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Runner Rugs: 5 Places to Put Runners & Why You Need One!

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Every home needs a runner rug. Whether you want to elongate a small space like a hallway or add depth, beauty and comfort to a cozy space like a bedroom, runner rugs are the perfect addition to any home, any style, any size!

RugKnots loves the look runner rugs and luckily, runners are one of our specialties. We think every home could use a beautiful runner rug — they help make the most of small spaces and add a touch of color!

Where Can I Put Runner Rugs?

Runner rugs can virtually be used in any space of your home — don’t believe us? Check out how to get a custom-made runner rug hand knotted specifically to your dimensions, color tastes and style choices. Runner rugs are made for hallways, entryways, kitchens, bedrooms and more.

Hallway Runner Rugs

When thinking about runner rugs, most people think “hallways.” Hallway runner rugs are commonly used, and for good reason. Adding a runner to a hallways helps a heavy-traffic area become cozier and adds a unique touch to a space made for runner rugs. Their shapes were made for each other.

Beautiful oriental rug in a white hallway

Oriental rug with bold colors in a neutral hallways

Entryway Runner Rugs

Similar to the hallways, entryways are another perfect spot for a runner rug. Entryway runner rugs help welcome guests to your home and soften their footsteps. Runners placed in an entryway can help a narrow space feel bigger and more inviting.

Oriental rug in an entryway with hardwood floors and white walls

Kitchen Runner Rugs

We’re cooking up the truth! Kitchen runner rugs are all the rage. Place a runner rug between your cabinets and island and watch the magic happen. No more standing at the sink washing dishes with aching feet on tile floors. Kitchen runner rugs help lighten up a kitchen, and a bold runner perfectly compliments a neutral or earthy-toned kitchen.

Oriental runner rug in a neutral colored kitchen
Bokhara runner rug in a kitchen

Bedroom Runner Rugs

We’ve recommended using large area rugs in the bedroom, but we want to let you in on a little secret — runner rugs are perfect for bedrooms. Place a runner rug on both sides of the bed and we promise you, you’ll never wake up on the wrong side of the bed!

Two runner rugs in bedroom

You can even place a runner rug at the foot of the bed to complement the room. Bedrooms should be cozy to the max, so add runner rugs to up the coziness level.

Staircase Runner Rugs

Staircase runner rugs are a MUST if you have hardwood stairs. They can prevent slips and falls, reduce noise, preserve stairs, plus make a bold statement! No staircase is too big or too small for a runner rug — RugKnots can custom make a runner rug specifically for your staircase. Just make sure you know exactly how to install a runner to your stairs before trying to walk on it!

Bokhara runner rug on a wooden staircase

Runner rugs on staircase

Custom-Made Runner Rugs

So, you know you have a perfect space for a runner rug, but maybe you haven’t found the perfect one. We understand, runner rugs make a bold statement so you want it to be exactly what you want! That’s why RugKnots can custom make a runner rug to your specific color choices, size preferences and in the style you love.

Just recently, we had custom made a runner rug created for a customer’s home. They loved the way their custom-made bokhara rug complimented the neutral cream and ivory shades on the walls — it really made the deep shades of red pop! Bokhara rugs and custom-made rugs are RugKnots specialties, so when merged together, it makes for one beautiful runner rug!

Custom-made bokhara runner rugs

If you want to learn more about how to choose the perfect rug for your space or the perfect rug color, check out RugKnots blog, or get in touch with our expert in-house designers!

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