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Rugs are indeed important. They complete your home and bring it to life. They are simply amazing and are an integral part of every household. But, the only problem here lies is that rugs are often found to be expensive and in some cases, way expensive. That’s also because the production cost of most of these rugs is also high which results in their eventual cost to be high as well. Also, rug types such as Persian rugs or some high end oriental rugs are relatively more expensive than others. Other factors that make a rug expensive are the knot count, whether the rug is machine made or handmade, and the amount of time and expertise needed to construct it. At the same time, as rugs are one considerate belonging, they leave no stone unturned to make it as convenient for the buyer as possible. That is why; we have cheap rugs as well! Cheap rugs are one of the most commonly used rugs out there. They let you decorate your home without crashing the bank. It’s a common misconception that cheap rugs might be of cheap quality. Well, that’s not true. These rugs are of less cost but they obviously won’t compromise on the quality as most rug types don’t. There might be some reasons to not buy cheap rugs but there still are numerous reasons why you should buy them and we are here to quote those reasons exactly. So, if you are hesitant in buying these rugs, all you need to do is to keep reading!


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1. They’re affordable (budget friendly)

The most important factor that speaks for itself is the fact that they are budget friendly. If you are on a low budget but you need a rug to decorate your place, don’t worry because we got your back! These rugs won’t cost you much and will enable you to get your favorite decorative rugs without you having to think twice about your wallet. You can get your favorite oriental rug but way cheaper than others. This affordability factor definitely is a big reason why you should go for cheap rugs.

2. They are kid- friendly

Kids are one of the most mischievous and over the top creatures on earth. They just don’t sit and consider it their job to run around places until they slip and fall or cause some hurt to themselves. For that matter, cheap rugs are your go to escape from this headache. They have your back anyway. They are definitely best for kid zone areas or areas where the kids tend to play the most. Not only that, as kids are understandably, not very accident prone and tend to drop everything from their hands, spills won’t be a really big deal for a cheap rug. It will obviously protect your floors and prevent any permanent damage to them. Also, it won’t cut down your throat when you know that the rug that has been “damaged” by your beloved kids is not very ground breakingly expensive, you are at some peace of mind, at least.


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3. Good with the kids (pet-friendly)

Obviously, your pets are enthusiastic. They tend to go here and there and sometimes just want to sit on your favorite couch and relax! But, the thing is that you might now want them to be shedding at your expensive couch but you can afford it on your cheap area rug. Rugs are a good and a very beneficial way and strategy to keep your pets away from the furniture. Not only that, even if your pet sheds, it won’t be a problem since cheap rugs are easy to clean, too. And you can always vacuum them.

4. Complete the look

Without having to spend hundreds of dollars, you can put the whole rooms together by one cheap area rug. You should buy a rug that matches your furniture and overall rooms’ layout. The rug should complement the existing look and add up to its serenity. Also the color scheme should also be well matched and the floor type needs to get considered as well. a cheap and chic way to compliment and perfect your home!


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5. Easier to clean and maintain

One of the most potent reasons that would compel you to buy a cheap rug is because of the fact that they are easier to clean and maintain than the others. Usually the thing with expensive rugs is that you would have to think a hundred times to self clean them and eventually you would spend hundreds of dollars to get them professionally cleaned. Also the fact that you would have to get them professionally cleaned every 6 months is one pain in the head that you just can’t escape once you have a delicate expensive rug whereas a cheaper rug can be cleaned easily without you having to worry much. You can just schedule some day and be a professional and clean it up. In addition to this, you can regularly vacuum your rug. But, make sure that you don’t be so harsh with your rug and be very delicate with it, too.

The list goes on and on but we don’t just leave you just here. We have more to offer. We believe that any rug, if maintained well can last generations and look stunning. The best part is that you can make your cheap rug look expensive one. You can try and camouflage your favorite rug and make it look expensive without spending too much as well.  We provide you the most amazing tips that you can make use of in order to achieve that royal and expensive look. You can buy a less expensive rug but still make it look awesome. Start taking notes!


