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Giving your home a vintage touch is everyone’s dream and we exactly know why. Getting that ageless vibe is one of the most desirable. People go head over heels to get that vintage look but still fail to achieve that even after months and years of trying because they don’t get the right assistance and guidance. In order to create a perfect home décor people think that they would need professional interior decorators and would have to spend loads of money but, it is not really what it’s like. You can get your favorite décor whether it’s vintage or modern without even spending loads of money or hiring a professional decorator. Simply adding vintage furniture or items would not get you the perfect vintage vibe that you are aspiring to get. It takes proper thought and brain behind it to get that vibe and we are here for it. Vintage style is the most priceless yet precious style and décor that has been on a rise. They have not been a talk of the town just lately but they have been in the market since almost forever due to their antique and veteran nature. If you are planning to give your home décor of that type and styles, you first need to let go of those nervous nerves and be open to experimenting. Vintage things like Vintage Rugs are not typical and common ones but are extremely different and unusual. If you are open to taking risks and have the capacity of breaking the stereotypes, we believe you’re at the right place. We give you all the tips as to how you can get your home the perfect vintage décor without any hassle!

Start With The Living Room

Start from the scratch. Start from the most common. A living is the most visited area of your home. The name “living room” pretty much self explains itself that people pretty much live 90 percent of their day here. You probably leave your living area only when you need to sleep. We believe that if you achieve the perfect vintage vibe here in your living room, then you are 90 percent done with your décor. You have achieved your dream, pal. You should start with your seating arrangement; get a vintage couch for that reason. You can surf through some online stores or even land at some nearby vintage store and look for your favorite couch. Try to match your couch with the overall layout of your home. Then, you shall move on to get a table. Get a table that has the capacity of even holding stuff as it shouldn’t just be there for decorative purposes only. You can even get a side table to compliment your vibe and try to match it with the main table. Move on with some vintage cupboards. We would recommend you to get a glass cupboard and place your vintage dishes in it so that you can even flash them off! These are one of the main furniture essentials that you would need in order to fill your space up. Remember that you would have to match everything up. From the colors, to the patterns and the overall layout, get it all matched. If it mismatches, it would look odd and off as well. Don’t really take any risks on that. You can get anything you want as your furniture (I mean, you don’t have to stick to our list only) and remember, try something new!

Now You May Come To The Kitchen

You should certainly proceed with the most important area of your home and that is; your kitchen! Have you ever watched scenes of kitchens with antique vibes containing vintage dishes and tables and even makes the human seem vintage? You have probably seen that in movies and guess what we have too! And we just can’t stop drooling over them and we are pretty sure you do, too and there is no reason one should not. You would have to start with some basic stuff which is obviously; dishes and utensils. You could find tons and millions of old vintage kitchen tools from your nearby most common store. Might as well you find some in your own kitchen which you were probably thinking to throw out. Well, change your idea and rather use them as decoration! Moreover, even get an old coffee and tea pot to add a little extra yet needed touch.  As we said, start with basics such as forks, knives, plates and spoons. You can use that old cookie maker and hang it on the walls and don’t forget a cake breaker for that matter. Also, you should definitely get canisters used to contain tea, salt or flour with a bread box and make sure to place them on shelves or your table so that it’s visible. To satisfy your French cravings, place a French butter dish and a French fry cutter and you are ready to roll! Plus, you can even hang two- tiered plant hangers right above your dining table (if you have it in your kitchen). Not only does this give a vintage touch but also helps you save place and storage. Most importantly, don’t even think about forgetting about a vintage sink, your kitchen will make jaws drop. It is guaranteed, you yourself will be in an awe of your kitchen, and you’d be left amazed for sure!

The Bedroom!

The bedroom is yet another essential. Try to make it as much aesthetic as you can with your personal vintage vibe. Of course, as it’s your bedroom you first need to get a bed! Obviously, without it, your bedroom is not certainly a “bedroom”. Get a vintage bed with a matching side table beside it. Again, don’t miss the match and try to get a whole set if not a whole set, you can always mix and match. With that, get your favorite dressing table, too. As you get the dressing table, also get some vintage chairs as well. As always, match and you’re ready to roll! You can even get some hangings that are old and hand them up your walls. Everything will be perfect.

