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Sharing stories around the table on your dining room rugs creates family memories. It is also the best way to entertain and impress your guests. 

Food brings people together. So it's only natural to want to area you eat your food in to be beautiful. You want it to have a vibe that puts people in good moods. 

Dining rooms and living rooms are rooms to go oriental rugs To help you find inspiration to decorate your dining rooms, I found 15  oriental rug living room design that will impress you. 

One thing I can say after looking at a ton of dining rooms is this: there is no one rule for how to decorate a dining room. Put your heart and soul into your room and it will come out lovely. 

Rugs In Dining Rooms

Check out the following 15 impressive dining room ideas. I'll share my thoughts on each one. I hope a few of them help you decorate your home! 

Small Space Enhancer 

I am a huge fan of round area rugs in dining rooms.  The circle stands for unity and creates an intimate space for chatting and sharing stories. The dining room area rugs are perfectly over sized, allowing all the furniture to sit comfortably on it.  

Sometimes round dining room rugs look great with round tables. Here, I have to say the round rug pairs perfectly with the rectangular table. 

This isn't a large space. It might even be a breakfast nook in an eat-in kitchen. But they designed it so elegantly that you don't even notices the small space.

Bay Window 

This round rug isn't as large as the first one. I might suggest a larger dining room rug size for this room. However, it works perfect because it matches the movement of the bay window behind it. 

There is just enough space for everyone to easily to get around all sides of the table. 

The colors work great too! I love how the natural browns and beiges are used in the large mirror and also in the oriental rug. 

Bokhara Dining Room Rug 

Our bokhara oriental rugs are very popular for dining rooms. Their traditional patterns bring elegance to these formal spaces.

You won't need to think before buying a rug that is large enough to fit all the furniture on it. I just adore how the chairs all fit on it with room to spare. 

Pulling the reds from the rug onto the wall is an excellent design choice! It brings a pop of color without going overboard. 

The only thing I'd add to this room is a  more elegant lighting fixture. I think a low hanging chandelier would add to the elegance the rug brings.You can also apply this with Persian rug living rooms.

Rectangular Reality

This is example or repeating design shapes within the entire space. The rectangular table is mirrored in the rectangular rug. 

And check out the colors! The orange oriental rug, yellow walls, and green table runner are all such happy spring colors. This is a very modern room with clean lines and bright colors. 

I would have picked a larger rug so the chairs fit easier on the rug. But this size works great in the narrow space it has. 

Mix 'N Match Patterns

I will be the first to admit that there is a right way and a wrong way to mix and match patterns in your textiles. For more information read our post about bohemian style. If you overdo it, you can overwhelm the senses. 

The drapes, the shades and the rug all have different patterns going on. It is just enough to be eclectic. However, they really need to be careful with the table runner or napkins. If they use neutral shades without any more patterns, it will keep the area toned down enough for comfort. 

Mixing  Up The Shapes

I just love this traditional oriental rug And I love how they put the table at the end of the rug instead of matching the length of the table to the length of the rug.  By placing it at the end of the rectangular rug, my eye is drawn up the rug to the table. 

It is such a unique but simple way to use a large space. 

This room would look even better with white chairs instead of the beige ones. But already this is one of my favorite rooms. 

Off The Rug

Now this is unique. The table and chairs are completely off the oriental runner rug. At first it stunned me. I'm so used to seeing furniture on the rug, I didn't know how to react seeing it another way. 

Taking a closer look, I really appreciate this idea. On the open floor plan, it ties the dining area to the kitchen. Using it vertically moves traffic from one room to the next.  

I also really like how setting the rug in the middle of the room brings attention to the details of the rug. It also shows off the bright white kitchen. It's a fabulous design idea in the end. 

The Rug With All The Color

White chairs on a plum rug. It's such a fantastic combination.  I'm a huge fan of overdyed rugs

The butcher block table is so unique, it's the perfect centerpiece. And that light fixture brings touches of minimalism with a bit of flair. 

Looking around, the main colors in this room are on the table and the rug. It's beautiful. 

Many Tones

dining room oriental rug

These chairs are so fun with their two-toned stains. In fact, that two-tone is repeated on the wall and the rug. I might have picked a larger rug for this table. A larger rug makes a space feel bigger. 

That being said, I do love how they brought the colors of the beach in the wall hanging into their decor with the rug and the table. 

Custom Overdyed Oriental Rug

dining room area rugs

Be honest, what do you notice first - the overdyed rug or the striped chair? 

I seriously admire the boldness of this dining room decor. It is amazing! They knew what they wanted and they went for it! 

It is eclectic without being over the top. The striped chair is perfect at the head of the table. I think they were smart to go with white chairs instead of all striped chairs. The white chairs are simple and allow the 2 bright pieces to really pop. 

And oh does that overdyed rug ever pop! I can't get enough of this rug! 

RugKnots sells custom overdyed rugs. Check out this short video to see what this means and how it can work in your home! 

Dark Furniture, Light Rug

round dining room rugs

The table and chairs in this room are the real centerpiece. Their dark stain stands out against the muted colors of the wood floor and beige area rug. 

Another winning feature of this room are the glass doors. They really open up an already large room. 

Repeating Shades

If you love neutrals, then this is the room for you. I personally would have added some green sashes to the chairs instead of the tan ones.  

But this black and tan rug fits underneath the oval table with room to spare. And the wood-colored walls reflect the earth tones of the chairs and rug. 

Flower Power

Flower lovers unite! From the flowers on the table, to the floral curtain and the plant-like swirls in the silk rug, the room is alive with beauty. 

The life of the room is also in the light green paint and the huge windows that let in all that natural sunlight. My favorite places to eat always have large windows. 

Earth Tones 

Here is a trend that is growing in popularity - higher tables with tall chairs.  This dining room isn't one of the larger ones in the list. But with tall chairs your eyes are directed up instead of around. And the muted tones on the rug draw the eyes to the dark charts and up to the round light. 

The darker walls make the room feel more intimate. I love that shade of grey! 

Bring The Sky In

This room has so much light, it just makes me smile! I am crazy about the windows and sky lights. Putting a blue overdyed rugs underneath this table brings the variable shades of the sky right into their dining room. 

And I love these chairs.  The patchwork rug is formed with rectangles - the backs of the chairs are ovals. The contrasting shapes are a beautiful variety in an otherwise simple room. 

The Rug Makes The Room

Basically, the right rug can make a dining room amazing.  I hope these 15 rooms inspired you to add a rug to your area too.  We want to help you choose your rug. Chat with us or contact us with the size of your room, the colors, and any other parts of your design. We will help you choose one of our amazing oriental rugs today! 

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