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We live in a modern and digital era where almost anything and everything is found to be on the internet. And so has shopping, too. Much of the rugs industry has now shifted to online Area Rugs stores as well. Online shopping has made everyone’s lives easier and better. It has made the communities closer and has enabled people to buy and sell from anywhere to everywhere.  Imagine, and an idea pops up in your mind, you plan to buy something instantly but guess what, you can be sitting at the exact same place where you thought of the idea and get your item. You can assess the best prices and qualities while sitting on your sofa, click the order button and boom! Your order is there at your doorstep within some days. Same has happened in buying area rugs, too.  According to research, around 75 percent of rugs shopping is done online. Area rugs are considered to be one of the most important things while setting up or decorating your home and so, everyone is buying those, too. As the studies suggest that majority rug shopping is done through online stores. With the changing trends in the market, the sellers need to fit in as soon as possible! Not just rugs, but everything and anything is being sold and bought online whether its gadgets to even instruments. 

How To Buy Rugs Online?

It is not very difficult to buy rugs for your space online. In fact, that’s actually very easy. All you need to do is to find the best online area rug store (that is of course from, RugKnots- and there’s no two ways about that!) All you need to do is to surf through our collections that are unlimited (from Oriental Rugs to Geometric Rugs to Pak- Persian rugs- we have it all!) and find the best area rug for yourself. Once, you choose the perfect design of the rug then add the specifications of the rug i.e. the size, quantity, color etc. moreover, you can even get the reviews and the perfect description of your favorite rug. Once you are one hundred percent sure about your choice after skimming through the product, you can now add the item to cart. After that, add your address, phone, email, delivery method etc. Confirm your order and you are good to go!

How To Avoid Getting Scammed While Shopping Online Rugs?

But, as there is always some kind of disadvantageous threat to everything; same is the case with online shopping (or “online rug shopping”) People fear getting scammed and we totally understand that! Not every website and online store out there is reliable and trustworthy. So, you should definitely and must be one hundred percent sure as to what and where you are buying. So, before diving into some tips and things to know before buying rugs online, here we present you the ultimate ways in order to not get scammed while your online area rugs shopping!

Don’t Just Give All The Information

It is perfectly fine to provide online rug stores with some kinds of information, but it is not preferable to give too much of it. The moment you think that the store is wanting a little too much, stop giving it in. Stop adding information and refrain from buying from there. You know there are many more stores that you can buy from, anyway!

Read The “Terms & Conditions”

Please, don’t skip through this process. We know that most people just don’t feel the necessity of reading the privacy policy and they certainly rush to click the “accept” button, but, believe me it is the worst thing to do online. You might as well think that it is useless but it is actually not, as you can prevent getting scammed.  Some “stores” add some inappropriate and risky statements in their privacy policies that might cause harm to the buyer/ user in the future. As you don’t read it through, it’s likely that you won’t be able to demand anything as it had been “informed” in some way and thus, you have no proof for getting returns as well. It is worth your time!

Surf Through The Store

Always make sure that you do a proper research while buying rugs online. Not only regarding the type and kind of an area rug you want but also from where you are buying your rug from. It almost becomes obvious if the rug store you are buying from is authentic or not just by over viewing their website and rugs store. Don’t forget doing that!

Check If The Site Is Secured Or Not

Make sure that the website you are buying from has an SSL certificate. Wondering what is an SSL certificate? Well, you must have seen a blue lock sign in the search engine while you are on a website. Make sure that the area rugs store you are buying from has one and is secure. Do not consider buying from a website that doesn’t show one or rather has a red padlock.

Consider The Reviews

Always check the consumer reviews. It not only helps you to assess if the site is authentic but it also helps you to know about the product specifically. Many people have a lot to tell about their experiences from buying from that online store. So, if you want to get your hands on the best, do not miss out on public reviews.

