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We all know that accidents happen and though it’s not fun to discuss accidental (or even worse, intentional) pet urine, vomit, and feces on your Oriental rugs, the truth is it's a common issue that many Oriental rug owners face. These “accidents,” if not treated immediately and/or professionally, can result in lingering stains and odors within the fibers of your Oriental rug. Although all Oriental rugs (most of which are made from wool or a cotton/wool blend) are vulnerable to permanent damage from pet stains, Oriental Rugs that include silk fibers are especially at risk when it comes to damage from pet accidents. Check out RugKnots' tips for how to help prevent your dog or cat from staining your Oriental rug in the first place and to help in cleaning rug pet stains if they do happen.

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How Do You Prevent A Stain?

1. (Try To) Discipline Your Pet

The best and most surefire way to help your pet learn to avoid using your Oriental rug as a bathroom is to discipline him/her accordingly. If your pet tends to act up when you’re not home, consider creating or baby gating him/her away from the Oriental rug. Worried about it? Learn how to crate train your dog here. Many homeowners use spray bottles filled with water to discipline cats and dogs who try to urinate on their Oriental rug; “shakers” that make loud and unpleasant noises can also be used to deter your pet from visiting the Oriental rug. When all else fails, pet “belly bands” can be used as a short-term solution for accidental urination.

(Try to) Discipline Your Pet

2. Make Your Pet’s Designated Bathroom Area Stand Out

Sometimes the issue (especially with cats) behind your pet’s urge to urinate on your rug doesn’t stem from the fact that he/she likes to urinate on your Oriental rug; it’s that he/she doesn’t like the bathroom spot you’ve designated for them to use. If you have a cat, try to make the litter box as attractive as possible by making sure it’s located in a quiet, dark, and private area, with fresh litter provided regularly. For dogs, try rewarding them for using the bathroom outside and allowing them ample time to find and mark their outdoor spot. By making your pet’s appropriate bathroom area more enjoyable, you can help draw him/her away from the Oriental rug and toward his/her designated area.

Make Your Pet’s Designated Bathroom Area Stand Out

3. Make Your Oriental Rug Unappealing To Your Pet

Certain odors and textures are disliked by cats and dogs. By placing these elements around and beside your Oriental rug, you can help your cat or dog stay away from your rug. For dogs, try spraying the area around your Oriental rug with white vinegar; for cats, try spraying the area around your Oriental rug with a citrus-based fragrance or cleaning product. It’s important to not spray the rug itself (to avoid risking damage to the rug). A “scat mat” can also serve as a short-term solution for pets to avoid your Oriental rug.

Make Your Oriental Rug Unappealing to Your Pet

4. Stop Your Pet From Marking The Same Spot Twice

To prevent a recurrence of pet stains, use natural homemade cleaners like vinegar and baking soda after detecting a wee or poo spot. The deodorizing smell masks the bad smells that might encourage your animal to mark again in the same place. You can make these cleaners using common household items such as white distilled vinegar and baking soda from your local supermarket for under $5 but don't worry if you're tight on funds because there are plenty more options when it comes to cleaning supplies!

Stop your pet from marking the same spot twice

5. Start Taking Preventative Measures

In order to keep your home clean, it's a good idea to ask guests and pets alike to remove their shoes before entering. While humans have the luxury of removing our footwear if necessary, doggies (and kitties) often bring dirt and mud from outside on their paws after walks in the rain or snow without even knowing that they've done anything wrong! For this reason, be sure to wipe down any dirty paw prints with soap-sud water using a light cloth - you may save yourself hours scrubbing later!

Start taking preventative measures

Remove Pet Stains & Odors On Oriental Rugs

1. Warm Water

The safest method you can use when a pet urinates or vomits on your Oriental rugs is to remove the material with a towel and warm water. Immediately after the accident happens (note the longer you wait, the more likely the acidic features of your pet’s urine or vomit will damage your rug’s fibers), blot/dab the area with a warm, wet towel. Make sure not to rub the area, which helps set the urine or vomit into the rug fibers. Blot the area with an up-and-down motion, helping absorb the material into the towel.

