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It is amazing to see how rugs can smoothly renovate any area. Be it your bedroom, living room, or a hallway, rug knows how to handle the job. They are even a great addition to your patio, pool deck or any other outdoor setting. So, have you made up a mind to purchase a floor covering? Either it is an indoor or outdoor rugs, you are at the right place. We know how difficult things can go when it comes to decore your home. On that, choosing the right rug can make it even harder – its types, brands, construction material, method, manufacturer country, color, theme all become very overwhelming. Here, we are going to highlight a few best indoor and outdoor rugs of 2024 that are cheaper in price. Amazing? Yeah, this is what we wanted for you indoor/outdoor decor. We will also try to assist you in the rug buying process by delivering relevant information and some other facts. So, stay tuned!

Types of Rugs- Indoor and Outdoor rugs

There are vast categories of rugs. They are classified in different dimensions like – material, shape, size, manufacturing method, thickness, and locations where they can be used. Here, we are going to highlight two major types; indoor and outdoor rugs. There is another middle category. It is indoor/outdoor rugs. This third category isn’t given much limelight – it isn’t well-defined as well - but, it is equally beneficial. So, what’s the difference between an indoor and an outdoor rug? Here you can find the answer:

Indoor rugs

Indoor rugs are those pieces that we use at our home interiors. They have enormous varieties in term of their design and other attributes. You can see the following traits specifically on these floors covering:

  • They are normally made using natural materials. These can be New Zealand wool, silk, cotton, viscose, jute, and other materials of similar nature.   
  • They have vast designs and patterns.
  • They generally have vibrant multi-colors and glossy looks, as they are won’t get faded due to sunlight or other outside factors.
  • They can have complicated design patterns.
  • You can’t use indoor rugs outside.
  • They are very comfortable and not slippery – it is harmless as opposed to its rival.
  • They tend to get less dirty as people use it with care.
  • Indoor rugs have small, medium, and large pile heights. The environment inside the building is feasible for thick piles.

Outdoor rugs

The outdoor rugs are those pieces that we can use at outdoor vicinity. It might feel inconvenient to take your rug outdoors, but they are made by keeping all atmospheric elements. Thus, they are heavy-duty rugs with weather-resistant traits. You can use the along pool decks or patio furniture to enjoy your picnic or weather. They differ from indoor rugs in the following attributes:

  • These rugs are constructed by using rough and tough materials. It may include jute, hemp, sisal, and others.
  • They are made in such a way to defy stains of dirt and soil.
  • They usually have pastel color with neutral tones – but, it isn’t compulsory.  
  • You can even use these rugs indoors – it all depends on your preferences.
  • These rugs are capable to resist fading due to UV rays or sun exposure.
  • They have water, mold and mildew resistant.
  • Outdoor rugs tend to be very slippery and dangerous if not stepped properly – you can lessen the danger by using rug pads.
  • These rugs get dirty very soon. However, the reasons are the atmosphere and the users’ carelessness.
  • They have smaller pile heights to cope with outside harsh conditions.

These are some distinct differences between indoor and outdoor rugs. So now, what does indoor outdoor rug mean? The floor covering items that we can alter from in-out is known as indoor-outdoor carpet or rug. They give you the comfort and feel like indoors, but provide the durability for outdoors. We believe, this area rug class is usually confused with outdoor rugs. It is because their traits commonly match with that of outdoor area rugs.

Facts about Indoor/Outdoor Rugs

These makers construct these rugs by keeping harsh outdoor conditions. That’s why; we can see they are sturdy and powerful. They are capable of enduring wear and tear. This quality makes them equally useful for outdoor and indoor’s heavy traffic areas. The material used in indoor/outdoor rugs’ construction is usually synthetic fibers. The most common of them is Polypropylene synthetic fiber. It has the potential to be stain resistant as well as resist moisture, and color fading. However, some producers also use Recycled plastic to make these rugs. Just like all other rugs’ types, these indoor-outdoor rugs are also available in a variety of sizes. They are quite effortless to maintain and clean. Unlike a few outdoor rugs, they don’t feel unpleasant or abrasive. As this field is progressing, the latest rugs give a comfortable feel. Well, this is some basic details of indoor-outdoor rugs. Now, the question comes, can outdoor rugs be used indoors? The answer to this question is absolute Yes! You can use outdoor rugs inside. However, it all depends on your preferences. In fact, you can get certain benefits by doing so! For example, these outdoor patio rugs can easily bear indoor high traffic area. You can also place them in areas where moisture is common as a kitchen or near the bathroom. It can be the best option for kids/toddlers room. You can check out our post on kitchen area rug ideas to decorate your kitchen in an amazing look using different rugs indoor/outdoor. Besides, cheap outdoor rugs would only cost you a minimal amount. How about using these coverings at risky areas to save hard-earned money?

