how to decorate open floor plan

Open floor plans are fantastic for entertaining. But they tend feel unfinished, like something is missing.

When you are designing a kitchen, dining room and living room combination, you need to keep in mind the necessity of rugs also matching rugs in different rooms which will help you out on how to decorate open floor plan.

As you work on designing an open floor plan, remember the following important rules: decide the functions of each room, figure out how many seats you need for each room, pick accent colors, and understand the best type of rugs for open floor plans.

Decorate Open Floor Plan  

Incredible rugs at establishing visual boundaries. So first, determine how you want to use each section of your large area.

  • Do you want a reading nook?
  • A large sitting area for entertaining?

How To Visualize A Room

Map Out the Area On Paper: This is perhaps the easiest option of all four. Just write down the dimensions of your room and start dreaming up different ways you can arrange furniture and what new furnishings you need.

Keep in mind the traffic patterns and where people will walk.

Rearrange Furniture: If you already own plenty of furniture you love, then instead of buying new ones, rearrange what you have. Face the furniture towards each other and close together.

Always make sure everything is away from the walls and the front legs are anchored on your rug.

how to decorate open floor plan

The previous photo is an excellent example of how to arrange furniture on your rug. Pull the sofas away from the wall and face them towards each other for the most powerful effect.

Use Photoshop Elements: Photoshop Elements is an amazing software that makes visualizing your room so much easier. It comes with a price tag, but it is worth every penny. The Lettered Cottage created a complete tutorial, I highly recommend it.

Ask the Houzz Experts: Houzz has a super helpful message board called "Design Dilemma." You just post a photo of your room and the experts weigh in with their ideas on how you can rearrange the furniture. It is all free and you are able to find interior designers that you click with.

Once you know how you want to use every section, you can be more equipped to buy the best furniture. After your furniture is in place, buy rugs that extend past the edges of each piece.

how to combine area rugs in an open floor plan

As you can see in the previous photo, the patchwork rug is large enough to extend beyond the table. Normally, 8x10 is the best size rug for almost all areas. 

Each Space Needs To Hold

This is extremely important. Avoid buying furniture that is too big and over stuffs a room or too small and leaves people with nowhere to sit.

Ideally, you will want to create conversational areas for smaller groups of people. One mistake people often make is to think too big. Even if you plan on entertaining large groups, people will naturally break off into smaller groups to talk.

Take your large room and split it into smaller conversational areas. Place chairs, side tables, and small sofas around the room. Use separate rugs for each space.

Pick Accent Colors

Since rugs are so large, they are an excellent catalyst for featured colors in design schemes. Pick your favorite colored rug then choose the accent colors to play off the rug and that is how to match rugs in open floor plan. 


Playing off accent colors is an excellent way to tie together all the smaller conversational areas you created in the previous step. Place these colors around the room in pillows and art on the wall. 

In the previous photo, I love how the teals and oranges all play so well off each other. It's a perfect rug for this room and naturally separates it from the kitchen area in the back. 

Type of Rugs For Open Floor Plans

Honestly, the best types of rugs are large rugs that visually separate large rooms into usable sections. But you can also use lovely round rugs and even layer with smaller rugs.

Rugs That Go Together: Want to know how to combine area rugs in an open floor plan?  Keep in mind, that when you are choosing multiple rugs in an extra-large room, they will have to flow together.

We picked our favorite pairs of coordinating area rugs for you.

My best tip - choose colors and patterns that easily flow from one area of the room to the next.

Grey rugs pair perfectly with any other color you choose. Pick a grey shag like in the previous photo and then an overdyed rug and you have areas that really pop!

Overdyed rugs have a more solid color look to them, with the pattern of the rug in the background. This makes them perfect for not clashing with rugs in other vibrant patterns.

Teal rugs are very on-trend right now. I love how that teal rug pairs with the vintage-looking Turkish rug. If you love decorating with neutrals but want a pop of color, teal is the way to go.

Sage is another very popular color. Sage is more earthy than teal. This sage rug looks wonderful with the brown Turkish print. I can see this in a living room/dining room combination.

This grey Chinese rug will go with almost any rug you put next to it. It is fantastically neutral with enough geometric shapes around the edge to give it contrast and interest.

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