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As you choose a Wool runner rug for your home, take a peek out this roundup. I will explain the functions of a runner rug (so you pick the best one for your room), the types of runner rugs, and pick the best runner rugs in our collection. Then, I'll share how to save money on runner rugs so you don't have to pay retail price. Ever. 

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How To Use A Contemporary Wool Runner Rug

Contemporary wool runner rugs have few specific functions, depending on where they are placed. Their size and shape the direct movement, tie rooms together, and can even make small places seem longer and larger..

Direct Movement 

The length and design of a rug draw your eyes from one end to the other. This natural movement is very important when choosing where to place a runner rug.  Placing a runner rug in the kitchen or a hallway encourages your visitors to see the entire length of the rug and encourages them to walk from one room to the next. 

 Wool Runner Rug

Create Warmth

Our contemporary wool runner rugs are made with the finest New Zealand wool. This means as you and your family members walk through the hallway or stairs, your feet will be treated to the warmest wool. 

Wool rugs warm up every space, absorbing sound and creating a beautiful feeling of comfort.

Tie Spaces Together

The long, rectangular shape of the runner rugs makes them perfect for laying between different rooms and essentially bringing them together. 

Designers love how a runner rug can be used in large, open areas to create a sort of walkway that bridges one part of the room with the other one. 

Runner Rugs Make Rooms Look Larger

A little known secret in the interior design world is that long, thin rugs accentuate the length of a room and make it look larger. This is also very true with sofa tables and entryway tables and benches in kitchens. 

Another great idea is to pair runner rugs in a hallway (or narrow room) with skinny furniture. Interior designer Kristen Siefkin, founder of Interior Design Alchemy,TM  has this creative hack: "try placing furniture to one side and the long runner on the other.  This can make a small hallway look and feel bigger with the runner rug to one side." 

Best Runner Rug Colors

Choosing a runner rug color depends on your overall color scheme. If you have an eclectic, boho scheme, you can pick a bright colored rug with a vibrant pattern, like one of these:

3x10 Black and Beige Runner Rug

Contemporary wool runner rugs in blacks have a serious wow factor. If you have a very neutral color scheme, the runner can take center stage. 

3x13 Red and Beige Runner Rug: If you want to pick a rug that will match almost every color, browns and beiges are a very safe choice. I love the traditional prints on these runner rugs. 

Order A Custom Wool Runner Rug

Of course, if you cannot find a runner rug in the exact colors, prints, or size that you need, you can always order a custom runner rug from RugKnots. 

Our design team will work directly with you to create the exact size and color rug that you want.  

The price will depend on the size and pattern you choose. Contact us for a quote, we would love to start dreaming up a beautiful rug just for you. 

Save Money on Contemporary Runner Rugs

Contemporary wool runner rugs have a steep retail price, but there is a way save money on that price tag.

Shop factory direct. When you buy directly from RugKnots, you are not paying for a showroom and all that overhead. We pass that money savings directly onto you.  

Make sure you are buying authentic wool rugs. There are few things worse than when you pay retail price for a rug made out of plastic. We source our wool from New Zealand and Pakistan and our rug weavers use organic vegetable dyes. 

Our rugs are all hand-knotted. Pay what a rug is worth, not more. 

Contact us today to buy your perfect contemporary wool runner rug for your hallway, stairs, kitchen, or entryway. We are ready to help you decorate your home. 


Wool runner rugs

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