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Runner rugs are one of the most celebrated rug types out there. They simply make up the whole house. We don't think any house is complete without these rugs. They connect different areas of your home and make it look like a “house”. They come in multiple designs and colors but obviously in the same shape. Runner rugs are long in height but not in width. Their shape doesn’t resemble the normal and standard rugs but are way different than those. Have you seen the red carpet at the Oscars? Those long and never ending carpets kinda resemble runner rugs except they are carpets and not rugs. But, these rugs make your home look like a ramp where you can shine your way through like a celebrity. As you might agree that runner rugs are the only rugs that actually work towards bringing your entire house together but they have some other uses, too. These rugs are the best to be placed at high traffic areas. As their name suggests, too they can take high foot traffic without damaging it. They have long narrow appearance and are generally placed at hallways and passageways where obviously there is high traffic. These rugs never mesmerize us. Many people might not think that they need a runner rug and tats because they lack proper knowledge that they should have regarding these rugs. There are multiple benefits and uses of such rugs that simply can’t be ignored blatantly. As we always strive for bringing and suggesting the best to you when it comes to rugs and decorations and have rightfully done so too, we have something more for you. Here, we again bring you all the reasons why you need to buy a runner rug for your place as soon as possible. So, let’s get started!

1.  For decoration purposes

One of the significant reasons to buy a runner rug is because of the fact that your house deserves to look beautiful and runner rugs help your space look modern. Whenever you build a house or live in one, decorating it is the biggest task after its construction. You want to go all out in order to make your home look as stunning as possible and we totally understand that. Runner rugs complete that fantasy of yours. As we have mentioned this previously as well that these rugs will fulfill your fantasy of feeling like a star celebrity. For example, you place it in your hallway, trust us not only would they completely transform your boring hallway to an extravagant and funky one but also make you feel like a queen/ king. They beautify your area and intensify its already existing look, too. They enhance your narrow passageway and make it look gorgeous and stunning. You can try different designs such as a boho chic décor or a modern oriental one or even an extravagant and royal look that you can get through Persian décor. The choice is obviously yours and you can decide amongst the never ending designs, sizes and colors that are available in these types of rugs. However, if you want the vibe to be more minimalistic and toned down, you can opt for a simple flat weave runner rug to match your vibe. Decide your favorite color whether it’s as common and normal as white or as vibrant as blue or red. You don’t have to worry as runner rugs are naturally made up of materials that are resistant to high foot traffic and won’t really cause you much of a headache if you see your kids running over these rugs.

2.  Protect the floors

Rugs act as a shield for the floors. Runner rugs are a protection for your hard floors. As they are placed at areas that receive the most traffic as of course people tend to move here and there and they are placed at areas that don’t receive some visitors. Obviously, it helps the floor stay in the best shape and form possible. The constant foot traffic, stains, paws and dust is retained by the rug instead and your floor will stay as new as it was when you built it. The best thing is that when you remove your rug from the passageways, it will look as new as you left it last time. Not only that, it prevents the constant wear and tear that the floor might experience due to the presence of kids and pets. It is very likely that the pets might cause scratching and scraping that is very much impossible to remove from the floor. But, you don’t worry as your runner rug will not let that happen. Your floors are protected and the rugs have natural abilities to protect themselves as well. Isn’t that cool? Well, rugs never fail to amaze us.

3.  Connect areas of your home

Runner rugs are a great way to connect spaces around your house. They are a perfect way to bring the whole house together. For example, your dining room and drawing room are side by side, such rugs will help bridge the gap in between the two rooms and make the space look mesmerizing. They help your space lo over lasting and bring your home together. It doesn’t leave out any awkward spaces that might exist in some areas around your home. They play a great part in connecting places and reducing spaces. Your home will look like a whole snack if you continue in this path of placing runner rugs at the bare areas of the house. It’s a great way to add a touch of style and fashion while carrying out a process of fixing stuff around.

4.  Let the rugs be a guide

Runner rugs can be used to guide your visitors and guests through the house. They can be used for leading purposes to people. They can guide your guests around and toward some designated areas of your home. For example, your guests might want to leave the living room and head toward the dining room but are too shy to bother you. Guess what,these rugs will help you and your guest through this awkward situation. Also, it is a great way to add anticipation and curiosity in the minds of your visitors and guests. They must be tricked by the narrow and long rugs, thinking that there might be some surprise at the end of the rug. And that’s a great way to hold up with your guests. This is a perfect way to lead your guests around places which gives you an opportunity to be the collect host ever! So grab your favorite sunglasses and a thug chain with a runner rug going through your way!

5.  Resistant to high foot traffic

As we mentioned in the introductory paragraph as well that runner rugs are the best rugs in terms of durability and the ones that can take high foot traffic. They can be used at an area that receives the most traffic as the material used in their making is quite durable and long lasting. As a space goes through extensive wear and tear, you would not have to worry about the condition of rugs, as these rugs are best known for this matter also. Moreover, as you have pets and kids that cause a lot of accidents such as spilling, pet urine, stains etc the rugs durability won’t miss a chance to rescue itself from it. its durability and features won’t cause much headache to you and your keeper. Rugs are a great way to not only protect your extensive flooring but also help to prevent and help you in most problematic situations. Its longevity also adds to its specialty which cannot be ignored. These reasons stand at an exalted position when it comes to the decision of buying runner rugs.

6.  They suck up the noise

Have you ever tried to sneak out from your house but got caught because of the noise of your footsteps? Have you ever wanted to satisfy your late night cravings but got scolded because your stairs were making a little too creaky noise? Well, if you have experienced that, it’s high time you buy a runner rug for your house for your good only. Runner rugs help absorb the constant noises that you must be hearing around your house such as the creek voices on your stairs, sound of footsteps, clacking heels etc. they help reduce the unnecessary noise “pollution” that is present within your house. We totally understand that the awkward and weird sounds that are caused due to your floors have caused you a lot, from your most awaited plans getting cancelled by your parents to getting caught escaping from an awkward position, you have borne that all. But, it should get over by now and if it hasn’t, then it is probably because you didn’t take the responsive measure that you must have taken long ago. Wondering what those measures are? Well, that is getting a runner rug. They are a great way to escape the annoying noises and also annoying situations without getting caught.

7.  Provide comfort to your feet

Have you ever been so tired that you just wanted to walk barefoot around your house but had to eventually wear shoes because you just couldn’t bear the harshness of your floor? Well, that’s because you don’t have a soft and luxurious runner rug going through your way. These rugs add comfort under your feet. They won’t only mesmerize you visually but physically as well. In addition to this, you can escape the coldness or harshness of the flooring of your home through these rugs unapologetically. It doesn’t matter if you got wooden or ceramic flooring, you can escape to a wanderlust squishy feel by moving around your comfortable rugs. They are perfect to bring warmth in your home that you can feel physically. A cozy and warm rug will always be on top when it comes to providing comfort and solace to your feet which eventually passes through your entire body. Whether it’s protection for your floor or from your floors, runner rugs have always got your back to protect each and every aspect of your home!

And that’s it! We have listed and explained all the reasons why you need a runner rug at your place. You just can’t deny the significance and importance of these rugs in any way. They are a great way to add style and comfort side by side. They provide comfort to your feet and to your home, too. Not only that, they act as a protective layer against any form of harm to the floors. You must have made up your mind in terms of the decision to get a runner rug and there is no significant reason why you should not get one. So get a rug and you’re ready to roll!

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