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There is nothing like the ‘Oriental Rugs for Sale’ sign to expedite your rug sales. And not only for handmade Oriental carpets but also for the rest of your rug merchandise.

Do you ever wonder why Oriental rugs on sale draw such an eager rug-crowd?

If you have never been rug shopping for Oriental rugs, we will answer that question for you.

It is because Oriental rugs are expensive.

But what makes them so expensive?

In this article, we explore which factors constitute the value of an Oriental carpet, and answer some of the web’s most burning questions about Oriental rugs.

So, read on!

What Are Oriental Rugs?

If described precisely, Oriental rugs are carpets hand-knotted exclusively in Asia. That includes the biggest Oriental rug exporters in the region, such as Pakistan, India, China, Turkey, Tibet, Iran, and Nepal.

The quality of material and artisanship in Oriental rugs is not uniform and differs greatly. Woven from different materials such as wool, silk, and cotton, Oriental hand-knotted rugs come in a variety of colors, designs, and patterns.

Understandably, the price tag follows. Yet, when it comes to pricing, even Oriental rugs for sale, are a touch more expensive than other rug categories.

Most people who are looking to buy Oriental rugs in the US believe they can identify an Oriental rug by its design.

That is a myth!

Design is just one of the determining factors that constitute an Oriental rug. The construction (especially the type of knots), origin, and weaving techniques are all factors that truly help you determine the authenticity of an Oriental rug.

On that note, the type of loom used is another indication of an authentic Oriental rug. Weavers use the horizontal loom for tribal designs on flatweaves like Kilim, Dhurrie, and Soumak.

However, most weavers use the vertical loom for hand-knotted Oriental rugs using the Senneh or Ghourides knots.

Why Are Oriental Rugs Expensive?

When you buy Oriental rugs online, make sure you purchase from trusted and authorized dealers like RugKnots or Rugs USA.

These rugs are expensive, so it is better not to take risks with the purchase.

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As to why these rugs are so expensive, let us find out!

1.      The Condition vs. Age Factor

 The value of Oriental rugs depends on its condition as well as age.

Antique Oriental rugs in all their unruffled glory are a rare sight. As a result, the pieces that do exist cost you plenty of money.

However, here is the good news: Oriental rugs are not a purchase but an investment. These rugs appreciate over time.

The age vs. condition factor is the first rule that comes into play when determining the true value of Oriental carpets. Insurance companies and other appraisers take this highly into consideration when doing an appraisal of an antique Oriental piece.

As it goes, the older the rug is, the more expensive it will be. Rugs requiring restoration and repair are exceptions because they are not in good condition.

So, if you have authentic hand-knotted Oriental rugs at your home, take care of them!

2.      Place of Origin

The place of origin of a hand-knotted Oriental rug plays a significant role in determining its true value.

So, if you buy Oriental rugs online, make sure you know where the carpet was manufactured.

The weaving techniques and labor differ from country to country. Therefore, the cost of Oriental rugs widely varies depending on the country of origin.

To give you an example, the Turkish village of Usak in Central Anatolia has been weaving trademark Usak carpets for hundreds of years. As a result, these carpets are in-demand and comparatively more expensive than other Oriental rugs.

As these rugs age, they will only become more valuable to rug enthusiasts and collectors.

Another deciding factor is the labor cost. Again, we will give you an example.

The labor in Pakistan is a lot cheaper than in Turkey. As a result, Pakistani Oriental rugs are more affordable, albeit offering the same quality and beauty as Turkish Oriental rugs.

Order Oriental rugs online on RugKnots, and grab Pakistani Oriental rugs on sale!

3.      Authentic Material

The quality of materials also contributes to the pricing of hand-knotted Oriental rugs.

Since materials affect the quality of construction and the overall appeal and durability of the rug, Oriental rug appraisals usually include a keen look at the rug material.

Wool, cotton, and silk are the materials of choice for most weavers. However, if you are looking to buy Oriental rugs in the US, make sure you check if the wool or silk is real.

Some rug dealers might pass off a replica as original wool or silk. So, do your research, especially if you are buying Oriental rugs for sale from unknown dealers.

4.      Natural Dyes vs. Synthetic Dyes

Natural dyes give the rugs a naturally aesthetic appeal that is difficult to achieve with synthetic dyes. When rug manufacturers use natural dyes, the colors are usually uneven at the base, and less intense and saturated.

These dyes are difficult to make, and the knowledge and expertise on natural dyes alone make naturally-dyed Oriental rugs a hallmark of authenticity and high price value.

When you buy Oriental rugs online, make sure to ask questions about the dye, knot density, and material quality. An honest rug dealer will be able to answer these questions to your satisfaction.

5.      Knot Density

In Asian countries, rug weaving is an art passed down from generations. While knot size is an important factor, determining the value of an Oriental rug depends on the density of wool and the type of knot tied.

When you buy Oriental rugs for sale and want to do a quick inspection of the knot density, just feel the handle of the rug.

A loosely woven rug will feel fragile, and it will not wear as well as a tightly woven rug with a sturdier feel.

3 Myths to Overlook When You Buy Oriental Rugs for Sale

When it comes to Oriental rugs, here is what everybody wants to know: do Oriental rugs appreciate?

Yes, they do.

But do all Oriental rugs appreciate?

Of course, not, there are a few exceptions there.

But most people believe that all Oriental rugs will make you money on a resale. And that is myth number 1.

1.      All Oriental Rugs Increase in Value

If you buy Oriental rugs online with the intent of investing, make sure you buy one of the pre-World War II eras.

Oriental rugs manufactured after the Second World War do not appreciate, nor will any brand-new Oriental rug creations.

That is not to say that the age of the rug does not matter. An Oriental rug woven in the ‘60s will have more monetary value than the one woven a decade ago.

However, you cannot compare them to the pre-war antiques.

2.      Old is Gold

While aged Oriental rugs surely make a good investment, some just do not have the artistic merit to guarantee good price value.

They are just old rugs in need of repair.

3.      Knot Count Alone Determines Rug Value

The knot count alone is not an indication of a rug’s value.

It only partially determines the value of Oriental rugs.

As per the general rule, the more knots per square inch, the higher the price of the rug will be.

However, once you buy Oriental rugs in the US, keep them in use for some time, and then resell them, knot-count is not what will determine their market value.

Do Oriental Rugs Need A Rug Pad?

A lot of rug buyers believe that rug pads are a waste of money.

Well, that is not the case.

Rug pads provide a protective layer between the rug and the floor to prevent slippage and increase the lifespan of your rug.

And to answer the question: yes, Oriental rugs need rug pads, too.

So, when you buy Oriental rugs online or pick one from the Oriental rugs for sale lot, make sure to buy a rug pad, too.

Not only will the rug pad protect your rug and floors, but it will give the rug a thick and luxurious feel.

So, perhaps it is time we take our rug padding seriously.

How Long Does an Oriental Rug Last?

Your Oriental rug could last anywhere from 30 to 300 years, depending on the quality of rug material and artisanship.

Yes! Some Oriental rugs even live through centuries!

Eventually, the longevity of your rug depends a lot on the pricing and how well you care for it.

Final Message from RugKnots

At RugKnots, we believe every rug is unique and deserves value and appreciation. And that is exactly why we want you to get an honest price for your rugs.

Our Oriental rugs for sale are the perfect opportunity for rug lovers to get their hands on some authentic, handmade Oriental carpets at reduced pricing.

Visit us or order online to buy from our collection of Oriental rugs for sale, and share in the joy and pleasure of owning a genuine, hand-knotted Oriental rug!

So, grab a cart, start shopping, and we will see you next time!

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