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Because of its timeless, exquisite appearance, Aubusson carpets are a favourite option among homeowners and designers. These lovely carpets are available in a variety of sizes, styles, and colors to fit any preference. They also have a good reputation for quality and longevity, so they're well worth the money. Whether you're looking for a rug to complement your living room or hallway with its intricate design, or something more casual for your home's doorway, Aubusson rugs are ideal! Aubusson carpets are quite popular for a reason. They're stunning, graceful works of art that can completely transform the look and feel of even the most drab space. Your home's floors take up a significant amount of area. It's crucial to furnish them with items of high quality and style, and rugs are a great way to accomplish so! RugKnots is a firm that specialises in hand-woven wool carpets that are both luxurious and durable. Do you find it difficult to choose the correct rug for your floor? Well, we've got some advice for you! Aubusson carpets are a fantastic option because they are available in a wide range of colors and patterns. They can add sophistication and elegance to any environment, but they also work well in more informal settings. If you're looking for some ideas, Here are some suggestions for adding warmth and gloss to your floors, as well as 10 tips for using these Aubusson Rugs to decorate your floors.

1. Create a space that revolves around the Aubusson rug

There's no doubt that Aubusson carpets may become a room's centre point. Allow the Aubusson rug to stand out for the beauty and strength it brings to the room. Consider it a giant canvas, a work of art, around which you may create the remainder of the room, as interior designer Bruce Bierman has done in the Florida living room above. The designs and colors of Aubusson carpets are timeless, allowing you to decorate in any style that matches your preferences. Choose an Aubusson rug because you like it, not because of the latest fashion fad, which is always fleeting. This will ensure that you enjoy the Aubusson rug in the future. Now, like Bruce Bierman has done, construct the room around the rug. Choose furniture that highlights the Aubusson rug's elegance and makes it the room's focal point. You should be aware that traditional Aubusson carpets are incredibly adaptable and will never go out of style. They allow you to change the decor as decorating fashions evolve in the future without having to replace the rug.

Create a space that revolves around the Aubusson rug

2. Select Room Colors Using the Colors of the Aubusson Rug as a Guide

Use the rug's colors to create a palette for paint, upholstery, and curtains in your home. You don't want the room to look overly staged, therefore the colors shouldn't be precise matches. Instead, concentrate on the Aubusson rug's tones and hues, and select colors that complement as well as create a vivid contrast with the Aubusson rug's colors. Handwoven and machine-made Chinese Aubusson rugs and Vintage Aubusson carpets are now available. These rugs have been hand-carved with an emphasis on detail. The distinctiveness of Aubusson floral arrangements may be seen in all of these sequences. Traditional hand-knotted woven carpets have an appearance similar to this. Almost all area rug producers use brilliant and deep colors to create works of art that are high in value. The history, artistry, and tradition of the traditional Oriental Aubusson floral area rug are defined. The carpet provides a sense of value as well as a fashionable articulation when it comes to decorating the interior design concept. Hand-knotted Aubusson Persian runner carpets are one-of-a-kind, making the runner essential for homes with a contemporary or fashionable style. Aubusson carpets are available in a variety of styles, including dramatic medallions and geometric motifs. These carpets have a densely packed wool pile that has been expertly sewn.

Select Room Colors Using the Colors of the Aubusson Rug as a Guide

3. Decide on fabric and furniture based on your preferred decorating style

A traditional Aubusson rug will complement any décor style, be it modern, traditional, or transitional. Choose colors, patterns, and other components in the room based on your desired interior design style. If you live in a traditional home, choose items that provide formality, symmetry, and sophistication. Select items that create an asymmetrical, more relaxed vibe in the room, as Kate Spade did in her living room featured later in this essay, if you want your home to have a blend of modern and traditional designs. The same traditional Aubusson rug can be used in any space. The final outcome will be influenced by the additional items you bring into the room. Rugs are so beautiful that I like them to be able to stand alone in a room without being hampered by competing fabric or wall designs, according to the interior designer. In the living room, seating was arranged around the circular medallion of the Aubusson rug, with a round glass-topped coffee table in the centre to mirror the medallion's design. White upholstery and walls complement the Aubusson rug's grandeur while also giving the space a contemporary air.

