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The seasons are changing, from Spring to Summer, and so are houses across the U.S. Living rooms are swapping tech for comfort, bathrooms suddenly looking a lot like living spaces, and homeowners are creating innovative 'sunspaces' in the unlikeliest places.

Inspiring Your Home Remodeling in 2016

Innovation in the home, as you already know, takes a bit of planning and a lot of inspiration, so we've decided to put together ten of our favorite Home Remodeling Trends of 2016. Hopefully it helps inspire you to give your house an added dimension, a complete revamp or just a slight tweak this year.


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Clearer Kitchens

Kitchens will always lend well to rustic, cottage-like designs, but that doesn't mean they have to be cluttered and overly functional. This year has seen interior designers minimize kitchens while maximizing their functionality. Big walls of storage are being removed with relative ease, creating more open, spacial kitchens. Walls are being done with completely in a lot of cases. But maybe you just want to downsize some of your appliances, or invest in a multi-functional one? And if you're worried about losing that homely atmosphere then may we suggest a richly colored rug? Hey, just an idea!


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Admittedly, not the most alluring name of all time. However, Mudrooms are a remodeling favorite of 2016 that can be easily achieved. The beauty is that these farmhouse entryways are all about simplicity. Big storage cubbies made from long lasting woods. Thick pegs for winter coats and warm hats. Up-cycled bins and containers for added storage. We can smell the hay and corn already. A brilliant way of creating a peaceful catch-all area that transitions a house from messy outdoors to cocoa before bedtime. The use of white paint looks smart and sleek but only you will know how practical it will be. If you're fans of the outdoors then paint accordingly.


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Walk-in showers are a step into luxury without the heavy price tag. And there's nothing like affordable bathroom remodeling. That's not to say the opportunity to splash out isn't there if you have a larger budget. The 2015 trend of big Vinyl Tiles are a good fit for wet rooms, giving them a clean, contemporary feel. Multi-layered greys add to the feeling of luxury and tranquility. Apart from that we think your biggest decision will be which shower head to choose. Rugknots advice? Take your time, go big, and enjoy.

Family Comfort over Tech

Many of us spend our days in front of a screen at work and treat coming home as a much needed break.  One of the top remodeling trends is ridding living rooms of technology this year, and no one is surprised. We want calm and relaxation in 2016. Some family interaction, with comfortable pillows and warm carpets. Rugs, blankets and fireplaces. Not multiple screens and buzzing lights. In some cases, designers are looking for ways to hide televisions and sound systems from plain sight. Putting the emphasis on coziness and rest. This is house remodeling where the future looks a lot like the past. And vintage is a big 2016 trend we all love.


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Bathrooms Looking a Lot Like Living Spaces

Traditional chandeliers hanging from the ceiling and graphic wallpaper adorning the walls. Yes, it's 2016 and bathroom remodeling is all about 'less sterile, more home.' Homeowners are putting some character into their WC's by covering those white walls with artwork. Storage units are hidden as furniture pieces while sterile tiling is being given the boot. It may also be worth considering a softer main light, which will help make the bathroom feel warmer. Cleanliness is important but it's great to have some character in the bathroom too.


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Rugs As Art

Area rugs are going multi-functional in 2016,  like so many other traditional elements within modern homes. Eye catching patterns are going up on walls all over the United States, because they can help to really define a room. For example, warm and rustic living rooms feel cozier and more comfortable, while spacious hallways suddenly offer a more friendly welcome to your visitors. We have actually seen a rising trend of rugs being used as artwork in bathrooms, consequently creating the 'living space' look we talked about earlier. And let's not forget bedrooms, where Soumak Rugs particularly are taking pride of place above wooden and metal beds.


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Outdoor Fabrics are Coming Indoors

This remodeling trend surprised us a little when it started gaining a head of steam last year. When we heard 'Outdoor Fabrics' we immediately thought of solid or striped patterns made from uncompromising materials. They're not exactly synonymous with the homely comfort of a living space. However, things have changed. We are now seeing intricate patterns on acrylics, bursting with bold colors that never fade. Outdoor fabrics are now softer but remain durable and easy to clean, ensuring they last a long time as the color balance of your chosen room. Your busy, well-used living room doesn't have to show the wear and tear of a full family life anymore. Hooray!


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Formal Dining Rooms

Dining rooms have enjoyed a bit of a resurgence in 2016, with many homeowners holding back on the 'office conversion' in favor of staying with the traditional theme. And why not? New dimmer lighting will bring back the formal, dining focus to a room that in recent years has lost its way a little. The trick is to make it a place you want to spend time in again. Regular dinner parties will again have a place to call home. So go with a new fire feature of some patterning on the wall, or even a set of new chairs and a solid wood table. Warning: Formal remodeling has been known to require a few added board games!


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Bolder Cabinetry

It could be time to remodel your kitchen with brighter, bolder cabinets. Storage spaces have always been vital to a kitchen's overall design, and the growing trend is to go with a more forthright look. This can be a pretty big commitment but just remember that 'more color' doesn't have to mean 'louder.' Painting is a great starting point for any remodeling adventure. Understated violets and pastel reds will bring about a new atmosphere in one of your house's busiest rooms, which will surely help to inspire your more intricate touches. In 2016, remember there is a race for space in the kitchen especially, so consider light and airy colors that promote openness.


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Innovative Sunrooms

Sunrooms are appearing at windowsills across the country and it may just be time you followed suit. The chances are you already have, though, considering just how fast this trend is growing. We love 'sunspaces' because they breath new life into dead space around the home. Balanced paint and furniture colors allow the sun to take center stage, although most of the family are likely to be there to. And so many of 2016's home remodeling trends seem to be about bringing families closer together. They're about opening spaces up and remodeling your home in an expansive way. Privacy is everything, of course, but there's definitely something to be said for making family and friend rooms even more family friendly in 2016.

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