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Have you ever been bothered about cleaning polypropylene rugs that adorn your workplace or your lounge at home? Well, the good thing about these carpets and rugs is that being inexpensive is not their only advantage. These rugs are made to lessen your worries about maintenance and cleaning. Polypropylene rugs have been in the market for more than five decades. All these years, they have proven as an excellent choice for places where foot traffic is high in number. PP is a multi-purpose synthetic material that has several industrial and commercial uses. One of them is to make rugs that impart beauty to the interior of buildings alongside protecting the wooden flooring. It is made to withstand pressures, as proves its remarkable tensile strength of around 4,800 psi. It is flexible due to the semi-crystalline structure. It means that despite being lightweight, it can withstand an awful lot of heavy loads. If you are used to the divine tenderness of woolen rugs, you might ask what does a polypropylene rug feel like? Well, they are reasonably soft to make you feel comfortable at less price, if not as much as the hose woolen ones.


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Polypropylene Rugs Are Easy to Clean

Well, of course, they are. The carpets are quite easy to wash, thanks to the remarkable properties of this beautiful plastic fiber. Firstly, they have excellent resistance against moisture and a good range of chemical compounds, including many acids and bases. Secondly, they have a superb quality of stain color retention. It means that you don’t have to worry about the fading away of their colors. We all love carpets and rugs because of the artistic designs and colors that soothe our aesthetic senses. The longer rug can retain its colors, the better. Fortunately, polypropylene rug fiber absorbs the pigments used in its manufacturing process very well.


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Can Polypropylene Be Washed?

Most certainly, as it is an excellent moisture-repellent and can easily resist moisture. It hardly takes 5 to 8 minutes to wash it, and the stains on it can quickly go away if you wash it with suitable ingredients following the right procedure. Vacuum cleaning stain these rugs helps remove the dirt that clings with the fiber and sits in its base. But other kinds of stains such as the ones that come with mud, food spills, stain inks or paints, etc. need to be washed away with a lot more effort. Here, we’ll attempt to mention how to clean polypropylene rugs at home in five minutes. In exceptional circumstances, the amount of dirt and the kind of stains that your rug has sustained may require slight changes in the procedure. But here, we’ll recommend the best way to clean your polypropylene carpet in a few minutes. We call it the best way because it ensures thorough wash away from all the dirt and stains and does not leave the residue of washing material. People tend to forget that cleaning the carpets is essential, but doing the job in the right fashion to ensure the long life of your rug is equally crucial.


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Most of the times, a hurried attempt of washing the rug leaves the remnants of washing chemicals on the rug, which causes dirt particles to cling to the fiber again. To avoid such unwanted outcomes, we will briefly go through the best procedure to clean your polypropylene rug. Make sure that the place where you plan to clean your rug is also clean, and must be a concrete or brick surface. The cleaner you keep your synthetic rugs regularly clean, the more. You can work away from your rug on a daily or weekly basis with a broom. To clean up specific spots with stain, you might use a sponge stain soaked in liquid soap or a scrubbing paper. Be careful with that you do not apply too much force to damage the fibers of your rug.


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Rug Clean Ingredients 5 minutes 

If you have washable rugs, all you need is 5 ingredients. If you are in a real hurry and wish to ensure a thorough wash away of all the dirt and stains on your rug, you need these ingredients.

1) Pressure sprayer

2) Good quality liquid detergent

3) Long-handle nylon brush explicitly made for rug cleaning

4) Carpet-dryer if you wish to dry it earlier; otherwise, you can wait for a day, it will dry up under the sun.

Let’s have a look at the process of cleaning these rugs in a very short time.


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Vacuum Cleaning the Dirt Particles

Place the rug on bricks or concrete surfaces. If you place it on a stain slope or near the stairs, it will make your task much more manageable. The first step in cleaning these rugs is to vacuum the dirt that clings to the fiber. As mentioned earlier, it is advisable to vacuum these rugs regularly on a daily or weekly basis. But when you intend to go for a thorough wash, this step must be followed to remove comfortably loose particles. It can be done within 60 seconds or so, depending on how big the rug is and how much dirt it has. Put on a mask to ensure you do not inhale the dust particles.


