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Custom rugs are oh so envious. It is something only you have, something that is designed by you for your home. 

Here at RugKnots, ordering a custom rug is a cinch. 

First, know the size, shape and color of rug you want. We can order 100% custom rugs from round rugs, to square, and any color of dye you choose. 

Then, contact us with your request and we will order it directly. It will ship to you, with free shipping. 

Watch this short video as our consultant, George, answers FAQs about ordering custom rugs. You can also read the answers below. 


How long does it take to receive a custom rug? 

The length of time to create and ship the rug depends on the size and shape of the rug. Generally, an 8x10 rug will take about 3-4 months. 

How much do custom rugs cost? 

Our rugs are made with 81 knots per square inch. Our price depends on the square footage of the rug. When you order a custom rug, we will give you a price quote. This price quote takes into account the square footage and the knot count. 

How do I pay for my custom wool rug? 

Here at RugKnots, we require half payment at the time of the order and the other half will be charged right before we ship the rug to you. 

Can I return a custom rug? 

We always want to make sure you are completely satisfied with the rug before you receive it in your home. So, we will send you pictures of the rug before we ship it to you. After you confirm you are completely satisfied, we will ship it to you. Once you receive a custom rug, it is non-returnable. 

Can I scale a design up or down? 

Yes, if you have a large rug and you want to replicate the design on a runner rug (for example), we can do this for you. Before we order the rug, our designers will create a computer rendering of the new rug for your approval. 

Can I order a rug with my monogram on it? 

Yes, we love making monogram rugs. We can design a rug with your initials, monogram, or even company logo on it. Simply let us know what logo (or letters) you want and our designers will confirm the design for you.  These are completely custom, we do not have a stock of pre-made monogram rugs. 

Save Money On Custom Rugs

When you order custom rugs from RugKnots, you are saving money immediately. We order our rugs at factory-direct prices and pass the savings onto you. Please contact us today with all your questions. We are happy to answer them and help you find your perfect rug. 

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