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Area Rugs have become a major part of the home decor. They add the right amount of texture to your rooms whether they are the centerpiece of your living room or are tossed beside your bed. They spruce up the appearance of any room and improve any space in your home. They can warm up your rooms in winter and can brighten up the room in summers. The soft and comfy feel makes the room heaven for barefoot walkers. Shag rugs are one of those comfy rugs that can fit in anywhere. These rugs were a trend in the 60s and 70s but they are taking place in the industry again. They are a popular option when looking for a uniqueness for your room. They can infuse your room with a plush that makes it go retro. Before we dive into the design ideas of shag rugs, let’s get into the details of it. 


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How is the plush achieved in shag rugs

The shaggy rugs are weaved with denser and longer fibers. The distinctive look is achieved by cutting the fiber from half an inch to one inch in length. This makes a deep plushy pile which makes the shag rugs have a royal look to them. The design of fiber also defines the type of shag rug. A sheepdog rug has a more fluffy and dense look to them that (as is seen by the name) gives a sheepdog texture. Another kind is the noodle shag rug that has the fibers in the shape of noodles and is thick. A shaggy rug is also a kind of shag rug that has thinner thread but is weaved with a higher density. 


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The material used in shag rugs

Shag rugs are misconceived to be made from wool only but this isn’t the reality. Shag rugs are achieved using various materials. Wool does have the quality of making the rugs smoother and softer but it is not the only material to do so. 

Silk shag rugs are the shiniest piece among all the rugs. The pieces of silk ribbons are weaved together to form these vibrant and luminous rugs. When handwoven, these rugs add beauty to any room and are durable in nature. 
Not only silk shag rugs but olefin shag rugs are also a great addition to a room. They are crafted for superior comfort as well as their resilience. Although they are made to look like wooden sisal rugs still they are soft and are used indoors and outdoors.

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Where are shag rugs used 

Shag rugs are used in different ways to add texture to the rooms. These mavens of comfort are added everywhere in our homes be it your bedroom or even your washroom. Shag rugs complement different designs. If you have a decor that is vintage and needs that added bit to complete the look you can use shag rugs. If you have a room that gives a modern look, a shag rug will allow you to add a calmer approach to that. Going with eclectic decor? Different styles and colors will be brought together by one rug- the shag rug. 


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How to style with a shag 

Now you know what shag rugs are, how they are made, and which decors best complement their beauty. Let’s see how you can use these rugs to style your homes.

1. Add glitz and glam

If bling, glitz, and glam are your things, then shag rugs must be. Having a gold decore or any other glittery interior, you need one thing to highlight all the sparkling. A shag rug will add to its beauty and will be a way to spot all the glamor of the room. The luxury of a shag rug will make your room even fancier. The rug gives a more lush feel to the overall interior of a room. You can use it in your bedroom to even more glamorize the place. You’ll love this addition and will also be a bold statement.

Yellow Shag Rug

2. Right under your feet while you work

You brought office work to your home. It is now a bit dull and you’re tired. Your uncomfortable place will bore you early and soon you’ll get distracted. The office space of your home needs the addition of shag rugs under your feet. Just lay down the rug under your work table and chair and rest your feet in the plush while you work. Send your emails or analyze those spreadsheets with the comfort flowing right under your feet. Your workspace isn’t tiring at all thanks to that fuzzy shag rug under your desk. Choosing a light hue shag rug for your work desk can be an option as there’s almost no traffic near the desk. Only your feet will touch the work grounds and hence the probability of the rug getting damaged or dirty dies down.


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3. That warm touch

Having to walk on a cold hard floor right when you get out of your cozy bed isn’t a very pleasing incident. Lay down the shag rug beside your bed to ease into the day and find a soft spot for your feet when you jump out of the bed.
The soft plushy shag rug can also work as a cushion to your bed frame. This will save the legs of your bed from the floor. The floor will also be safe from the friction that a bed will produce whenever moved. A simple patterned monotoned shag rug will be a great addition to your master bedroom.


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4. The safe landing for the baby

The shag rug is not only a perfect addition to your master bedroom but will also be your child’s partner. The shag rugs with vibrant colors will go with the decor of a children’s room. This will be an added ornament and will also ensure the safety of your child. Your child can safely play in the room with a soft floor all over. The child can safely crawl and learn to walk while tumbling on this beautiful shaggy rug. The rug is soft for the knees of a child and provides a cushion for the child when he’s playing. This also adds more freedom to the playful decor of the room.

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5. Inhale, exhale

Add this beauty to your rest place of the home. That favorite sofa you placed right beside your window or your fireplace can use this rug underneath. Rest your feet on the rug and close your eyes to get lost in the soothing world.
The shaggy rugs produce a natural and more calm feel for your feet. Sink your feet into this plush, cozy, and fluffy rug underneath. With a high density and more warmth, these rugs will give comfort when you put your feet to relax. With an additional benefit of beautiful design, you can add this to any room or spot.


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6. Welcome!

The shag rugs are more versatile in nature. They can also be used in your hallways to give a welcoming look to it. The soft rug in the hall can even tune down the noise of traffic. It adds texture and color to your entrance and can also be comforting as visual flair. They are useful on hard surfaces and wooden floors and hallways are one of these two. This cozy paradise will be a center of attention for your guests.
The shaggy runner decors will take your home design to the next level. It offers a timeless appeal to your home that is uniquely yours.

7. Style it up with shag

A shag rug can add more style to your dressing area. Place the shag rug in front of your dressing table and under the dressing chair. You are going to feel like getting ready for your scene in a Hollywood movie. A vanity stool with a plush will make it go retro. Match the colors of the plush with that of the dressing room colors and the furniture. You are going to need a complete luxurious one for your dressing area so while you get ready, you enjoy the comfort and chic-ness of the rug.


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8. Accent your bathroom

As we mentioned earlier, shag rugs can be used in every room and spot of your home. Your washroom is not an exception. You can use a shaggy rug outside your shower tub or area to step on it when you get out of it. Shag rug will give your feet a landing while you are still wet until you dry yourself. This will keep you from ruining the floors of your room. The shag rug will add a luxurious touch to your washroom. Choose the plush rug by matching its colors with the tiles of your washroom or go with the colors of accessories. 
RugKnots is a one-stop-shop for all your rug needs. We supply all kinds of shag rugs made from different materials and colors. Visit RugKnots today or call our consultants to know which shag rug your room needs and get a free quote today.


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