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There will come a time in your decorating career when you have to venture into uncharted terrain. Maybe it'll happen when you're choosing wallpaper for the first time or hanging a massive chandelier. It could be when you investigate the often-overlooked round rug for some of you. When is it okay to use a round rug's surprising curves?

How do you know you're putting it in the right spot? Round area rugs are a great way to add some style and flare to an otherwise boring room. Rugs can be used as a centerpiece for the room, or, when placed in front of furniture, they can provide extra warmth on cold days. Round rugs come in all different colors and materials- cotton, wool, silk - so there is something for everyone's taste!  The best part about round rugs is that they are available in varying sizes from small 6x6 inch round mats up to large 9x12 foot runners! Not only do these floor coverings look beautiful but they also serve a practical purpose.

Why, Where And How To Decorate Home With Round Rugs


Why? Why Use Round Rugs?

The majority of furniture, as well as the walls of most rooms, have right angles. So it's understandable that the traditional rectangle or square area rug feels like a safe, straightforward option for most people. However, there are few prominent instances in which the addition of a round rug may make a space truly sing. Round rugs are beautiful works of art that can be used in any room, but they can be difficult to pull off at times. Take a deep breath; this isn't rocket science either. Just you have to do is put them in an appropriate location, and the new look they provide to your interiors will leave you speechless. You can experiment with many permutations and combinations on your own, and here are some tips to help you make better judgments and broaden your vision when it comes to enhancing the ambiance of your space. We'll explain why a round rug can be a good fit for your space.

Why? Why Use Round Rugs?


1. To Draw Attention To Architectural Details That Are Curved

Curved architectural aspects in a room are frequently unusual and stunning, so mix it with a round rug to highlight this unexpected structural element. This will bring the room's general vibe together and highlight the room's curves, making them an even more prominent design component. The curving curvature of the bay window is echoed by the enormous round rug. The round coffee table on the round rug emphasises the round shape even more.

To draw attention to architectural details that are curved.


2. To Break The Monotony

Round rugs break up the monotony by offering you more options for organising your space, as it is natural to think of a rectangular rug while shopping for one. A round rug's curves have the ability to straighten everything out.

To Break  the Monotony


3. Complement Arches With Each Other

If your home's furnishings include arches, a round area rug will bring the finishing touch you've been looking for. Isn't it strange to use a rectangle or square rug in such a setting?

Complement Arches  With Each Other.


4. To Showcase Another Round Object

A round rug in the room might highlight the shape of a statement piece of furniture, such as a round chandelier, or a remarkable accessory, such as a round mirror. The circular light fixture provides a focal point in the space. The curved features of the chandelier are highlighted by the round dining table. A round rug completes the look by tying the space together and emphasising the light fixture as the focal point. If you're displaying a round light fixture or dining table, make sure the circular rug is centred beneath it.

To showcase another round object.


5. Ideal For Cross Junctions

When it comes to hotel lobbies or even offices, round rugs are great for placement at crossroads. These are the places with the most foot traffic during the day.

6. To Establish A Unique Zone Or Vignette

A circle rug can help establish a discrete functional place such as a reading nook, whether your living space is an open-concept plan like a loft or your room is simply large enough to incorporate one. As illustrated below, make sure that at least a portion of each piece of furniture touches the carpeting. This will give the space its own distinct look and assist to distinguish it from the rest of the room.

To Establish a Unique Zone or Vignette.


7. To Create Your Sweet Little Reading Spot

A round area rug has good qualities. It not only makes a classy yet bold statement, but it may also give you your own sweet spot where you can relax and unwind. A round area rug can help you spend quality time with yourself by allowing you to read a little or simply enjoy a cup of coffee without engaging with the outer world.

To Create Your Sweet Little Reading Spot


8. Laying A Round Rug

Purchasing a round area rug gives you the best of both worlds right now. It doesn't have any corners, so you can put it wherever you like. Just you have to do is choose an optimal location and spin it as many times as you desire. Also, because there are no edges, you may always walk on and off a carpet without interfering with the length and width.

