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“The more submerged people are in modern life, the greater their innate craving to immerse themselves in the physical beauty and inherent unity of the natural world.” -Pantone Color Institute

Perhaps one of the most versatile colors in home decor, green has the ability to soothe, inspire and calm. Green’s ability to conjure up feelings of scenery and nature is what landed Pantone’s Greenery (17-2034) as Color of the Year for 2017. “Greenery is nature’s neutral,” the Pantone Color Institute said in its Color of the Year announcement. Another shade of green, Kale (18-0107) also appeared in Pantone’s Spring 2017 Color Fashion Report, (so keep an eye out for foliage-inspired pieces on the racks and runways this year too!) Whether you incorporate green into your fashion or furniture, this natural color packs in some surprising benefits, including stimulating creativity, productivity, and relaxation. “There seems to be a positive association between nature and regrowth,” Design with Science founder Sally Augustin explains.


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Green Wall(s)

While this may seem like the most obvious technique, it can also be the boldest. While it varies with shades, green is generally reserved as a “cool” color, like light blue or lavender. Or rather add green rugs on walls! If you’re looking to add green without going overboard, consider just adding a green accent wall to a room. “Some of the right places for an accent wall include a fireplace wall, the wall that anchors your bed, an interesting nook, or a bookcase wall,” Kristie Barnett, a.k.a. The Decorologist explains.

Add an Accent

If a green wall isn't right for your space, you can still add a touch of green through other accents. Decorative objects, like bookends and vases, or throw pillows are a low-key, easy way to soak up the benefits of nature's favorite color.


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Find a Gem

According to Color Psychology, green gems can do some serious healing. “In crystal therapy, gems with a green color, like jade or malachite, are used to even out the energies around the emotional center of a being.” Luckily, malachite has taken interior design by storm in recent years. From pillow covers to coasters and wallpaper, malachite is great for most spaces.


Besides adding life to a space, and a breath of fresh air (literally), plants provide the perfect pop of green to a room. According to Dr. Nancy Stone of Creighton University, a specialist in color psychology, “dotting thriving pot plants around your house could all deliver just the dose of green you need to feel better.” 


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No Paint, No Problem

In lieu of painting a wall green, try an alternative. Whimsical outdoor-themed tapestries and murals can transport your room right into nature. Look for large-scale pieces that feature trees or grass.

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