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Southwestern style is greatly influenced by Native American style but still has uniqueness of its own. In the United States of America and the United kingdom, the word 'rug' is customarily used for partial covering of the floor that differentiates it from the word 'carpet', that is typically used for complete covering of the floor. In the very distant past, various types of floor coverings were used made from animal skin or woven material. Since those ancient times, having the best suited covering has been regarded as the artwork of exceptional beauty and luxury in almost every part of the world. This object of art evolved through years and has undergone some changes. Back then, it was used only for covering floors and tables, but now has a wide range of use. It is now produced from synthetic materials as well by using the textile machines. Southwestern Rugs are the hand-woven rugs that are stunning in design, magnificent in colour and handmade art that are used for multi-purposes. But before we further elaborate these rugs, first let me start with what these South-Western rugs actually are?

What Are South-Western Rugs? 

While furnishing a room, one comes across various ornaments that can make the view captivating. Rug is the one such tool to make the decor ravishing. Southwestern rugs are the finest rugs produced by applying the generations-old techniques such as using the high quality wool and natural dyes that award distinction to these southwestern rugs. An area rig is a piece of fabric material that is used to cover a specific place of the floor in a room. Their main function is to sustain the furniture in its place and make the sitting of the room comfortable. These rugs contribute to impart the captivating look to the room as well. These area rugs can be produced from different types of fabric from natural to the synthetic fibres. Wool is obviously the most popular and durable fabric used for the production of these rugs. It is the most common fabric that is adopted by the house owners. Cotton fabric is another material used that gets a specific color when impregnated in a solution of dyes. The area rugs are also manufactured from silk, jute and nylon material. These days, synthetic fibres like polyesters are being used for the mass production of these rugs. These are the most perfect rugs one should go for while selecting items for decor. This blog provides detailed analysis on the area rugs, their characteristics, why to have these in your rooms and how to use them?


The choice of the finest material, added with the passion that is applied while making each of the pieces, is what makes south-western rugs unique in quality. These rugs are produced in every style and color. These southwestern rugs can be used as area rugs, as pieces to cover the specific space of a floor whether the floor is wooden or tiled. They are used in dressing up the walls and hangings. They are in bold color to add charm to your southwestern style. These rugs also come in grey and warm rust in small spaces which are perfect for bathrooms and kitchens.

Color And Design:

These rugs come in a variety of most accurate and vibrant colors. We use natural dyes to give them versatile and precise color. These colors work together perfectly to give a southwestern feel you were probably looking for! They are prepared from the finest available in the native areas. They come in dozens of designs in accordance with the requirements. Only the finest nylon is used for their production which makes these rugs fire resistant and free from microbial attack. These are designed in such a way that they lay flat and anchor the furniture.


The southwest rugs produced at our store are of high quality that makes these rugs durable and a perfect choice. Also they are made of such fabric material that is easy to clean. One can easily feel the change in the look of a room when these are used with the perfect furniture. One important advantage of these rugs is that before being delivered to the customers, they are passed through a complete inspection process which ensures that the clients get the perfect quality as they expect. This also ensures that the quality and the color of the rug is identical with the one shown in pictures.

Choosing An Area Rug:

While choosing an area rug, the first two things come into mind are the shape of the rug and the size of the rug. These are obviously the main factors deciding while you buy the rug.


The most used shape of the area rug is rectangular but we also have the square as well as circular and south-western Runner Rugs. These rugs impart pleasant and comfortable feelings to your feet when you walk on them.


Then comes the size of an area rug. If you want an area rug for a rectangular place, you can go with a southwest area rug in 5×8, 4×6, 3×4 or 11×13 size. But the size of rugs varies from purpose to purpose. Like if you are using it for a bedroom, the size will be different as compared to when you use the rugs for a dining room or kitchen. So this variance is kept in mind while choosing the size of the rug. For choosing an area rug for a space, it is typically wise to choose such a size that the furniture is completely on the rug. If not, at least the front legs of the furniture must be on the rug. While for bed you should have a rug size more than the size of the bed so you walk on the rug while you get up. Therefore, it is suggested to have the length of the space measured before buying a rug for that space.


Deciding on what should be the pattern of the rug is no less important than the other two factors while you are buying the rug. There are few things that should be kept under consideration while selecting the best pattern. First, it should be eye-catchy. Then you should go with the area rug that matches the design of your room. You can also visualize the design of the room and even have the pattern of the room pictured to match with the kind of rug you are looking for!