Warm Water

2. Warm Water + White Vinegar

If warm water doesn’t absorb and remove your pet’s accident, try adding a small amount (a few tablespoons, depending on the size of the stain) of white vinegar to warm water, and using this to blot the stain. Don’t try adding any other cleaning products (NO bleach or strong ammonia) to your solution, as these will likely make the stain worse and permanently discolor your Oriental rug.

Warm Water + White Vinegar

3. Professional Cleaning

The most trusted method for removing any stain from an Oriental rug is professional cleaning. Professional Oriental rug cleaners have trusted, efficient cleaning methods (similar to dry cleaners), which remove dangerous stains without further damaging your rug. Make sure you take your Oriental rug to a trusted and certified Oriental rug cleaner. Since pet stains are a common issue among many Oriental rug owners, most professional rug cleaners should be able to easily remove the stain. If pet urination continues to be a problem and you can’t afford professional cleaning regularly, a less-preferred option could be investing in a professional cleaning system yourself.

Professional Cleaning

4. Use A Spot-Clean Solution To Handle The Toughest Pet Stains

You should blot the spot immediately with paper towels or a cloth when your animal urinates on it. Blotting removes the liquid from your rug, which is key because you don't want the stain to set in for too long and become permanent! For this reason, Rubbing the spot is not recommended. After picking up your solid waste, you should wash the area with a solution that includes white vinegar. This will help keep colors from running and make it easier to clean! The acidic properties of white wine make water more acidic which will help stop the dye from running off onto other surfaces while also preserving its original color.

Use a spot-clean solution to handle the toughest pet stains

Tips For Determining Authenticity Of Oriental Rugs

There are many ways to tell if the rug you're about to buy is a real Oriental one or just a replica. Here's how:

1.Look for signs of wear such as faded colors, stains near doorways and furniture legs, raised edges from being walked on overtime, etc. 

2.The weave should be tight with no loose threads sticking out at either end; an authentic carpet will have weaves that run in different directions which creates elaborate patterns within the design. The more intricate it is then usually better quality but also pricier too! 

Tips for Determining Authenticity of Oriental Rugs

3.When looking closely at your potential purchase, always check where the knots were tied together because they can often give away whether it's fake before even examining any other features.

4.A word should be informative but not just "informative." It needs more creativity, so embellish it by adding facts or giving an example!

5.The best way to avoid purchasing imitation rugs and luxury furniture is by avoiding the pressure of sales in discount stores.

Tips for Determining Authenticity of Oriental Rugs

6.The most impactful way of evaluating a Persian or Oriental rug is by looking at its backing, which can tell you if it’s an authentic antique (i.e., handwoven) and not one that was machine made in Pakistan or China less than 20 years ago on refurbished loom equipment from the 1970s; this tells you what sort of quality material will be used as well as how long ago any given piece may have been woven - all useful information when considering where best to spend your hard-earned money!

7.Make sure to ask the seller how they want you to clean any rug that may be for sale. They will also know if it can withstand water or not and when was the last time this specific style of rug was sold at a local store. If you're looking to make an investment in art, look no further than oriental rugs. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing and the perfect way for your home to tell a story about its owner - but also hold a value that can be invested over time when it comes to reselling them due to their durability.

Tips for Determining Authenticity of Oriental Rugs

8.When buying online, sight unseen or from a private seller, make sure you purchase the rug on the condition that it can be inspected by an expert to determine authenticity. If the expert determines it is a replica, ensure your written guarantee of returning it for a full refund with no questions asked if found as such. Keep in mind that some credit card purchases and Paypal transactions are insured only up to certain denominations - confirm before making any final decisions! The last thing you want is filing claims but finding out too late that what was purchased was not covered at all because insurance went over their limit (or never existed).

Tips for Determining Authenticity of Oriental Rugs

9.There are a lot of ways to tell if your rug is authentic or not. One way that I like best is the backside: turn it over and see what pattern markings you can find! These patterns have been passed down for generations, so they’re something to be proud of.