Ignoring The Consumer Policies

No, just don’t even think of doing that! Whenever shopping online, always regard your rights the most (just as we do!) Never forget reading what the store has to offer to its customers. Check if the rugs store has any return policy and if it doesn’t, that’s a big NO! Secondly, check if the products have any warranty and what exactly the return policies are. Sometimes, store’s cost you much more to return than to actually buy a certain product. Just as reading and going through the terms and conditions is important, it is even important to get knowledge about the consumer/ customer rights that are offered by the online retailer/ store!

Now, we have discussed some preventive measures and a know-how about online rugs shopping. Let’s now get into as to what you need to take care of while you are ordering an area rug online.

Measure Efficiently

Most of the time what happens is that people order rugs while just “estimating” the size of their area for the rug they are going to order from online. And, obviously, they end up getting messed up since often the rug is a little too large or small for their space. Might as well, people get confused while looking at the wide range of sizes and ultimately order the wrong rug size. Don’t fool around on this step since this is the most crucial one. People put in a lot of excitement and energies and also sometimes pay insane amounts of money to get their desired area rug for themselves. And then they find out that they brought the wrong size and the cherry on top, the store doesn’t return. How excruciating is that. We can’t even begin to imagine that pain. All the wishes and dreams gone into waste and mind you, returning and shipping area rugs on and off takes a lot of hard work and effort. It’s one hell of a task. And we tell you, no one really wants to get into that hassle, so in order to avoid that; make sure that you measure your room/ area efficiently.

Check The Material Used

It is one of the most important things to check before buying area rugs; check the materials. Most of the time, people consider clicking on the rug which has the most beautiful pattern and design (well, that is ironic but, anyway!) not caring about the kind of materialistic stuff used, which is a red- flag for an online shopper. Always try to know what is inside. Moreover, most area rugs are made up of a blend and combination of different materials. Understand the intensity and effect of the material combination and only then click “order”! Here’s a quick guide to some of the rug materials:

Natural Fibers

Cotton Material: one of the most vibrant and popular rug materials

-          Cost- efficient

-          Can be dyed in any color (dyed)

-          Washable

-          High durability

-          Color might fade

Wool Material: the best when it comes to rugs

-          Wool material is good for high- traffic

-          They are Stain resistant

-          Found to be Highly durable

-          Most importantly, Soft and resilient

-          Also, they are Eco- friendly

-          Unfortunately, Color might fade

Silk Material: the most lavish and extravagant material

-          They possess soft texture

-          They are Highly absorbent

-          Unfortunately, they are not found to be very durable

Jute And Sisal: one of the best materials

-          Most durable out of all

-          Found to be very strong due to the fibers used in it

-          They are Renewable

-          It is Eco- friendly

-          Coarse material used so might get rough at times

Synthetic Fibers

This category possesses a set of materials that are of best use and are found to be perfect sometimes.

-          They are color resistant

-          Found to be stain- resistant

-          They give out the softest feels

-          They possess hand- made designs

-          Most of the times, budget friendly

-          Some materials are found to be pet- friendly

These materials and fibers i.e. natural fibers and synthetic fibers are the most popular amongst all other sub materials. Some materials are very popular such as wool and cotton while some are found to be royal and extravagant such as silk. So, do check about the materials that are used in the making of your beautifully designed area rug. 

Read Other Specifications

Other than the materials used, do check out other features and specifications of your desired area rug. By that we mean, the size, color, quantity and most importantly, go through the product description. A product description has a lot to tell about the item in itself. We strongly suggest you to read the item description, for sure! Sometimes, people get overly enthusiastic and over- whelmed while shopping online and end up messing up with the colors and even the quantity. This is pretty petty, ironic and even funny, but it really does happen. Re- checking is always important. Online shopping is not as risky as it seems but you do not want to get problems ahead of you. Before ordering, do skim through or rather carefully read your whole order, its specifications and everything else included in order to perfect accuracy and ultimately, get your best order!

Do You Know What And Where You Are Investing?

