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Planning to buy area rugs? But, don't know what's best when it comes to buying rug materials? It is extremely important to fill your space with Area rugs but, it's even important to find the best material for rugs. As always, RugKnots has got you back and has become your ultimate rugs guide and we will give you a know- how as to what are the best rug materials and that too, in a detailed manner. Area rugs are designed and manufactured in different materials, styles, colors and fabrics. Since, there is such a wide range of designs so has the urge of finding the best rug material risen, too! People are going gaga over the latest rug trends these days. Before, diving into the type of materials, you first need to plan out a place where you need a rug for, for example; if you need an area rug for your kitchen. You should consider buying a rug whose material is washable and one that doesn't slip such as a material like polypropylene. And just like that, you can choose area rugs for your bedroom, living room, balcony etc keeping in view the desired vibe you want and  specifications of certain materials. The rug materials are further classified into three branches: Natural, synthetics and Hides (Animal skins). Natural fibres include materials like wool, silk, cotton, hemp etc whereas, synthetics include propylene, prolyster, nylon etc. both these fibres have their own uniqueness and stand out in different ways. The best rug material is determined based upon its durability, texture, maintenance and other features which are listed by us only for you! In order for you to not waste any time in rounding up all the information around from the internet, we have made it simple for you by catering everything in this one blog post. So, without any further ado, let's get started!


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Silk material

As you might as well will be imagining in your head, silk is a royal material. It gives you that extra fancy and extravagant vibe. Apart from it being a visual aesthetic treat (which obviously is a plus) it gives you a soft feeling, too. It is advisable to put rugs of silk material at places where this low traffic and rush since these are not found to be durable. Also, if you have children whose hands are slippery and anything and everything drops from their hands, then silk rugs are a big no for you as the material is highly absorbent and eventually, stinks. But but but, have you simply just fallen in love with the stylish silk that you want to place it where most people can see and gush over it? Well, it's kinda possible, too. Silk material when combined/ mixed with bamboo and wool, can make the rugs more durable and less absorbent for you to be able to put it anywhere and everywhere you want without you, having to worry about its maintenance. Flash it and shine your way through these silk rugs!

Best placed at: bedrooms, guest room


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Wool material 

Do you have kids running here and there? Are there a notable number of members in your family? Is your home always a mess? Then, rugs made of wool material are the ultimate best for you! Wanna know why? Well, simply because these are stain resistant and durable which obviously, can be placed at any space of your house (even high- traffic areas) nothing matches to its warmth and softness that can be of immense importance during the winters (don't freak out, they are available in flat weave, also) it is the most comfortable material out of all moreover, it stands of liquids so you can clean any spill off of the wool rug. Meaning, they are easy to clean and maintain. Most importantly, they are eco- friendly and we’re obsessing over that! Area rugs that are made up of wool material allow you to walk around your house barefoot (Imagine, how liberating is that!) But, they tend to fade if exposed to constant sunlight, so area rugs made up of wool might not be suitable for outdoors but are definitely best for indoors. Wool rugs are simply the best in every way for you!

Best placed at: bedroom, living room


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Yet, another most common rug material is cotton. Just as it's common and versatile in nearly every fabric industry, most notably, clothes, it's found in the rugs industry, too. The biggest advantage of a cotton rug is that they are cheaper but, that's obviously not the only reason you should buy a cotton rug. Cotton rugs are dyeable, meaning they can be dyed in any color that you want. It's understandable that you might change your mind after buying a rug in a specific color, and then boom the store doesn't return (By the way, that doesn't happen at RugKnots, as we provide a free 30 day return AND refund!) well that's not a problem for you as you can get it dyed in any color you might want! Most notably, it's easier to wash and doesn't damage, too. However, cotton rugs are not durable and have high levels of absorbency which also makes it not suitable to be placed at areas where there's more traffic. Furthermore, the color of the rug can turn brown due to release of cells and lignin deposits. So, these are not considerable for a longer run. Anyway, they are cool and breezy!

Best placed at: drawing room


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Jute and sisal 

You would often find that industries and professionals address jute and sisal together, now why is that? That's because, both these materials perform similarly. Meaning, they share almost similar features, advantages and disadvantages. The best thing about this material is that they are found to be the most durable out of all. Also, jute and sisal rugs are extremely strong since fibre is used in the making so you do not have to worry about the constant wear and tear that a rug might be put through. And the most shocking feature that such area rugs possess is that they are renewable! Yes, you didn't think of rugs that way, did you? Plus, they are eco- friendly, too.  These rugs have material a little like wool so it is expected that they cannot be placed at areas where there is some kind of dewy- ness or humidity meaning, not suitable outdoors otherwise a kind of mustiness can start appearing on top of the rug. Furthermore, the material might feel rough at times due to the coarse material. 

