Rug Placement Guide

Choosing a rug is only one part of the journey, finding it a suitable spot is another. Rug placement can be a daunting task, even more so than finding the right rug. Yet, it is easily avoidable! Only if rugs were bought after a careful measure, the problem could be avoided.

It’s worth mentioning that nothing brings a room together as a rug does. Nothing misaligns a room as the misfit rug does. Unsurprisingly, the placing matters as much as the rug design. Hence, if you are going all out for a particular design, you better be accommodating towards rug’s needs.

While riddance of problems certainly stands out, area rug placement has numerous other benefits. For once, it narrows down your options. With hundreds and thousands of carpet designs available, choosing your heirloom is a formidable task. Anyone who has gone through rug shopping can surely relate to this. With requirements in mind, you tame down the inquisitor in you and look for a rug that you can actually accommodate.

Rug Placement

Secondly, you already know what you are looking for. Not only does this save you time, but also the energy that you would otherwise utilize mapping corridors. A bit of preparation never hurts, and so neither a visual portrait.

With our oriental collection available at discounts and our rug size guide, Rugknots intends to make such decisions easier. This piece is also aimed at making your complicated calls easier. So let’s start right away.

Things to Consider in Rug Placement

There are a number of factors that you need to account for during the placement of a rug. While the most notable are size and styles, footfalls also have an integral part to play. They determine the sort of rug that would make them do in a particular region. Here is the complete list of variables that can affect a rug’s position:

·        Size

Understandably the larger the room size, the larger the heirloom needed. In order to determine the optimal area rug sizes, you can use masking tape. It’s better to leave out 18 inches all the way around the room for pathways. If your room is smaller, settle with 8 inches. Once you have got the size, approximate by giving yourself a 2-inch margin. You also need to account for the borders! Once you are done, just measure the dimensions of the masking tape, and you are good to go. Size is an extremely important factor as far as rugs go by. The basic purpose of a rug is to seem aesthetically pleasing (not to ignore comfort and warmth). For a size rug to be just that, it needs to be proportional to the surroundings.

·        Shape

Gone are the days when a fully covered floor was the norm. Nowadays, area rugs have taken over and rightly so. They allow for more variety, pathways, and experimentation. Talking of variety, area rugs allow for many shapes to be used. Not you don’t just need to be content with a rectangular shaped rug, and you can go for a circular one and even an irregularly shaped one. While rectangular rugs are unmatchable if you have a large or medium-sized room, circular rugs are a better option if your room feel isn’t as cozy. 

·        Style

The style is dependent on the texture of the surroundings. A rug’s main purpose is to please aesthetically, and it does so by creating a contrast. Hence, the surroundings do influence the style of rug. In this regard, a contemporary rug is more suitable in funkier surroundings. Similarly, oriental rugs do better informal environments. Yes, personnel choice does have a say, but nothing disjoins a room as a misfit rug does.

·        FootFalls

While often neglected while choosing a rug for a particular surrounding, footfalls play an important role in helping you select the right material. Entryways, for example, receive manifolds the footfalls received by bedrooms. Hence, they need to be more durable, or the rug would unravel in no time. Do account for footfalls while placing your rug.

Rug Placement Ideas

While it may seem too daunting a task, choosing the right position isn’t really tough if you have the right feel and preparation for it. To ease it for you, here are a few ideas for placement of area rugs on hardwood floors:

Ideas Rug Placement in Living Room

Let’s start with the most integral part of any household-the living room. A living room occupies a distinct position, given the purposes it serves. In this regard, a normal living room is loaded with a piece of furniture and home decor. A rug can add real gist to it, but what’s the best living room rug placement technique? Speaking on statistics alone, many people prefer a large heirloom bordered by furniture. In this case, proportionality holds true, ensuring an eye-pleasing surrounding. This, however, demands a bit of care because you don’t want your rug to go to the wall. A bit of leeway between the two can help create pathways, ease out footfalls and segregate areas! The best line of action is a rug solely covering your couch and seating arrangement.

