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“Winter is coming” may have become an iconic quote but at this time of the year, we can firmly say winter really is coming. The brisk and fresh air of fall is slowly starting to turn chilly. The hardwood floors are slowly starting to perpetuate the coolness of the climate. During winters, there’s nothing more you want than staying warm and cozy. You want to absorb every ounce of heat you can! You wrap yourself with sweaters, jackets, scarves, quilts and what not! While heaters are a great source of insulation, they’re still quite overwhelming. Another great option is the carpeted floors. They’re a great source of keeping you warm, heated, and comfy. However, there's still a great element you’re missing out on. Rugs over carpets create the perfect comfortable environment that one craves for during wintertime. Not only does it give that extra warmth, but it also adds extra cushioning. Whether patterned or not, placing area rugs on carpet creates a stylish look and adds onto the grandeur of your room. It’s a super fun and elegant way to style your place in winter. We’re going to give you some design tips and show you what a fun and easy method of putting a rug on the carpet is.


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Can You Put a Rug on A Carpet?

The answer is, yes, yes, and yes! Area rug over carpet, otherwise known as layering rugs, is a super hot trend that several interior designers are absolutely in love with. It defines and adds personality to your space- making it look luxurious as ever! If you feel like your carpeted space is a little outdated and it badly needs a makeover, then you should definitely try this out! Without doing much you can transform your space as you’ve never imagined before. We all have at some point spent a fortune on decor, and regretted doing so the next minute. Well, this is an affordable way for your place that will instantly start to look defined and diverse. 

You need to give some time before adding an area rug. Here are some tips to help you

Make sure your area rug has a different texture than your carpeted floor. Most carpets are made out of wool, so your area rug can be that of sisal, jute, or shag rugs. However, if you want to add in a traditional rug, make sure you choose accent colors from your custom rug and add in pillows or wall art in the same color. This would help you in bringing the whole look of the family room together. You should be clear on what color goes well with your carpet. Most carpeted floors have neutral hues, like beige or grey. Monotone carpets are all the hype, but only if you have a very modern styled aesthetic in the house. If you want to take it up a notch, add in eclectic colors or fancy designs. To add an exciting feel to your room, consider adding in contrasting colored rugs. You can add accessories in the same color. 


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Rug pads:

They are a must when it comes to layering rugs over carpet. Without any rug pads, you may slip, especially if you have kids and elderly in the house. Having no rugs pads are bound to reduce the life of the rug and the carpet itself. Make sure to add in a good quality rug pad to avoid such disasters. We’ve explained everything about rug pads further below in the article. Keep reading to find out! 

Avoid adding a jute rug:

That’s too plush, such as a Morrocan shag rug. What you need to create is contrast and dimension, not something for you to trip over! To create a fun and exciting environment, try adding in rugs of different shapes and sizes. It creates a very comfortable environment- one which is much needed in winter!

How To Layer Rugs Over Carpet 

Now that you know that you can layer rugs over the carpet, let’s get into how you’ll be pulling this look off! This is a super easy look to pull off and we’ll walk you through it. 


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Make sure your base, being your carpet, is neutral. So that the rug you place on top gives your place a lively look. Adding in a rug with a vibrant or contrasting color essentially makes the room pop with color. One of my personal favorite design is adding a purple-colored rug accompanied by purple pillows over a beige sofa and rug. This is a beautiful and sophisticated look that you should definitely try out. You can even use fading ombre instead- it would give you the same outlook for boho rug. However, if you have a colorful carpet or if you’re interested in adding one of that sort, make sure the rug you place on top complements your carpet underneath. 


If you’re interested in adding a patterned rug, for instance, monochromatic stripes, make sure to utilize the colors in the rug with the accessories in your space. Otherwise, the look of your room won't come together. You can change the color of your walls accordingly too or add in a rug that compliments your existing wall colors. Another thing you can do is to keep the tone of your furniture bright and vibrant. This would help create a luxurious look. Neon colored furniture is in trend these days. and if you want to go for a bold look, go ahead and try this lookout. 


