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If you are searching for a rug to give your home a more elegant and modern look, silk rugs should be your ultimate choice. The silk rugs originate from a blend of areas like Turkey, America, and China. Most rug manufacturers use genuine silk to produce these beautiful silk rugs. These rugs are available in various designs. The market is full of silk rugs; however, you must find a product that suits your choice. Before we move on, let us establish a basic concept regarding silk rugs.

What is a Silk Rug?

Silk rugs are a wonderful piece of artwork. They combine vivid color, tight weaving, a comfortable, plush feel, and intricate design. Most people buy silk rugs to decorate the walls instead of using these beautiful creations on their floors. If you want to buy silk rugs in the US, you must understand some of its features.

Features Of Silk Rugs

With a high sheen, these rugs will catch your attention with their first look. Its remarkable luster is a result of its silk fibers, which naturally appear lustrous and add shine to its looks. Unlike wool, silk material is quite expensive. Due to its expensive cost, artisans often go to an extra length to produce a magnificent creation. The difference is evident when comparing silk rugs with a wool rug. In addition to that, silk rugs consist of a higher knot count and tighter knots. Running your hand across the surface of the carpets, you will feel a silky smooth, luxurious and lush sensation.

How Can I Identify Genuine Silk Rugs?

It is not easy to find affordable silk rugs that are genuine. Silk rugs are extremely expensive. You need to identify an authentic silk rug so that you do not come across a fraud. You do not want to pay a higher price for an attractive silk rug only to find out later that it is not an actual one. Hence, to prevent this from happening, ensure you can carefully determine if a product is genuine. You can do so by checking the knot count and its weave.

Silk rugs are known to have a higher knot count, as they are tightly woven. The good news is that there are no exceptions to it. Since this is the case, extra attention to knot count is important. Genuine silk rugs will have a knot count greater than 500 KPSI. Any number less than this figure is less likely to be an authentic silk rug instead of an artificial one. Next, silk rugs are usually short piled alongside being tightly clipped. These features help protect the silk fibres that are quite delicate.

Additionally, they promote the intricate details and patterns on the rugs. You need to pay special attention to the fringe of silk rugs. Silk rugs have a fringe that naturally extends from their body. If the fringes appear attached separately to the silk rug’s body, it is most likely to be artificial.

How Can I Test for Real Silk Rugs?

Several distinctive techniques can help determine if a silk rug is real or artificial. However, while identifying the difference, you need to be careful because these methods can cause damage to the fibres. Secondly, these testing methods are not guaranteed. You can try out two techniques to test for a real silk rug listed below:

Test #1

Use your fingers and vigorously rub them on the silk rug while keeping your palm open. You will feel a cold sensation if it is an artificial silk rug and a warm sensation if it is genuine.

Test #2

You can cut out a single fibre and burn it. An artificial silk rug will smell of burning paper. On the contrary, a genuine silk rug will give off the smell of burning hair.

How to Clean Silk Rugs?

Maintaining and cleaning silk rugs is an important step if you own one. You need to protect the investment that you made. To do so, you should follow a few measures. You can use the vacuum and lightly remove the accumulation of dust and debris every week. You can also use your vacuum in a low mode to prevent additional pressure on the rug’s fibres. However, make sure that you do not use your vacuum and brush roll mode. Otherwise, it can cause damage to the fibres. You can seek professional cleaning if you do not know how to clean your silk rug.

A Simple Guide to Buy Silk Rugs

To enjoy the perks of silk rugs, you need to produce the right one. Make sure that you buy silk rugs in the US from an authentic store. If you wish to buy silk rugs online, make sure they are from a reputable store. You should be motivated enough to buy silly rugs online, especially because they are quite expensive. Its high cost can lead many manufacturers to produce a cheap standard of rug material. Hence, you must be cautious to prevent creating a fake product instead of a genuine one. Before you make a purchase, make sure you test your silk rug. You can always use the techniques mentioned above to check it smolder and knots for its authenticity.

Tips for Silk Rugs

If you have brought home a silly crap, you know you need to pay attention to it by maintaining its standard. You need to take good care of these rugs to increase their lifespan. Place them in a low-traffic area. The placement is quite important; otherwise, it can be the cause of permanent damage. You can always hang them on your wall if you do not have any low-traffic areas in your house. Either way, they will serve as great eye candy and add to the beauty of your place.

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