Laying a round rug


9. To Layer Your Round Rug With A Bold Accent Rug

If you want to incorporate a bright colour or pattern to your space, a round rug over wall-to-wall carpeting or a huge area rug is a great alternative. A round rug's unusual shape will draw attention to the new bold or brilliant pattern and give it a more designed, creative appearance in the room. The layered spherical accent rug in the bedroom matches the furniture and wall design, yet it stands out against the brown carpet. This adds a decorative element to the table and chairs while also defining their play area. Place your layered rug beneath a piece of furniture you wish to showcase for more aesthetic impact.

To layer your Round Rug With a Bold Accent rug.


10. To Venture Into Unexplored Territory

There are areas that are left unattended for the most of the time in every home . Place a circle rug and see what happens if you want to encourage foot traffic to those undiscovered places. In today's hectic world, when families only get together for breakfast or supper once a day, it's critical to maximise the value of those precious moments. That's something a round rug can do. It looks great with a round dining table, especially if all of the legs are on the rug. Furthermore, if your sitting room features round or oval mirrors (with or without brass frames), round area rugs help to tie everything together.

To venture into unexplored territory


11. To Make A Small Room Feel Larger

Designers frequently utilise a round rug in a tiny location to make the space appear larger. A round rug's curve stimulates the eye to scan across the room's arc. The rug also helps the furniture appear fanned out, giving the impression of fluid movement in a tiny space that may otherwise feel cluttered. A round rug also adds visual appeal, helping to detract from a small room's lack of space. When a round rug in a small area is placed, use larger pieces of furniture with a slender profile and have them merely brush up against the circular rug. As a result, the rug's curve may be seen.

To make a Small Room Feel Larger.


12. To Make A Bold Statement

In comparison to a rectangular rug, a round area rug does a fantastic job of making a striking statement. You can imagine the influence a chandelier adorning your home's ceiling and a round rug placed right below it will have on the overall design of your home. In comparison to a rectangular rug, a round rug has the ability to create a grand appeal. Yes, you read that correctly: its shape contains power!

To Make a Bold Statement


13. Why Not Rectangle Shape 

Rugs are commonly available in regular sizes like 5 by 8 feet or 8 by 10 feet. A conventional rug size may not work in some cases due to the size and positioning of your furniture, structural obstructions such as columns, or even the space required for door clearance. This is where a round rug could come in handy. Its curved shape may take up less space than a rectilinear rug, allowing several of these room difficulties to go unnoticed. If you're going to put a circle rug in the middle of a room, make sure it's big enough to cover all of the bigger pieces of furniture. This physical connection between major items in the room helps to define and define the space. When you think of a new rug, you probably think of something rectangular, but a round rug might sometimes be a better fit for your space.

Why Not  rectangle shape


14. To Create A Spotlight Effect

Round rugs are one of the most effective methods to draw attention to specific parts of your home. they are ideal for use in regions where you wish to entertain your visitors. Have you ever sat on the ground with your loved ones to just talk and relax? It will always be enjoyable in some way. Consider placing a round rug beneath you to provide warmth and comfort while you are having fun. It creates the impression of being close to home, regardless of where you are on the globe.

To  create a spotlight effect


15. To Contrasts Work Wonders

If your space contains a combination of rectangles and squares, such as sofas, walls, and chairs, a round rug will help to soften the edgy aspect and make it more welcome. Round rugs with a cushioned appearance will entice you to get right in. Place a circle rug on the floor and move your toes to make room for the carpet to balance the pointy looks of the room.

Do you realise that the kitchen of your home defines your family because it is where the majority of the hard labour takes place? Isn't it true that space deserves a little extra cosiness? Whether you like it or not, your kitchen is the busiest room in the house. It's up to you to decide what colour tone goes with it. It can go in both directions, from brilliant to muted, and it will undoubtedly attract attention.

To contrasts Work Wonders


Where? Where To Place Round Rugs?