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We recommend you to choose a larger rug that covers more surface area. This is because a larger rug can cover a larger area, thus, it will warm up space more. You should place a rug over the carpet in a room that’s in use most of the time. Such as your living room. If you can't afford large rugs, go for smaller rugs and place them in different areas of your space. Such as in front of your sofa or under your table.


The material that a rug is made out of highly affects its capability to provide you with insulation against the cold. Especially if you want to make some cozy corners by the fireplace or a sitting area in the lounge, you would want a cozy feel in the house. You’re going to want to choose wool as your rug’s material since it’s an amazing insulator while being soft and durable. Although wool is considered to be expensive, you may use other fabrics instead. Cotton, acrylic, and nylon are great insulators too and can be used as wool’s substitute. They’re even easier to clean and maintain, however, they’re not as durable as wool. Nonetheless, they’re a great option for you to choose as area rugs in winter. 


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How To Keep Rugs From Sliding on the Carpet

Adding an area rug on your wall to wall carpeted floor is a great way to protect your carpet. However, they come with a price. Area rugs placed on top of carpets cause you to slip and slide, creating tripping endangerment. And at times it drives you crazy! To keep this from happening, keep reading ahead to effectively put an end to this. 

Anchor it

One way to keep this from happening is by placing your furniture on top of these rugs. A great number of people have been using this technique to fixate their rugs in one place. Some interior designers consider this a ‘taboo’ while some argue that bringing in furniture pieces creates a great design element. Allowing parts of your furniture to overlap with the area rug looks great with natural fiber. Although you might still have to use nonslip pads or sticky tape. Anchoring it with furniture may even damage your rug and carpet since there's a lot of pressure on them. On the other hand, if you cleverly place your furniture on top of your rug, you won’t be needing any of them and would keep your rug slipping on carpet. 


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Non-Slip Pads

The most effective manner to stop rugs from sliding on the carpet is adding a good quality non-slip pad underneath your rug. You should use this method if you have expensive rugs, such as traditional or Morrocan rugs. Non-slip pads are available in both thick and thin pads. If you prefer extra cushioning, then go with thick pads. If not, go with thin padding or a non-slip rubber shelf liner. You should use a thin pad while adding a rug under your dining table to prevent the furniture from tottering. When buying a non-slip pad, make sure to buy one that is suitable for both your carpet and rug. It’s recommended that you should use pads made out of polyester since it diminishes the risk of damaging the carpet and rug. Rubber pads are a good option too, however, they require regular replacement. This is because the rubber starts to decay, causing the rotten rubber to become sticky which may harm the carpet underneath. 

Double-Sided Sticky Tape

Several carpet retailers sell double-sided sticky carpet tape. You may even use it between your rug pad and rug for firmly keeping the rug in place. Apply it on the boundaries of the rug, about 2-3 inches. For extra security, apply it to the center of the rug. Using sticky tape will help you achieve your purpose. However, it may collect dirt and dust over time, causing it to lose its adhesive feature. This is why you will need to replace the tape frequently. If you have an expensive rug, such as traditional rugs or an expensive carpet, refrain from using tape. This is because when the tape is removed, it leaves behind a residue, which might end up staining the carpet and rug. 


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Caulking it 

If you have a rug that’s quite inexpensive, consider caulking it instead. This method is quite inexpensive. Start by running droplets of silicone caulk on the backside of the rug, working your way along the edges of the rug and the center. To ensure that the liquid has fixated properly on the rug, run a knife over the droplets. After the silicon has been dried, place the rug over your carpet. The dried silicon will tightly grip onto the carpet, preventing the rug to slide on the carpet. It isn’t advised for you to use this method on an expensive rug, such as a Persian or an oriental rug. 

How to Keep a Rug from Rolling Upon the Carpet

Area rugs, no matter how small or big, can start to bunch or roll up when walked on- especially when the rug is layered on carpets. You’re going to need a non-skid pad and a sticky tape to prevent this from happening. Adding in non-skid rug pads not only prevents the rug from rolling up, but it also increases the airflow while vacuuming. These rug pads are easily available in all shapes and sizes.


