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A kitchen is a lot like the hub of your home. For one, it has all the food stored there and a lot of spills and staining going on. And two, it is one of the most visited and seen places in your home. And since the kitchen space warrants attention to detail and aesthetic appeal, we should give kitchen rugs equal importance – if not less. Many rug enthusiasts buy kitchen rugs online and then discover two things:

  1. They do not fit
  2. They are impractical

We want you to avoid both mistakes when you buy area rugs for the kitchen. Since your kitchen is hardly a lone corner, you need to make it look attractive. That means, buy attractive kitchen rugs. Decorating your kitchen with attractive and practical kitchen rugs is a daunting task. To add to that, if you are an amateur at decorating, then you have a lot of learning to do. But that is why we are here, aren’t we? We will give you plenty of constructive tips to decorate your kitchen and help you make your kitchen space practical and comfortable. Our Ask a Designer Program can benefit you! So, if you are looking for kitchen rug ideas to meet your needs, read on!


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6 Tips to Decorate Your Kitchen with Kitchen Rugs

With as much traffic as the kitchen gets, your kitchen rug will ultimately see lots of wear-and-tear. So, you need an authentic and comfortable rug for your kitchen that will hold up despite the heavy foot traffic. If you are looking to buy kitchen rugs in the US, these tips are for you! Here we go!

1.  Get the 3 M’s of Buying Kitchen Rugs Right

Here are the three M’s of buying kitchen rugs you should always get right if you want to start successfully with decorating your kitchen:

  • Measure
  • Motive
  • Material

You should first measure the space where you want to place the rug. This way, you will get the size of the rug just right. You should figure out the motive of buying a rug before you buy kitchen rugs online. If you already know the reason you want to buy a kitchen rug, you will be able to make a smart and practical choice in no time. When you buy kitchen rugs in the US, make sure you know which rug material you prefer. For kitchen space, we recommend rugs made from natural materials.

Tip: Buy mats with padding. They will keep you and your kitchen floor safe.


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2.   Consider Your Kitchen Décor When You Buy Kitchen Rugs

What does your kitchen space look like? Is it sleek and modern? Or is it spacious and homey? Kitchen rugs define your kitchen space and dress it up to give off a practical, yet cozy vibe. But whatever you decide, make sure your rug coordinates well with your existing kitchen décor. Pick a rug that complements your kitchen flooring and furniture. Do you need a small area rugs for the kitchen? Or can you fit a large area rug in your kitchen space? All these questions need definite answers before you buy kitchen rugs. Secondly, you must decide if you want a neutral kitchen rug or something showy. You need a rug that will bring out the colors of your kitchen décor, not snub them. If your kitchen floor and cabinetry have vibrant colors, do not buy kitchen rugs bright enough to rival them. Buy something more neutral in coloring. If your kitchen décor is in solid monochrome, pick a rug in saturated solid colors to play up your kitchen floor and designs. Similarly, for kitchens sporting dull, lackluster countertops, and boring decor, a splash of bright, vibrant kitchen rugs will switch up your palette and make your kitchen look more lived-in. You can place your kitchen rugs beneath the kitchen table or in front of the sink to personalize your kitchen décor without making it look like you are trying too hard.


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3.  Pick a Rug Size That Fits Your Kitchen Space

Here are a few common runner rug sizes (in ft.) available that are usually a perfect fit for kitchen floors:

  • 5 × 8′
  • 5 × 12′
  • 2 × 8′
  • 2 × 10′

You can always get custom kitchen rugs sized and tailored to your specific measurements. But if your kitchen is part of a regular floor plan, you can easily pick from the above sizes. You want a rug size that fits your kitchen perfectly. A kitchen rug so tiny that it looks like a misplaced dishrag will give your kitchen a cluttered and clumsy feel instead of defining its features elegantly. Similarly, if you buy kitchen rugs so large that they curl up against the sides of your kitchen floor, they will make your kitchen look tight on space and will completely snub its style. You want a kitchen rug that covers a large enough space but also leaves narrow strips of the kitchen floor between the islands and counters. We recommend that you should leave at least 6 inches of floor space between the kitchen rug and your cabinets and counters.


