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Ikats enhance eclectic spaces and rooms. Depending on the patterns and colors, Ikat rugs can stand out or fade to the background. One thing all Ikat rugs have in common - they are all mesmerizing and have a certain movement about them that captures your imagination. We created a list of the best Ikat rugs of 2019. These rugs are the boldest, the most trendy, most unique, and best all-around rugs for your space. 


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What Are Ikat Rugs? 

The reason Ikat rugs have such unique patterns is because of the way they are dyed. In fact, it is a super intricate and involved process that machines try to replicate. But the truth is, when you have an authentic hand-knotted Ikat, you own a one-of-a-kind work of art. The word ‘ikat’ (sometimes written ikkat) derives from the Indonesian language, and brings together the root words for ‘knotting’ and ‘binding’ - and has long become a generic loan word in the English language to denote this type of rug. So basically, to create an Ikat rug, the artisan has to tightly bundle yarn together in a specific pattern and dye it. Then, that dyed yard is hand-knotted on the rug. While some blurring always occurs on Ikat outdoor rugs, the highest quality rugs will have distinct patterns. 


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Check out this short video about Ikat rugs. You really can see the entire world when you look at Ikat rugs. 


Best Ikat Rug Size

8x10 is the most popular rug size of 2019. This is seriously the best size for almost every room because it is large enough for furniture to all fit on the rug. Smaller rugs that sit like an island in the middle of the room don't anchor the furniture correctly.

Best Ikat Area Rugs of 2019

We chose the most vibrant, stunning, and show stopping Ikat rugs for our 2017 list. These Ikat area rugs make fantastic centerpieces in every room.  


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1. Goes Best With Everything

 8x10 Blue and Ivory Ikat Rug

Blues and ivories are an extremely popular color combination this year. I love how they really do compliment any decor. This rug, in particular, is just neutral enough to fade into the background and yet has a distinct enough pattern to be eclectic. You can pair this rug easily with bright furniture or even stay with naturals and whites. It's the perfect rug for any decor style. 

2. Most Popular 

6x10 Brown Ikat Rug

This rug is our most popular rug because of the size  - 6x10 goes with any room shape and size - but also the color. Brown is HOT right now. You can see the art that went into the weaving and dying of the patterns. It's such a beautiful rug.


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3. Most Noticeable 

6x9 Black Ikat Rug

This black Ikat rug will be noticed as soon as you enter the room. The contrast between the colors is stark and bold. The design and patterns are also extremely loud and noticeable.  If you want a rug that will be the center of the conversation, choose this black Ikat rug. 

4. Most Artistic 

6x9 Blue Ikat Rug

The art and technique required to make Ikat rugs is enough to make me appreciate authentic rugs. This one is definitely a work of art. It's the most artistic of all our rugs because the shapes on the rug convey movement and evoke emotion just by looking at it.  It is mesmerizing, just a breathtaking rug.


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5. Boldest 

6x10 Red Ikat Rug

From the calmest to the boldest - the bright red in this rug are extremely loud and vibrant. Reds are seen as a color of passion. This rug will definitely be noticed in your room and set a ton of power, and deep emotion.

6. Most Neutral 

8x10 Tan Ikat Rug

Sometimes you really just want a rug to fade to the background. Or maybe you are a fan of neutrals in your decor. For both reasons (and more) this rug is a huge winner!  Tan and beige are both colors that don't stand out much. The patterns are basic, not overwhelming or contrasting. 


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8. Most Unique 

8x11 Red Ikat Rug

The colors and patterns both on this rug are extremely unique. The patterns are a work of pure artistry, not easy to replicate.  This one-of-a-kind rug has a pattern unlike any other Ikat rug. 

9. Trendiest 

8x11 Blue Ikat Rug

Blues are definitely in right now.  The blues and beige's on this Ikat rugs are right on trend. The designs are repetitive and bring on the history and charm of the Eastern culture. 


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10. Most Edgy 

8x10 Black and Grey Ikat Rug

When I think of edgy decor, I think of rock stars and fashionistas not afraid to try new things. The designs on this rug are unique and don't follow any trends. Be unique, be yourself, and choose a rug that is unlike any other.  

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