Although round area rugs are often smaller than rectangular counterparts, they can serve as important accents that help to tie a room together or tie the motif of one room to the rest of the house. Round rugs may not be your mind's top priority  when it comes to decorating your home or company, but they may help fill in any awkward floor spaces that would otherwise stick out against the rest of your design. Round and oval area rugs are the two most common types. While most are perfect circles, a long oval-shaped rug may be better suited to the space you want to fill. Although circular come in a variety of styles, the bulk of them have classic patterns and motifs, as contrast to contemporary rugs that include stronger colours and more current themes. Here are a few examples of locales where round rugs are often used:

Where? Where To Place Round Rugs?


RugKnots has compiled a list of places where all-around rugs can be used to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home. 

1. Round Rugs In The Living Room

If you're like most people, your living environment is undoubtedly full of rectangular shapes and sharp edges. A round rug may soften the edges, making the space more inviting and cosy. These rug with a deep, soft pile, such as the ones in the rooms above, are ideal for sinking your toes into.

Round rugs can attract a lot of attention. If you have curved furniture in your living room, such as a circular coffee table, a chandelier, or a curved sofa. You have a fantastic opportunity to use a round rug to enhance, complement, and unify the entire living room. When a round rug is put underneath round furniture, it produces symmetry and alignment. A circle rug can also assist define the space, producing a more seductive aspect, if your living room has enough space for an additional furniture grouping.

Round rugs in the living room


2. Round Rugs In The Dining Room

There's more to decorating a dining room than picking out the prettiest table and placing it in the centre. A fashionable rug, for example, can make a great impact in the overall mood. If you're undecided about a round rug, remember that a round table on a round rug is well balanced or proportionate, but to avoid any potential discordance, choose a large enough circular rug for a square table. The most important thing to consider   when picking a rug for your dining room is that it must be at least 30 inches larger all the way around the table. This will make it easier for the chairs to move about and prevent them from tripping.

Round rugs in the Dining room


3. Round Rugs In The Kitchen

When the overall look or a detail inside the room's architecture is curved, it creates the most pleasing or attractive appearance. When a round ceiling, curved windows, or a circular room are combined with a round rug, a powerful harmony and elevated look is achieved. The kitchen and breakfast nook are two other logical places to lay a round rug, as these areas can often benefit from a little more warmth. Choose a round rug with a flat weave or braided material that can withstand heavy foot traffic and spills for these high-traffic areas. Choose from stylish and neutral to loud and bold, depending on your mood.

Round rugs in the kitchen.


4. Round Rugs In The Bedroom

Slide the rug below the bed so that it is nicely centred, providing a soft landing area on the bed's sides and foot. Adding a trendy factor to your bedroom by using a round rug to create a graceful look complimented by the added soft touch of a rug.

Round rugs in the BedRoom.


5. Round Rugs In The Small Room

Round rugs give tiny spaces a more extended appearance by making them appear more roomy. When linked with the contrasting squared-up walls and tighter space of a tiny room, the rug's circular contours provide a compelling aesthetic that keeps you from feeling trapped in.

Round rugs in the Small Room


6. In The Lobby, There Are Round Rugs

Choose an exquisite round rug to make a foyer or even a small entryway feel more large. You could even switch out the rug in this area on a seasonal basis, using a thicker, warmer rug in the winter and a cool, natural fibre version in the spring and summer.

7. Round Rugs In The Kids Room

A round rug in the nursery might help you bond with your baby by creating a relaxing environment. Certain essential items of furniture, such as cribs, changing tables, feeding chairs, and other dcor, come to mind while arranging a nursery. However, ornamental elements such as rugs, which can definitely produce a tremendous aesthetic influence on the space, are less evident. As a result, adding a rug to your baby's room is always a good idea for creating comfort.

Round rugs in the Kids Room


Shapes are a favourite pastime for children. ‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy,' as the saying goes. You don't want your child to end up like that, do you? Give him an area where he can stretch his limbs and jump, hop, or skip to keep him active.

