41) 3x10 Dark Brown and Beige Runner Rug

This runner rug is beautifully crafted to fit perfectly in a hallway or long entryway. It is made from the finest New Zealand wool, and its intricate designs will have your guests looking on in envy.

42) 3x10 Brown Runner Rug

The Persian design of this rug will accentuate wall art and liven up long spaces in your home. The quality of its wool is unmatched in this price range.

43) 3x10 Black and Beige Runner Rug

This rug is a personal favorite of ours. The stark contrast between black and beige makes this design pop, and it goes well in almost any hallway or entryway.

44) 3x10 Brown and Beige Runner Rug

A simple floral pattern is beautifully stated across this vertical rug, and a light, detailed border adds structure and intricacy to the rug. This rug is a perfect runner for your hallway or entryway.


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45) 3x10 Dark Brown and Beige Runner Rug

A lovely pattern borders this runner rug. In the middle, we see symmetrical floral and stem patterns with a mix of dark and light brown hues. This is a fantastic rug to add dimension to your home.

46) 3x13 Red and Beige Runner Rug

Rich red and warm beige dominate this wool area runner rug. This rug features traditional runner patterns and a classic design that will never go out of style.

47) 3x15 Dark Brown and Beige Runner Rug

Dark brown, warm beige, and in between colors are the centerpiece of this masterfully crafted carpet. Show guests your eye for interior design with this runner rug, and keep it for generations as it is made with 100% natural wool fibers.

48) 3x10 Brown Runner Rug

Create a beautiful contrast in your hallway or entryway with this brown and gold runner rug. A floral motif dominates the rug's center design, and detailed patterns are knotted throughout the light border.

Best Modern Area Rugs

Traditional rug making techniques can be applied to a whole range of styles. You can give your home a splash of contemporary color with a fabulous Modern Area Rug.

49) 5x8 Green Tribal Rug

Hand-knotted from 100% wool, this beautiful tribal rug will add vibrancy to any room. Tribal patterns give it a rustic yet modern feel.

50) 7x10 Blue Peshawar Ziegler Rug

This modernistic peshawar zielger cannot be matched in its design intricacy and overall beauty. This rug’s bold design is balanced by a traditional border. Revel in how this rug will look in your home.

51) 8x10 Gold Soumak Rug

Give your home a rich and luxurious feel with this gold soumak rug. Its faded patterns showcase years of craftsmanship, and its raised design texture makes the rug feel and look 3D.


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52) 9x12 Red Overdyed Rug

The striking red of this rug is really a sight to behold. Onlookers cannot help but to be awed by this rug’s beauty and design intricacy. Place in areas of your home that could use a large centerpiece to bring it all together.

Best Wool & Silk Rugs

Wool rugs are the most trusted rugs out there. Add a touch of true luxury to any room - like the Persian kings of old – with a blended wool and silk rug. Featuring a deep, soft pile with an amazing 81 knots per square inch, these wool and silk pieces create a distinct sense of decadence for any discerning homemaker.

53) 3x4 Black Wool & Silk Rug

With a lavish feel and eye-catching design, this wool and silk rug goes wonderfully with darker furniture. Place it in a living room, entryway, or bedroom to add a touch of flavor to the room

54) 4x6 Gold Wool & Silk Rug

Add cheer and warmth to a room with this uniquely designed oriental rug. Its bright gold, cool grey design gives it a fun and festive appearance.

56) 5x9 Black Wool & Silk Rug

We love the dark contrast of this rug. The double bordered pattern adds multiple dimensions, and it’s luxurious soft pile feels amazing to the touch. 100% hand-knotted New Zealand wool ensures quality and durability.

57) 5x9 Ivory Wool & Silk Rug

Ivory gives this wool and silk area rug a tranquil feel that’s sure to cheer up anyone who lays eyes upon it. Pair it with darker furniture for a lavish look, or pair it with lighter furniture for a more upscale ambiance.

58) 5x9 Gold Wool & Silk Rug

Gold gives wool and silk rugs a rich and vibrant look. This rug is no different. Place it anywhere in your home to add a touch of luxury.

59) 5x9 Beige Wool & Silk Rug

A rustic rosy brown background sets the stage for the intricate, daffodil-colored design featured in this one-of-a-kind rug. This sophisticated style piece looks great against dark wood floors or antique furniture.


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60) 6x9 Brown Wool & Silk Rug

This rug's neutral colors make way for its stellar design. Impress guests with this intricate work of art, which features traditional Peshawar Ziegler patterns in stunning symmetry.