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Step 1

Buy a non-skid rug pad that is appropriate for your rug. If your rug pad isn’t available in your rug’s size, which is quite rare, you can choose a larger rug and trim it down to the desired length. 

Step 2

Start to apply the double-sided tape on the backside edges of the rug. Make sure you’ve applied it correctly. Then, attach the rug pad to the backside of the rug. You need to be extra careful when doing this since the double-sided tape can be quite strong. Hence, attaching the pad in the wrong manner and taking it off, can damage both the rug and the pad. In some cases, just a rug pad isn’t enough to keep a rug from folding, which is why we make use of double-sided tape. Do not directly attach the taped side of the rug to your bare carpet, or it will leave adhesive residue behind. 


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Step 3

Once you’re done, make sure your rug pad is firmly attached to your rug. Let your rug rest for a while, allowing the tape to fix between the rug and the pad. Make sure you don’t walk over it, just in case. After letting it rest for some time, place your rug over the desired area. And you’re done! 

What Color Rug Goes With Grey Carpets

Most people have had this common misconception for quite long that ‘grey’ carpeting is boring. However, grey carpeting is quite in trend these days. Traditional neutral colors like beige are being replaced and gray is the new neutral. Interior designers are absolutely in awe with how grey carpets give the perfect touch of sophistication to a room. And we’re too absolutely in love with it! 

Even better? If you have grey carpeting, you can go with any colored area you like to compliment the look. You could choose colored or patterned area rugs and you’d still be in style! If you’re scared of going bold, you don't have to worry about it if you have grey wall to wall carpeted floors. Whether you choose contrasting colors or even colors in similar shades.  For me, any blue colored rug; aqua blue, sky blue, navy blue, state blue, look ideal with grey carpeting. White, red and yellow look great too. Now that you know everything about layering rugs on a wall to wall carpeted floor, go get one now! Whether you want to change the look of your space or even add extra warmth and comfort, area rug on carpet serves as a great source for both! 


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Where to Add Rugs in Winters?

If you’re confused about where to add in rugs over your carpet in winters, here are 10 places you can.

1. In Front of your fireplace

When you light up a fireplace, it immediately becomes the center of attention and creates a very magical feel to the room. Especially when you have carpeted floors. Interior designers while decorating a living room, have specifically given decorating a fireplace a lot of thought. Since fireplaces have the tendency to attract attention, they need to be embellished accordingly. Adding in area rugs in front of your fireplace takes your place to a whole new level. Especially traditional rugs. They bring in a certain dramatic vibe to your space and ultimately making it look like its right out of a movie! Since rugs add in extra cushioning, you can easily sit in front of your fireplace accompanied by a hot chocolate marshmallow drink! 


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2. Next to your bedside

One of the worst things about winters is that you have to get up from that cozy, warm bed of yours. To ensure that coziness and warmth stay on a little longer, add in a rug next to your bedside! To add in extra warmth, you may use a high pile rug instead of a low pile rug. High pile rugs add additional comfort and will definitely prove to be a delight for your feet! Place a high pile rug next to your bedside if you want to save yourself from a moody day ahead! Trust me, you won't regret it.

3. Foot of your bed

The foot of the bed is already an essential place for embellishing area rugs. With a wall to wall carpet in your room, you can highlight this part of your bedroom through a nice rug. An oriental rug with its beautiful patterns will give a tonal variation to the room giving it a chic look. Area rug at the foot of your bed has been a trend for a long time now, and a part of the decor in both winters and summers. Although in winters, it can further provide you with comfort and relief from the cold that seeps through your floors. 


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4. Underneath your work/study area

Add in an area rug in your work or study area. Do you have a great work table or a book stand in your office that needs a little jazzing up? You can bring in a high pile rug under your study or work table. Working and studying especially in winters can get quite tiring. Your carpeted floors can make it somewhat easier. However, to create a more comfortable environment for you to work in, add in soft, plush area rugs under your study table. 

