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Why buy a round area rug? You buy round rugs because you like to be different. You know who you are and are proud of it.  Your home decor reflects your self confidence. There is something so special, so incredibly amazing, about the effect a round rug has on the design of a room. Round rugs create movement and intimacy in a room. They can go in every single room, they are incredibly versatile. Let's dig into what makes these unique rugs so desirable and popular. I'll cover their shape, patterns, price, and even some amazing examples of rugs in different rooms of the house. 

The Symbolism of the Shape 

Since most rugs are rectangular, having a round rug is instantly noticeable. Circles have lots of symbolic meaning. These meanings create stories and significance to their spaces. Our Round Rugs range come in a variety of sizes, patterns and colours. Bring a contemporary look and feel to your home with this huge range of quality Round Rugs at affordable prices.


A circle has no beginning and no end. It is no shocker that circles stand for eternity. Placing a round oriental rug in your room speaks of your desire to truly be present wherever you are. It has been said home is where the heart is. Take your rug with you where you may live and know you are carrying a piece of your home with you too.


Just like eternity, a circle can stand for unity.  Round rugs make the perfect wedding gift or housewarming gift for a family.  Just as the flowers weave around the edges of the rug, your love weaves throughout your life. 


That patterns on our round area rugs weave seamlessly within each other. It is the most beautiful depiction of intimacy. Circles are inclusive. They draw people in and create warmth and acceptance. Round rugs do the same thing. The space you include within the boundaries of your rug will be an area of inclusion. This is why they really work best in bedrooms, dining rooms, and living rooms. These are all spaces of emotional sharing and community. 

Colors & Patterns of Oriental Rugs

Our rugs are available in a variety of colors and patterns. The most popular round Persian rugs are beige and red. It's mesmerizing to look at the patterns of our round oriental rugs. There is a central focal point in the middle of the rug, with intricate designs woven around the edges. It reminds me of a wreath set on top of a rich carpet.  

How to Buy Round Area Rugs

When you buy a round oriental rug, you have to keep a few very important things in mind. Make sure you are buying a high quality rug that will last you generations. Keep an eye on the price so you are not paying too much. Always, always make sure you are buying from a company with amazing customer service. A rug will be in your family for decades, you need to make sure you have the help to pick out the perfect one.


When you invest in an oriental rug, you are making a purchase that will last for many years to come. Instead of buying a rug that will fall apart in a few years, forcing you to waste money on more rugs, purchase an outstanding rug once. Our oriental rugs are made with wool humanely sheered from sheep in New Zealand. Then, each rug is hand knotted. Only the finest organic dyes are used.  If you want the complete details about the extremely high quality of our rugs, you can download one of our free rug-buying eBooks.  Or contact us via email or chat on this website. We are here to help you and look forward to answering all of your questions. 


Make this a rule: always pay below retail.  You don't have to pay a price that includes a showroom. Here at RugKnots we set our prices below retail because we purchase directly from the factory and ship to your door. Shipping is always free too! We cut out all the extra fees so you know you are getting the lowest price for the amazing rug. 

Customer Service

We offer top of the line customer service. As a small company, we focus on you and help you find the perfect rug for your space. In fact, if you find a round rug that you seriously want to buy but not sure if it will fit with your decor, just ask us! We will help you visualize the rug in your room so you can make an informed decision. 

Shopping with RugKnots is always a stress-free and fun experience. We are always here to answer questions and help you find that perfect rug.

Where to Put Round Area Rugs

Even though round rugs have a very distinct shape, they can work in every room of the house. For some ideas and inspiration, check out the following tips as organized by the room. 


Round rugs fit perfectly between a bed and the bedroom furniture. The movement of the circle moves the eye pleasantly around the room. In the following photo, the contrast of the dark rug with the bright white bedroom draws your eyes from the center of the rug to the outer edges and over to the canopied bed. It's a fantastic design choice! Keep in mind, that repeating patterns of circles in the rest of the decor is a must! So a circular rug and a round stool and the round light are all very smart. Ok, I just have to say - if you have a hammock, you need to buy a round rug to place underneath it. This look is incredibly relaxing and dreamy! 


Lots of people use round rugs in their bathrooms. These beautiful shapes add a touch of elegance to the rooms. This rug pulls the beauty of the round flowers from the counter and repeats the shape in the rug. Remember that rule that lighter colors open up a space and darker colors make it feel smaller. So for a smaller bathroom definitely choose a lighter color rug.

Kitchen / Dining Rooms

Many modern homes have eat-in kitchens and open floor plans. Place a round area rug to draw people to the table. Round rugs look stunning under round tables! Make sure you purchase a rug that is large enough to fit completely under the table and the chairs. That sets the eating area apart from the rest of the room. If your room has darker decor like in the previous photo, go with a darker rug. Look into using round benches around the table for a cozier space. 

Living Room

Round rugs look stunning in living rooms.  Use design repetition with round ottomans and round tables. But of course, you can also just use the round rug with rectangular coffee tables like in the following photo. I love how the rug creates an intimate space between the chairs, the table, and the couch. Even better would be if the rug was larger so the chairs could sit on the rug too.

We are here to help! If you would like to chat about our round rugs, contact us today at RugKnots and get your favorite rugs! What are your favorite ways to decorate home with round rugs? Leave a note in the comments!

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