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It can be difficult to decorate your child's room in the proper way. You want to capture your child's essence while also creating a functional area for them.  An area that can accommodate both play and comfort. You can make your child's room their favorite location with the correct theme and some creative ideas.

Top 15 Kids Room Furniture Ideas in 2021

Kids Room Furniture Ideas in 2024

Continue reading for the top 15 furniture decorating ideas for your child's room.

Furniture that is color-coordinated. Do you want to provide your child with a room that is both comfy and well-organized? Get a closet and a bed frame in the same color family to create a color-coordinated look. Whether your children are active or laid-back, you must learn about their personalities in order to choose the right color palette. Capture your child's enthusiasm by choosing their favorite color and purchasing a wardrobe and a loft bed set in the same or complementary colors. Choose a lovely teal or tea pink color for your cabinets! Add baskets, towels, bins, and other items in the same color to encourage your child to maintain their room organized in the same way.

Kids Room Furniture Ideas in 2021

1. Themed Bed Sets

Is your child an animal lover? Or is it enamored with the world of superheroes? Getting themed kids' bedroom sets for their favorite characters or whatever they might enjoy is perhaps a really entertaining strategy to create the area unusual. You can simply get art-themed twin bed sets for their favorite comic heroes or Disney princesses. Use little touches to tie the room's concept together, such as temporary wall tattoos, wallpapers, or wall decor hangings. To make your child's bedroom furniture their favorite place in the house, add themed notebooks, toys, mousepads, and glow-in-the-dark stickers. To cap it off, throw in some themed area rugs for a more lively atmosphere.

Themed Bed Sets

2. Adventurous Kids Furniture

Choose a décor option that is less theme-specific if you want to incorporate a more subtle motif that will develop with your child. You can change your mind from character-related ideas to geography, aviation, or even simple colors. Adding a little geography to your child's room to make it intriguing while also giving it a lightening décor is a great approach to keep it trendy and daring. The theme of the trend to compliment your child's adventurous personality is geography. Maps like wallpapers, globe decors, and small touches included in the room can add interest to your children's furnishings. Even if you want to opt for monotone kid's furniture, you can play with such aspects in the space. A teepee is a fun and exciting thing to have in a child's bedroom decor. It's simple to construct, gender-neutral, and a surefire way to have a good time! Bedspreads with airplanes can be used to create an aviation-themed decor. You can get themed side tables and closet furniture sets from cheap kid's furniture stores or the internet.

Adventurous Kids Furniture

3. Design With Your Artwork

Is your kid a budding artist? Do they enjoy drawing? Make your favorite piece the focal point of your area by making it the primary wall hanging to tie everything together. You can use a normal frame to hang your favorite family photo above a console! Or hang it above the twin bunk bed to brighten up the space. This will make your child feel valued and motivated to practice their drawing abilities and creativity!

Design With Your Artwork

4. The Reading Corner

Nothing offers children a greater head start in life than instilling a love of reading in them. To foster a love of reading in your child, make sure he or she has a well-organized room. Create a nice, comfortable, and entertaining reading corner to attain this goal. This is where you may let your imagination go wild by constructing a reading table and a book stand that complements the room's decor. Incorporate your child's favorite color to encourage them to spend time in the reading zone. A reading nook with a color-coordinated reading table, book stands, and a comfortable seat in kids’ chairs. Alternatively, if you want to create a cozier and more relaxing atmosphere, add bean bags or a slew of cushions, as well as a plush area rug.

The Reading Corner

5. Have Some Fun With Storage Furniture

I'm very sure you'll need storage set for your children's bedroom. It might be in the form of a changing table or a cupboard to store all those toys and other items! Rather than looking for locations to hide your belongings, have some fun by building a storage closet or even a dresser that can be utilized as storage. For your child's belongings, get mahogany or brightly colored storage closet that matches the room's accessories. Big drawers are necessary, and they can be decorated with amusing stickers or prints to tie the space together nicely.

Have Some Fun With Storage Furniture

6. Quirky Furniture Pieces

Make your child's room as vivid and dynamic as possible! Adding statement items in a variety of colors, styles, and sizes is the ideal method to do so. Add unusually shaped bookcases, bold wallpapers, and colorful pillows for a delicate blend of creativity and utility. Add round-shaped area rugs to the play area, and match the colors to the room's closets! This will give your child's room just the proper amount of excitement. Wall art is an inexpensive and simple way to keep your child's room decorated according to their mood. 

