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Extra 5% Discount Code: 5FORYOU

Southwestern Rugs

Southwestern Rugs

Are you looking for a bold, statement-making rug that is fun and sophisticated? Southwestern Rugs offer serene sunset colors, unique designs, and coziness! Whether you put a Southwestern Rug next to a fireplace in a cabin or near a window overlooking the ocean, it will add significant character to any room!

Product Features

Optimistic and Full of Character, our Southwestern Rugs are made with:
100% Polypropylene Pile
2’ x 3’ — 9’ x 12’ Size Range
0.37 Pile Height
Sunset Colors
Various Southwestern Designs

The Elements of Modern Southwestern Decor

  1. Plants 

    Typically when you think of modern decor, you picture a few leafy green plants to add that subtle feeling of freshness. With Modern Southwestern Decor, you’ll want to add plants that have little maintenance- you know, the ones that can survive in the Southwest deserts! Add several types of cactus plants, desert agave, and other succulents to your southwestern living space to really set the mood!

  2. Textures 

    No Southwestern space is complete without texture. Adding some of the ethnic textures that belong to Indians and Native Americans will create a more authentic Southwestern look. Use clay bowls, wicker baskets, stucco walls, metal decor, and wooden furniture to knock out some essential textures for Southwestern interior design.

  3. Rugs 

    Ah, our favorite! Don’t forget the most quintessential decor for Southwestern style- Southwestern rugs! There are several types of Southwestern area rugs that can work function effortlessly with western styles

Types of Southwestern Area Rugs

We’ve curated a list of our favorite and most loved Southwestern Area Rugs:

  • Kilim Rugs - Strong and durable with exceptional bold colors and designs. To achieve a modern Southwestern style with Kilim Rugs, let them have the spotlight and build the room off of them first
  • Flat-weave Rugs- These rugs are simply reliable and effortless in any room, but become their true nature when added to the rustic, southwestern room.
  • Ikat Rugs - Trendy rugs for the ultimate modern southwest room. Ikat patterns were first associated with central Asian cultures and the Indonesian people but are now a popular textile used in Southwestern decor.

Trending Now: 6x8 Burnt Orange Kilim Area Rug

Durable and inviting, this warm burnt orange kilim area rug would look fantastic in a Southwestern living space. On sale for a limited time only, purchase this Southwestern style rug to complete your interior!


Do you sell southwestern runner rugs?

Yes, we sell a variety of southwestern rugs that are available in a runner rug size at 2’ x 8’. We suggest mixing and matching runner rugs with normal area rugs in a southwestern theme to highlight the appearance of bold colors and styles.

Are Southwestern wool rugs better than synthetic southwestern rugs?

In some ways, yes, and in some ways, no. Wool rugs tend to last much longer because they are more durable. However, they are also more expensive and can require more upkeep than a synthetic rug. For more advice on this question, check out our blog post Wool Rugs VS Polypropylene Rugs: Which is Best?

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