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Persian rugs have been on a rise for a while now. Everyone wants such classical Oriental Rugs these days. They are loved because of their uniqueness and beautiful traditional designs. People are gushing over it, head to toe. And why not? Considering their evergreen classical vibe that matches no others. These rugs are simply amazing with the best sense of craftsmanship and intricate designs on it. Not only that, they are also values for the  deep sense of history attached to it. If you get a Persian rug for yourself, you’ll instantly feel like you owe a great piece of history and that feeling of uniqueness just feels different! Craftsmen and designers work way hard to achieve that level of perfection while manufacturing these rugs. However, due to the insane amount of demand and value that is entitled to Persian Rugs, many countries and industries have started to make these rugs on their own. This makes them lose their authenticity and rareness. Identifying and determining the rugs are authentic has become one great deal of task. Since, many people have started to make these in their own industries regardless of its actual origin it has become a subject now. People think that they are buying a one of a kind, authentic Persian rug but it turns out it’s nowhere near the genuine kind (which is obviously a disappointing feeling). As always, we got your back and are here to tell you ways and give you guidance as to how you can identify whether your rug is truly Persian and authentic or not. Let’s get started!


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Look For The Origin

As we have emphasized over this before as well, that with the increasing demand of these Area Rugs, there has been a considerable rise in its making, too. Originally, Persian rugs are from Persia (you can even tell this by its name) which is known as Iran- in current times. Since these rugs originated from Persian and its surroundings, so rugs made in this state are only worthy of being called ‘authentic’. As its manufacturing has expanded for example, there are rugs made in Europe, Pakistan and such other states but are still called “Persian rug”. Such rugs are absolutely unauthentic. If you want to check where the rug was made, you can probably find a tag attached to one of the corners of the rug where the making place must be written. There you can check if the rug is authentically made or not.  

Inspect About The Color

The color matters a lot when it comes to checking the authenticity of a certain rug. Every rug tends to possess different colors extracted from different sources. But, when it comes to Persian rugs, its colors are extracted from natural dyes i.e. extracted from vegetables. Meaning there is no synthetic dye in it but rather only natural dyes because this too helps retain its authenticity. Natural dyes tend to coat the surface whereas synthetic dyes are more prone to indulging into the carpet evenly. One way to check the authenticity of your rug this way is to bend and somewhat dis-shape your rug and look for any unevenness, if you see that then congrats! You possess an authentic Persian rug. Another way of identifying it is to check if the rug is colorfast. Such rugs are colorfast and do not bleed at all! To investigate this way is to choose one corner of your rug and wet it or soak it in water. Leave it overtime and see if it bleeds or any sort of color mixes within each other. If it does, then it’s not an authentic one but if it doesn’t, your rug is colorfast and you are good to go! Moreover, these Handmade Rugs have a blend of colors that are very vibrant terrestrial.


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It’s All In The Knots (& On The Back, Too)

Persian rugs are handmade and there are no two ways about it. One of the things that increase their value is that they are solely handmade only. This way every detail of the rug is noticeable and it increases its cost and prestige. You certainly now need to check and insure if the rug is handmade or not. This is directly related to the knots and weaving techniques used in the making. All the knots are hand done in such a rug. All you need to do is to flip your rug. Once you do it, you will tend to see countless tiny knots. On the other side of the rug, see if you see any individual knots. Sometimes, there are fake fringes (if machine made) to confirm that, see if the fringe is attached or sewn. It becomes pretty obvious honestly because if the fringe is not attached, you would be able to clearly see threads and individuals in a pattern (the size of the knot/ thread might vary). They should not be crossing through or over each other but rather should be in a set pattern must seem as individual knots. If you see those then your Persian rug certainly is authentic. Also, to perfect accuracy, you should look over both the front and back side of the rug. Both the sides should mirror each other meaning, they should be perfectly similar in terms of design, style and the overall layout. This further ensures that the rug is not machine made as those rugs appear to be ambiguous and fuzzy. Plus, start to feel the rug and it should feel soft if it’s handmade. Otherwise, if it is machine made, it will most feel like a hard plastic backing.


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The Material/ Fiber Used

True and authentic Persian rugs are made up of natural fibers. These include materials such as wool, cotton and silk (most notably). It’s for this reason that these rugs are durable but, at the same time very soft and shiny, since, silk is an expensive material, and so their selling cost is also high. Rugs made from these materials have amazing benefits and give off a flashy look. On the other hand, a rug made up of synthetic fibers is more likely to be extremely fake and not a genuine one. Such rugs made up of materials such as polyester, nylon or olefin (propylene) are not authentic ones even though various “Persian rugs” are made up of these materials and sold as genuine ones but are nothing but scamming. These rugs have their own specifications and unique features (one of them being made from natural fibers). The moment you get to know that the rug is not made up of one hundred percent natural fibers, drop the idea of buying that so-called “Persian rug”, because it’s not what you think or shown it is!

The Rugs Identity Means A Lot!

Another very unique factor about Persian rugs is that its design and the name by which it is identified is based upon the place it was made. Iran is a place where the craftsmanship and culture is greatly diverse. Every other tribe and town comes up with the most amazing ideas of art and spill it all over. Exactly for that reason (or certainly give the due credit to a certain community) the rug made in a certain town is given its town name. Also, because Persian/ Iranian rugs are the greatest articles and inventions of Iran so it is pretty self explanatory why the culture and the craftsman ship surrounding rugs is so diverse and huge.  Isn’t that fascinating? That’s again one of the identification ways. To get into a greater detail of this fact, let’s take some examples. A Persian rug named “Qashqai rug” is made in Qashqai only and in the same way a “Qom Rug” was made in the Qom town of Iran.   


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Other Details/ Specification

One more way to confirm the authenticity of your rug is to ask it out or read it over! Yes, it’s just that easy and simple. If you are eyeing on a certain “Persian rug” but are not really sure if it is an authentic or a genuine article, ask the salesperson about all the details. Ask them about the weight, type, design name and even the knot density. Don’t miss out on asking about the material, though. The sales person might as well be honest and tell all the true details and as we have provided you with the ways to identify, you can do that right away. If not asked and you have already bought one but are now doubtful about its originality, you must have a card where all the details about the rug are written. If not even the card, then there must be a tag attached somewhere on the rug itself. Read it all through and you will get to know everything about the rug. Again, the identification and determining factors are listed and Persian rugs made up of these things are genuine. See, it was that easy!

Note: Although, it is a good way but you do not always know if the details you are reading or are told are always genuine and true, so it’s always safe to inspect and investigate yourself (of course, through our guide!)


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We have finally come to the end of this article. We truly hope that you found this helpful and informative. Persian rugs are one of the most desired rugs out there due to their designs and incredible craftsmanship. We truly hope that you find your favorite authentic rug soon and that too, without any hurdles and hassles. These Hand Knotted Rugs are one of the most great and unique inventions ever made by Iran. Considered a pioneer in the rug industry, these rugs are simply the best and breath- taking. With the provided guide and ways you can definitely find the most perfect rug ever. All you need to do I follow the ways and identification methods. Also, because of the fact that a Persian rug costs high and is relatively more expensive than other rug collections and types, you want it to last for years and generations which is perfectly fine. For that reason, and to fulfill that dream of yours, you want to buy one true  rug made solely in Iran. You want the real thing which is awesome and beautiful.

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