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We all know people who want to give their living space a relaxing and comfortable aura, right? Have you heard about nautical rugs? If breezy colors, beach landscapes, and calmness of the sea are your calling, then designing your space with a nautical area rug can do the trick! Yes, you can get the blissful beach vibe for your space by adding nautical rugs to your home! Nautical area rugs come with stripes and wavy patterns in blue, white, and greys. They give you a chance to experience the coastal lifestyle and its comfort.

How to Style Nautical Rugs?

Usually, coastal and nautical rugs in the USA or be it a rug of any type come in all sorts of materials. This helps in adjusting according to personal preferences. The Outdoor setting is a wonderful idea for coastal and nautical rugs. For this, buy a nautical rug made from a synthetic material that can withstand sun, sand, and weather. Picture yourself sitting by the pool and a rug with a pop of breezy colors and patterns treating your eyes.When it comes to indoor settings - bedroom, washroom, living room, and most importantly, study/workroom is an ideal fit for a nautical rug. Looking at each rug after taking a break from the busy schedule, the patterns and symbols play with the mind, and they tell the tales you never knew.

Let us get into detail. Picture yourself working storming to your room after a hectic day at work and jumping on the recliner, and your eyes meet the rug. A nautical rug with stars and sea will soothe your mind like nothing. Therefore, coastal rugs are ideal for workplaces. It makes one slow down to observe the patterns with peace and find a way to sanity, even for a few minutes – but that counts as well, right?

So, therefore whenever you buy area rugs especially nautical rugs, it is better to know how to style it beforehand. What is in the material? Believe it when we say it – material matters. Although coastal and nautical rugs come in all sizes and shapes, you must do your homework and know what material you need for the space you are getting the rug for. So, before you buy nautical rugs, check the material. Let us get more specific. Jute rug material is very soft. The fibers are durable and natural. Very easy to clean and pet-friendly. So, you know this can straight away make a place in your living room. Sisal rug material can withstand heavy foot traffic, so these are ideal for entrance and hallways. Definitely not ideal for living and dining room, because the texture is bristly and gets stains quite often. Seagrass rugs are ideal for mudroom, washroom, and family rooms, and sometimes offices too. The rug is resistant to stains as the rug material is grown in water; it gets back to normal soon. This is why we recommend that before you buy nautical rugs, study what material has to be purchased and for where. Let us move to the interesting part. Now that you have read about nautical rugs and how they can give a whole refreshing aura to your space, we at RugKnots would love to recommend some of the best nautical rugs that you will absolutely love!

5 Nautical Rugs You Will Love in 2024

Coastal and nautical themed rugs are high in demand. Its 2024, and people are unfortunately stuck at home. So, to make their spaces lively and happy, be it their resting room, nautical rugs are very popular amongst the designers and homeowners. Here are the 5 nautical rugs you will love!

1. Ivory/Navy Blue Geometric Rug

Remember when we talked about nautical symbols, here is what this rug is about. This nautical-themed Jaga rug in Ivory and navy blue color is a definite treat to the eyes and peace for the heart. The repeated anchor design – a symbol of safety and protection, is perfect for indoor and outdoor settings both. This power-loomed constructed, 100% Polypropylene Pile and available in multiple sizes piece of art is available in only 499$! Yes! You will love it, and so will your space.

2. Deep-Sea Coastal Rug

This deep-sea Coastal rug gives coolness to the eyes just by looking at the picture. Imagine what having a real rug will do! With a splash of blue and beige – what we like to call the oceanic colors, this rug with fishes of the sea is a must-have for aquarium lovers! This fine rug from our Coastal collection is available for $579 only!

Doesn't this look amazing!

3. White/Navy Striped Area Rug

This white navy striped nautical themed rug will never fail to make a statement. Put it anywhere, and this Egyptian Baja rug will show its magic! The navy blue, deep oceanic color in the rug will, for sure, give a calm vibe to any place where you put it. Available for just 499$, this rug truly deserves a spot in your space!

4. Beige/Grey Coastal Rug

This piece of art from our Coastal Collection is towards the expensive side, but it definitely worth the money. Imagine your living room with its open windows, a soft breeze coming in, and this rug in front of you! Sounds amazing, right? That is the power of beige and nautical symbols! You can get this handmade rug from our coastal collection in just 799$!

This is ure to leave you in stuns!

5. Aqua/Ivory Coastal Rug

This coastal-inspired rug in aqua and ivory color is simple yet fashionable! Hand-made with 100% wool, this one is a fine example of comfort, softness, and durability. Be it your bedroom, study room, or living room; this is the nautical rug you will love the most! This one from our coastal collection is available for $2,773!

Trust us when we say this, these nautical rugs are the IT rugs of the town, and you will not regret buying them!

When it comes to finding area rugs in the USA, buying from us at RugKnots, is the best decision! Yes! And besides that, our rugs are hand-tufted and available in colors and design that it will instantly make you tap ‘add to cart.’ Yes, we have heard our customers say this! So, what are you waiting for? Now that you are here, explore the large variety of oriental rugs, contemporary rugs, and geometrical rugs that are just a click away from you and your space!

Red Isfahan Area RugRed Isfahan Area Rug
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Multi-Color Ziegler Area RugMulti-Color Ziegler Area Rug
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