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New Year arrived and it’s needless to say, everyone must be rushing to the market to decorate their homes with Contemporary Wool Rugs. With the new year approaching, you’re probably buying all sorts of clothes for yourself. Why not try out something new for your house too? Home decor has come under the influence of modern designs and has seen a re-emergence in popularity in recent years which was once at its height in the 1950s. Contemporary design is a style that has been praised by scholars and museums globally. Therefore, it’s not a surprise that interior designers have shown an increasing interest in contemporary or modern designs. One particular article of contemporary designs that have gained increasing popularity is wool area rugs. These rugs are made by utilizing the traditional art of rug making, but using modernist rug designs instead. Contemporary rugs have bold colors accompanied by contrasting elements and geometric patterns. These rugs also carry retro features such as Art Deco. The contemporary rug in the UK displays an authentic oeuvre. These rugs aren’t anything like you’ve seen before since the designs are 100% authentic. Wool area carpet has beautiful, chic designs and color schemes that last just as long handwoven traditional carpet. If you’re someone who prefers a more modern look than a traditional one, you should definitely transform your space using area rugs collection.

Choose A Contemporary Wool Rug

Wool has undeniably become the most renowned and regarded material when it comes to rugs. With time, interior designers have introduced wool carpet designs for customers who prefer a more rugs modern look rather than a traditional one. There are several reasons as to why this is. However, with the emergence of the synthetic carpet, customers think that it’s better and cheaper to buy synthetic rugs rather than hand woven wool rugs. And it is a great option too. However, what customers don’t consider is that adding in an area carpet is more of an investment rather than just decorating your space. Even though wool rugs are expensive, they can last for 50 years! Whereas synthetic rugs have a lifespan of merely 3-4 years. Keep reading to find out why you should use wool area rugs collection.

Stain-Resistant And Easily Cleanable

Spills and stains occur from time to time even when you’re super careful. And with kids in the house, you know how messy it can get. However, wool carpet is highly stain-resistant and can be easily cleaned. Wool is naturally coated in lanolin which keeps stains from absorbing into the fibers of the rugs.

Stays Dry

Wool rugs are not only stain-resistant but water-resistant too! Any water spilled on rugs is instantly dried and gives off a perfectly dry look.

Looks Clean

Wool fabric has tiny pockets in its fibers which prevent the dust particles to sit on the surface. This quality of wool rugs makes it look like it’s actually is clean- unlike other carpets. However, we recommend you clean your rugs at least once a month. This also helps in extending the life of your rug.


Wool has natural pleats in its fibers which allows it to resist the compression caused by foot traffic or furniture placed on its surface. You won't have to worry about your precious carpet being compressed by furniture since rugs tend to resist pressure.


Most people don’t know this but rugs and carpeting make up approximately 2% of US landfills. Using a renewable and biodegradable product like wool can make a huge impact. Wool carpet being able to last for a considerable amount of time, thus, not polluting the environment. Even when they are thrown out, they tend to not harm the environment.

Holds Color

Since wool absorbs water really well, wool fibers soak up colored dyes well in comparison with fibers of other fabrics. This is what allows the fabric to last for a great amount of time, withstanding age to a shockingly great extent.

Adds Warmth

If you’re looking for ways to winter-proof your room, adding in a beautifully crafted contemporary rug should definitely be on your list. Wool is a great fabric that serves as an insulator too. If you’re buying that warm sweater for yourself, why not buy a wool rug for your hardwood floors? Adding in a contemporary carpet in your living room would not only create a chic, modern look but would also create a comfortable and welcoming environment to spend memorable times with your loved ones!

How Long Wool Rugs Shed?