The Vintage Rug Probe

We always see this; Area Rugs are the most important element in any home. Rugs are to be placed everywhere in your house and we follow it religiously. Especially vintage rugs leave no stone unturned to amaze people. These rugs are the most desirable and help you put together your whole vintage décor look. You can’t really claim that you’ve achieved it without adding rugs in it. But, we also believe that it’s not just buying and placing a rug, just like that. We still abide by our stance, that is; experiment and take risks. From the very start of our blog, we told you that pulling off a vintage décor isn’t a piece of a cake as it's unique and different, you might as well have to be open to new things and not be plain, at all! Getting out of your comfort zone is the most important aspect while decorating your home. Not only that, we believe that thinking out of the box is one most important to not be a cliché and rock any look you want in the most unique way. Exactly for that purpose, we present you some of the most iconic ways you can style our favorite vintage rugs.

1. Place Them Everywhere

get them placed everywhere! That’s the most satisfying thing ever. Placing them in your living room, bedroom, kitchen and even bathroom. You can place them anywhere and everywhere you want.  You may think that it would look weird and repetitive but trust us, it won’t. You’re going to get asked a lot about these Rectangle Rugs whenever someone sees them.

2. Runner Rugs Are A Must

vintage rugs look the best when used as Runner Rugs. Place them at your gateways or hallways; place them, without giving a second thought to. You won’t regret doing so.

3. Layer ‘Em Up

layering rugs is something that we recommend to everyone. That’s the biggest sign that you are actually trying to experiment. Layering helps you bring that vibrant touch and color to your space. We suggest you go with different patterns and designs. You can use the same designs, too if you want but contrast looks way better than that. You can pair your favorite rugs together without having to worry about anything. You should definitely try this trick out!

4. Play With Angles

come on, don’t be so boring! Don’t just place them commonly, play with them. Wondering how you can play with a rug? Well, that’s pretty simple. You can place the, in different styles. Place them in different positions and angles. Sometimes slip the corner of the rug from one edge of the table and let it out from the other. You can try many different techniques and make them look good. Anyway, they will actually leave you wanting for more!

Other Important Details

Well, we should certainly not forget details and little yet important specifications. Without these, your décor is nothing and you’ll keep feeling that something is missing. Well, that “missing” is these details. Wondering what they are? Well, don’t use your brain too much, and rather use your eyes to read further.

1. Use Vintage Vases: perhaps, the most important thing in this category are the vases. Whether you want to place them in your living area or your bedroom, they’ll do their job to amaze everyone no matter wherever you place them. Also, don’t get too off with the colors. Nonetheless, they can fit with any setting and room layout.

2. The Lamps: have you ever seen those hanging lamps and couldn’t stop gushing over those. Well, that means that you should probably get one vintage light. Of course, it doesn’t have to be hanging, a normal vintage lamp can work too. It depends upon your personal preferences.

3. Use Old Stuff (That Are Obvious): use some extremely old stuff such as old books that even look as if they were lost somewhere and you just found them out. Use some pictures that denote a vintage look (that are obviously old).

Ask You, Too!

Again, as we always emphasize on this, never miss out on yourself, always have your own say. Sometimes, you might not want to go with the vintage rules because they just don’t align with your thinking and vibe. So, don’t forget to ask yourself whether you even need a vintage décor or you’re just going with the trend (although, there is no point and reason to not get one, anyway!). your say is important whenever something is happening to YOUR house and the same rule applies to décor as well.

And we are approaching the end of the blog. We hope that this blog was helpful and informative for you. We wish while reading this blog, you already have a picture of your home with a vintage décor done to it in your head. And, if you didn’t, well it’s okay, you can imagine one now! Vintage décor is risky but at the same time, they can make wonders. They look the most breathtaking when done well due to their ageless and antique nature. Such decors never fail to make head turns, we are pretty sure that everyone will ask you about the secret to your stunningly done vintage home. Next time you want any décor advice, just know that we are your ultimate destination.

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