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4.  Choose the Rug Material and Weave Wisely

The best material for your kitchen rugs is a durable and practical material. Your kitchen rug must be water-resistant, so when an ice cube falls or boiled water spills on to your kitchen floor, you do not have to worry about the rug. The rug should also have a super soft texture to keep falling dishes from breaking at your feet. A flatweave is an ideal choice for a kitchen rug. It is practical, durable, and has a certain charm to it. Not to forget, flatweaves are comparatively easier to wash, clean, and maintain. Simply throw your rug in the washing machine, and voila, you have a clean rug! If you have pets wandering around the kitchen, a flatweave is a safer and more practical choice. It has small loops that will not catch easily on claws and teeth, thus, keeping your rug and your pet safe. For tiled or marble floors, we recommend high-pile rugs. A plush, high-pile rug under the dining table or at the kitchen entryway will add warmth and coziness to your kitchen while playing up your décor. A high-pile rug will also muffle the noise and add a bit of extra comfort to your flooring.


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5.  Buy Kitchen Rugs That Are Easy to Clean

Trying to get rid of kitchen spills on your rug fibers and failing? Well, you are not the only one. Kitchen messes are part of everyday life. What you can do is buy kitchen rugs are easy to clean after a splash of salsa seasoning. You can wash flatweave cotton rugs in a washing machine if you want to remove a stain or give them a routine wash. They are simple, practical, and easy to clean. And therefore, they are our go-to recommendation for kitchen rugs. We always tell our clients to buy natural fiber rugs for the kitchen. Natural fibers such as jute, cotton, sisal, or bamboo are only a simple hand/machine wash away from looking good as new. If you are worried about footprints and your pets spilling food leftovers all over your kitchen rugs, then try polyester or polypropylene rugs. They are non-flammable and a practical choice of rug material for both indoors and outdoors. These rugs are super easy to clean. Give them a nice scrubbing or bleach them, and your rug will do just fine. The fact that both polyester and polypropylene are the cheapest rug materials on the market does not sound too shabby either! However, if you are a stickler for soft and plush underfoot, wool rugs are the way to go. They are stain and water-resistant and will hold up on regular maintenance just fine. Moreover, wool rugs are durable and can easily withstand heavy foot traffic for years.


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6.  Prioritize Safety When Buying Kitchen Rugs

If you have slick, slippery kitchen flooring, or freshly polished hardwood, make sure you think about possible skidding and slipping incidents when you buy kitchen rugs. And by thinking, we mean buying a rug pad. Since some rugs already come with non-slip backing, you do not have to worry about slipping on them. But for those that do not come with non-slip backing, make sure you buy rug pads to ensure you and your kids and pets are safe. Rug pads also reduce wear and tear, increase comfort, and muffle the noise. So, overall, they are a pretty good investment.

So, these are the must-know tips that will help you find the best kitchen rugs in the market. Now let us answer some of the web’s most burning questions about kitchen rugs!


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Should I Place a Rug in My Kitchen?

Of course, you should! There are plenty of pros of placing a rug in your kitchen! Your kitchen floor – tiled, stone, or wood – can be very cold. But a comfortable kitchen rug can change that. It could make your kitchen floors warm and cozy.

To add to that, area rugs for the kitchen add a nice style and design to your kitchen décor. It could be sometimes difficult to define your floor space, especially when you have open floor space in a studio apartment or a loft. A kitchen rug can help define your space and make your place look more orderly and less cluttered.


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What Rugs Are Good for Kitchen?

Natural fibers such as jute, cotton, or sisal are the best for kitchen rugs. You can easily spot-clean them or throw them in the machine for a quick wash. However, if you do not want to throw in any effort at all, and just want a practical and easy-to-clean rug, polypropylene may be the best. Whatever material of rug you may buy, make sure you follow the care instructions by the manufacturer.

The kitchen is one of the most visited and loved places in every home. So, it makes perfect sense that you would want something a little special yet comfortable to decorate it. And that is where kitchen rugs come in! Kitchen rugs come in all shapes, colors, and sizes. The trick is to buy kitchen rugs that are a perfect fit for your existing kitchen décor. So, keep in mind our six practical tips to buying the perfect kitchen rug, and hurry up to buy kitchen rugs online at RugKnots!


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