If you’re concerned about the shedding process of your newly bought wool rug, it’s essential to know that there’s nothing for you to worry about. Shedding is a natural process during which the fibers of the fabric fall out of the rug, or stick out in the form of tufts. This process can be distressing and crushing for someone who has invested in a quality wool rug collection after crucial thinking. You may think you’ve made a mistake purchasing a wool carpet after you start to notice its shedding. However, all wool rugs undergo this natural process. Shedding does not indicate that there was a mistake in its production or manufacturing. There will be signs of shedding, whether minor or considerable, even if you invest in the best quality wool rugs. It’s important to know that shedding is a part of the process of introducing wool rugs in your space. Shedding of wool rugs does not last for a long time, even though it may feel like it does. The Shedding process lasts for a maximum of 4-5 months. During these months, you will start to notice that the rugs are slowly starting to settle down and ultimately start to shed less and less. Since shredding is a process that occurs naturally, it’s needless to say that you can completely prevent your wool rug from shedding. However, there are certain measures you can undertake to ensure that you’re not actively participating in your rug’s wear and tear collection.

Rug Pads

Although adding a good quality rug pad may not entirely prevent your rug from undergoing shredding, however, it may elongate the life of your rug and protect it from excessive wear and tear. While purchasing a high-quality rug pad, buy one that is an inch smaller in length than your wool area rug. Look for pads with a combination of felt fiber and natural rubber- these pads have a strong grip, are long-lasting, safe, and provide you with the perfect amount of cushioning while being eco-friendly!


Keeping your rug clean is incredibly important and this method is what most carpet owners think is the correct way to do so. This is a quite common misconception that most rug owners possess. While vacuuming your rug is fine to an extent, it’s also a great cause for shedding in wool area rugs collection. Vacuuming is a strong and somewhat harsh way to clean your wool rug. What a vacuum cleaner actually does is that it pulls the fibers of your rug, causing your carpet to shed further. To clean your wool rugs, avoid using vacuum cleaners with beating bars accompanied by a strong level of suction. You can either use a handheld vacuum pump or a vacuum cleaner with a weak level of suction. One thing you should keep in mind while vacuuming your rug is that you need to work with the pile and not against it. You can use a soft-bristled brush for your rug too. Rake and shake your carpet once a while.


Using a sharp pair of scissors, cut the tufts that come out over the surface that may occur from shedding. Plush Cutting them even prevent your carpet from looking untidy and fuzzy. Make sure you don’t pull the worn-out fibers out as it will only encourage further shedding. Gently wipe your hand on the surface of your carpet gather the loose fibers you have just cut.

Wool Rugs Or Polypropylene?

Wool or polypropylene? This question is frequently asked by customers when decorating their space. However, interior designers do not consider this debate to be plush valid anymore. Why? This is because both these fabrics have a well-earned place in the market. It’s easier to go for carpeting that’s inexpensive, right? However, customers should be aware of the fact that even though synthetic materials may cost less, they might not last for a long period of time if they’re not right for your space. Similarly, even though wool carpets have numerable qualities, it’s necessary to know that it might not be suitable for certain spaces. Most people make the mistake of considering rugs and carpets to be the same. They should be aware of what rugs cover only an area while carpets are laid wall to wall. For instance, wool is expensive in comparison with polypropylene. Utilizing wool carpets in a kid's room is not wise. Why? This is because plush spills and stains are quite common when it comes to kids' rooms. Therefore placing an expensive carpet in a space of that sort isn’t the right choice. The look and performance of a carpet directly depend on the red fiber content of the carpet- its durability, resilience, practicality, feel, appearance, and retention. The kind of carpet you’re looking for highly depends on the room you want to place it in. So it’s not really a matter of whether which material is better, rather which material suits best for your space.


    Wool is generally used in its own natural form for loop pile carpets. Other times, wool is used 80% in a mixture with polypropylene and nylon in a cut pile. If you’re looking for a rug to place in a high-trafficked area, such as staircases, we recommend you to use a mix. Even though wool carpets themselves are quite stain, wear and soil-resistant, a wool mix just adds on to the already present qualities of natural red wool fibers.


      Both polypropylenes are highly stained resistant. However, polypropylene, is a synthetic material, isn’t as expensive as wool- which is why we recommend you to use Polypropylene Rugs in kids' rooms. This is because polypropylene is a family-friendly fabric. Its highly stain resistant quality is ideal for kid's bedrooms and playrooms where spills occur on a day to day basis. As aforementioned, wool is an expensive fabric and is a precious investment. Placing them in an area where spills are common styles won't be a wise close choice.

