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Are you wondering where to put a runner in front of couch, hallways, entryways, or bedroom? Every home needs a eye-catching carpets. Whether you want to make a small space or a narrow hallway look wider. If you want to add depth, beauty, and comfort to a cozy space like a bedroom, then runner rugs are the perfect addition to any home, any style, any size!

Before you buy runner rugs online, you must be sure of where to use them, because every space needs a different size, color contrast, and design. RugKnots make some of the best-looking rugs. Runners are one of our specialties – so buy beautiful rugs right here at RugKnots. We think every home could use a rug — they help make the most of small spaces and add a touch of color! 

Here Is A Quick Look At What runner look Like:

Where To Put A Rug in Front of Runner?

You can use runner rugs literally in any space of your home — don’t believe us? Check out how to get a custom-made runner rug hand-knotted specifically to your dimensions, color tastes, and style choices. Rugs are ideal for hallways, entryways, kitchens, bedrooms, and more. We make hand-knotted rugs and they are one of our bestsellers that are always in high demand in the US. 

Where to Put a Runner Rug?

Put A Runner in Front Of Hallway

When thinking about decorating their hallways, the first thought they have is where to buy rugs for the hallway. Put a runner in front of Hallways are a peoples’ favorite and reasoning, this is one of our best sellers. Put a runner to a hallway helps make the heavy-traffic area seem cozier. Hallway runner add a unique touch to the hallway. Wide range of runner area rugs are available in different shapes as well so feel free to browse our collection to find the perfect one for you.

Hallway Runner Rugs

Put a Runner in Front of Entryways

Like the hallways, entryways are another perfect spot for a runner front. Entryway area rugs help welcome guests to your home and soften their footsteps. Runners placed in an entryway can help a narrow space feel bigger and make it seem more inviting.

Entryway Runner Rugs

Put a Runner in Front of Kitchen

Put a runner between your cabinets and island and watch the magic happen. Kitchen carpet help lighten up a kitchen, and a bold runner perfectly complements a neutral or earthy-toned kitchen. No more standing at the sink washing dishes with aching feet on tile floors.  

Check This Video About Kitchen Ideas:

Put a Runner in Front of Bedroom

We’ve recommended using Large Area Rugs in the bedroom, but we want to let you in on a little secret — runner rugs are perfect for bedrooms. Place a runner on both sides of the bed and we promise you, you will never wake up on the wrong side of the bed! You can even put a runner at the foot of the bed to complement the room. Bedrooms should be cozy to the max, so put runner in front of couch to up the coziness level.

Bedroom Runner Rugs

Staircase Runner Rugs

Like the couch, a runner in front of staircase is a MUST-HAVE if you have hardwood stairs. They can prevent slips and falls, reduce noise, preserve stairs, plus make a bold statement! No staircase is too big or too small for a rug. Just make sure you know exactly how to install a runner to your stairs before trying to walk on it!

Check This Video About Custom Made Rugs:

How To Pick A Runner in Front Of Couch

1. Material

As you know, runner are placed in areas of high traffic. So it's important to consider the material of your rug! We recommend wool runners because they're durable and can handle people - or pets- walking on them every day. With that said, we believe wool is a great choice for this kind of carpet due to its durability, dirt resistance, and springiness; no matter how many times someone comes over these days with their dirty shoes or paws up there during nap time, a rug should bounce right back into shape without any issues whatsoever!

With its natural fiber, wool is resistant to dirt and liquid. This means it can be vacuumed off with ease during the cleaning process. It's also perfect for entryways as it doesn't absorb outside particles such as slush or rain on top of which are easy to clean away too! For these reasons, you should definitely buy a new rug today because they're of great quality at an affordable price - what more could you want?


2. Style

Why a runner in front of couch? A stylish choice for any room, hallways, entryways, and even kitchen. The right quality of carpet can make an instant statement about your taste and style. Runners are great to use in an entryway or hallway because they're more durable than smaller rugs that will easily show dirt from shoes when people come inside.

