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Do you remember any specific thing from your elementary school classroom? There would be many things for sure – I remember a chart paper with fascinating graphics. I kept looking at it during my free time. And would you believe I couldn’t forget the details of this chart till now? The tricks to teach kids any concept the best way involves two things. The first is repetition, and the second is visual representation. You can see many posters and charts in the classrooms for the same reason. But, wouldn’t it be cruel to let young minds face the tedious floor all day long? Classroom rugs come handy at this point. There are many incredible classroom area rugs available nowadays. They give a warm and friendly impact along with stimulating learning opportunities. Our piece is dedicated to these learning carpets. Here, you will discover different ideas to extract maximum benefits out of these floor coverings.  

Few Productive Educational Rugs Ideas for Classrooms

If you haven’t into these carpets before, it would be difficult to understand how they can help in kids' learning process. We’ve got you here.

Language-based Rugs

The most common types of the classroom-carpets we see are language-based kids’ rugs. These rugs show alphabets with an exciting color theme in a compelling way. It thus, helps your little one to have command over the language. You can even find bilingual rugs. They contain letters and words from two different languages. Wouldn’t it be great if kids learn the basics of two languages by just staring at a floor? However, some advanced rugs also teach phonics in a fun way. The good thing is you can buy them in different shapes including rectangle, square, or oval with phonics images on it. You can see in the image below, how manufacturers know the trick to grab little minds’ attention. They have used vibrant colors with the pattern of ABC, numbers, and few letters. I think it is all enough to make children learn in a fun way.

Number Based Kids’ Rugs

The math-based rugs are common too. They usually come with displaying numbers in some fascinating way for a basic level. How about making kids grab the concept of multiplication and division through a rug? You can also buy a few rugs with such amazing concepts. They are usually large and contain numbers in both horizontal and vertical manner. Children can make pairs and see what outcome they can get by multiplying/dividing them. Likewise, you can also buy addition/subtraction fun rugs.  

Geography Based School Rugs

Few school rugs can also assist you with the Geography concepts. There are rugs available with the whole world map on it. You can also purchase region-specific rugs like United States map kids rug and others. Likewise, there are few rugs that help with learning science concepts. Besides, there are faith-based and music-related educational rugs available too. Nowadays, you can even purchase a carpet square that has any specific alphabet on it. Kids can use them as their seating place. It can also be a great learning source when they will mix or match them to make any letter. Though not geography-related, you can also purchase carpets with a city map on it. Like in the image below, the map shows various city units along with a road connecting them. These rugs can help kids in understanding the basic elements of a city along with their functions. Keen to know how to keep kids busy for long? Just ask them to bring their toys (cars, trains, any vehicle), and they will spend hours moving them on the tracks of this joy carpet.

Circle Time Rugs

Wouldn’t it feel amazing to see your child learning social skills with kids rugs? There are seating rugs that cover this aspect as well. Such rugs have design showing designated seating areas. It can assist kids to sit on them during the story or circle time. They also help in strengthening the positive behavior of kids. For example, teachers can allow kids to have a seat of their own choice with their friends. How about taking that privilege away if a child misbehaves? Such mild punishments can be fruitful in the long run. In the image below, you can see a rug with prominent alphabets bubbles and aquatic life on it. Kids will go to their specific pre-assigned bubbles on your circle time or a story time call.  How would it feel to hear the never-ending noise of kids pulling chairs on the bare floor? It would be enough to give you a long-lasting headache. These floor coverings can prevent this mess. Furthermore, the underwater scene with corals, fish, and waves can have a charismatic effect on juvenile minds. Another great addition to school furniture could be a Puzzle rug. Such rugs can be perfect especially for daycare. Isn't it great to allow children to connect their rug parts and make a cozy seating place? They can be a great entertaining source during their playtime.   

How to Contribute to Hard-up kids’ Education?

When we are talking about kids’ education, how can we forget Rugknot's efforts in this regard? They have dedicated a 2% amount of each rug sell for underprivileged kids' education. Isn't it so great to buy a luxurious carpet for your home and you are already making a huge difference in someone's life? They bring these elegant rugs back from their home country Pakistan. In return, they try to make kids' future brighter by donating a specific amount for building schools. Rugknots has become successful in establishing many schools in Pakistan with TCF help. You can also become a part of this prestigious journey - so, why to delay? Someone's future is waiting for your purchase. See some amazing Rugknots’ Oriental rug collection here.

Benefits of Classroom Area Rugs

Here are a few points you should remember while furnishing children classroom. It shows why you shouldn’t neglect rugs carpets in the whole process. As we know, little ones’ classroom is all about activities. The carpet or a rug in this scenario can play the role of an anchor. It will prevent kids from dispersing or going out of the activity circle. You can also use these rugs as a comfortable and homely seating area. It could be too formal for kids to sit on the same chair for long hours. It can be tiring as well. If you have a rug, it will allow them to sit on a soft place happily. We all need a quiet atmosphere for learning. It becomes more important for young students. So, these rugs can also serve as a noise-reducing accessory. It will absorb irritating sound to make your room a peaceful place. Nothing could be more dangerous for kids than a wet naked floor. Children can get serious injuries on hitting the hard ground. And we all know how they become out of control when excited. Rugs can help here too. They provide cushioning to prevent such tragedies. If you put a rug in your classroom, it will prevent children from harsh weather like cold. They also have the ability to absorb allergy molecules. So, we can say, rugs can improve the overall environment for youngsters. Even if you are planning to buy earth tone rug, it will be valuable. In our opinion, according to different researches, productivity increases many times when there is fun. It becomes even more important for kids as they tend to distract soon. Why let go of your floor area when you can use them to make education interesting for kids? Also, children need gentleness in their environment to stay happy. How would you feel letting small kids bump their heads on the hard floor? These educational rugs can make classroom noiseless, safe, and cozy. Also, their interesting patterns can give kids a canvas to explore many facts and secrets.

Luckily, there is a huge variety of kids rugs available in the market. Don’t delay to get your hands on them! Get hands on the most amazing rugs from RugKnots!

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