What to consider before purchasing indoor and outdoor rugs?

We all have been purchasing indoor rugs often. They are also huge varieties of these rugs are available in the market. You can almost purchase any rug size, material, or theme for your indoor vicinity. However, the few basic aspects that you keep in your mind while purchasing indoor rugs involve - material, size, color, design, pile height, pattern, foot traffic, and making procedure.

Tip: What if you like some hefty rug but confused about buying it? Don’t dare to purchase the whole rug in a single go. Check for the similar small-sized piece, probably an entry doormat. It will help to evaluate how it is going to perform.

Now, the real thing comes! It is how do I choose an outdoor rug? Consider these basic things:

Material of rug 

Outdoor rugs are produced from both synthetic and natural fibers. They are made from sisal, hemp, jute, and seagrass from natural fibers. However, synthetic material includes polypropylene, polyester, nylon, and plastic. What is the best material for outdoor rugs? Though it depends on personal choice, synthetic fibers can be a good option if it is an open area. They have better resistance against moisture. They dry swiftly.  Natural fibers are strong too, but few of them can’t cope with the water. You can put them at covered open are like porch etc. Here, another question arises. Can cotton rugs be used outside? Cotton is a natural fiber. As we have previously mentioned, synthetic fibers can work perfectly for outdoor vicinity. Thus, we would suggest, it's better to go for man-made materials instead of natural ones.

Size and shape of the rug

Before you go out to shop the rug, it is compulsory that you know the correct size of your area. It can prevent you from many mishaps. There are a variety of sizes and shapes available for outdoor rugs too. You can happily choose that suits you well.

Manufacturing technique of rug

It is another important aspect that can make a huge impact on your rug’s performance. You should see if the rug is hand-woven or machine-made. It is better to go for flat weave outdoor rugs.  They can be made using a machine or hand both techniques - their small pile height makes them durable and easy to maintain.

FYI: India, Pakistan, Iran, Afghanistan, China, Turkey, and Nepal is known for making best Area rugs

8 Best Indoor Outdoor Rugs of 2024

In this part, we are going to review the 8 best indoor and outdoor rugs of 2024. These items are comparatively cheap by price. If you feel like buying any of these rugs, then Rugknot is providing you an ultimate solution to your worries! You won't only enjoy free shipping and a money-back guarantee, but huge discounts as well. Don’t delay, and visit Rugknots to avail the benefits!

Blue Egyptian General Life Style Rug

“A certain Blue enters your Soul”. The ocean blue color of this Egyptian rug reminded me of this saying of Henri Matisse.

The serene background of this pick is further embellished with dark-colored rope-style lines. The white bold circles - defining each section - bound you to spend some time seeing the pattern flow. Its well-defined valiant Boundry gives an organized look to this General lifestyle rug. These design traits make this rug suitable especially for casual outdoor spaces. Nevertheless, it can go well with a nautical theme too. Either you are following dark or a pale theme, this Blue Egyptian rug is going to complement it. Now, let’s talk about its manufacturing details. It is made using 100% Polypropylene piles. What difference does this material make? It makes the rug sturdy against stains, water, and smell-free. In other words, you can expect it to perform well for outdoor location. Its pile height is 0.31 that makes this piece easy-to-clean and cozy simultaneously. It comes in a variety of sizes too. This machine-made cheap indoor outdoor carpet can serve you well without putting an excessive burden on your pocket.


  • Non-porous polypropylene makes it smell free
  • Its pile height makes it cleaning a breeze
  • Easy to move around
  • Gives the classy and casual appearance


  • Overheating might have bad effects on this rug

Blue Egyptian rug has a gripping appearance with sturdy construction. It feels comfortable and resists stains and water. It is very simple to clean as well. All these traits are its big plus as an indoor/outdoor rug. However, if you are seriously keen to use only environment-friendly materials only, reassess available options.

