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Love the seaside? Fancy the beach vibe? Why not just bring it straight to your home? Relive the warmth of the beach each day and experience an ocean within your very dining room, only by getting a coastal rug for your household.

To begin with, what are coastal/nautical rugs? They are rugs featuring free-flowing patterns depicting oceans, beaches, waves, and everything associated with them. These nautical themed rugs are inspired by coastal communities like Hamptons, Nantucket, and Key West.

An interesting fact about coastal rugs is that the designs have hidden messages embedded in them. While the anchor fits as the symbol of safety, the knot symbolizes friendship, harmony, and love. Similarly, the flag makes for active graphic elements. Even the stars and stripes have motives. The former depicts protection, while the latter evokes spirits of simplicity. Hence whenever you buy a coastal area rug, you aren't only purchasing a seaside styled mat but also a medium to voice your motives!

Coastal and Nautical Rugs

Coastal style is all about comfort and doesn't it all seem so fitting? What do you get walking over the beach's sand while a salty breeze blows right into your face? Comfort! Nautical area rugs may not replicate the salty breeze, nor the tenderness of sand, but they sure can add serenity to the surroundings. Hence, if you are looking for a place to relax, there aren't many better alternatives.

An issue with coastal area rugs is that they tend to fancy only a select few. Not that they are any lesser, but just that most people aren't able to fit them into their interior design. A part of it could be attributed to the comparatively lower variety at your disposal. That surely isn't the issue when you buy from Rugknots! 

Coastal Rugs Décor Ideas

Interior decoration seems one menial task unless of course, you are an interior designer. You need to be careful, though, for one wrong move and you will end up burying your ambitions. Given the texture and patterns, coastal rugs merit extra-care. If you think why to look through it this way: the purpose of natural fiber rugs is to create contrast and hence alleviate surroundings. The thing with coastal rugs is that most patterns look dull. What else do you expect of a light blue (color) dominant heirloom? Then again, calming hues, the comfort of the beach and the salty air aren't for everybody. They have their patrons, or they may not have been a popular trend as of now!

Decor rugs

Throughout this article, we would look into ways you could turn your ordinary house into your personnel coastal zone!

Coastal Rugs in Bedroom

For once imagine waking up to the mellowness of the sand, or the smoothness of the water. Isn't it worth all the trouble? A bedroom is a perfect place for a coastal rug. Not only does the atmosphere correspond well with the heirloom-creating a striking contrast- but also because Coastal rugs can tell tales. Each of the designs embedded on coastal rugs carries a symbolism of some kind or the other. Hence, you can tell a tale, live amongst your ideology, and say it all out without actually needing to say a thing.

Now let's discuss a few designs fitting for a coastal bedroom. Navy blue and white create a mesmerizing contrast, so do white and black. A coastal stripe area rug is always an option, and so is a color-rich heirloom. Let's get a bit more specific: what color rug for a coastal bedroom with white walls? Anything blue with fisheries embedded in it! Another take could be to go a bit dark with stripe rugs. All you need to do is to create a contrast, and with white being one of the colors, it has never been easier.

Before I forget, I must add that your bedroom is a fitting adobe for round nautical rugs. While more conventional rectangular shaped rugs still do a ravishing job, a round rug can further ripen things up. A round rug can be a great inclusion to your living room too, but considering proportionality, a bedroom is more fitting. Ask any interior designer, and he would tell you that the best way to place a coastal rug is to border it with furniture. Does everything add up now?

Nautical Rugs for Outdoors

If you are getting yourself a coastal decor themed house, why wait for the way in? Richen up your experience even before you have made it into the house with coastal outdoor rugs and its handmade. Not only do they smoothen the transition, but they also make your home decor stand a notch above the rest. You need to be careful with the outdoor rugs, accounting for the durability factor. Moreover, the rug needs to be darker in the shade. Why is it so? The heirloom would be subject to unimaginable amounts of dirt, dust, and potentially grime. In this regard, a beachy-brown outdoor rug is the aptest. The color means that it will take a lifetime before the rug appears dirty! Just be careful with the cleaning frequency. Yes, the visitors don't know, but you and your precious heirloom do!

Outdoor rugs

By now, we know that the material of the rug pad does play an indispensable part in keeping everything together of handmade. In that regard, what is the best rug type for beach/coastal weather? A bit of insight in here, we are looking for a fabric that could sustain moist, humid weather and was easy to clean thanks to sand accumulations of wool rugs. Wool is one material that comes to mind. Cotton and synthetic fibers are other doable fabrics. Silk can't be used- only if it was worth mentioning!

Coastal Rugs for Entryways

You see how appropriate it is that the entryway to the sea is the beach. If you are building a coastal house for yourself, you need to pay special attention to your entryway! Coastal runner rugs can be seen as a compromise between outdoor rugs and bedroom rugs. They don't need to have the flamboyantly dark textures, or uncannily durable like the outdoor rugs. They can't be as bright and delicate as a bedroom rug. All in all, be extra-careful with the fabric, color, and texture while buying one for your entryway you can also get outdoor pillows that decor your living room. 

Talking of carefulness, another point that merits special attention is the rug size. Most people end up uncertain over what is the parameters for sisal coastal runner rugs. The answer is as simple as it could be- the rug size is dependent on the size of your entryway. The rug size of entryways varies greatly, and while it's risky to generalize, 8x6 works more often than not.

Coastal Rugs for Living Room

And you thought we were going to miss out on the most essential part of any household? The living room holds the distinction of being the place where the whole family comes together! Unlike other house areas, a living room is accessible to all and hence merits an unhurried selection. A small mistake here and there, and you would lose the gist of a coastal house altogether!

Living Room

Before we move on the trends, let's get into the skin of things. The all-important question is,' what color rug goes with coastal paint colors?'. While décor and beauty are all but subjective, here is my honest opinion. Colors suited to coastal decor colors are ones that can create a contrast. That means that either they are dark or rough or bright. If we were listing these colors out, surely navy blue would top the charts. Surely, nothing like a blue coastal rug! Beachy brown, black, yellow and green would be on the list too!

Coastal living area rugs need to be durable, warming, comforting, and easy to clean all at the same time. So, if you are prepared to go all-out for a rug, they ought to be it! In this regard, a light-colored rug size may trouble you in your cleaning endeavors but surely do an astonishing job as far as décor is concerned. Not that darker rugs are any worse off, but nothing beats navy blue / Aqua embedded in a sea of white in coastal decor design that best in sea life. What colored rug to use in any coastal bedroom? Navy Blue and white! What color rug to use with laurel green sofa in coastal chic decorating? White and Navy Blue!

Nautical Rugs in Washroom

Having left no stone unturned in your pursuit of a coastal decor house, what stops you from bathing with the fisheries? If you were to have the complete list of it, why stop at nautical bathroom rugs? On a more serious note, nautical rugs in the washroom are pretty fun-playful and affable. Plus, they can always get your coastal house complete. Not that I didn't have a few cracks writing this, but you need to have nautical bathroom rugs!

Where to Get a Coastal Rug for my Coastal House?

You can buy coastal rugs online from Rugknots. We have a featured coastal rug collection to meet all the needs of our customers. All of our rug pad is hand-tufted and feature intricate designs that could delight your floors. If that wasn't all, most of our exquisite collection is up for grasp at up to 60 percent off! What are you waiting for? Choose a coastal rug and rob us of it already,you can quickly view on new arrivals vibe also. 


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