Make sure whatever you are investing is worth it. We believe that your money is precious and we do not want you to waste it over very basic stuff. Some online rug stores charge a mind- boggling amount of money just for that simple wool area rug. Or you might come across the same rug being sold on a far less amount of money than what some other website was selling. This difference is very calculated but, you might end up getting confused. Want to know the dynamics? Well, we are here for it. As we have emphasized on it before, too; don’t just fall in love with the design and the looks and rather look for the insight first! If you buy a silk on silk rug then it is pretty justified why the rugs store might be charging a little high since silk is a very precious material and an area rug made up of silk is very labor intensive as some amount of work is done by hand. But, if it is a rug made up of wool or cotton with a simple design and pattern is selling at a high price then, that is questionable. It should cost low and so you would understand that the store is costing you more than it should. In addition to this, if you see a Persian rug selling on a high price then that too, is absolutely perfect since it is very difficult to make an Iranian rug. And that is because, everything involved in making that area rug is hand done meaning, it's labor intensive and it takes months and in some cases, even years to make one Persian rug. But, there are some stores that make use of machinery and sell the exact same design and material of items at a far less price. Obviously, most people will automatically want to go for the cheap one but there are people that will stick with the authenticity of Persian Rugs and rather go for the expensive. Either ways, the choice is yours!

One more scenario could be that a very beautiful area rug with the most stunning patterns and designs and the best materials are used in its making (as told by them on their website only!) but still, it’s cheap. You should by this time understand that something is fishy. Such online rug stores make use of low quality materials and ship the exact opposite of what they are showing. This is of course wrong but is very unethical and indecent as well, we obviously condemn that! So, always do question yourself when it comes to the price factor. Understand what and where you are investing and make that look justified. Question yourself as to why a certain area rug costs the amount it costs. If it’s justified to you, go for it!

The Overall Look And The Rug Placing

As we have given you a very detailed and perfect guide as to why you need to look into the insights of the rug. But, now we will tell you why we should see and analyze what’s outside. That is; the pattern and dimensions of the rug. You want to make sure that the area that you are buying your rug for not just fits in but it looks the best, too. For that matter, zoom into the rug pictures and check for the rug pattern size in it. The pattern of your rug has a lot to complement your ambience and the overall vibe of your room. While you are surfing through the internet in order to buy the best area rug for yourself, do check out the colors and the overall weave pattern of the rug. According to the professionals, you should place light toned and solid rugs where there is least amount of traffic like your bedroom or guest room. If you are planning to buy an area rug for places where there is a high amount of traffic such as living rooms or kitchen, then consider buying rug that is two- toned and/ or patterned since such rugs help disguise dirt, stain and spills. Whereas, if your space is very sparse and restrained then you should buy a piled rug to complement your area in the best way possible! As mentioned previously, the color of your rug helps you find the vibe of your room and the atmosphere. So, always try to find an area rug that accessorizes your room in the perfect and best way possible! For instance, if the color of your wall is white then, regard buying rugs of colors that are either dull or are very loud.

The Thicker, The Better!

Yes, the thicker the rug, the better and longer it will last! A thicker rug which has a high weight is expected to last longer than any other rug. Why is that? Well, that’s because a thick rug is contemplated to have stronger and better material in it which helps it stay durable. Not only that, it helps the rug stay at its place. It will not only look ravishing, but feels ravishing, too. So, while looking at the specifications, look for the thickness and total weight, as well.

We are finally done! We hope that you found this online area rug finding resource/ guide as helpful as it was for us while studying about it. We have not only provided you some tips to consider while placing an order for your rug but have given you the best do’s and don’ts while shopping online overall, too.

You can shop here from RugKnots, as well. We have the best collections of area rugs with the best quality that you could ever ask for. We value our customers and so, we stay away from scams. We are an established online area rug store and we never fail to amaze our customers. Not only that, we have been in the business since ages and have been becoming stronger and stronger every passing year. We offer easy returns and free delivery as well. If you need assistance at any point, the team of RugKnots is always there for your help. You can ask us anything you feel like while on your quest to finding the best area rug for yourself.

Happy rug shopping! 

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