8. Round Rugs In The Entryway Or Vanity Areas

Your entryway serves as a preview of the rest of your home and provides you with the best opportunity to make a lasting impression. A round rug will give your foyer a warm welcome and set the tone for the rest of the house. If you have a round rug in the entryway, you can continue the pattern with a round area rug to maintain the alignment. Between the bathing and vanity areas, a round rug can provide a warm and soft surface. The addition of a round rug to the foyer enhances the space's appeal. In fact, an entryway is a great area to try out new ideas. Solids, abstract patterns, and even geometric designs are all excellent choices for your doorway.

Round rugs in the Entryway or Vanity Areas


9. Round Rugs In Entrance

Entrance area rugs give a comfortable step into your home after your guests have washed their shoes on an outdoor door mat. They are not intended to be used as a location for your guests to wipe their shoes off. If you urge your guests to remove their shoes before entering, this designer area rug arrangement is extremely handy. Because it will be the first thing people see when they walk in, the rug's style should mirror the tone of your home. This rug can handle more foot traffic than those made of more delicate materials like silk, so evaluate the rug's material and form before placing it in a high-traffic area.

Round rugs in Entrance


10. Round Rugs In Play Areas 

Wool Area Rugs are the greatest choice for children's play areas since they are more durable and simpler to clean than silk rugs, and their round shape prevents corners from wearing out too soon (since they don't have any). Furthermore, children enjoy playing on the soft surface of rug. Do you want to know which area rugs are suitable for certain rooms in your house? Come see our large assortment of traditional, transitional, round, Persian, and contemporary rugs and get expert guidance.

Round rugs in Play Areas


How? How To Decorate With Round Rugs?

1. Create Contrast

Isn't it time to soften things up a little? Rectangular furniture, square appliances, straight edge flooring... isn't it time to soften things up a little? In a world where edges are sharp and objects may appear a touch severe, round rugs help to generate contrast and add softness. Consider putting a round rug under your dining room table for a unique touch that will grab the eye.

2. Accents For Tables And Other Furniture

Round area rugs can be an eye-catching addition to your living room or bedroom when placed beneath an antique side table or nightstand. If you have a beloved chair, a round rug can be placed beneath it as a decorative touch and to shield your toes from scuffing against the chilly wooden floor. Small dining tables look great with large round area rugs. If you put furniture on top of your rugs, make sure it rests entirely on the rug, not partially on and partially off. This will help to keep both little and large area rugs in good condition. Rooms with Unusual Shapes Rugs that are too huge, tiny, or don't fit the contours of an oddly shaped space can look out of place.

Accents for Tables and Other Furniture


3. Visually Widen A Space

Round rugs are particularly wonderful in tiny areas since they can help to disguise the room's lack of space. By placing your round rug beneath a slim-profile couch for a nice curving effect, you can create the illusion of a larger area. The rug's round borders enable the eye to sweep across the room's arc, providing the impression of fluid movement throughout the area.

Visually Widen a Space


4. Soften And Deepen Any Area

In our houses, we're surrounded with rectangular objects, walls, and furniture, especially if they're decorated in a modern, industrial approach. Something that would skillfully soften the space and make any place feel more private, deep, and personal is required in such homes and apartments. That's a job that circular rugs excel at. It's not  for aesthetic reasons that you want to soften those harsh edges. Chi, or energy flow, actually circulates in a circular motion.

Soften and deepen any area


5. Great For Layering Looks

Have you ever pondered how to put many rugs together in an open floor plan? Mix and match different shape rugs to create a layering effect! See how much of a visual effect you can get by layering a patterned rug on top of (or vice versa) a plain, more neutral rug. An oriental rug is the ideal patterned rug to work with. This rug is stunning and draws attention to its unique design and high quality. A round rug looks great next to or on top of a rectangle rug. Round rugs can also be used to define a focal point in the living room, such as a statement chair, table, or other piece of furniture.

Great for layering looks


Layering rugs is one of the most popular home décor flooring concepts right now. This process may appear intimidating at first, but if you follow a few simple guidelines, you'll be able to layer rugs like a master in no time! Round rugs are a terrific way to make layered rugs work for you since they help to create a visual break up of patterns and layers by creating a contrast of shape. For a creative method to bring geometry and elegance to your décor, put a round rug over two different sized rectangular rugs in similar colours and patterns underneath a bed frame, couch, or coffee table.