      Pros And Cons Of Wool 


      • Wear-resistant
      • Long-lasting
      • Retains shape and height
      • Eco-friendly
      • Fire/ flame resistant
      • Highly stain resistant
      • Holds color well
      • High value
      • Soft
      • Natural dirt repellant
      • Polypropylene
      • High-stain resistance
      • Easily cleaned
      • Durable
      • High value
      • Resists fading of colors
      • Inexpensive


      • Expensive in comparison to its synthetic competition
      • Wool fibers are sensitive to alkaline substances, which are found in many detergents, thus cleaning wool rugs/carpets isn’t easy
      • Polypropylene
      • Poor resilience
      • Doesn’t hold colors well due to the way its dyed
      • Poor resistance to abrasion

      How Long Do Wool Rugs Last?

      Wool is considered to be nature’s most durable material. Wool can last up to 50 years and can be used as antique articles. Due to its durability and other benefits, you can sell your rug at high prices. Wool rugs with their naturally crimped texture can easily regain their shape even after being compressed by furniture for a long time. This is why rugs can be passed down from generation to generation and can be used as heirloom sales pieces.

      Do Wool Rugs Get Softer Overtime?

      Generally, the finer the fiber of wool is, the softer it is and gets overtime. However, such wool rugs would be higher in price. Some wool rugs have coarser fibers but are comparatively less expensive. Wool can certainly get softer due to wear and washing. Here are some tips to help you out.


      Start by filling a container with lukewarm water. Add in a small amount of shampoo or detergent that is specifically made for wool. Soak your rug with the mixture you’ve just made for a small period of time. Letting your rug soak for an extended period of time can cause the fibers to relax and stretch. This is why you need to extra careful and prevent your rug from being over-soaked. Then, rinse the mixture off with clean lukewarm water. Dry the excess water out by placing clean dry towels on the surface of the rug and carefully roll up the rug.


      Lanolin is a natural oil that’s found in sheep’s wool. There are products available in the market that put lanolin back into the wool’s fibers through soaking it in diluted water with lanolin. Adding lanolin into the wool increases the wool’s moisture resistant quality and ultimately makes the wool softer.


      Several bloggers say that using a conditioner on your rugs is a very effective way of softening it. Start by typically washing and rinsing your carpet. Then add a generous amount of conditioner in a bucket filled with a small amount of water. After the mixture has been blended, start by applying it on your rug. Let it soak for 10 minutes and rinse it off. For drying, blot your rug. However, before applying make sure to test the conditioner on a patch of wool first to see how it reacts.


      Glycerin is recommended to use for the same purpose as a conditioner and is a common ingredient used in conditioner too. Glycerin has the advantage over conditioner for being odorless. However, since glycerin is hygroscopic, it sucks the moisture out of wool. To soften the wool using glycerin, utilize it in the same manner as a conditioner, but use a small amount of glycerin instead- depending on your rug size. For a sweater, 1 teaspoon is mixed into water. You can use glycerin for your carpet in relevance to the fore mentioned example.

      Style Contemporary Wool Rugs

      Deciding which carpet is right for your space can get quite tricky and complicated due to the several options available. Contemporary Rugs are considered to be bold and fun, so consider pairing your rug with eclectic furniture and accessories. The shape of the carpet is a very important element. For instance, the size of the Living Room Rugs has to be large enough for the legs of the furniture on the rug. In doing so, space appears larger. Customers with small rooms think that adding in a huge rug might make their place look smaller. However, this is not the case. When adding in rugs, make sure to anchor more than one furniture piece on the rug. If you want to place a contemporary rug in your bedroom, your carpet should be placed in a way that two-thirds of the rug goes under the bed. Do not opt for a small rug for your bedroom or it will look like a doormat instead of an area rug. If you have furniture pieces that are particularly bulky, choose a patterned wool rug that covers the entire surface of the rug. If you’ve chosen a patterned rug that covers a small area of the carpet, pair it with furniture that has exposed legs. This gives off a beautiful, aesthetic look. If you have printed furniture, you can still use printed rugs. Concerning patterns, we suggest you look for a pattern that is different in size than the prints on your furniture. The larger patterns will pop up and the smaller patterns serve as the background.

