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Moroccan décor is one of the most desirable decoration styles. You might think of it as an over statement which is understandable- we get it. But, what you think or overview is not always facts and true. We feel that Moroccan style décor is perfect to bring that drama and chic look to your home. Bohemian décor has been the talk of the town lately and so Moroccan style décor has been on a rise, too. We believe both these styles never contradict but complement each other in almost every way. Adding a Moroccan touch to your space is always favorable and never fails to make your jaws drop. Whether its Moroccan rugs or any other Moroccan accessory, everything is simply awesome. You can add vintage touch to your home by layering, adding, mixing and blending anything you want. We will provide you all the brilliant ideas to style your home up and how can you achieve those Moroccan looks. Not only that, we will tell you Moroccan Rugs can change the look and vibe of your room completely and how other accessories can add to that uniqueness. We have the best tips and techniques in order to get you your favorite decor. To help you with that, you have to just keep reading!

1. Add Those Floor Tiles 

Installing Moroccan tiles in your space will be one of the best ideas you could ever think of. You can add those tiles simply anywhere to give a Moroccan touch. From your kitchen to your bathroom, simply anywhere and everywhere! These tiles denote a perfect sense and blend of ramification and boldness. Not only just your homes, you can get these installed even at your office, too. These elaborative tiles are made with ceramic blanks with clay that is shaped with hands. These perfectly shaped blanks are then dipped into colors and dyes which make them look lit! This helps you add a pop of color added with the intricate designs that leave your space in an awe.  These modern and enchanting Moroccan tiles are sure to leave you amazed on the way they look!

2. A Moroccan Pouf Is A Must!

A pouf has been one of the most classic items from morocco. A pouf is a sitting item present normally in the living room. They are not only limited for sitting purposes but you can make use of them in whatever way you want. Make use of them as even just placing something on it or using it as a table sometimes (not to place heavy materials obviously but they work well with decorative materials). Due to their high demand, you might not find a genuine and authentic Moroccan pouf always. They are usually made with leather which adds to its value and desirability. A Moroccan pouf is sure to stun you and anyone who sees it. We know most people already do have a pouf in their homes and might be wondering what do we do now? Well, you have to do nothing but just get a new Moroccan pouf. It’s not a law to not have more than one pouf at your place; you can place more than one. The first and foremost thing to start with your Moroccan décor is to get a pouf!

3. Style It Up With Cushions And Pillows

Morocanns love including bold prints and designs in their collections and the same happens with the manufacturing of cushions and pillows. The traditional Handira- (which is a decorated fiber itself) fabric is used in its making. Pillows are the identifying factors and start ups of Moroccan décor. Your styling isn’t complete without these. With the most exotic colors and intricate designs, these pillows are one of a kind and deserve to be in every home. These pillows and cushions can be placed at your beds, your sofas, couches and even at some chairs. The patterns that only compliment these pillows, will leave no stone unturned in giving your place the most vibrant, modern and elegant look. These pillows will add the most authentic moroccan touch with so much elegance. We believe that these pillows are the ones that complete the whole look and Moroccan glam up.  

4. Don’t Forget The Lights

Moroccan lamps are the most traditional pieces that accentuate the whole look. These lanterns are our pride and not only ours but Moroccan pride, too. These lamps also known as Moroccan lanterns are usually hanging that put everything together. Not only do they look unique but are uniquely as well. They are made of rustic brass and tinted stained glass. In addition to this, dyed goat skin is used too which is then made to stretch over and around the iron frame. They are then hand painted with the help of henna dyes. They not only light up your area but also change the whole ambiance and vibe of the room. Of course, lights are an extremely essential part of any space and area. These are a must have in your living area.

5. Moroccan Rugs Rock!

Moroccan rugs are simply the best and they are the most statement making. We can’t get over their designs, patterns and simply everything about it. We are literally obsessed with Moroccan Modern Rugs. And we are sure that you will get obsessed with them too once you get to know about them. We will not just provide you one way but multiple ways you and make use of your Moroccan rug. Although, we have a strong belief in the fact that just placing a Moroccan rug and leaving the rest on it is enough as this rug knows how to slay its job. You can’t be complete with your Moroccan décor without having one of these patterned rugs. To make your statement out loud and experiment something new, you should go ahead.