61) 6x9 Green Wool & Silk Rug

Stellar green coloring mixes with intricate oriental rug design to create this 6x9 wool and silk rug. This size is great for almost any room or living space, but place it under a dining table or coffee table for a great look.

62) 7x10 Blue and Ivory Wool & Silk Rug

Blue and ivory pair beautifully in this rug. Its thick border gives it a strong feel, and a closer look reveals the detail to which the artisans hand-crafted this masterpiece. Show this rug off to guests as they feel its quality.

63) 7x10 Brown Wool & Silk Rug

This rug gives off a classic Persian feel. Act like a king or queen of the olden days with this rug as your centerpiece.

64) 8x10 Grey Wool & Silk Rug

This simply stunning Oriental rug features soft colors and a simple, spacious design. Feminine designs mix with neutral tones for a balanced look.

65) 7x10 Green Wool & Silk Rug

A stunning singular floral design dominates this work of art, with harmonious and symmetrical details flowing outward from the central motif. It's made of pure, plush wool and has a medium pile height for easy care and ultimate comfort.

Best Peshawar Ziegler Rugs

Inspired by traditional Persian rugs, Peshawar Zieglar rugs are made by skilled artisans in the city of Peshawar in North Eastern Pakistan.

66) 7x10 Ivory and Brown Peshawar Ziegler Rug

The sublime ivory and brown patterns of this rug jump out at as you look onwards. Classic peshawar ziegler design mixes together to create a refined look and feel. Floral motifs are accented with symbols representing leaves, buds, vines, husks, and more.


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67) 3x5 Blue & Tan Peshawar Ziegler Rug

What’s not to love about this artfully designed oriental rug? A charming border surrounds an exquisite inner design and showcases just how much of an artform rug-making is.

68) 3x5 Grey & Tan Peshawar Ziegler Rug

A beautiful grey dominates this rug, while a touch of tan acts as a garnish. Pleasing design elements showcase floral patterns and other classic oriental rug designs. Place this 3x5 rug under standalone furniture to help it stand out.

69) 3x5 Red & Ivory Peshawar Ziegler Rug

Wow! This wool rug really jumps out at you, and it will do the same in your home. A wonderfully designed border contains individual circular designs, with pretty floral patterns ordaining the rug’s middle area.

70) 3x5 Grey & Beige Peshawar Ziegler Rug

Elegant detail is this rug’s cornerstone. Look closely, and you will see a fine attention to even the tiniest elements. 100% New Zealand wool makes this a rug of the highest quality.

71) 3x5 Green & Tan Peshawar Ziegler Rug

Effervescent green shines through this rug’s background to produce an earthy look. The double border is highly detailed with geometrical shapes and patterns.

72) 3x5 Red & Tan Peshawar Ziegler Rug

Luxury knows no bounds in this wool area rug. A ritzy look is characterized by a deep red background and tan design elements. This rug is made of 100% wool for comfort and durability, and an intricate floral design fills its wide border.

73) 3x5 Red and Beige Peshawar Ziegler Rug

This rug shows a slightly more minimalist design than the previous ones, for a less busy but still sophisticated look. The color roles are also reversed, with a lighter tan coming through in the background and a rich red in the border.

74) 3x5 Gold and Beige Peshawar Rug

3x5 is the perfect size for many types of spaces. The gold and beige that dominate this oriental rug will give any room a lush and lavish vibe.

75) 4x6 Red & Tan Peshawar Ziegler Rug

A rch red border and design make this rug a standout piece. Fine, circular design elements give the rug its personality.


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76) 4x6 Brown & Tan Peshawar Ziegler Rug

Looking for a rustic look? Deep, rich browns and tans shine through in this rug, creating a perception that takes you back to the days of old. A simple design features big, bold flowers that are linked together by curved lines and leaves.

77) 4x6 Black & Beige Peshawar Ziegler Rug

An intricate design sprawls across the rug's canvas. The design is contained by a thick cream-colored border, and black, beige and ivory colors are knotted into the design for beautiful depth and contrast.

78) 4x6 Red & Ivory Peshawar Ziegler Rug

Light ivory color complements a deep rich red background remarkably in this wool rug. A detailed border surrounds floral temporal design elements in the center.

79) 4x6 Grey and Tan Peshawar Ziegler Rug

Talk about detail! The design elements of this rug are extremely fine tuned. You would be hard pressed to find a rug so intricately woven.

80) 4x6 Brown and Beige Peshawar Ziegler Rug

Take a trip back in time with this peshawar ziegler rug. Its beautiful design and high quality wool fiber will go wonderfully in any part of your home.


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Best Pak Persian Rugs

Pak Persian Rugs – also known as Pakistani rugs or carpets – are notable for their attractive floral based or curvilinear designs. They’re extremely popular in homes across America.

