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Rugs have been the most common accessory in every home. Not only do they add to the room’s style but, they certainly bring the whole area and room into life. They are undisputedly the most important and significant part of every home. People have considerably started to take that seriously as well and with that increased attention given to Area Rugs, they are myths in the air! Myths that sound extremely baseless but still have managed to gain worldwide attention and consciousness. Especially with the advent of the internet and social media, rumors and myths live and spread around the air in the splint of second. Because of the lack of information and false intelligence over the internet that too on a large scale has caused people to believe in these categorically unproven myths. These myths revolving around rugs need to get busted as soon as possible, like right away! We are here to be your myth buster and are ready to take that responsibility on our shoulders. We are pretty sure that there must be numerous questions and so called “statements” regarding rugs that are circulating in your minds at this point in time. You might somewhere feel that they are not factual but still tend to believe in those anyway due to lack of contrary information. Without any further ado, let’s start busting!

Myth#1: Rug Pads (Anti- Slip Mats) Are A “Formality”

Nope, absolutely not! Rug pads are not a formality in fact; they are a great necessity when it comes to rugs. They think it's a waste of money. Well, it’s not and is certainly the most life- saving and important thing for both you and your rugs. It helps keep your floor and the rug in the best form and shape possible. Rug pads help rugs stay in their place and not slip as they absorb the impact of footing and friction. This creates a great positive tension between the foot and the floor and keeps both protected. Not only that, rugs placed at high traffic areas without rug pads can cause their knots to loosen and that obviously destroys the rug. Also they add comfort to the so as you walk over it, you feel soft and comfy! Moreover, it maintains the life of the rug and increases its longevity. Meaning, a rug with a rug pad is even more durable and its lifespan can increase upto 40 percent as compared to the one that doesn’t have an anti slip mat! And obviously, this means money saving, too. So, rug pads are not a waste of money but are actually money saving. Missing out on a rug pad? That’s a huge deal!

Myth#2: Vacuuming Can Destroy Your Rug

This is by far the most popular rug myth. People think and suggest that you should never vacuum your rug as it will destroy it. That’s absolutely ground-less. Vacuuming is indeed very helpful in maintaining the appearance and health of a rug. It’s the easiest way to keep it clean and make it look presentable. Rug professionals suggest to get your rug deep cleaned every six months and get it professionally cleaned every 12 months. During that instance, you have to vacuum the rug to clean it otherwise, it would seem extremely dirty and disgusting. With the exception of some rugs (because of their materials), rugs can be vacuumed every day just like the normal house cleaning. But, it should be kept in mind that vacuuming is not to be done harshly. It should be carried out in a very delicate manner. Remember to not vacuum in an opposite direction but in an extremely delicate forward direction. Nonetheless, the myth stating that rugs are not to be vacuumed should be paid heed at all!

Myth#3: Rugs Have Magical Powers To Self Clean Themselves

This one always gets me due to its vague nature. People feel that they have fulfilled their duty once they buy a rug and have its ownership. They tend to think that there is no need to clean them or get them cleaned. One of the reasons is that they think that doing that will destroy the fibers and strands of the rug. Whether it’s a spill or anything, people think that rugs have magical powers which they can use to clean their own selves. Rugs are obviously non living and need to be maintained. Maintaining or cleaning them is not a hard job at all. To let them last for years and keep them in the best shape, you should keep them clean. Whenever there is a spill, soak a cloth in warm water and rub it at where there is a stain. Let it dry completely and place again. Don’t forget to vacuum it as well.

Myth#4: Rugs And Carpets Are The Same Thing!

Well, they are certainly not. Carpets and rugs are both extremely different things. There is a considerable difference between both the things. Although, they help cover the floor and add essence to your room but still function differently. Carpets are wall to wall and cover the whole space of the room. Whereas, a rug covers a certain amount of area that you choose to cover. Carpets are installed on the floor whereas; a rug is moveable and can be placed anywhere you want anytime! The main difference lies in the size and that says it all!

Myth#5: Rugs With Only High Knot Density Are Valuable

It’s absolutely true that knot density does matter when it comes to hand knotted rugs. Knot density is not the only factor that determines the value and quality of area rugs. There are rugs that have low knots density with the most intricate and beautiful designs and patterns and are more expensive than the ones with a higher knot density. While evaluating the value and qualities there are a lot more things that are considered such as the material used, design, patterns, and condition etc. Hand Knotted Rugs with even less knots can be of as good quality and higher value as a rug with more knots. After all, it’s handmade!