Decide on fabric and furniture based on your preferred decorating style

4. Choose the right size Aubusson rug and arrange your furniture for maximum comfort

The size of an Aubusson rug is determined by the size and type of room in which it is placed. Don't be too concerned about furniture covering up part of the Aubusson rug's pattern. Arrange the furnishings to make the room as pleasant as possible for the people who will be using it. The decor will appear contrived and unsophisticated if the furniture is placed in a way that avoids covering the pattern. The Aubusson rug will be placed beneath the table and chairs in a dining room, so choose a rug size that allows the chairs to be pushed away from the table while the back legs of the chairs remain on the rug. Aubusson carpets are often larger in size, ranging from 8' by 10' to 14'x20'. Smaller sizes like 6'x9', 4'x6', and 3'x5' are occasionally available.

Choose the right size Aubusson rug and arrange your furniture for maximum comfort

5. Identify the authenticity of Aubusson rug

The Aubusson carpet is a handwoven floor covering made in the villages of Aubusson and Felletin in the département of Creuse in central France. Many of the early Aubussons were based on Oriental motifs, some of which looked like Ushak medallion carpets. The style of Aubusson rugs, which had a floral motif and pastel colors, made them immediately identifiable. They've changed since then, and now come in a wide range of colors, patterns, forms, and sizes to match practically any decor. Traditional Aubusson area rugs are classic, sophisticated, and soft to the touch. Higher knots are used to achieve greater bulginess and thickness. After roughly a year of use on the floor, the pile puffs up beautifully. A traditional Aubusson area rug is stunning and eye-catching. The look delivers a real Aubusson dimensional impression.

Identify the authenticity of Aubusson rug

6. When to Use It

If you think Aubusson carpets are only for classic and traditional interiors, you'll be astonished at how well they perform in modern settings and match blue-chip contemporary art and 21st-century design. Aubusson rugs are available in a wide range of color schemes. Fresh transparent Aubusson rugs, as well as carpets with dramatic color combinations like black and gold, are in high demand. Only get a rug if you adore the colors and pattern. If you don't like the rug, don't be swayed by its royal provenance. Look for Aubusson rugs that will go with both contemporary and traditional furniture, as they will allow you to mix and match styles and make it easier to change the room's decor in the future. The easiest approach to choose a rug is to try out a sample in the space. If a sample isn't available, try the room's actual rug. Rug samples are sent from RugKnots. When you've selected a rug you'd like to see in person, simply click the orange "Request Sample" button.

Historically, the majority of oriental carpets were employed as both functional floor coverings and tribal ornaments, representing protection and good health. They've also been utilised as prayer mats and to decorate prayer rooms throughout history. Aubusson rugs, on the other hand, were mostly utilised in castles and palaces as both decorative and utilitarian furniture. People have been begging for these beauties because modern Aubusson rugs retain the grandeur of old. Aubusson carpets are still used to add beauty and class to any home or space. Aubusson carpets are suitable for use in the living room, kitchen, and bedroom. Aubusson carpets may give your home the beauty and style it requires. These rugs can enhance the appearance and cosiness of your home with beautiful motifs and designs.

When to Use It

7. Aubusson Area Rug Care and Maintenance

1. Vacuuming regularly to remove sand, grime, and grit from these rugs and carpets is always a good idea.

2. Keep the carpet out of direct sunlight to avoid fading.

3. If there is a spill on the carpet, make sure to clean it up as soon as possible. Remove the blemish or discharge from an Aubusson carpet.

4. Chemical-based materials should never be used on the rug since they will permanently ruin the dyes and hues. To soak up the sludge and fluid, wash the filthy section with baking soda and squeeze with a thick cotton cloth.

5. Raise the carpet by placing a stand on the awash rug's side to allow it to air dry. If you want your carpet to dry quickly, don't use rewarming or blow dryers. Quick drying causes discoloration and damages the fibers' ability to sit properly.