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1. Keep it in good condition

Obviously, this is something that you need to practice on a regular basis. Keeping your rug clean is a basic fundamental virtue of keeping a rug especially when it is one of the cheap rugs. Make sure that you properly maintain them and not let them go through excessive wear and tear. Never forget to vacuum these rugs just like you clean and vacuum the rest of your house. Also, set out days and schedule their deep cleaning so that you keep them in the best condition. Furthermore, be somewhat careful that you don’t spill much or cause much dirt to the rug. If you maintain your rug to the best of your capacities, it would not only look new and expensive but also last longer!

2. Don’t mess with the size

Size is one integral part of a rug. it is the foremost thing that you need to consider while you are buying a rug. If you are buying a cheap rug but you want to give out a costly look, you should buy a large rug. How would that help? Well, a large rug will eventually make your space look spacious, too. One common mistake that people make is that they get a smaller rug. When you get a small rug it certainly dims the whole outlook of your room or space. You should at least try to get a rug large enough to cover the front legs of your couch or any piece of furniture. Plus, if you don’t get a large rug, then consider buying two small rugs and place them side by side. You should buy two similar rugs that have the same motifs and intricate designs. Also, size should also be the same so that when they are placed side by side, none of them exceeds one another. Get the best size by measuring your space and getting the most accurate measurements; otherwise make use of our tips and tricks!


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3. Layer ‘em up!

Layering is our favorite. We can never complete our lists without this. Layering is simply awesome. While people consider it a risk but it’s that risk that attracts us so much to it. If you are on a very tight budget and can’t even buy a large spacious rug then consider buying a relatively smaller rug with another somewhat bigger (than the other) rug. Once you have them both, place them upon each other. The smaller rug should be placed on top of the bigger one to maintain balance (we know that was common sense). The materials that work the best with each other are jute, sisal and neutral ones. For example, if you are buying a small rug, consider buying it of jute and sisal and then you buy the larger one, buy the neutral material. These compliment the best to one another.

4. Clean the spills right away

It’s okay if something slips through your hands and drops directly on your rug. it’s a common mistake and spilling, too is common with rugs. But it’s certainly not okay if you let the stain/ spill stay there for the rest of the rugs life. Whenever you accidentally spill something on the rug, you should immediately clean it out. It carried a simple process. All you need to do is warm a cloth and simply massage it on the rug area that is stained. It should easily come off and you’re good! However, if you let it stay there for a longer time and don’t clean it right away, chances are; that the stain might get permanent and never remove. This would cause a very disgusting look on the rug and you obviously won’t want it to be placed at any frequently visited area such as your living room.


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5. Bring out your inner artiste

Yes, we know that you are an unleashed artist from the inside. All you need to do to prove that is to use it on your beautiful rugs. Use your creative and artistic mind onto your cheap rug. For example, if you have a one colored rug such as a plain white rug, it may look a little elegant but it would definitely not go if your room has a little funky vibe. But, the bad news is that you could only afford that “simple” white cheap area rug. Don’t worry because you can be your own savior. As we mentioned earlier, practice your artistry on your rugs. Get some shaped patterns and use your favorite markers and paints to help you decorate your rug. This would completely change your rug and the room, too. You can’t even imagine how fun that would be. Bring out your canvas and start!

And, we have reached the end of our blog post; we sincerely hope that you found it helpful. We wish that you must have made up your mind about getting a cheap area rug already. Trust us, it’s not a bad deal, it's actually amazing. Not breaking the bank but still fulfilling your rug fantasies is as amazing as you think. Also you can try fun methods to make it look eternal and gorgeous. Not only we gave you all the right reasons as to why you need to get your hands on a cheap rug ASAP but we also gave you an ultimate guide on how you can take that “cheap” tag off of your cheap rug and it was “THAT” simple. We hope it was as amazing for you to read AND practice this as it was for us while bringing this to you. Do try these out!

Are you looking for some amazingly beautiful rugs but that are affordable and cheaper? Well, we got your back. You can find the cutest, chic and vibrant rugs from here without causing much effect on your wallet and cards from RugKnots. We guarantee you that you won’t stop drooling over our collections once you start surfing through our online area rug store. The best part is that they are not even expensive. Very affordable yet possess high quality as we never compromise on our quality. Moreover, in case of any guidance or assistance you might need, we are always there. Feel free to contact us and reach out to us. 


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