Quirky Furniture Pieces

7. Creative Bunk Beds

Are you concerned about managing the large space in your children's room?

You can make the most of the space by installing bunk beds with plenty of storage and built-in drawers. Bunk beds provide a stylish, engaging, and energetic environment for youngsters. It's entirely up to you and your children whether you want it to be bright or monochromatic, themed or not.

Creative Bunk Beds

8. Personalized Homework Stations

We all know how difficult it is to get our children to finish their homework as parents. Perhaps all that is required to jump-start your child's study regimen is a change of environment! You may easily create a really entertaining and economical study environment for your kids regardless of the size or space of the room. A tiny kids' desk in your child's favorite color, as well as enough storage space and a comfortable chair, are essential. Add items that are important to your children, such as their drawings, to make it more interesting. Furthermore, because nature is rejuvenating, incorporating it into your child's study environment will help to promote brain function.

Personalized Homework Stations

9. Kids Playroom

All children look forward to their playtime! It doesn't matter if you're doing arts and crafts, playing with toys, or just running about! To create a more comfortable environment for your child, you must decorate this specific room according to his or her tastes. This is because playrooms should promote a child's creativity and imagination in addition to allowing them to have fun. As a result, it's critical to know your child's interests in order to provide a joyful and comfortable atmosphere for them to play in. You may readily find low-cost children's furniture almost anywhere. Here's a little stuff to get you started.

Kids Playroom

Disney Princess Themed

If your child is a princess fan, creating a playroom specifically for her can ensure that she is happy and fulfilled. Decorating a Disney princess-themed playroom is entirely dependent on your child's favorite princess. Start by painting the walls with light tones of pink or purple if you're going for a basic princess-themed playroom. The furnishings must be in keeping with the motif. For your little one's tea party with her princesses, use a circular mini royal table with little chairs. To top it off, in one corner, place a miniature human-size princess or playhouse packed with all of the Disney princesses. This would undoubtedly add to the room's enchantment. Allow your child to embellish it with ribbons, glitter colors, and other embellishments.

Disney Princess Themed

Space Themed

Is your child interested in science? This is the ideal option for your child's playroom. Furniture with space-related elements, such as rockets, constellations, planets, and spaceships, is a good choice. Adding a rocket-themed cabinet and planet-themed tables to your child's playroom is the ideal furniture. Adding moon-shaped carpets to the room will undoubtedly give it a more space-like feel. The room's walls should be color-coordinated with the motif, preferably a rich navy blue with stars painted all over it.

Space Themed

10. Free-Style

Do you have several children and a limited amount of space in your home? Do you find it difficult to cater to each of their desires? Then a free-form playroom is the best option for you! Begin by painting the walls in a neutral yet colorful color scheme, such as a burst of light blue, yellow, or orange. Add chalkboards to the area as a way to make it feel like a living art gallery! Make sure to include bright, comfortable, yet lively carpets to play on, as well as a tv stand. Add colorful tables and chairs in varied shapes to the furniture for children's rooms to give the space a new mood. It can be difficult to keep up with all the clutter that children create, especially when there are multiple children in the house. Add some custom-made cupboards with enough room to store toys, books, and other items! This will make children eager to store their belongings once they have strewn them about their room.


11. Treasure Box

This creative and groovy piece of furniture provides a unique level of excitement to your child's room. It isn't only a decorative piece; it may be utilized for a variety of things. One of them is a large amount of storage space. You can use this item to store your children's belongings, as well as priceless items like your children's drawings and family photos!

Treasure Box

12. Built-in Daybed

Daybeds are well-known for their supreme comfort, relaxation, and support, all of which are essential for children to experience. When children are not sleeping, daybeds are used as a place for them to relax, watch movies, read books, and play games. Add fleece throws and pillows to the bedroom furniture or sitting area to complete the room's comfortable vibe.

Built-in Daybed

13. Beds With Storage Drawers

      • Are you concerned that your child's room is too small?
      • Or is it possible that you don't have enough storage space?

