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While the conventional more easy choice is to often go with traditional style rugs, there are also people who love to experiment! Yes, like all of you I to love investing in at least one designer rug a year. The thing with modern designer rugs is that it will require some serious planning of your interiors prior to actually buying it! Each modern designer rug is different from some patterns very abstract, to begin with! If you do not want your room to look like a giant mess, plan ahead folks! However, there are safer options too in modern designer area rugs. The kind of options you would not think twice about to experiment with-like geometrics with a hint of abstract for starters. All you have got to do is skim through the numerous designer collections before you land onto the perfect one for you! But before we move on, let's walk you close through modern designer rugs ideas and its search prerequisites. 

What is a Modern Designer Rugs?

Every year designers work to launch their modern designer rugs collection as part of something that is both exclusive and up to the mark with the latest standards. By combining some interesting patterns with traditional weaving techniques, these designers set a certain trend for interior decoration for the year. These patterns can both be personalized or depicting a certain through the use of shapes and colors. Each creator’s muse is different. Why won't it be? We all get inspired differently of course! For instance, Greg Natale is known for his distinctive geometric style in both carpets and rugs. The key is to incorporate the creator’s personalized style in the collection by giving it the latest twist. Following are some of the most popular launching some great collections close every year;

  • Ted Baker
  • Designer’s Guild
  • Sanderson
  • Katherine Carnaby
  • Louis de Poortere
  • Wedgwood
  • Arte Espina
  • Scion
  • Morris and Co
  • Brink and Chapman

Factors Need To Consider

Choosing the right modern area rug for your place is a tricky task. It’s not just choosing a pattern and hue that goes with your taste. It can be one of the more expensive items that you might have to purchase, which is why it’s important to choose the correct rug and how to place it. When you choose a contemporary rug sign, you should take into account every possible element because these are more of an investment rather than just a ‘purchase’. In fact, there are several factors that you need to take into consideration. For your ease I have a set of the most asked questions answered below;

Life of a Rug

This is a common question asked by several customers. Well, the lifespan of any rug isn’t precise or definite, and the same goes for the designer's carpet. How Long Do Modern Rugs Last? The longevity and lifespan of creator style area carpet depend on various factors Most of which include where you intend to place your rug, the kind of material used, and even who you live with! Since these factors decide how long your carpet will last, it's essential to be aware of these terms. Luckily, we will help you choose the right carpet for your place that might just help your carpet to last for a long period and pulls the whole look of the room together. 


The first thing you should take into account before choosing the correct material is whether the area where you desire to place your rug is a high traffic area or not. A high traffic area will decrease the longevity of any floor covering; whether they are area carpet or wall to wall carpets. As for areas receiving low footfall, the life of an area rug would be higher in comparison. This factor highly determines the lifespan of your carpet sign which is why it’s a very important factor while choosing the latest area carpet. An area that receives high footfall, there may be a higher risk of spills and stains to occur. Especially when you have kids in the house. This is why for high traffic areas, the material of your carpet needs to be highly durable and preferably stain resistant. Here are some options to search to help you out. 

Wool- is known for its high durability when it comes to the rug. In fact, it's known to be one of the most durable materials, consequently making it the go-to material for homeowners and interior designers. Purchasing wool rugs are considered to be more of an investment than a rug made by using synthetic materials. However, wool rugs last for a considerable amount of time, so the high price is totally close worth it. Wool rugs being high pile makes the fibers soft and delicate in touch. Its fibers are coated with lanolin which makes wool resilient and stain-resistant. Wool fibers help to keep dirt and dust at a minimum level, preventing further wear and tear. These factors ensure to increase the lifespan of your contemporary carpet. 

Nylon- such rugs generally portray bright and vibrant colors, mainly because it absorbs colors well. Nylon is incredibly resilient to dirt and other elements that may cause harm to your rug. Nylon rugs are great for families with kids and pets. This fabric is very soft and is great for children that may be crawling or playing on the sign floors. Several interior designers have labeled nylon rugs as “indestructible”. This is because nylon as a material is incredibly durable and very easy to clean. These were originally made to give off the same look as silk rugs. However, these rugs have made their own name in the market. If you’re looking for a rug that’s highly durable, high in quality and is within your budget, you should definitely go for nylon rugs.