Aubusson Area Rug Care and Maintenance

8. Hand-knotted classic Aubusson rug in natural fibers

First, let's take a look at these silk rugs. The Aubusson rug is a hand-knotted silk rug that costs a lot of money. These rugs are considered to be among the most beautiful and high-end carpets in the world. The purpose of using silk in carpets is to improve the appearance and provide a magnificent sheen. It clearly depicts the rug's personality. They have a lot of intricate details with a lot of knots. The hand-knotted wool Aubusson rug is stunning. If handled with an Antique wash, 100% New Zealand wool (NZ wool) produces a high gloss. Even though each hand-knotted wool rug is pricey, they are still less expensive than silk carpets. Because of their luxuriousness and beauty, these rugs are worth looking at. These rugs are similar to any other Persian rug that has been traditionally knotted, with a few exceptions. The pile on Aubusson type carpets might be higher than typical. Deeper carves and a greater impact on the overall pattern can be achieved with higher rug piles. The skill of making Persian floral Aubusson type rugs has been practised for generations, and they are highly valued from generation to generation. A Persian Floral design rug is a genuine work of art, and it's difficult to find two rugs that are exactly the same. Handmade vintage Aubusson wool rugs exude beauty and complexity. These are the motif patterns that set them apart from other carpets. Aubusson carpets have beautiful floral posies, foliage, and architectural forms. These rugs' owners are demanding a very high price. While Aubusson style rugs were traditionally hand-knotted and of exceptional quality, these magnificent carpets are now also available in the hand-tufted process. When utilising high-quality wool, such as Semi-worsted or 100 percent NZ wool, Aubusson tufted rugs are just as beautiful as hand knotted rugs. Many rug buyers nowadays prefer to buy Aubusson type rugs made of Indian wool instead of New Zealand wool because Indian wool is significantly cheaper. As a result, Indian wool area rugs are far less expensive than imported wool.

Hand-knotted classic Aubusson rug in natural fibers

9. Aubusson Style Area Rugs: Shapes and Designs

Rugs come in many shapes and sizes, and floral Aubusson round rugs are a popular way to dress up hallways and entryways. Opt for oval Aubusson area rugs, which offer the same advantages as circular rugs. Aubusson rug runners can add a royal touch to your kitchens and bedsides, as they usually do. Area carpets from the Aubusson era are rich in creative detail. These vintage-style rugs have a compact and dense design with attractive and varied color tones, particularly the family colors of each shade. A vintage-designed Aubusson carpet can give your home a royal appeal by adding a lasting and unique air to the interior. In comparison to Persian oriental carpets, they are often smaller in size.

Aubusson Style Area Rugs: Shapes and Designs

10. The characteristics of Aubusson rugs

When it comes to the materials used to create these tapestries, vintage Aubusson carpets are no different than other types of rugs. Wool, cotton, and animal hair are common materials in Aubusson rugs, as they are in other varieties of carpets and rugs. The fundamental distinction between Aubusson carpets and oriental rugs is the color scheme. In comparison to other carpets, Aubusson rugs feature more vibrant alternatives. Darker color schemes, such as brown, red, blue, black, and even ivory tones, are common in oriental rugs. You'll find a more vibrant color palette with Vintage Aubusson rugs, such as pastel hues and tints. Colors like beige, tan, pink, gold, and other subtle colors are frequently used in Aubusson rugs. Darker colors are usually restricted to the edges and sides of these carpets. When someone hears the word rug, they may think of rugs from Asia or the Balkans. Because many carpets are labelled as oriental rugs, this is easy to grasp. Contrary to popular assumption, there are rugs that are indigenous to Europe and North America. These western rugs are distinguished by their distinct qualities. These are the motif designs that distinguish the hand knotted Vintage Aubusson rugs from the competition. Aubusson carpets have a baroque look to them, which has made them the preferred rugs of the wealthy in the past. Aubusson carpets ooze sophistication and elegance due to the complexity of the designs. Leaves, floral bouquets, and other architectural designs make up the majority of the design elements found in Aubusson rugs. Collectors and enthusiasts of Aubusson carpets cherish the romantic elements of the rugs. Aubusson rugs are available in a range of sizes. In comparison to oriental rugs, Vintage Aubusson rugs are often small. Aubusson carpets come in a variety of shapes, including oval, round, square, and rectangular.