Great for layering looks


6. Add Warmth And Texture

Who doesn't appreciate a home that is warm and inviting? Yes, we thought so. However, all of these rich textures, depths, and warmth aren't always easy to achieve. This is when a round rug comes in handy. Place your round rug over your ceramic, tile, or laminate flooring to bring warmth and texture to your space. This will definitely brighten up your space and keep you warm during the cold months!

Add warmth and texture


7. Create A Cohesive Look

Do you have a room with a lot of circular things that look disjointed? A round rug, on the other hand, can bring them all together in a unique way that isn't overwhelming. It does an excellent job! Choosing a bespoke round rug in fresh, vibrant colours to match your individual demands can be a genuine jackpot for such rooms and places. It acts as the room's focal point, successfully connecting all of the furniture, lighting, shapes, and general architecture to create a harmonious living space.

Create a cohesive look


8. Highlight Architectural Details

Do you have any specific areas in your home that demand some attention? Curved area rugs can also serve to highlight the best aspects of your home in this way. A round rug is a wonderful choice for a bay window since it visually pulls the eye to this already special location in your home. Rounded light fixtures benefit from flooring that echoes their shape; a cool architectural chandelier in the living room or kitchen will draw twice as much attention when coupled with a round rug.

Highlight Architectural Details


Round rugs are ideal for making any space look a bit more special, from your workplace to your laundry room, or anywhere else where your interiors may need a little sprucing up. If you're looking for a new area rug but aren't impressed by traditional rectangular rugs, try circular rugs. It's a look we're confident you'll like!

9. Dress Up A Corner

If you prefer a minimalist design style, you will most likely enjoy this one. Interior designers at RugKnots prefer to adorn a room's corner, which is known as the "one-corner" approach. A round rug, we believe, can assist you in achieving this goal! To obtain the "one-corner" look, start by adorning one of your room's corners with your favourite armchair or table, then placing a sumptuous round rug beneath it to draw attention to the region. We recommend opting for a plush rug. You'll feel as if you're walking on a cloud with your bare feet!

Dress up a corner


10. Special Spaces

Round rugs are a great way to distinguish and personalise your utilitarian rooms. It's a simple approach for defining a place, which is especially useful in large rooms with open floor plans. A round rug under an entryway bench, for example, can indicate a spot to sit and remove shoes. Do you want to establish a pleasant reading area in your home? Simply place a circle rug beneath your favourite recliner in the corner of your room, add a bookcase, and you're ready to go! How about a posh location to get ready in the morning? To create a personal station only for you, place a charming, feminine floral print round rug under your vanity.

Special Spaces


11. Make Small Rooms More Open

If you place a round rug in a tiny location, no matter what colour or design you choose, it will undoubtedly create the illusion of a larger space. These rugs will open up the space and soften the hard edges of your furniture, making it feel more open, light, and spacious.As an added bonus, you and your children will enjoy laying on it all day. Round rugs are a great addition to nurseries since they can be used to create a beautiful mini play zone for your kids (and you!). Like our round multicoloured felt ball rug, which is comfortable and safe for your baby to roll, crawl, and sleep on because it is made of pure wool from New Zealand!

Make small rooms more open


12. Draw Attention To The Desired Area

Round rugs can be used to draw attention to any portion of the space, creating a cosy conversation zone. As a result, they become the space's focal point and add to the room's overall comfort. This is something you'll most likely want to perform in your living room to impress your visitors with a gorgeous rug. With a stunning circle rug in your living room, you'll never have to think about good conversation starters again!

Draw attention to the desired area

Frequently Asked Questions About Round Rugs

1. Where Do Round Rugs Look Best?

It becomes a little too complicated where round rugs must be preserved or utilised because the rug shape is neither rectangular or square. However, the feel of these rugs in the centre of a large entrance, larger rooms such as the living room or dining room, and bathrooms is far superior to utilising them in a tiny location. Not only because of the element of originality, but also because this is something that needs to be explored in the mainstream. A bathroom and the outdoors are two places where round rugs can be used. Small places, such as nooks, offices, and children's rooms, benefit from round rugs. The curvature of the form gives the impression of more room. This may not be the best appearance for you if you're seeking for open space to fill with furnishings.