10.A rug is much more than the material it's woven from. There are a number of things to look for when determining whether or not your rug has been treated with love and care over its lifespan, including knots that represent authenticity as well as backing on the corners that should be noticed.

Tips for Determining Authenticity of Oriental Rugs

Characteristics Of Oriental Rugs

Oriental rugs are an elegant and luxurious addition to any home. The rich colors, patterns, and intricate details make them a work of art that is hard not to want to buy one or more for your living space. Yet there are several misconceptions surrounding these beautiful pieces- which can be confusing if you’re new to the market! Learning about how oriental rugs differ from others will help you avoid making mistakes when it comes time for purchase decisions so that what goes into your house is true craftsmanship rather than false advertising; real quality instead of imitation.

Characteristics of Oriental Rugs


We can place oriental rugs just about anywhere in the house. It doesn't matter what type of flooring or furniture a room has, oriental rugs will work well with it. There are some situations that require more care than others though- for example, placing an oriental rug on hardwood floors is not recommended because they can scratch and damage them over time.


1. Bedroom

Oriental rugs are perfect for bedrooms because they can give it a softer feel, or make the room look more elegant. They also help to add comfort and warmth to any bedroom in an instant! It's easy to find different sizes that will fit any size bedroom, so there's no need to worry about finding the perfect rug. It's really important that we take a few precautions when placing rugs in bedrooms because they can be very delicate and sensitive- for example, if you have an antique oriental rug or one made of wool, it may not work well on a hardwood floor.


2. Living Room

Oriental rugs are perfect for living rooms because they can give them a warmer and cozier look. If you're looking to make your living room stand out, or add some warmth- oriental rugs are perfect! They come in different sizes that will fit any size of the living room (or space), so there's no need to worry about finding the perfect rug.

Living room

3. Kitchen

If you want to give your space a traditional look, an oriental rug is a great way to do that. They're also perfect for kitchens because they can be used as a tablecloth, or even just on the floor- since it's not in high traffic areas and you don't need to worry about spills like with other rugs.


4. Dining Room

Oriental rugs are perfect for your dining room! They can be used to set the mood at your dinner table, or as a runner from one end of the long space. It can be a great way to add some color and personality to your room, and they're perfect for high-traffic areas. You'll want an oriental rug that is made specifically for dining rooms because of all the foot traffic it will endure. An oriental rug brings a traditional and formal sense to a room.

Dining room

5. Hallways

You can place a gorgeous runner oriental rug in the hallway for an elegant look. It can be used to separate a formal living room from a more casual dining or family area, and it's easy to clean up spills on this rug.

6. Entryways

You can place an oriental rug in the entryway to give guests a cozy and welcoming feeling. This type of rug can also be used as an area rug for your hallway or living room, giving it more personality. It is perfect for a room that is highly trafficked by family and guests alike.


7. Bathroom

A traditional oriental rug can be placed in the bathroom for an elegant look. A rug can also add warmth to a cold tile floor and help hide the dirt that may accumulate on it from spills or general wear-and-tear. You can place a gorgeous runner rug in front of the sink and toilet for added style.


8. Patio

You can choose an oriental rug for your patio. This will keep the rug clean from dirt and insect residue while providing a cushioning layer between you and the ground if outdoor furniture is not used on it. Placing an oriental rug in the outdoor areas not only provides protection but can also be a style statement for your home.


Frequently Asked Questions About Oriental Rugs

1. What Are Oriental Rugs?

Oriental rugs are a type of floor covering that originated in the Eastern Mediterranean region. They have been made for centuries, and they come in many different sizes, shapes, and colors. Oriental area rugs are often made from wool or silk. They give a home a cozy and elegant feel.

2. Are Oriental Rugs Worth The Investment?

Oriental rugs can last for years, so they are a great investment. They also add high style to any room in your home. These rugs are a great choice for your living room, bedroom, or even kitchen. The best thing about these rugs is that they are affordable and you can find a rug to match your own personal style. Oriental rugs provide a traditional and elegant touch to any room.