      Direct Movement

      The design and length of a runner have the ability to draw one’s eyes from one end to another. This is very important when placing a runner carpet. Runner Rugs are most commonly placed in hallways. They add depth to space and create a dramatic feel. Some interior designers think that runner rugs create an exciting feel, encouraging people to walk from one room to another.

      Add Warmth

      Runner rugs placed on hardwood floors are a real treat, especially stair runner rugs. Wool rugs can easily warm up space while adding to the aesthetic of the room. Runner rugs also create a sense of comfort in space.

      Tie Spaces Together

      The elongated and rectangular shape of wool runner rugs placed between certain areas beautifully brings the whole look of the space together. Interior designers love how runner rugs can create a sort of walkway which connects one part of a room to another. This creates a very reformed space.

      Room Look Larger

      It’s a known secret in the world of interior designers that narrow, long carpet tends to accentuate the length of a room or space they're placed in and make space look bigger as well. The most common area to place runner rugs is possibly in hallways. To create a more dramatic feel, make sure you choose a wool runner rug that ends when the hallway ends. This question has been asked by a lot of customers. If you’re not really clear on what your style is and can’t choose between contemporary and traditional, consider choosing transitional carpet. Keep reading ahead to find out what traditional rugs are.

      Transitional Modern Rugs

      Transitional Rugs are a bit harder to define since they feature elements of both contemporary and traditional rugs.

      • Most customers are easier and more comfortable with choosing transitional rugs because they do not have to pick the extremes of either side.
      • Another reason for this is that transitional rugs combine the likable elements of both rugs and can easily fit into different homes with different styles.
      • Transitional rugs are displayed to be traditional but with a modern blend. You will see certain components of traditional style co-existing with components of rugs designs.
      • Often the fabrics used are presented in the style of hand carvings.
      • The designs are often random and asymmetrical without any particular pattern. The designs are often quite strong and evocative as well.
      • A few designs tend to remove borders from the rugs to appear more casual and less organized.

      Others have less complicated embroidery designs to go along with the casual image. Transitional rugs use sharper, crisp colors and do not use too many complicated color combinations. They aim towards a more relaxed and low-lying vibe, unlike the bold and vibrant rugs. The true potential of a transitional rug is reached only when it is paired with warm wooden flooring and a soft carpet which helps the carpet transform the look of the room. As aforementioned, transitional rugs work better with warm woodwork and soft carpets. Patterns with low contrast and softer tones help bring a warm breezy look to your room. Transitional rugs also go well in rooms that are very simplistic; for example, these rugs look great combined with simple curtains and furniture with only a few bold accessories in the room. Transitional rugs can also help in giving your room a softer tone if paired with all-white decor and darker wood flooring. They go well with lighter carpets and add a layer of depth to any setting. Transitional rugs bring relaxing, warm vibes to any room you put them in, they work best in rooms like nurseries or bedrooms, where peace and calm are expected. If you want a rug that isn’t as bold as a traditional or contemporary carpet, then transitional rugs are the best options for you. Transitional rugs give you the best of both worlds by combining aspects of traditional and Contemporary Rugs while still not being too overwhelming. If you can not choose between contemporary or traditional rugs then the transitional rugs may be just what you need to complete your home.

      Buying Guide

      Color Scheme

        This might be the most important factor to consider before choosing an area carpet. The first thing you need to take into account is the space where you’re adding in a rug. If you have a space that's small, consider choosing an area rug that's bright in color. Bright colors tend to make a small room look larger, lively and free. On the other side, dark colors make an area look small. We recommend that you should choose bright colors for your living room since living rooms have to give off a lively and welcoming feel. However, the kind of colors you want your carpet depends on your taste. If you’re someone who has a knack for dark and intimidating colors, you can style your space using dark colors. Although, dark spaces can become quite overwhelming, so we suggest you add accessories and items in contrasting colors to add a pop of color in your room.