Ivory White/Navy Blue Coastal Rug 

Does sea wave pattern fascinate you? This coastal rug can bring this obsession to your home. How? It has an ivory white wave pattern on the dark blue framework. This print goes all across the rug in the same manner. It thus gives the illusion of waves traveling over the dark sea. Thus, this indoor and outdoor carpet can be a satisfactory piece for a thalassophile without going too bold. The design facts and other traits of this rug make it suitable for various positions. Like, you can use it for a high-traffic indoor area or outdoor locality as well. The combination of the dark with light-colored pattern enhances its versatility to fit well with different themes. Furthermore, its manufacturing is also quite competent. It possesses a 100% Polypropylene Pile. It gives you the surety of using this rug for both indoor and outdoor premises. This machine-made rug is an Egyptian piece. You can choose from its various available sizes. Just like our previous pick, its pile height is also 0.31 – a medium option for the length of rug fabric.


  • Average pile length gives 50-50 benefits of both extreme options
  • It has the potential to retain its color for long
  • Lightweight
  • It has very less static problems, unlike natural fibers.


  • It might not fight against oil-based stains, as it is water-resistant too.

Blue and Ivory Coastal rug is lightweight, sturdy, cost-effective, and offers adequate comfort. Additionally, its design pattern makes it go well for both indoor and outdoor surroundings. Seeing all these attributes, we can list this piece in good indoor outdoor area rugs.

Sand Dollar Neutral Rug

Our third pick is dedicated to natural theme lovers. It is a plain rug with a nude shade of Sand dollar. However, the design element that makes it stand out from the crowd is its border. It is thick and prominent with a darker tone. Being versatile, this nude rug has the potential to pair well with any theme. However, unlike our previous two items, it is not meant for outdoors. What are the most outstanding facts about this rug? It is an Indian hand-tufted rug. Wow! India is considered as the top country for selling rugs and carpets today. They export around 75-85% of the total carpet manufactured in their country. Their rugs are highly valuable and heavily durable. You can expect the same attributes from this Sand dollar too. It means you can also use it for heavy-traffic areas. Its heavy-duty material will survive excessive outdoor use. This tan-colored rug is made up of 100% Wool Pile. The pure wool construction means a plethora of benefits. Few of them are comfort, non-allergenic, strong grip, ergonomic, balanced humidity, and durability. This nude beauty is available in different sizes that include both runner and rectangle. Its pile height is 0.37 – you are going to enjoy the startling cozy feel.


  • It is flame-resistant
  • It keeps surrounding clean by trapping fine dust
  • Tan color makes it adaptable
  • Its unique border-style makes it exceed other typical plain rugs


  • Its nude tone might make it vulnerable to spots/stains

Sand Dollar rug is hand-tufted by top-notch craftsmen with a top-quality material. Can you still doubt its quality? It has captivating and flexible design features too. Nevertheless, its price is on higher-end. But, its longevity and health benefits worth it all.

Wood Brown/Chiffon White Flat Weave Rug

We say wood brown and Chiffon white combination can never go wrong. This flat weave rug fulfills our statement. It contains small-sized hexagonal repeating all over the floor covering. The pattern is extended quite skillfully - It gives the viewer the urge to touch the carpet to feel the depth. This brown-colored masterpiece is again an Indian product. What’s more? It is handwoven. Thus, we believe, this rug is quite durable that it can serve you for decades. 100% of Pile wool is used for its construction with a height of 0.37. It is available in a variety of sizes.


  • Pure wool makes it healthy for toddlers/babies
  • It is durable
  • It gives a cozy feel


  • Not suitable for outdoors

This Indian flat weave rug can be a great addition to your home. It is beautiful – it is pure – it is durable. It is enough to describe it all, we believe. Here one thing is worth reminding; hand weaved and wool rugs have relatively higher prices. Expect the same from this rug! 

9’ x 12’ Copper/Green Peshawar Ziegler Rug

Our next prince is Peshawar’s Zieglar Rug. What so special about its being a Peshawar product? Well, its rugs are highly famous from Pakistan – a country known for its best area rugs. It won’t be surprising to see how much people from the US and Europe love these Zieglar (Chobi) rugs. This piece comes with rust as its basic color. On that, it has a masterpiece of art extended all over the surface. The complicated yet mesmerizing floral pattern gives it full of life traditional look. It has a brown, green, blue, and red color for its artwork. The whole print goes in such a flow to make it look well harmonized. The amazing blending of different colors makes it a good choice for diverse themes. Just like its appearance, its manufacturing details are outstanding. It is hand-knotted by Peshawri artists and contains 100% New Zealand’s wool. What’s more? Its maker didn’t send it for selling after just knotting and dying. Rather, they stonewashed this rug to give it a more antique and compelling look. So now, we can say, this piece is competent for its quality as well. It is however available in only one size i-e 9’2” x 12’.