Best placed at: living rooms, kids rooms, places that receive sunlight (especially)


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Polypropylene (Olefin)

Polypropylene is one of those materials that we love gushing over. Olefin rugs are one of a kind from synthetic materials and are found to be affordable and extremely soft. Like many other materials, its color doesn't fade when exposed to sunlight because their dying process is such high- end that it doesn't even allow bleach to take of its color; nor does it get dewy when placed at humid places instead, these are the best to be placed at outdoors as well as indoors. Even though they are stain resistant but cannot really withstand cleaning some specific spills such as that of oil. So, placing a polypropylene rug in your kitchen is a BIG no! As a safety caution, keep them away from highly flammable areas due to their chemical composition (one more reason to not place these at kitchens)  and you don't want to set up fire, right? Otherwise, you're safe!

Best placed at: outdoors and indoors (except for kitchens) 


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Nylon is THAT material which lets you live your life the way you want to, I mean, you'd be able to breathe! It's the most stain resistant material out there, be it nail polish, oil or tea spill; you can clean it all. That's because manufacturers have put an extra protective layer to avoid wear and tear. Its super durable and its durability is listed among one of the best if not, the best. These specifications enable it to be placed at high- traffic areas without any worrying and losing sleep. Although, they might not make you feel like you're the queen/ king because they don't look that extravagant but they still look presentable. And the best part is that they are affordable, too. Meaning, you're getting the best of the best without having to crash your bank. 

Best placed at: entryways, corridors, rooms, high traffic areas (kinda anywhere) 


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Have you ever seen a morning fitness show and wondered what is that magical rug that doesn't slip even though people are literally moving on it like a roller- coaster? Well , that's a polyester rug. Polyester rugs are one of the softest rugs around town (some stuff even softer than wools) but can never slip or move from its place due to its texture. Again, these are the most stain- resistant but are slightly less durable than other synthetic area rugs such as polypropylene. These are more likely to be placed where there are pets and absorb the liquids instead of having to get those spills cleaned by the owner. If you want to prolong its durability and living, consider placing these at places where there is medium rush i.e. mid- traffic areas. Otherwise, it works the best!

Best placed at: pet- rooms, medium- traffic areas


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Viscose resembles the silk material but, the only difference that lies is that they are hand- made meaning, more hard work is put into its making and is ultimately, super soft and pulpy. So, area rugs made up of viscose material are found to be romantic and placed at very intimate spaces. They require very close management and maintenance  because of their texture. Not only they're beautiful but are budget- friendly, too!  

Best placed at: gateways, bedrooms 

Sea- grass 

Wanting to give your house the kind of aura a beach has? These sea- grass rugs are simply the best for you. They give you a sandy effect and ambiance. Considering that they are extremely durable and stain resistant. Also, they are found to be water resistant as well as eco- friendly; which obviously is a plus point. Moreover, its color won't really fade when exposed to sunlight, and so are best for outdoor activities. But, again, their texture is not that of something that you would want to feel under your feet on a normal daily basis (so, not considerable to be placed in bedrooms or high- traffic areas). But, rugs made up of sea- grass can fulfill your fantasies of “beach at home”!

Best placed at: medium- traffic areas, outdoors 


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Yet, another rug material that is pet- friendly. Not only that, it is stain resistant more specifically to; dirt, water and allergens. It is durable and is most suitable for high- traffic areas. Plus, their maintenance cost is low which makes them even more affordable than they already are. But, its texture is not soft but has its own uniqueness. 

Best placed at: living room, dining room, high traffic areas 

Animal skins 

Area rugs that are made of animal skin materials often include: Sheepskin, Cowhide and Leather. Such material area rugs are expensive but can be amazing to see as they are vibrant and aesthetic like no other material. Not only are they stylish, but are resistant against spills of water and are washable (but it can affect the softness and over- all texture of the rug). These area rugs are best for office spaces. You got the best for your office, too!

Best paced at: office, gateways, low/ mid- traffic areas 

Phew! We are finally done. We hope you find this blog post helpful and you kinda made up your mind for what material you want your area rug to be of. You can find the best area rugs here at RugKnots or you can even customize your desired type and kind of area rugs. Or, if you want kind of support or assistance finding the best area rug for yourself, your home or even your office; we, at RugKnots provide you with that as well!


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