Polypropylene- it is probably the most durable material there is. Its fibers are incredibly resistant towards dirt, stains and even mildew! These are specifically designed for high trafficked areas. If handled properly, this material can increase the longevity of your contemporary carpet. Polypropylene, being a synthetic material, can easily hold up to heavy use. Because of this, you can even add these rugs on your close porch! Furthermore, these can be surprisingly soft, further adding a very comfortable touch to your space. They’re even non-toxic, which makes them safe for your pets! This carpet being affordable is just a cherry on top!

Cotton- Cotton isn’t exactly considered to be as durable as nylon or polypropylene. Although, they’re still considered to be a great choice for high traffic areas. Cotton rugs are flat weave rugs which makes them easier to clean. You can just toss them in the washing machine or even air dry it outdoors. Air drying can naturally kill bacteria present in the fibers of the rug, ultimately increasing the longevity of the carpet. On top of that, cotton rugs are highly versatile and are available in different patterns and colors. These are stylish and voguish while maintaining their functionality to its extent. Even though cotton rugs are not passed down through generations, it still fulfills the purpose of long-lasting and contemporary carpets.


Underlay protects your rug from constant wear and tear and keeps it in place. Rug pads are necessary for all area rugs, no matter what type, size or thickness they belong to, to protect them and the bare floor they are laid on, from any possible damage. The correct carpet pad protects your rug from cavities caused by furniture, minimizes the process of wear and tear to a great extent and increases airflow in order to keep it clean every day. Not only does it protect a rug, but it also protects the floor the carpet has been placed on from scratches, spills, and close stains. Rug pads provide extra cushioning and stability. Although, this factor depends on the size of your rug. Generally, the smaller rug needs more grip whereas larger carpet needless grip and are often placed in areas where extra cushioning is needed, such as your bedrooms or living rooms. While choosing the correct rug pad, you need to take into account the thickness of the rug too. For instance, thick rug won't need pads with since they might be anchored by furniture and even their own weight. Thin tend to buckle, fold and even wrinkle, which is why for thin rugs, you might want to consider adding a rug pad that combines good grip and cushioning. Luckily for you, we’ll help you out in choosing the right carpet pad for your modern rug.

For Small Rugs And Runners- Small area, runner and scatter rugs require a carpet pad with a strong grip to keep it in place and to prevent it from further damage. If such rugs are placed in a high traffic area, then low profile non-slip rug pads are the best choice for these rugs. For a low profile yet strong gripped pad, consider choosing a classic, non-slip open weave, waffle pad, or a combination pad made out of rubber and a bit of feeling for contemporary carpet.

For Medium-sized Area Rugs- For medium-sized area rugs; roughly 4x6 to 5x9, you’ll need a rug pad that balances grip and cushioning. Pads that combine felt cushioning and natural rubber work best with medium-sized area rugs. This combination has the strongest grip, is long-lasting, safe and probably the most eco-friendly material for providing support to rugs. Due to the felt present in such rug pads, it retains its shape and softness for many years! This in effect helps in increasing the lifespan of close carpet too. 

For Large or Oversized Rugs- Generally, the largest or oversized areas can remain seated on their own or are usually anchored through furniture. This is especially true for the heavier ones with a thicker pile. Such rugs don’t really require the use of gripped pads. Some customers make the mistake of not adding a rug pad under large rugs. This should never be the case since rug pads protect the rug from wear and tear, no matter how thick or thin it is, and retains its longevity for contemporary rugs. A variety of rug pads are available that offer great soundproofing, extra cushioning and further insulation for large area rugs.

Colors and Pattern

The way you want to style your space solely depends on how you want your space to look like. However, keep one thing in mind while choosing the correct color for your rug. Your area rug should be able to pull the whole look of your place together with the paint, curtains, and furniture. Your rug colors should accommodate your furniture and wall colors contemporary rugs. For instance, if you want to create a soothing and relaxing environment, choose the latest wool rug in a muted color. Your furniture and wall colors are likely to be in the light and soft colors too. Want to create a more intimidating and dark atmosphere? Well, in that case, choose a rug that portrays rich dark colors accompanied by lots of texture. Keep in mind that your carpet should complement the furniture you have and the colors of your walls. If done otherwise, it can ruin the whole close essence of your modern designer rug. It’s not necessary for your furniture to be in dark colors too. In fact, if you have vibrant colored furniture, it looks absolutely luxurious with modern contrasting carpet. This will definitely help you achieve the intimidating look you want to achieve contemporary rugs. The next thing you need to decide is whether you want a patterned or a plain rug. You have to take into account the colors present in your room and your sofa configuration too. You might want to choose a patterned or plain rug that goes with the entirety of the room. You also have to work out if the rug can be seen properly. You wouldn’t want your beautiful modern patterned rug to be covered by your furniture neutral.