81) 8x10 Red Pak Persian Rug

Attractive design elements characterize this beautiful pak persian rug. We see 12 circular patterns in the center design with a charming darker outer border. This large rug goes great in big rooms around your home.

82) 8x10 Brown Pak Persian Rug

What an amazing piece of artwork. This persian style rug takes the traditional oriental rug border and adds a unique design to it. Its center is dominated by dark brown details.

83) 8x10 Red and Ivory Pak Persian Rug

Oriental rug fans will love the velvety smooth feel of this 100% New Zealand wool area rug. Opulent designs clash with rich color to create a luxurious carpet for the home or office.

84) 8x10 Red and Ivory Pak Persian Rug

We absolutely LOVE the center of this piece, with its intricate detailing and vibrant red color. A durable, long lasting fiber means this rug can lay beautifully in your home for many years to come.

85) 8x10 Brown Pak Persian Rug

Artisans slaved for hours to produce this gorgeous 8x10 pak persian rug. A deep yet faded brown gives this carpet a rustic look and feel that’s great for dining rooms, living rooms, or bedrooms.

86) 8x10 Brown Pak Persian Rug

The geometrical patterns of this rug represent a labyrinth or a maze. Dark and light browns mix together to create a classic oriental rug look and feel. Columns of squares are repeated across the rug, and appreciate the detail of each strip of this rug's large border.

87) 8x10 Black Pak Persian Rug

Gorgeous oriental rug craftsmanship really shines through in this pak persian rug. We see just how intricate the design elements can become in both the center and border of this piece.

88) 9x12 Green Pak Persian Rug

Green creates an earthy feel amidst the traditional design elements of this 100% wool area rug. 9x12 rugs are great for living rooms, dining rooms, and bedrooms.

89) 9x12 Gold and Green Pak Persian Rug

Gold and olive green dominate this Pak Persian rug - while rose, grey, beige, and Ivory play among its intricate patterns. The rug's unique design features a central cross pattern, which is embellished with traditional floral motifs and more.

90) 9x13 Brown Pak Persian Rug

We see a very unique design motif in this rug, with floral patterns dominating throughout. A dark border surrounds a lighter center.


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Best Overdyed Ziegler Rugs

Also known as ‘chobi’ rugs – the Farsi word for wood – Overdyed ziegler rugs are usually characterized by their muted color schemes and neutral repeated patterns.

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91) 5x8 Brown Overdyed Rug

A deep dark brown dominates this overdyed ziegler. Dazzling design patterns characterize a classic oriental rug look and feel.

92) 9x12 Brown Overdyed Rug

This 9x12 rug is perfect for large spaces in your home. Create a border around a dining room table, bring together a living room, or accent your bed.

93) 8x9 Brown Overdyed Rug

Uniqueness defines this overdyed ziegler oriental rug. It is one of the best showcases of intricate design and deep, rich, high quality color and rug fiber.

94) 7x10 Brown Overdyed Rug

Hints of green poke through a deep brown color in this oriental rug. Tough, durable material allows this rug to handle ample foot traffic around your home or office. Enjoy it for years to come.

95) 7x10 Red Overdyed Rug

Rich, elegant red colors fill this rug's main space. The rug's striking color is balanced by a simple, modest design which features traditional Overdyed Ziegler elements like floral and natural elements.


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96) 8x11 Brown Overdyed Rug

We see exquisite design elements come together in this oriental rug. Floral and wavy patterns draw the eye closer and closer to the center. Spark envy in your guests with this overdyed rug.

97) 8x9 Brown Overdyed Ziegler Rug

Grace a room with this warm-toned, welcoming rug. An elegant design is knotted in rich caramel color and features traditional Overdyed design elements that resemble flowers, buds, leaves, and more.

98) 8x11 Brown and Grey Overdyed Rug

Brown and grey combine to create one of the most uniquely designed rugs around. Pair this rug beautifully with light or dark furniture and accessories.

99) 8x12 Brown Overdyed Rug

Traditional overdyed zielger motifs dominate this rug. A deep brown runs throughout, creating an earthy, rustic look and feel.

100) 9x12 Red Overdyed Rug

A striking red gives this rug a vibrancy and elegance. Dazzling patterns and design make it the perfect rug to impress guests and onlookers.

This list of the best wool rugs is not exhaustive. There are many hundreds of other rugs out there. But we hope that this article has provided you with a more narrow selection, with just enough variety, to help you choose the right rug for you. You can buy the most trendy rugs from RugKnotsIf you have any questions, feel free to comment below or contact us and we will be happy to help.


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