          Contemporary rugs are available in all sorts of modern and chic patterns. Contemporary floral patterns are incredibly popular designs when it comes to modern. One great thing about floral motifs is that they come in several different forms and are suitable for all spaces in your home. Whether it’s your bedroom, living room or even your kid's room. Trust us, you just can’t go wrong with contemporary floral motifs! For instance, choose the accent colors in your floral rug and have the search accent colors match the color of your walls. Voila! You instantly have yourself a chic and contemporary looking space! Striped designs are a great idea for contemporary area rugs. To some, the design may seem to be simple, however, they make a stunning and great focal point. Especially bright colored stripes can really make the whole room look lively and exciting. Abstract pattern is increasingly becoming popular and interior search designers have grown quite in love with it. These rugs will surely look like a piece of art and look ideal in living rooms. Not only bright but dark colors to look beautiful in abstract patterns. Purchasing abstract rugs with the same geometrical modern rug shape of your room gives off a great artistic touch. This technique has been used by several interior designers too.


            Contemporary rugs are available in different shapes and sizes. The search dimensions of your space are what determine what certain shape will go with your room. For instance, if you have a rectangular-shaped room, you should add in a rectangular shaped modern area carpet. If your space is narrow and long color, you can add in a contemporary runner rug instead of an area rug. Such as hallways, kitchens, or walk-in closets. Placing rugs under your furniture can be a bit tricky. Most people make the mistake of using a rug that’s inappropriate for their furniture. The rule that has been applied for area rugs has also been applied to rugs utilized under furniture. For instance, if you have a round-shaped dining table, use a round-shaped carpet under the table, leaving a reasonable amount of border. This helps define the space and adds personality to the room.

            Where To Buy Contemporary Rugs?

            Well now that you know all about contemporary rugs, the question arises as to where you can buy rugs. But first, you need to do your research before buying a contemporary rug. Why the buying guide we have attached above is so important? What pattern you’re looking for? More importantly, you should be aware of what pattern goes with the aesthetics of your room. If you’re not clear on this, your room would look quite bland, boring and off. A rug that doesn’t go with the look of the room can be quite a disaster. On top of that, buying a ‘wool rug’ rationally can be quite devastating, considering you’ve spent color quite a lot of money on it. The next thing you should take into consideration is the color. Whether you’re interested in having bright and vibrant colors, neutral or dark. You should make sure you add in the accent colors of the rug and match it with the accessories or the wall colors. If you don’t go forward with this, the rug would look like its out of place and doesn’t belong to space. Lastly, you need to compare the prices of contemporary rugs of different brands. Rugs are quite expensive and it isn’t a shocker that brands might have overpriced their rugs items. This is why you need to gather a lot of information before you buy a rug. Contemporary rugs are easily available in the market and online. Whether they are area rugs, stair runners, or runner rugs, they are available in all beautiful patterns and colors. We here at RugKnots offer a wide variety of quality contemporary area rugs at reasonable prices. You should pay for a rug for what it’s worth, not more. Well? What are you waiting for? Go get your rug now, especially at this time of the year items, contemporary rugs on sale are available on stores and online!

            Tips You Should Never Forget

            • Adding in a rug pad is a very important factor. It protects your rug from wear and tear and elongates its life.

            • This is why you should never compromise on carpet pads and always buy one of good quality.

            • When washing, do not rashly scrub your rug. It can damage the fibers of wool and make it lose its softness- causing it to be rough. Blot using a clean, dry cloth instead.

            • We have mentioned it before in the article too but, using accent colors from your rug and adding them in accessories is extremely essential. This is what brings the whole look of the room together.

            • When choosing the colors for your rug, do not go to the extremes of either vibrant or dark colors. This can cause you or your guests to feel overwhelmed.

            • When maintaining your rug, make sure to use a vacuum cleaner that doesn't have the beater bar feature, as this can damage the fibers of wool. Use a vacuum cleaner that has a weak suction force.

            • Vacuum cleaners specifically designed for rugs are available in the market. You can use a soft-bristled brush to brush your rug too.

            • When drying your carpet after you’ve rinsed it, we recommend you not let it hang under the sunlight.

            • Even though rugs hold dyes really well, you still don't want your rug to receive damage in any way.

            RugKnots offers a range of contemporary wool rugs! To find the perfect fit for redecorating your place in 2023, find some great options at great pricing and quality.

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