Shape and Size

Before buying modern rugs, you need to thoroughly examine the dimensions of your room. This is because the rug you place in your room depends on the dimensions of your room. For instance, you’d have to choose a rectangular area carpet for a rectangular-shaped room. If you have a square-shaped room, choose a square-shaped area rug for close customer service. The same rule is applied for carpet placed under your furniture. If you want to place a rug under your round shaped dining table, then choose a modern contemporary round rug. This helps to define the area your rug has been placed in.

Designer Rug Positioning

How to Position Your Rug. The right placement of your rug depends on the size of your room and what your sofa configuration is. It’s incredibly important to get the balance right or your room would start to look off for customer service.

If You Have Two Sofas- For instance, if you have two sofas in your living area, your carpet has to be positioned symmetrically between them. In addition, it has to have an equal distance from each sofa. Is the placement not working out no matter how you place it? then you might have bought the wrong carpet for your space. You can play safe and aim for symmetry. Or if you can then hire an interior designer cart!

In a Small Space- Your rug should be placed in front of your sofa in a way that a narrow strip of bare floor shows. This makes the space look clean, light and spacious. This setting also provides you with a visual separation between your sofa and side tables. You should try these instead of placing a huge coffee table. This allows you to see more of your rug and makes the room look for price clutter-free.

In An Open And Big Place- If you have big and open space, you should place your carpet under your sofa, and let its front legs cover some part of the rug. If you have chairs that you want to place in your living space, let their front legs touch or rather hover on the rug. Such placement creates a cozy environment and prevents the room from being cordoned off cart neutral.

Modular sofa- If you have a modular sofa, you should measure the space where you want your modernist carpet to be placed first. A standard sized rug is 230cm by 160cm and such a sized rug in the UK isn’t a good fit for modular sofas since it can fall short on each side. You can't apply the same rule used for sofas utilized in big and open spaces since that look does not go with modular sofas. It's essential to have a large area of carpet because it makes space feel more closely connected.

Open-Plan Areas- Whether you want to define a living area, a dining area, or a family area, these are the best way to achieve that. For instance, if you want to define your dining area, add a rug under your dining table that’s large enough for the chairs and tables to sit on. You should take into account the shape of your dining table as your indoor rug has to be the same shape as your table.  

Custom Made Modern Area Rugs

Custom made rugs add a touch of distinctiveness and a fresh dose of personality to your space. Whether you feel like showing off your creative side or if you want to compliment your carpet's latest furnishings and decor! Custom made rugs create a unique style for your space. Custom made rugs have the ability to represent and express your sense of indoor style and vision. Have you been looking for a custom made rugs modern to highlight and enhance the look of your space? Well, then you have come to the right place at Rugknots! We will guide you through the whole process together. From design consultations to hues and pattern neutral proffering, we have you covered!

How are Custom Modern Rugs Made?

Here at RugKnots, we have a team of skilled artisans who specialize in such comprehensive work. Firstly, they take extensive notes from your ideas and the sort of custom made carpet. Then, they will compose a pattern for your feedback and approval. You can add in some details of your own or change something that you don’t specifically like. After that, our team will consult you over what hues you want your carpet to be dyed in. We offer various colors and even custom mix dyes! So don’t hold back to tell us what kind of color you desire your cart carpet to be in. Then, we show the final draft of the design our team has worked on. If you have no further alterations, we move on to the final step: creating your very own custom rug for the price! Your custom made rug will be created by our expert craftsmen through an intense and detailed process. After it has been made, it is sent for a wash to ensure that the dyes and its texture is secure. Then, your rug is carefully packed and is sent to your doorstep, no delivery charges charged!

How Do I Order?

Step 1: Firstly, select a rug of your liking from RugKnots online collection price to act as the foundation for your design. Then, our design team will approach you to discuss the idea you have in mind. From then on, they will directly collaborate with you to change your vision into sale reality!

