Overdyed Rugs

The best part about owning a vintage overdyed rug is knowing that you are experiencing world class quality, and one-of-a-kind rarity. 

At Rugknots, we get a lot of questions about our vintage overdyed rugs. How do you overdye a rug? What kind of quality can I expect from an Overdyed rug? 

When figuring out how to overdye a rug, one must decide whether to bleach the old design out of the rug, or leave it on. At rugknots, when we overdye our vintage rugs, we never use bleach. No harmful chemicals are used on the 100% wool vintage rugs we use. When coupled with our all natural dyes, a faded and worn vintage rug is brought back to life.

Rugknots' vintage overdyed rugs have a 12/12 knot count, which is 144 knots per square inch. The process of making a 12/12 oriental or persian rug could take a skilled artisan years to complete, depending on size and design. By saving this vintage rugs, we are bringing world class craftsmanship of the past into your home. 

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