When it comes time to clean, you have the option of either washing them on a gentle cycle with a mild detergent or taking it out into the sun then shaking off excess water like what we do with outdoor carpets! A rug can make your home space come alive with added personality.

Whether you're looking for something classical, contemporary, or exotic - we have the perfect style to match any decor! Rugknots offer a wide range of styles from Turkish, Moroccan, and patchwork area rugs. Available these runners in a variety of sizes that will fit both traditional rooms as well as sleek modern spaces. With so many options, it's hard to go wrong! 


3. Color

There are a lot of considerations when selecting the best rug to spruce up any space, but it is especially important for runners. Think about what you're trying to achieve with your design and whether or not an area needs more muted tones or bold contrasting colors before making this decision!

That's right, runners are great for hallways and staircases! When you're looking to make a statement in your space though it can be hard knowing which color will best fit. Do you want something more muted or bold? It really depends on how much of an effect that looks is going to have on the mood of the room; do you need a serene vibe or would bright colors work better with your personality? And also keep in mind if there are any specific needs (like using them as pet-friendly rugs) before making final decisions.


4. Texture

Rugs come in all shapes and forms. So, making a decision on the right and perfect texture for your front runner can be a difficult task. This will depend on what you need out of that given space: whether it's to stand up against heavy traffic or just look good with limited use, like an entranceway mat at the front door!

If you're looking for something durable enough to withstand high-traffic zones then opt for flatweave area rugs since they are best when it comes to wear and tear while also being easy to clean which makes them perfect additions if there is often dirt tracked into your home through shoes from outside.

Have you ever wanted to create a gorgeous rug for your open floor plan? You might want to try with a felt-ball rug. These are great additions in the living room area as they evoke feelings of relaxation and unwinding. Consider these different ideas and decide what is most important for you! There are so many textures that can be chosen from hand-knotted, braided, felt ball, chunky flat weave. The possibilities really are endless!


Why Do You Need Runner?

Runners are a great home addition to put in front of hallways, and beyond. Runners can introduce depth, excellence, and warmth to the bedroom or hallways of your house - whether you need it in small spaces like closets or narrower halls; runners will create that necessary feel! It doesn't matter if you want an extension look by using one runner rug across two rooms as long as they're both on the same level but for smaller than 12 ft x 15ft.

A runner is also perfect for adding dimension to wider areas such as entryways where people enter into your home with their shoes still on because these types of carpeting typically have no padding underneath them which makes tracking dirt easier when coming inside from outside so beware before installing this type of floor covering.

Why Do You Need Runner Rugs?

1. Protect Your Floors

Hardwood surfaces encounter a day-by-day surge of pedestrian traffic, paw prints, coarse dirt, and every so often oil residue. A runner keeps the dust particles away and protects your wooden floors and safeguards them from scratches from high wear and tear. Homeowners are always looking for ways to make their homes more inviting and comfortable. One way they can get that done is by installing carpet runners in areas where people walk most often in the house, like staircases.

Carpet not only protect these high traffic spots from wear and tear but also conceal any scratches or marks so you never have to worry about them again! Rug should be installed on stairs as a protective feature because this area of your home is constantly exposed to heavy use which makes it prone to damage, scratching, fading, etc.

Protect your floors

2. Connect Your Spaces

The size of your runner should be considered carefully to make the most out of all spaces. The wrong size can leave a room feeling cramped or just not look as good. A well-chosen runner is an easy way to tie together different elements in any space and enhance its design, while also making it more inviting for guests with their first impression alone! A perfect-sized doormat will help you get started on designing your home's entryway by tying together every element seamlessly from furniture placement down to color coordination without having much effort at all!

Connect Your Spaces

3. Reduce Noises

The sound of your footsteps can be quite loud if you don't have shoes on. However, runner flooring is a great way to reduce the noise and make your surroundings quieter in general.

4. Add Comfort

Put a runner in hallways provide a pleasant experience for those who are on their feet all day. They also keep the floor safe with footing that is more stable and protected from spills, scratches, scuff marks, or anything else which may damage your hardwood floors. Runners can be a great investment for any hardwood floor. They make walking more comfortable, provide better footing, and are warm underfoot!