  • Its wool traps soil inside
  • It feels very soft
  • As it is hand-knotted, you can clean it properly


  • It is pricey.

This Zeigler is one of the top-notch rugs when it comes to traditional designs. You can trust its quality as craftsmen have put their efforts to make it an outstanding item. That’s why people from foreign countries adore these rugs. However, this elegant and versatile piece asks for some good amount.

6’ x 9’ Blush/Brown Bokhara Oriental rug

Here we have another famous Pakistani piece. It is a Bokhara Oriental rug. The design of this carpet is unique and simple at the same time. The combination of rose, brown, and gray color with different shades add life to this piece. The diminutive design of its wide border makes it look traditional yet intricate – the simple and repetitive pattern at the center gives simple and tranquil effects. Just like our Zieglar, the Pakistani craftsmen have put their efforts in the construction of this Bokhara as well. It is hand-knotted and contains 100% of New Zealand’s wool. Besides having natural construction material, this rug is colored with vegetable oil dyes. It has heavy piles to give you a luxurious feel. It is available in only one size that is 6’ x 9’.


  • It can respond well to cleaning
  • It has a versatile design to go well with different types of rooms
  • Because of its wool, it can keep your surroundings allergy-free


  • This wool Bokhara rug can react with certain chemicals.

Beauty, simplicity, and elegance – it is all we can say about this Bokhara rug. Despite amazing color blending, it is plush and durable – you can expect the services of long-time like decades from it. Contrary to other high-end pure wool rugs, its price is not very high.    

3’ x 5’ Red/Gold Kazak Rug 

This rug piece also belongs to Pakistan. It falls in the special category, and thus named as Kazak rug. This bold rug is red in color with the artwork of different colors including gold, black, and brown. Its pattern is unique and loud. All over the rug, we can see large and multifaceted geometric patterns. They grant this cheap indoor rug the traditional as well as puzzling looks. The red boundary makes Kazak look classic. Just like our previous indoor rugs, this item is also packed with pure wool. It is cozy and natural. The Pakistani skilled craftsmen have put their indefatigable efforts to weave this rug. The Turkish knot is used to make it a solid piece with supreme consistency. Once done with weaving and dying, this rug was hand washed to obtain a glossy final touch. It is available in one size that is 3’1” x 5’0”.


  • Price is quite affordable
  • It has pure wool in its construction
  • It has very strong consistency due to its Turkish knot
  • Hand-knot enhances its durability
  • Colors and design make it capable of adjusting well with various themes.  


  • It is not meant for those who adore the modern touch

This Kazak rug is made up of pure wool while using hand-knot for its weaving. What does it depict? It clearly means you can trust its longevity. It is bold and outstanding. What’s even more fascinating? It won’t put the burden on your pocket that other hand-knotted wool rugs do.

6’ x 9’ Red/Sangria Overdyed Patchwork Rug

It won’t be unjust to declare this Sangria Patchwork Rug a Gem of all above-suggested rugs. This multi-colored floor mat covering can spellbind anyone at first glance. What’s the main cause of its eccentricity? Well, it is not a single rug piece. Rather, it has a collection of different gripping pieces that are knotted together carefully. The knotting process could be tricky – a person may suspect flaws in it. In order to eradicate any imperfection, it was hand-knotted by Pakistani experts. The neatness of its thread between patches gives proof of workers’ precision and capability. The life span of this masterpiece is further ensured by using pure wool for its making. Once it was weaved, vegetable oil dyes were used to give it a vibrant look. This Sangria rug is durable, delectable, and has the potential to go well with any theme – even this single piece is enough to make your room graceful. It is available in a single size of 6’ x 9’.


  • It has an adorable design
  • Made up of natural elements
  • It resists fire
  • It is anti-allergen


  • You would need to be considerate about stains and harmful chemicals.

The Sangria rug is a unique and beautiful rug that can elevate the elegance of your room. Its construction details also say a lot of its durability. Yeah, you would also need to pay some worth for its design and sturdiness.

Thanks for reading the best indoor outdoor rugs of 2024. We hope it has helped you in deciding the best piece for yourself. Don't forget to check Rugknots the best seller around town to see more amazing rugs with great discount offers!

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