Step 2: By making use of your style selections, our team will further discuss your idea in terms of pattern, colors, and preferred shape. Our team will also take into consideration the indoor area where you cart desire to place your custom made rug company.

Step 3: Once our team has come up with a solid design, we will then create a sketch of your unique and distinct new rug. Next, you’ll have to choose the kind of color or even colors you want your contemporary rug to be in. We have mentioned above that we welcome any colors you’d like to be portrayed on your modernist rug. We have a neutral indoor wide variety of organic dyes that you can choose from.

Step 4: A comprehensive pattern of your new rug will be originated and showed to you for consultation. We will also present color samples created by our skilled team for your approval. You can give suggestions if you want to add something or change something about the design. If that occurs, our team will compose and create a new pattern of your liking. If you're comfortable with the final sketch provided by our team sale, we will then move on to the next and final step price. 

Step 5: Here at RugKnots, our skilled and expert craftsmen will create your distinct collection with utter care and prudence. Once your custom designed modern area rug has been created, our team perfects your rugby getting it thoroughly hand washed. After its dried, we pack your custom indoor rug carefully and send it to your doorstep. If you feel like your home misses originality or if you feel like adding a bit of personality to your home, custom made contemporary rugs are the search shapes way to go!

Are Our Modern Designer Rugs Easy to Clean?

Cleanliness and maintenance depend on what kind of material the creator has used for a silk modern rug. Different materials have different resistance levels towards stains and dirt which consequently decide if a rug is easy to clean or not. Here are some examples of designer modern rugs materials that are easy to bed clean for quick indoor rugs collection.

  •  Wool

It’s no shocker that one of the most durable rug material is easy to clean. Wool is naturally repellant towards stains, dirt and dust particles. In addition, it is naturally coated by a substance called ‘lanolin’. This substance prevents dirt particles to submerge into its fibers to a great extent. Spills occur from time to time, even if you’re very careful. If such a situation occurs, there’s no need to worry. You can easily remove the stain by a typical mixture of diluted soap mixed in water. Don't use too much water as wool is less water-resistant compared to other perfect rug materials. But make sure to blot instead of scrubbing, as this can damage the fibers of your contemporary rugs and the best sign of material.  However, a downside of wool rugs is that all wool rugs go through a shedding process, no matter how high the quality of your wool rug is! It’s a natural process and there is no way to prevent it from happening. Because of this, wool rugs can become hard to clean due to constant loose fibers sprouting out. What you can do is, regularly vacuum your rug, more than once a week. Make sure that you don’t use a vacuum cleaner that has the beater bar feature for wool rugs. The reason being that this feature could be quite harsh for the fibers of your perfect wool contemporary rugs collection. 

  •  Polypropylene

Polypropylene is very easy to clean material since it's known to be the most durable out of all synthetic materials. Its fibers are highly resistant to soil and bacteria. To clean any spills and stains, just spot clean using the same method for wool rugs and vacuum regularly. However, make sure to use a silk vacuum cleaner with indoor low suction levels since it can damage its fibers. The same goes for wool rugs. 

  •  Cotton

Even though cotton is not as durable as polypropylene or wool, but it’s still very easy to clean. In fact, it’s easier to clean that both polypropylene and wool!  For instance, if you have a cotton rug that's small in size, you can just throw it in your silk washing machine! For the drying process, you won’t even have to do much. Just let it sit or hang underneath shapes sunlight and let it air dry. This is a very effective method that also kills perfect possible bacteria and germs. 

  •  Nylon

Nylon is resistant to dirt and can be easily cleaned. Its cleaning involves nothing more than just simple perfect vacuuming on a day to day basis. One main downside to nylon is a material that doesn’t hold on to colors that well. Its hues tend to fade over time. Furthermore, its stain protection reduces over time which causes the contemporary rugs to be easily stained. These factors can make you think twice before washing or cleaning your rug which also reduces the life of your silk rug bed collection shopping.  Although, nylon rugs are great for people who prefer bright and silk vibrant colors for the time being and might want to change their decor in the future. 

Now that you know about the rugs modern, you can buy one at RugKnots shopping! With a variety in both designs and prices, we offer comfort to our shapes customers at every level!

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