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Pressure Spray it with water

The second step is to spray it enough with water so that every fiber gets wet. Using pressure sprayer machines such as in a car wash may be more helpful, as the sheer pressure of water physically displaces the dirt particles with a significant amount of ease.But if you do not have such a facility available at your home, it doesn’t mean you can’t clean your rug. If there is an option of choosing warm water, go for it. Often people ask: Can polypropylene rugs get wet? The answer is in affirmative as PP is one of the most moisture-repellent fibers available in the market. Try not to over-wet it and stop watering the carpet once every nook and corner of it is soaked.


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Brush Up With Detergent-Mixture

Put two spoonfuls of liquid dish detergent with one cup of cold water. Mix it thoroughly and then put it in a bucket that has not more than 4 liters of water. Ensure that the mixture shows up a fair amount of foam. Then take carpet cleaning brush such as a pile lifting brush that has two rows of stiff nylon tines to ensure even pile distribution. These are best suited for tall fibers or dense carpet pile, but you can choose a different brush if your carpet or rug is smaller or shallower. Soak the brush in the soapy water contained in the bucket and keep it for 10 seconds. Then brush up the carpet starting from one corner of it, moving up and down in a zig-zag manner until it is completely covered. Make sure that you’ve brushed up the entire rug with the foam of soap visible on the surface. That would mean that a suitable amount of cleaning fibers detergent is applied everywhere on your carpet.


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Wash Away the Detergent With Pressure Spray Again

Here comes the washing part back. It would be best if you hosed the rug with pressured sprayer again so that you can get rid of the most stubborn stains in less time. However, a regular household hose will do your work as well, so no worries if pressure sprayer isn’t available, but it will take more time. It might take 3 to 4 minutes more. Remember, you must ensure that soap, detergent, or other applied materials flow out well, as their remains tend to attract dust. In cases where you find yourself unsuccessful in removing certain stains this way, you can always hire a professional dry cleaner. The most stubborn stains are those that you forget to wash for a more extended period. Therefore, it’s advisable to remove the stains as quickly as possible.

Drying: Leave the cleaned up rug under the sun for a day for drying. You also have the option of using a drying machine to fasten the process of drying. These carpet-drying sponge machines are readily available on rent, in case you do not have your own.


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Can You Steam Clean a Polypropylene Carpet? 

Yes. You can steam clean the polypropylene carpet regularly. Since the melting point of this material is 160 °C (320°F), the steam of 100 °C does not damage the fiber at all. Steam cleaning proves as an effective way to get rid of all the dirt thoroughly. This way, you end up cleaning your rug deeply and without affecting the wood flooring. The stains of food and oil are softened up and dissolve more easily in hot steam than cold water. One caution is that the spot steamer must be suitable when used on sealed hardwood care floors. So whether you are gearing up for a farewell party or a formal family gathering, make sure your PP rugs and carpets are as clean as new. The procedure is simple, enjoyable and does not require much muscle power as it used to, a few decades back.

Some FAQs

We know you might have some questions in your mind at this point. We are here to answer those questions! 

Can you pressure wash a polypropylene rug?

Pressuring washing can be very advantageous when you are cleaning your polypropylene rugs as they easily take out the dirt that may be sitting within the rug itself. This is a very beneficial way to clean the rugs! 

Is polypropylene dangerous in rugs?

For sure, yes! Polypropylene rugs are completely safe as there are no harmful or toxic chemicals or materials added in them. Instead, they are known for their softness and extreme benefits. Polypropylene rugs are on of the best rugs out there! 

Get the most amazing rugs from RugKnots. In the case of unusually stubborn stains such as specialty chemicals and paints, you can always consult us for expert advice. We are one call away to serve you.


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