3. Are Oriental Rugs Outdated?

Oriental rugs are not outdated and you will see them in many homes. They have been around for a long time because they are fashionable, practical, durable, elegant-looking, and affordable. Oriental rugs are also a great way to add color and style to any room in your home. If you're looking for a rug that's going to last, oriental rugs are the way to go. There is no other type of carpeting with as much history and class! With Bokhara or Peshawar designs dating back centuries, these dark red carpets have bold patterns which will never lose their beauty - so don't hesitate on picking one up today. If your home has already been furnished in mid-century modern themes then it might be time to invest in a Ziegler rug; their prints can adapt seamlessly into almost any room design without clashing against them... perfect if you want an area rug but aren't sure where exactly it should go!

4. How To Clean A Pet Stain From An Oriental Rug?

A pet stain can be an instant downer to anyone looking at it, and for a rug that's been in your family for generations, the clean-up process can seem daunting. However, there are some simple ways you can get rid of pet stains on oriental rugs with ease. If the pet stain is fresh, rinse and blot with a dry towel or rag. Try to clean upwards from the bottom of the rug so that any remaining liquid can easily be blotted away. Do not use soap on an oriental rug as this has been known to leave residue behind which will attract dirt over time! If a pet stain has been there for a while, it will be harder to clean. In this case, you'll need to dissolve the stain by pouring dish soap over it and letting it soak overnight or for several hours. Afterward, blot up any excess liquid with towels until only dry stains remain on the rug. You can then use a commercial pet cleaning product or any liquid dish detergent to clean the area.

5. Can I Hire A Professional Rug Cleaner To Remove Urine Stains?

No. Urine is acidic and will damage the wool in an oriental rug, causing it to turn yellow or dark brown with time. Hire a professional for any other type of stain on your rug instead! You should immediately clean a urine stain to avoid permanent staining. Rub the affected area with water and vinegar solution to get the urine from oriental rugs. Rug cleaning can be challenging, so call a professional cleaner to help you remove the stain other than urine ones. If you have dog or cat urine on your rug, soak up as much of it with towels until only dry stains remain on the rug. You can then use a commercial pet cleaning product or any liquid dish detergent to clean the area.

6. How To Remove Odor From Oriental Carpets?

The carpet or rug may have an unpleasant odor because of pet stains. The first step is to clean the stain with water and vinegar solution. You can also use a commercial pet cleaning product if you don’t want to do it yourself, but make sure that there are no other types of spills on oriental rugs before using any cleaning product. The next step is to dry the area with a clean cloth or towel and use odor removing agents such as baking soda, vinegar, essential oils, or charcoal briquettes.

7. Will Cleaning An Oriental Rug Ruin The Fabric?

Cleaning an oriental rug with water and vinegar solution or a commercial pet cleaning product will not ruin the fabric. If you clean your carpet, it’s advisable to use just water so that the dirt doesn't get spread over different areas of the carpet/rug thus making it more difficult to remove stains later on.

8. Would The Dyes Of My Oriental Rug Fade Away After Excessive Cleaning?

The dyes of an oriental rug will not fade away after excessive cleaning, but the pile might become thinner and flat. It is recommended to clean the rug with a water and vinegar solution or commercial pet cleaning product after every few weeks. So, You don't need to worry about the dyes fading away.

9. Are Oriental Rugs Machine Washable?

Machine Washable area rugs are the ones made out of synthetic fabric, which is usually a blend of nylon and polyester. These types of fabrics don't shrink or fade as much as cotton does, so it's safe to put them in your washing machine (on a gentle cycle) without worrying about damaging the rug too much. However, you should not use a dryer. So, yes oriental rugs made of wool and cotton are machine washable. The best way to care for an oriental rug is by vacuuming it regularly and spot cleaning stains. The vacuum will remove the ground-in dirt that's often hard to remove with just a dry cloth, so this should be done at least once per week - or more if your pets are especially messy (and you have other carpeted areas in your home).

After receiving too many queries on how to clean rugs at home professionally? The RugKnots team just collected the information from professional cleaners and wrote a guide on Rugs Cleaning at Home. We have covered almost all easy methods for rug washing and cleaning. For more information please email us at info@rugknots.com or call us at (301) 660-7046. We are happy to answer your questions!

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