History Of Aubusson rugs

if you need the floral pattern, this floral trend with a leaf-like print all over with the golden yellow background. As it is made from pure wool that's why it lasts for a long period and has stain and moisture resistant ability. It gives you a soothing vibe but also going to make your expanse homey and cozy.

Frequently Asked Questions About Aubusson Rugs

Where can I find genuine Aubusson rugs?

When you're out shopping for one of these lovely carpets, there are a few things to keep in mind. You may always look on the Internet for Aubusson rugs for sale, and you'll find a plethora of options. If you're not used to buying carpets, though, You can buy one that is of poor quality or possibly a forgery.

Is it possible to use Aubusson Rugs in any room?

The most typical places to find Aubusson carpets are in the living room and bedroom. These lovely carpets come in a variety of hues and may be used with a variety of furnishings. Just because they're pricey but doesn't mean you should only have one or two in the room. By just adding an Aubusson rug to any area, you can instantly bring a lot of character and charm.

How can I tell whether my antique Aubusson rugs are genuine?

If you're not sure, take it to a furniture store or another carpet store. They'll be able to tell you whether or not it's genuine. The price can also be used to determine whether or not it is genuine. If it appears too good to be true, you probably can't afford the genuine thing and bought a fake rug for less than half the price of an original one.

What are Aubusson rugs?

An Aubusson rug is unquestionably the rug that will quickly add majesty and elegance to your decor. Aubusson carpets are vintage rugs from Europe. These vintage carpets give your interior design a timeless and classic feel, and they can help you achieve a style suited for royalty. Since Aubusson rugs were initially meant to grace the residences of aristocracy and royalty, it is not difficult for these rugs to create that look in your home. Modern Aubusson carpets are no longer just for the extravagantly affluent and royal families because they are now available at affordable rates and in a wide range of designs. Aubusson carpets, like other types of tapestries, have distinguishing qualities that set them distinct from the other rugs found in showrooms. If you want to buy Aubusson rugs to match the look of your home, you should first learn more about them so you can decide if they are the perfect ones for you. Our essay about Aubusson carpets will help you learn more about these tapestries and, as a result, will assist you in making a purchasing decision.

What should I know about taking care of my Aubusson Rug?

Aubusson rugs are not as durable as other rug kinds. This is due to their delicate weaving and dyeing processes, which make them more sensitive to snags and tears than other types of rugs. Taking care of your Aubusson rug will help it last longer, allowing you to enjoy it for many years.

What are some more facts about Aubusson Rugs that I should be aware of?

Aubussons come in a wide range of forms and sizes, so you'll be able to pick one that fits your space exactly. They come in a variety of designs, from herringbone to stripes, and are the ideal complement to any decor.

Is it wise to invest in Aubusson rugs?

Aubusson carpets are an excellent investment because they may be passed down through the generations. They are dependable and long-lasting. They are constructed of wool, which will not fade over time and is easy to clean. Wool rugs from Aubusson are stain-resistant and easy to maintain.

When buying an Aubusson rug, what should I keep in mind?

Aubussons can be costly, so make sure the one you purchase is well worth the money. Before deciding on what style of carpeting is right for you, test out a few various colors at your local store if feasible. In connection to a rug, you should also consider the size of your room. If you have a tiny living room, for example, a smaller or less expensive Aubusson would be preferable so that it does not take over the space but rather compliments it with its lovely design and colors.


Rugknots is a great place to go if you want to buy original, hand-tufted Aubusson carpets. We've been selling rugs for 30 years, serving consumers all across the country with original, high-quality rugs in classic designs at low costs. From our collection, you might be able to locate the ideal Aubusson rug for your needs. Our genuine Aubusson carpets are produced entirely of pure, organic wool. They are available in a variety of sizes, including 2x3, 4x6, 5x8, 8x8 round, and 8x10 square. Our rugs all come with free delivery and a 30-day return policy. We have the most different assortment of carpets available, including the most bizarre yet distinctive designs, colors, forms, styles, and more. We can also make custom rugs for you. If you have any questions about rugs, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you. Please contact us at or (301) 660-7046. We will gladly respond to your questions.

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