  • Layering them up: it is not difficult as people think that this is. People certainly overlook this tip when it comes to styling their homes like they not should. All you need to do is to get a smaller rug with a larger one and place them above and under. Obviously, place the smaller one above and the larger one beneath it. You will get that vintage Moroccan look that you had always craved for in this way only!
  • Use as many rugs as you want: yes, you probably imagined it right. That’s exactly what we mean. Getting as many New Rugs as you want and placing them upside down or off setting them is the best way to play with your favorite Moroccan rugs. This trick can also help you in situations when you feel like getting more than one rug or you are falling in love with multiple rugs at a time. You know what to do at that time, get them all! You can also get rugs of the same designs and place them together. Also, this helps you to actually warm your space up. Whether it’s about textures, colors or patterns, Moroccan rugs are safe that way and every other way. You can also get 2 small rugs and place them together or even multiple rugs of different sizes and get them placed together. All depends on your personal preferences!
  • Place them anywhere and everywhere: the most common interpretation of Moroccan rugs is to place them in your living area. This is probably because of the size of these rugs that people consider placing them at vast places such as living rooms. But, come on! Don’t be so boring. We suggest you place your favorites of these Large Area Rugs anywhere you want; your rooms, nurseries, gateways, passageways and simply anywhere and everywhere!
  • Hang them on the walls even: this is also a great idea. Get a minimalistic Moroccan rug and place it on your walls to complete the look. You can get as small or as big size as you want (depending on your room area and size) and hang it up. Trust us you won’t regret doing that!
  • Small Moroccan rugs are safe: one of the biggest tragedies that one never wants to be in is to get small rugs that are smaller than their area or rather the ones that don’t cover furniture. But you know what? That’s not the case with Moroccan rugs. You can get a small Moroccan rug (even by mistake) and it will still look desirable. Even when it doesn’t cover your furniture or is rather covering some parts of your furniture. Don’t worry about it since as we told before as well, these rugs are safe like anything!

6. Giving Little Moroccan Touches

Don’t shy away from getting bold or diving a little too much into it. You can add Moroccan accessories to compliment your overall Moroccan look. This is easy. All you need to do is fetch some Moroccan details over the internet and get them from your nearest store or form even online. These accessories can include Moroccan decoration pieces, dishes, and even hand woven baskets. Hand woven baskets help you achieve that bohemian vibe, too. Don’t shy away from getting those blending vibes as they are not only a part of Moroccan décor but also compliment different cultures. Not only that, we believe that getting a Moroccan coffee set and placing it in one of the corners will greatly diversify your room's vibe and atmosphere. Getting some Moroccan jewelry and hanging them on walls as decoration pieces is also a great idea!

7.  Add Your Own Sense Of Style, Too

While doing your Moroccan décor, don’t forget to add your own personal style statement as well. We all have different types of Moroccan rugs. Do not undermine your opinion and perspectives. Sometimes, you would achieve the best look but still not get satisfied with its finishing looks, that’s because you didn’t add your personal say in it. Adding your own fashion touch in your home décor will not cause any harm but only prove out to be perfect and even beautiful. Your opinion matters and add your fashion and style statement as well because that's pretty important. So, add your too and we know that you’re gonna slay it!

Getting your home décor done is not an easy job and it's even difficult when you are doing all by yourself. But, guess what we are here for you and that is why we made this blog post for you. Moroccan décor is one of the most desirable and innovative décor ideas to ever come up with. With the increasing trend of such décor not everything you see is cool and the way you imagine it. As we might understand, that you will order some things online, don’t get scammed! Not everything out there is authentic and genuine. We completely support you in getting your favorite decor without any further delays and ifs and buts. Taking risks is what life is all about and that's exactly what the mantra of life has been all this time.  Nonetheless, don’t worry as we are always there for you. While styling up, don’t forget to add our tips and see the result for yourself. Also, we hope you found this helpful and are ready to do your home décor making use of our tips and tricks. 

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Happy decorating! 

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