Living Room Rugs

Before you buy Jute rugs, let us look at how they add value to your living room. 

What is the first thing you want when you enter your place after a long tiring day? A sense of relaxation, feeling relieved, and comfortable, of course.

Accessories add comfort to the real peace in one’s room simply if it is organized and decorated. A living room is the busiest room in the house.

In some homes, it serves as a TV lounge as well. So, a lot of traffic remains in the living room.

People usually prioritizes the decoration of this room. A Jute rug should be on your bucket list if you are looking for a classy, low budget, eco-friendly decoration for your room. 

Comfort Must Be the Second Name for Your Living Room

Comfort is the most crucial element in one’s living room. Jute rugs are soft, and their knots feel very comfortable to walk on. You can sleep on them as they give a feeling of massage.

Phycologists said that gently pressing your feet can lower your blood pressure and, ultimately, your stress level.

The USA is switching to comfortable floors. Therefore, you should also prefer health over everything. Buy Jute rugs on sale at RugKnots and get them delivered at your doorsteps. 

Is your rug durable enough to survive long?

Usually, a lot of hustle-bustle remain in one’s living room. If you like to sit on the floor or just walk over it frequently as a pass buy, rugs are the best suit.

You can simply order any rugs online via online stores like RugKnots. If you are looking for long-term comfort in your living room, do not have a second thought and order Jute rugs online because they are highly durable.

They do not tear off or fade in color as they are made of pure natural fiber.

Class does not necessarily come with the Money

If you have to make up your mind to decorate your room with a rug, expensive rugs should not stop you from doing so.

Price is not a problem as rugs come in a variety of price ranges. From the Bokhara rug to the sisal rug, you have multiple options to choose your fit.

Buy jute rugs in the US as they are affordable and durable to start with. They offer most of the qualities one is looking for.

If you have pets and children, it is a good fit since it cannot stain easily.

If it requires a lot of maintenance, it is not the right choice

A lot of activities are going down in the living room usually. Especially if you are living with pets or children, it is not easy to clean rugs very often.

To resolve the issue, buy Jute rugs as they offer minimal tidiness. A simple vacuum cleaning would do the job.

Just simply detach the brush and turn the vacuum function on the Jute rug. All the debris and dust will go out with this minimal effort.

Multi-side usage is something you want 

Another benefit of buying a Jute rug is that you can use it on both sides. Usually, a lot of dust accumulates under other kinds of rugs that do not come out even with surface cleaning.

If you buy a Jute rug, this issue will resolve; hence, you can use it upside down if a stain comes on one side or is not comfortable enough to walk and sit on. 

A rug that comes in with weight (Stick to the ground)

When there is a lot of movement involved in the living room, rugs usually slide unless they are lying under a table or sofa.

It then needs a little push every time to be back to its site. It becomes annoying if you set it again-and-again.

Ordering a jute rug from RugKnots will solve this problem as they offer heavyweight quality rugs.

They also provide other rugs like Persian rugs and Moroccan rugs that will solve this problem.

One and one makes eleven (Layering of the Living room) 

If you are looking for a cozy feeling under your feet then, you must multi-layer your place for.

Typically, people prefer this style to add comfort while walking. If you walk in shoes, then it is not recommended.

But if a barefoot walker, noting can have a better feeling then walking on a multi-layer rug. Buy Jute rugs along with your preferred rug, and you can put a jute rug under the top rug. 

Size and Shape matter

Size and shape are essential when it comes to the size of the living room. Many US interior designers recommend having a medium-sized natural color rug if you are looking for a light theme.

You can find Jute rugs in many shapes. They usually are handmade, so they come in different sizes as well. An oversized carpet looks like a carpet so that a medium-size rug would do the job.

Buy a rug that fits well with wooden texture and go natural

It is a natural urge of the brain to have a feeling of a natural environment. This is the reason wooden texture floors are frequently used in homes these days.

Jute rugs are readily available in the USA.

They go convenient and add a marvelous look to the room when it comes to contrast in theme.

It has a natural color that will match perfectly with wooden furniture o the room as well. What are you thinking, buy Jute rugs online now!

More eco-friendly it is, the better it is

If you are a nature lover, you should be supporting a sustainable environment. If you are thinking of flooring your living room, only buy Jute rugs as they are entirely biodegradable.

They serve you long and do not harm the environment. They are made of natural fiber and do not contain any synthetic material.

They are non-toxic. The world is becoming sustainable, so we should move to eco-friendly products and add support to UN SDGs.

One rug that goes with all Themes

It does not matter if you like bold themes with a lot of dark colors in your living room or light theme with more light in, buy Jute rug as it fits in both theme due to its pure natural color.

It looks like a family of wooden furniture and a support contrast for steel furniture. Its light brown color adds shady touch to the walls of the living room regardless of color.

So even if you change the theme of the room, you do not have to change the Jute rugs.

Which rug gives the Vintage Vibe?

Phycologists says that seeing light colors relax the nerves. So usually, older people prefer a white light theme with original accessories for their living rooms.

What could be the best fit other than a comfortable Jute Rug, which is durable, fancy, and healthy! It gives a pure vintage touch to a room with a light color theme.

So, if you are a history lover, order jute rugs or Persian rugs online as they are on sale here at RugKnots.

Do you like paintings? You will love this rug too

If you have pictures in your living room, then Jute rugs add a classy touch to the room with their simplicity and color.

While thinking about combining art with rugs, select both dependent on attributes that you would prefer to feature.

A customary Oriental rug will be the best fit with high contrast painting. Buys these rugs online and reflect the idea you want.

Anti-Allergic? No problem, we have a solution for you

Jute rugs do not emit any kind of smell. Usually, other carpets and mates emit an odor. They are voltaic gases that are not good for health.

These gases cause allergies. Buy Jute rugs because they are purely made up of renewable materials.

Due to their sustainability, 70% of US floors are now covered with these earth-friendly jute rugs and carpets. 

Let us do something different and use rugs as a painting 

A simple handwoven rug can serve well as a wall décor with paintings. They can hang side-by-side. Warm ton, repeated chevron design jute rugs would do the job.

Buy jute rugs in the US and add a traditional touch to your living room. It is an increasing trend to put small mats on tables and beds to add comfort and décor.

You can order Jute rugs online anywhere in the US. Explore our inventory at RugKnots to see the latest design at affordable rates. 

How does a jute rug look?

Jute is famous for its natural excellence. The presence of jute covering is like that of other standard fiber rugs.

They will, in general, be sandy pale, light brown, or tan. The strands usually are woven in a simple design.

This look is versatile and adjustable to almost all interior design styles, from the modern to the traditional.

Buy Jute Rugs

We have seen many positive points about jute rugs. Now you can make an easy decision while choosing the right product for your living room.

Once you read all the reviews, buy jute rugs online. There are many sales that you can find on jute rugs.

If you have made your mind to décor your room with a stylish rug, you can simply our online rugs store and order jute rug online. Happy Shopping!

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