Rugs That Give South-Western Touch:

The Runner Rugs:

These are the small rug pieces used for a small space. They are most suitably used in bathrooms and kitchens i.e in front of the stove or sink. They can also be used as welcome mats just inside an entrance. The runner rugs can be used underneath sitting chairs so that one can feel softness under his/her feet.

Accent Rugs: 

An accent rug is a smaller rug as compared to the area rug. The accent rug is usually of size 4×6. They are used to add texture to the room. They come in different colors and shapes also adding colors to the room or any living area. However, an accent rug and an area rug can be used interchangeably. While choosing the style of a rug, the texture and color of the furniture should be kept in mind. If the color of main furniture is solid with which the rug is being used, then the rug should include patterns in the secondary color of the main furniture.

Tribal Rugs:

Tribal rugs are obviously those rugs which are woven by tribal weavers. These rugs are rooted from the ancient tribal hand-woven rugs. Some of the renowned tribes who made their name in history for this tribal rug are the Turkmen, the Qurds and the Qashqai. These tribes used to make the finest of rugs by passing them through different processes i.e hand spinning of the wool and then dyeing them in small batches. These rugs were the main pillar of their economy and the tribe having some expertise in hand-woven rugs would obviously have better economic condition as compared to the other tribes.

Persian Rugs

The Persian Rugs historically root back to the Persian regime when it was one of the three most powerful regimes of that time. Carpet wearing was an important part of the Persian color. These rugs were woven in parallel to the nomadic tribes. The materials used for these rugs are wool, cotton, silk etc that are spun either with hand or mechanically with the help of machines. Then after passing through dyeing and further processes, they are converted into the finest carpets or area rugs. These are high quality rugs and maintain durability. Persian rugs are popular throughout the world and you must include these items in your decor.

Wool Area Rugs:

These are the rugs that are expertly made from wool only. These crafted rugs are of high quality and find their use in a lot of places. The runner rugs made from wool anchor the furniture and can also be rolled out in a long hallway. They come in a variety of colors and textures according to your taste and requirement. The size of the wool rugs varies in accordance with its purpose of use.

Blue Area Rugs:

You can also add Blue Area Rugs to the decor of your room and that will obviously make a great difference. These blue area rugs are not specific for blue rooms, but come in a variety of shades and can be used for multi-purposes.

Outdoor Area Rugs:

These rugs are used where there is a crowd of people meaning; best for high traffic areas. These outdoor rugs can work well in a rough environment and can sustain through these conditions. They are used in space for children to play. They can resist moisture so that's why they are best suited to use in laundry, lawn or bathroom. They can add charm to your vibes.

Beige Area Rug:

Beige is an area rug relatively small in size as compared to an area rug. It is mostly used in rectangular shape. It should be an essential part of the decor. The quality of the beige area rug can be determined through the number of knots per square inch of area. These are usually handmade and come in handy prices. A beige area rug is put in the room to soothe the skin of the feet. It is used in heavy-traffic areas i.e dining room or drawing room as well as the bedroom where there is much low traffic of people.

Aqua Rugs:

Aqua area rugs are used for heavy-traffic room areas where there is a rush of people. These come in different colors and aqua blue is the most used color. These are used appropriately in children's bedrooms. They provide soothing to the bare feel so children can play on these area rugs. Moreover, they are water resistant and easy to clean. These area rugs are best cleaned by regular vacuuming or sucking but can be cleaned by shaking them outside the room. Spinning brushes should not be used for their cleansing.

Aztec Rugs:

Aztec rugs are the area rugs made from synthetic fibres. They are produced by using modern machining technique. The synthetic fibre appropriately used for the production of Aztec rugs is polypropylene. These are mostly imported in southwestern American countries from the Middle East or Eastern Europe. They are easy to clean as well and have a wonderful softness. 

Safaveih Rugs:

The safaveih rugs also root back to the ancient Bohemian decor. But they have been modernized by using the machining techniques and variety of textures to these rugs. High quality Monaco area rugs definitely transform the look of a room.

Medallion Rugs:

The medallion rugs are characterized by their one centric pattern that defines the rug or the carpet. These rugs have a symmetrical centerpiece i.e star or circle.

Momeni Rugs:

The momeni rugs can be used as area rugs and can also be rolled out wall-to-wall in a room. A lot of innovations have been made in the production of momeni rugs, added with the best possible quality of the item. These are probably the best rugs to be used in decor due to their quality, durability and versatility in color and texture.

Plush Rugs:

Plush rugs come in a variety of shades and with a good thickness means they have much wool, cotton or silk material in them to give softness. They are also high quality rugs and come in handy prices while there is a new arrival.