5. Halfway Under the bed

Another way to add a rug over the carpet is by placing a rug halfway under the bed. This is an alternative for placing a rug at the foot of your bed or next to your bedside. Adding a rug under your bed provides further soundproofing to your room. The rug’s quality of being plush provides you with a soft landing for your feet and keeps the vibe of your room comfortable. Brown and white zebra-striped rugs over a beige or white carpet is super in trend these days. It balances the whole look of the room while creating a warm and cozy place for you to sleep in.


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6. Living Room

Your living room is the core of your home. This is where you relax and spend quality time with your friends and family. Therefore, it’s necessary to create a cozy, warm and welcoming space. You can furnish your space by placing a rug in between your couch to achieve that effect. Through this, there will always be a layer of soft, plush fabric for you to set your feet on. High pile rugs, such as hair on hide rugs or shag rugs, are the perfect rugs for you to add in your living room in winters. 

 7. In front of your dressing

Getting ready in winters can become quite a hassle. Especially when you have to get ready in the morning. Add in a small area rug in front of your dressing, under your stool. You can rest your feet over the soft fabric of your rug without feeling the cold that seeps through the floors. The carpeted floors just make it a whole lot better. We again recommend high pile rugs, such as sheepskin and shag rugs. Their soft and long strands would make your feet feel happy! 


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 8. Under your dining table

Adding a rug under your dining table is quite essential, even if you have wall to wall carpets and whether it’s wintertime or summer. Your dining room needs to have a welcoming feel to it and needs to be and look defined. If not, your dining space would start to look boring instead of lively. Your dining room, especially in winter, needs to feel welcoming and cozy. Ultimately, your guests won't feel like eating there! Trust me. When buying a rug for your dining table, you need to make sure your rug is flat. And when you wall to wall carpeted floors, this can become tricky. Now you wouldn’t want your table and chairs to be all wobbly, would you? To ensure that this doesn’t happen, refrain from buying high pile rugs, such as sheepskin and shag rugs. You would also want to choose a rug that isn’t too overwhelming or underwhelming. Rugs in light colors work best. If you’re interested in adding a patterned rug, go for traditional rugs. Add a rug in solid colors and designs that complete the look of the room.


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 9. In the Kids Playroom or bedroom

Having a wall to wall carpet for a kid's playroom sounds like a really cool idea! Not only is it cool but it's also very safe. When you know your kids are going to be playing around its a great idea to create a cozy living area via placing a rug in fun colors or even that has prints of their favorite tv characters! A high or a low pile carpet with an underlay can create a soft surface for your kids to play on. Moreover, a rug in a fun pattern can give the playroom the edge that it so rightfully deserves! Yes! You can play between colors and patterns to decorate it just the perfect amount! Transform your kids’ bedroom or their playroom according to the theme you find perfect. The animal kingdom, Disney characters or even informational patterns like ABC and 123 can give the room just the right kick!


So have at it with the carpet and rug together!

For placement, though you might find unlimited options in a kid's space. Add a rug by the toys trunk, or right where you have their little settee placed. Add a rug over the carpet anywhere and you will have the room sorted!


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10. In the walk-in closet!

Carpeting your walk-in closet is a great idea. It creates a very stylish and fashionable look. Take it up a notch by adding in a runner rug in your walk-in closet. Make sure to keep your carpet in a neutral color, preferably beige. For the runner rug, using a traditional rug would create a beautiful and magical look. Runner rugs specialize in making the snuggest place look big. Such as walk-in closets. The runner rug would create a majestic feel and definitely take away the attention from the close-fitting areas. They would also serve as a source of warmth, creating a comfortable space for you to get ready in. 

Now that you know everything about layering rugs on a wall to wall carpeted floor, go get one now! and you can get your favorite rugs from RugKnots only! Whether you want to change the look of your space or even add extra warmth and comfort, area rug on carpet serves as a great source for both!


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