2. Is It True That A Round Rug Makes A Room Appear Larger?

Round rugs are an excellent way to visually open up a tiny space and make it appear larger. The circular form of the furniture softens the rough edges and creates defined pools of space. An unobstructed line-of-sight will cause your eyeballs to focus on a particular object, causing the illusion of depth. The problem with a rectangular room is that there is not enough visual boundary space for all four walls, so your eyes continue off the wall and create a sense of distance (even when you are standing on the rug). A round rug expands outward to give a smaller viewable area in order to create no interruption on any one single point where your eyes meet with an obstacle. This allows them an unobstructed line-of-sight into each other, thereby avoiding the feeling of being "under arrest."

3. What Are Round Rugs? 

Round rugs are round in shape, as the name implies. They are one of the most fashionable shapes that will complement your interior design. This sort of carpeting is difficult to gauge for many individuals. It is, nevertheless, not difficult to quantify. All you have to do is check the dimensions in terms of diameter rather than length or height. Instead, the most important factor is breadth or width. As a result, it is always a good idea to measure and then set it in the room's centre. Keep in mind that the distance between the flooring's border and the edge of the room should be between 12 and 15 inches.

4. Should You Put A Round Or Square Rug Under A Round Dining Table?

Round or square rugs go well with round or square dining tables. Square rugs go well with square dining tables, while a circular rug could work for a more whimsical mood.  If your table is a 4-6 leg rectangular extension, then the one that best matches the shape of your room (rounded round or square) will do very well. A decision should be based on whether you prefer to keep symmetry or balance in a space. You can easily purchase an oval rug as they are incredibly popular for their versatility in areas with more variance from one end of the room to another.

5. Why Have A Round Rug?

A round rug's curve stimulates the eye to scan across the room's arc. The rug also helps the furniture appear fanned out, giving the impression of fluid movement in a tiny space that may otherwise feel cluttered. It brings in more natural light and improves airflow. Optimizing the amount of light entering a room is one of the best ways to improve wellness, mood, learning and productivity. Light floods in through windows but it's often not enough if curtains are closed or other obstacles block natural sunlight. That's where mirrors come in! A round rug at the foot of an office desk or reading chair can raise the heights by up to three inches while also providing a softer surface (reducing pressure on hands, wrists and backs) and creating uniform circular patterns on your flooring (creating a sense that you're always moving).

6. How Do I Determine The Size Of A Round Rug To Purchase?

If you're going to put a circle rug under your dining table, a decent rule of thumb is to get one that's 30 inches larger all the way around. You'll want to make sure your chairs aren't tripped over the rug. Chairs should be able to move freely around the table.

7. How Does A Round Rug Shape Your Home?

The shape of your floor rug, as well as its colour and pattern, may make a big difference in room looks and feels. A round rug will take up space, make the room feel cosier, and serve as a focal point. It's also ideal for compact locations where there's no other way to protect the floor. Your home will be shaped by round rugs. They're the ideal accent to bring a warm and friendly sense to any home, whether it's the living room or the bedroom. By pulling together other furniture and decor, the proper circular rug can also help to achieve the perfect balance for a room!

8. Are Round Area Rugs In Style?

Right now, round area rugs are all the rage. They can be utilised as a focal point to bring a room together, or they can be used to divide your flooring into smaller sections. Round area rugs are available in a variety of styles and materials, so there's one for every room in your house! They also take up more floor space, which isn't always ideal in tiny spaces. Consider a rectangle or square rug instead if you want a less expensive and simpler to clean choice! In many houses nowadays, round area rugs are a classic decor element. They can bring the room's theme together and serve as a focal point.


We hope you will buy these circular rugs to decorate or change the look of your home during this season. RugKnots not only offers a discount, but they also provide free shipping to your home. If you have any questions about area rugs, please contact us by email at or by phone at (301) 660-7046. RugKnots' online customer service representatives will gladly answer all of your questions.

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