Trellis Rugs:

These rugs are characterized by the wavy lines woven in them that give a beautiful pattern and shade to them. These lines are very ordered geometrically that makes these rugs captivating.

Surya Rugs:

These rugs have been in limited color some years back. But these days, they come in different colors and can be used as accent rugs, area rugs or other home accessories.

Ivory Area Rug:

This is also an area rug used to add to the charm of your room. An ivory area rug comes in ivory color which gives a calming feel to the feet and is soothing to eyes. It is a handmade product made from wool blend material. They are also available in different shapes and sizes of which the most common is the rectangular shape with a colour matching to the decor of the room. To give a south-western touch to your living style, south-west area rugs remain the best fit when used in ivory color.

Jute Rugs:

Jute Rugs are made of the fibres from the jute plants which are usually found in Asia. If made from 100% jute, these area rugs are the most durable ones. These are woven by hand. These can be put in a busy room where there are small small feet roaming around. South-western jutes are made from jute or sisal material and are for indoor use only. Before buying one, be rest assured that it's in the best quality fibre so that it can work for a longer duration. These are among the few rugs that are made from natural fibre and are the plushest of a material.

Offering A South-Western Touch To The Living Room

Southwestern style is generally characterized by its crafted objects, vibrant color, using the natural dyes and hand-woven fabrics. This living style matches the ancient Native Americans living style in which the crafted objects are preferred for decor. That's why the tiles used on the floor and the walls of the living rooms are also painted by hand. The rich colors used for the crafting of different objects while decorating the room with the southwestern rugs makes it stand out from its surroundings. Once you are done with this decor, you will have the heavenly feel.

Bohemian Decor:

Bohemian decor is the set of objects that are full of life and art. They are densely decorated in a room impregnated with rich colors and interesting items. These items give great aesthetic feelings of pleasure. There are no hard and fast rules for the bohemian decorations; rather they are characterized by their carefree pattern of putting things in a room. Bohemian is also called as Boho decorating as it is rich in color and culture.

Handmade Objects:

This living style includes some vintage and handmade collection of objects. Cowhide and leather combinations add to the charm of the living rooms. The main feature of these bohemian style places is that they include plenty of plants for any kind of decoration. The dining tables in a dining room have some crafted flowers or the living plants. Almost all of the items combining to form decor are handmade. They are an amalgamation of different handmade and modern objects.

Using Rug Pads Beneath The Flat-Weave Rugs:

They include the flat-weave rugs that usually do not have knots and any piles like the other rugs. A flat-weave rug is prone to generate spillage on tile floor or wood that's why it is highly recommended to have rug pads under these to avoid the slipping of the rug over the floor surface. Also, it is equally important to have thick rugs to give a comfortable and soft touch to the bare feet. In this way, it also provides warmth against the cold floor and even children can play over these rugs.

Native Americans Influence:

The amalgamation of different objects used in bohemian living style gives a touch of the Native American living style. The southwestern living style itself is greatly inspired by the Native Americans.

Burgundy Decor:

It is one of the most popular decors. It is basically a French decor but now equally popular in the United States. This decor includes many interesting items like handmade Harrisburg which gives a bright house number to the door and the house becomes easily accessible. The decor also includes wall prints, artificial flowers, burgundy water color, wedding arts and many more vintage collections. They are of high quality and add to the charm of the house. It includes some of the rarest artwork that is astonishing in its glamour. The beautiful multi-color prints are a must to have on your walls. Some fascinating hand-woven window sheets add to the beauty of a farmhouse. So you must have these home decors in your house. From window sheets to blankets, from table decorations to burgundy posters, this home decor includes everything one would want to have at his house.

Moroccan Decor:

This decor actually hails from Moorish architecture. This new trend is becoming popular in the United Kingdom and the United States of America. It got more popular from a reality TV show Riad Lakiba in Morocco. In the last decade, the Boho-chic trend has acquired a lot of appreciation and many celebrities have adopted this Moroccan style. Morocco decor includes some of the vibrant color and textures. This decor has the unique base that it even comes directly to the floor. Even the dining room is set in such a way that it includes less furniture and more traditional decor. If you love culture, you would definitely want to be surrounded with this decor. The multi-color texture given to every item is a bliss to the eyes.

Navajo Decor:

Navajo is a tribe in one of the south-western states of America. It includes thousands of Native American people and they are the one of the most populous tribes in America. These days, this decor includes the items made from fine polyesters. They can add both comfort and style to your home. They come in different colors and thickness with the ease of cleansing. All these decors have their own qualities and their amalgamation can be used in a decor in suitable way.

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