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With such a chaotic, fast-paced world out there, it makes sense that we want our homes to be simple, functional, practical and worry-free.

There's always something that's missing, whether it's storage, seating, design, or simply space.

If you're searching for practical home solutions, with taste, I'd like to recommend the ottomanSome call it "the chameleon of the furniture world." 

Not only are they modern, stylish, and particularly bohemian, they serve so many functions, it's hard to believe!

1. A Cozy Coffee Table

 Tired of the typical wooden coffee table? Want to think outside the box? Ottomans are a great coffee table substitute!

Larger ottomans provide that curve that some rooms so desperately need. They are the perfect place to set down a food tray, a book, or the TV remote, and these coffee tables are also great (very comfortable) footrests.

Want an even more unique look? Gather together a few smaller ottomans that fit together and create an awesomely interesting, geometric ottoman coffee table!

Or group a few ottomans separately for the neat look below!

Try placing them on a circular patterned wool rugand see how cool it looks like a checkered board with giant pawns!

Not only does using a few ottomans for your coffee table give a unique look, but it does also provide extra seating in your living room.

2. Dining Room Chairs

Wood dining room chairs can be clunky, uncomfortable, and inefficiently large. So check this genius idea for a comfortable seat and stowaway placement.

Ottomans are so much more comfortable and they will slide under your table with ease! As you can see above, the ottomans are so much more space effective than the wicker dining room chairs.

Using ottomans for all four seats would really open up the space and make it feel so much larger! PLUS helps prevent those darn stubbed pinkie toes!

3. I Bet You Can't Guess This Next Use of the Ottoman.

A comfy and rather plush ottoman can double as, or be transformed into a DOG BED!

Yep, that's correct! A good ol' fashion dog house... A cozy one to say the least. The ottoman above still serves as a footrest, (so stop using your dog's back),but has a cute space to house the dog! But ottomans as dog beds? Really? YES! You can now stowaway the dog's toys too!! 

4. Welcome Everyone! I Have Extra Seating

Looking for extra seating? Comfortable seating? But not invasive in your space or clutter your feng shui?

Because ottomans come in so many different shapes, sizes, and colors, they work well as seating in any style home!

Don't have extra room for ottomans to be spread out in the room at all times? You can find smaller ottomans that will fit under your coffee table, and store your extra seating there when they're not being used!

5. A Convenient Foot Rest

One of my favorite functions of the ottoman is using it as a footrest. Ottomans are the perfect height to rest your toes after a long day!

Paired with an equally comfy looking chair, the ottoman above looks like the perfect place to sit back and relax!

Having your feet propped up makes sitting activities like reading, browsing the internet, and watching a movie all the more comfortable!

6. At the Foot of your Bed

Need a place to sit when you're putting on your shoes in the morning? Putting an ottoman (or two) at the foot of your bed is a stylish solution to a simple problem

They serve a purpose and add such a unique look to the space. They can also offer more storage solutions for those large wardrobe problems if you get the kind that are hollow on the inside! 

7. Of Course... Savvy Storage Solutions

Many ottomans open up so that you can store whatever you wish inside! The possibilities are endless when it comes to ottoman storage. You can store files, like in the ottoman below,

Or you can store blankets. Some people choose this stylish option to store their shoes, others use it to store books or even drinks!

Key takeaway:When you're searching for the perfect home accent, remember that ottomans are the most versatile furniture piece you'll find anywhere!


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