Then I can promise you that beds with storage drawers are an excellent choice. These versatile mattresses include built-in drawers that are specifically designed to hold whatever you wish. We all know as parents that our children have more clutter than any of us adults. As a result, purchasing toddler beds with storage drawers for your children is a good decision.

Beds With Storage Drawers

14. Interesting Bookshelves

I'm pretty sure we all need some more storage space to house all of the things we have sitting around. Especially when it comes to children, who are, to put it bluntly, messy and cuddly! And organizing all of that "stuff" might be a bit intimidating at times. Bookshelves are a convenient method to store books, toys, and, let's be honest, the garbage that they're so fond of! It will surely relieve you of all your worries. It won't cost you much if you merely stack wooden boxes on top of each other or customize the bookshelves to your liking.

Interesting Bookshelves

15. Mini Settees

Beautifully crafted small sofas will add a sense of luxury to your child's bedroom. You can even make themed small couches according to your child's preferences. Is it common for your child's friends to come over for playdates? Create an area for entertaining your child's pals by including kid's living room furnishings. Mini settees in yellows or pastel pinks, complemented with area rugs, enabling your child and their pals to congregate and play games in one area. It's also a great fit for the playroom to create a separate living room space for the kids! A small tea table, board games, and writing boards should all be included. Paint the area in bright colors and add some fun wall hangings, and you're done! You've created the ideal living space for children.

Mini Settees

Here are answers to some commonly asked questions by our customers about the top 15 kids room furniture ideas in 2024

1. How do I decorate my kids' bedroom?

Decorating your kid's bedroom is a fun project to work on. Make sure you have plenty of storage space in their room and that it is functional for your kids. You can add a bunk bed or a loft bed, depending on the height of your ceiling. The best way to decorate their room is to ask them what they want! You can place a rug or two on the floor for some texture. For kids, it is all about fun and function! Kids' bedrooms should be bright and colorful! Your kids' rooms can be a reflection of your child's personality. If they love animals, then go for it! You can also decorate your kids' room using some fairy lights. Pictures of their favorite musicians or sports stars can also be great in the room. Their bedroom is a reflection of who they are so make sure you have fun with it! You can also include a study space in their room.

2. What is the best way to divide a shared children's room?

Shared room design can be challenging. There are so many options available, but you need to ask yourself what the best way is for your family. If there are two children sharing a room then it might work better to have bunk beds if they want different bedtimes or just don't want to share all of the time. You should figure out their personal preference and then divide the bedroom accordingly. You might also find some helpful ideas on our Pinterest page. Full or partial reproduction in kids' rooms is not allowed. You can also divide a shared room with some furniture and decorating tricks, such as using rugs to mark off different areas of the bedroom—a sleeping area near the bed and another play or study space in front of it. You might even find that sharing a large common living space is just fine for your kids!

3. What are some ideas for decorating my children's playroom?

You can create a playroom that is whimsical and fun with the right pieces and natural materials of children's furniture. One idea for decorating your child's room would be to make it an indoor playground by adding an inflatable bounce house or indoor slide or a climbing wall and you can also look up some interior design ideas on Pinterest. You can also include some beanbag chairs, comfortable pillows, and cozy blankets in their reading nook area. The most important thing is that your house interior should also be kid-friendly, with lots of colors and playful designs. There are many ways to display your children's artwork such as using a magnetic whiteboard or corkboard wall decals where you can post their drawings, paintings, homework assignments for all the family members to see.

4. How can I design my children's room on a budget?

You can decorate your kid's room using some creative DIY ideas that you can find online. You just need to have lots of creativity and imagination when it comes to creating your own kids' room design that will look bigger than the actual size available in the house. You can design a budget-friendly kids' room by using the space available to make the room look larger. You can paint your kids' bedroom walls using lighter colors such as white or cream because darker shades will make the room smaller looking. You may also want to use bright colored bed sheets, curtains, and rugs that are not too dark either but have a little bit of color.

5. What is the best way to arrange a rug in a child's room?

The best way to arrange a rug in your child's room is to use the same color for all of their furniture. For example, if you have blue furniture then choose an orange or yellow rug that will match with it. This creates harmony and balance within the space which makes it look visually bigger than what it actually is.

So, these were the top 15 kids room furniture ideas in 2024. If you have any more questions, please contact us at RugKnots. For more information please email us at or call us at (301) 660-7046. We are happy to answer your questions!

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