Myth#6: Rugs Should Not Be Placed Over Carpets

It was medieval times when this was actually a dilemma. With changing times, there are considerable changes in the way people used to think décor of their homes. People have become open minded and think in a completely different way now. However, there are still people who think that placing rugs on top of carpets is a sin! Well not because that’s actually a very good idea, you should consider doing that! It obviously causes no harm instead adds to the visual aesthetic of your room. There is nothing as pleasing as to see such a décor idea and trust us it’s gonna set your room on fire! If you’re ready to take risks and experiment, busting this myth and actually trying it out is the best way to do so!

Myth#7: Rugs Cause Health Problems

You might think so because that’s what’s been on the internet and in the air all this time. There are people that still believe that rugs can harm their health. They think it has allergens and causes considerable damage to one's health. Well, that’s completely unguided. Rugs don’t do anything like that. in fact, there are no health risks associated with them as rug professionals and constructors do tests and other procedure that further ascertain that there are no toxins or allergen present in the rug. Again, if you notice sneezing when around your rug that’s probably because you have neglected its maintenance and cleaning.  As we have mentioned previously, cleaning and vacuuming your rug is extremely important not just to keep your rug in the best condition but it is also favorable for the overall environment surrounding it. Vacuuming it regularly removes any dust and dirt that may cause irritation to anyone that’s around. In a nutshell, there is no harm to health because of rugs so don’t give a second thought and buy one for yourself already!

Myth#8: Bleaching Can Remove Stains

Don’t even think about it! That’s probably the worst you could do to your rug. Bleaching your rug is a BIG NO! Even the thought of doing this should send chills through your body. Bleaching causes the color of your rug to fade always and make it colorless. People think bleaching is a good idea in order to remove a stain from a rug. It further aggravated the stain. It is a natural property of bleach that it causes the color to die and makes it fade away. To remove a stain, you can simply use a cloth soaked in warm water or place the rug area in the liquid and remove the stain. Bleaching not only removes the color but it also destroys the overall condition and structure of your rug. There is a backing attached to a Wool Rug, and using bleach on such rugs can cause the strands and fiber to be destroyed and they fall out meaning, your rug is of no use now. Rugs made up of synthetic fibers such as nylon or polyester will get yellow and that obviously looks awful. If you don’t want your money to go down the drain, you must not try this at home in any way!

Myth#9: Rugs Are Not Kid- Friendly

Come on! This means that families should not even think of getting rugs for their homes. Of course, this myth is destroying the reputation of rugs. Almost every rug is kid friendly but with the exception of some rugs that are made up of lavish and expensive materials. Again, they are not forbidden to be used around kids but you would have to take good care while kids are around. This myth was busted right away with the advent of Nursery Rugs, that are made exclusively to be placed in a kid's room. You don’t have to worry about your kids when these rugs are placed in their rooms. Don’t pay heed to everything and rather think logically. There is nothing as an adult- friendly rug or a kid- friendly rug in fact all the rugs are human- friendly, duhh!

Myth#10: Rugs Are Not Pet-Friendly

Of course, they are! We understand that they are pet friendly who sometimes want to buy rugs exclusively for their pets only but suddenly hear that rugs are nor pet friendly. That hurts and we know that. Well, we are certainly here to remove that hurt and let you know that this is just a myth which has no connection with reality. We would suggest you to buy rugs that are hand knotted and are easy to maintain and clean. You would not have to worry about your pets being around if you do proper study regarding which rug material is best for your situation.

That was a hard job! We were extremely concerned with the kinds of myths that are circulating around and there are people who actually believe in them. We have tried our level best to break that stigma and give you exclusive and authentic information regarding rugs. People had been concerned about a lot of things that had no connection with the real world and were simply myths. And let me tell you there is nothing as reliving as busting these myths. Also, we know that it’s not just you who thought this way regarding rugs but there are a lot more and we know that. Help them out and be a myth buster for them. Help them distinguish between right and wrong. We have played our part and now it is your turn. We hope you found this helpful and informative since that’s what our goal was!

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Happy myth busting! 

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