Rug placement


Circular rug popularity is rapidly gaining heat, too, especially in less cozy surroundings as far as area rug placement living room is concerned. One trend, however, that isn’t gaining any bit of heat is the use of a small rug. This ‘floating island effect’ can lead to a misaligned room because the rug seems secluded. A smaller rug can’t create contrast if it seems menial compared to the frame of reference. Proportionality, sure, does make a difference.

So, what’s the perfect rug size for a living room? While it’s almost impossible not to account for the size of the room, let’s talk on trends. 10 x14, 9x12, and 6x9 are popular right rug sizes for living rooms. You do get a bit of leverage dealing with round rugs, but an unconventional method isn’t always as popular with the masses.

Ideas For Rug Placement in Bedroom

Rugs in bedrooms have always been an enigma and a pretty complicated one too. With the bed occupying most of the space, the size was always going to be an issue. What doesn’t help is that no one wants to directly hop onto the cold floor after a cozy nap. Plus, the rug needs to offer a huge leeway along all sides of the bed. With all those complications, why not just avoid getting a bedroom rug? Unlike other rugs, a bedroom rug isn’t just all décor. It brings warmth and coziness. If you disagree, try hopping out of your bed onto the cold floor beneath.

So, what is the best technique for rug placement in the bedroom? Quite a lot of them, actually. You can cover all of your furniture or just your bed. You could also only flank the side of the bed! The crux of this all is that a suitable bedroom rug needs to cover the sides. This way, you get the comfort and the leeway! Flanking the sides is one of my personnel favorite techniques because, in addition to covering all the basic aspects, it is economical. Rug placement guide for kids' bedroom, unsurprisingly, has the same basic crux. Yes, the style needs to be a bit different to make things a little playful, but that never hurts.

Again, there is no perfect bedroom rug size. Popularity-wise, though, 2x6 (a couple of them), 5x8, 6x9, and 8x12 rug sizing stand out.

Ideas For Rug Placement in Dining Room

A general rule of thumb is that the dining room rug should be large enough to cover the dining table and seating arrangements of the dining area. Don’t act miserly, though, because there should be enough room to slide your chairs in and out. All in all, the placement goes to the end of the room. That having been said, an alternate is circular rugs given that most dining rugs are round in shape.

rug placement

You, however, do need to make a few considerations. Given that spills are bound to happen, the rug needs to be durable and easy to clean.

More often than not, dining room rugs are huge, often in the range of 8x8, 8x10, or even large rug than that. If you need for tips that how to place rugs in every situation please visit this blog. 

Ideas For Rug Placement in Entryway

The only place where the fully covered floor is better than a partially covered one is an entryway. Hence the rug placement in the hallway needs to be done end to end. Most hallways/entryways do have certain restraints as far as shape and fabric go by. The rug needs to be resistant and durable and in most cases, rectangular. Not much that you can choose from other than style. Talking of that, Rugknots does pride itself in the variety its runner rugs. 

Ideas For Rug Placement in the Kitchen

Kitchen rugs are different, for they do not obey the standard rules of proportionality. They don’t have huge furniture resting on them and yet look aesthetically pleasing. They bear a striking similarity to runner rugs, for they are much larger vertically. The best line of action as kitchen rug placement goes to arrange as stripes in open spaces.

A couple of other considerations are mandatory too. The rug needs to be easy to clean and durable because you are always moments away from the spill.

Ideas For Rug Placement in Bathroom

A typical bath rug is a small rectangle or square rug in front of the toilet, but you can always liven things up. You could go for a larger rectangular rug with whacky, whimsical patterns. That having been said, most people don’t fancy a rug in front of the toilet. Almost all do fancy a rug adjacent to the bathtub because they provide a slip-free zone. Most also prefer one in front of their sink.

Do you prefer your conventional rug way or the unconventional way? Do not forget to comment down below. Also, don’t forget to checkout on our exquisite collection. Most of it is available on up to 65 percent off. Just don’t do so without considering your requirements, or you may fall in love with our ‘enchanted’ best rugs.

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