Oriental Rug

Oriental rugs add real elegance to any space, and their unique hand-knotted character makes them stand out. We’ve listed our top ten reasons for buying an Oriental rug. Read them, and start shopping!

Benefits of Buying an Oriental Rug

1. They last a lifetime.

There’s a reason why societies across the globe have cherished Oriental rugs for centuries – it’s because their high-quality character makes them a high-value, durable good. An Oriental area rug is an investment that accrues value over time; many are passed through generations and hold significant sentimental value, too. Because Oriental rugs are woven with strong fibers (typically high-quality, all-natural wool) and made by hand, they can endure regular wear for years and years.

2. They’re always in style.

Unlike other design trends that come and go, Oriental rugs never go out of style. Invest in a traditional Peshawar or Zieglar rug, and you’ll never have to worry about whether it’s in fashion or not. Traditional Oriental rugs feature classic designs and colors that have been praised for centuries and aren’t going out of style anytime soon.

3. They’re well-constructed.

Hand-knotted Oriental rugs are as authentic and high-quality as it comes in the rug industry. Hand-knotted Oriental rugs won’t rip, tear, or shed. They can be gently washed by hand at home, and professionally washed for stunning results.

4. They’re beautiful to look at.

Because Oriental rugs are woven by hand and carefully designed, they’re more intricate and unique than machine-made rugs. Many Oriental rugs serve two aesthetic purposes: they set the “tone” of a room from afar, and provide stunning artistry when viewed up close. A high-quality Oriental rug is like a work of art; display it in a room and it will capture the eyes and attention of your audience

5. They’re a good investment.

If cared for properly, an antique Oriental rug will accrue in value over time. Once an Oriental rug reaches 30-70 years of age, its value will surely increase; and rugs over 100 years old could qualify for “antique” status. At this point, you (or a future family member) would have impressive bargaining power if you wanted to sell the rug.

6. They’re soft to touch.

Oriental rugs are soft to the touch and forever plush. High-quality Oriental rugs are made of wool which is usually sourced in whole or in part from New Zealand (considered the world’s top wool producer). Some luxurious Oriental rugs are even made of a wool/silk blend of fibers, which further increases the incredible texture of the rug.

7. They support artists.

Buying a sustain-ably and responsibly produced Oriental rug can help support rug artists overseas and across the world. Many rug companies donate a portion of their proceeds to charities in the countries they work in and help employ populations that otherwise couldn’t find work.

8. They’re full of history.

Unlike modern and mass-produced rugs, Oriental rugs have a rich history. Each Oriental rug has deep roots, from the story of the people who produced it to the meaning of the symbols and colors hand-knotted across its canvas.

9. They’re environmentally friendly.

Oriental runner rugs are made of all-natural materials and all-natural dyes, meaning that they don’t release toxins and release fewer allergens. This also means wool rugs are not highly flammable.

10. They’re a status symbol.

Any homeowner, decorator, or designer will recognize and appreciate an Oriental rug when they see one. By displaying an Oriental wool rug in your house, you’re declaring your dedication to your home environment and respect for quality design. Invest in an Oriental rug and impress guests for years to come.

You can buy your favorite area rugs from, RugKnots. If you have any questions about this process or how to buy oriental rugs, feel free to comment below or get in touch with us here.


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