Add Comfort

5. Better For Small Areas

Runner are perfect for smaller, more modest areas where a larger rug may not be the most reasonable. This is one of the essential reasons why runner have become so popular with homeowners who use them as a simple way to instantly change their long lobby or room floor from dreary and dull to warm and splendidly beautiful. The special characteristics that set these types of carpets apart are their width and what they're used for. They have just enough fabric to cover two people standing side-by-side, so you don't need much area at all to get the most from it!

These rugs are perfect if you want something low profile on hardwood or linoleum floors because runners require less material than larger floor pieces do - which means not as many seams will be visible when looking down into them; making them look seamless across large stretches of space without clashing colors together.

Better for small areas

6. Mollify Sleek Surfaces

A kitchen is a place where food is cooked, family members are fed and friends gather. A functional space in the home to cook meals for loved ones or entertain guests can be transformed into an enjoyable space with just one accessory:

Runner! The world of interior decorating has seen major changes over the past few years - from glittering wallpapers to monochromatic kitchens; carpet runners have become all too common-place additions in many households as they come preassembled and easy on your feet when traversing those long stretches of the uncovered floor. There are a few spots that can stand to be more inviting in the kitchen. One is by your sink, where you might typically see small pieces of carpet and spaghetti tangles on the floor. Why not make that spot an easy one for people to stand?

A contemporary-style runner with a low pile will help balance out those hard lines found throughout kitchens while still being just about the perfect size and shape for navigating long stretches without any obstacles or furniture around them (i.e., tight areas). If there's no color or pattern bothering your eyesight anywhere else, it'll also do wonders when used as another option against white walls - transforming simple surfaces into something much subtler but equally eye-catching at first glance!

Mollify sleek surfaces

7. Gives Added Visual Interest To A Space

Runners can really spruce up any space by adding color, texture, and pattern. Carpets are also a quick design fix that you can use to make dull spaces in your home more appealing - like stairs! A hallway or entryway will look too drab without the help of one as well when needed for example. A runner can make a space feel warmer and more inviting. You'll be amazed how a carpet can change the atmosphere of your home. Putting runners are great for adding texture, color, and pattern to any space in need of some sprucing up! Some other benefits include increasing visual appeal while also being one of the easiest and quickest design fixes that you can use at home.

Gives added visual interest to a space

8. Delineate Areas Within A Larger Room

In order to separate spaces in a large room without the need for partitions or changing flooring material, carpet may be an option. It creates boundaries and it can break up big empty rooms with hardwood floors and tile that feel too open. A good example of this is adding a home office space by using rugs as dividers between desk areas so you don't have to take out any walls! Carpets may be used to break up the expanse of a room, without requiring any partitions or flooring changes. A carpet can help define spaces and make a room feel more cozy. Carpets also provide comfort when sitting on the floor for hours at a time, like in your home office or living area.

Delineate areas within a larger room

How Choose The Right Size Runners For Your Hallways, Staircase, Kitchen and Beyond

A runner is the quickest and easiest fix for sprucing up your stairway. However, another common application of a carpet runner is to serve as coverage and protection over your stairs' flooring material. When used in this way, most runners are installed such that they do not cover the whole width of each step tread so you can still grab onto them when going upstairs or down without tripping on it like some other types of rugs might be prone to doing if too large. All installations should follow one general rule: choosing a rug size that fits well with whatever design theme you've got going on throughout the rest of your home's decorating scheme - just don't let those measurements get outta control!

The runner is the perfect accessory for your stairs. It can also be put into other areas in and outside of your home to bring a little bit of personality! When it comes time to buy one, there are several things you should consider before purchasing - such as its size, pattern or design, etc. If you want a standard width then make sure that the length matches up at least 5x's greater than what you need so it'll fit properly on each stair step.

Choose the right size carpet runners for your staircase


1. Where Can I Use Long Runner?

You can use long runner in a hallways, entryways, and stair to help keep dirt and debris from entering the house. Runner is perfect for doorways because they lay flat, so they won't get caught on shoes or create tripping hazards. Runners are also great under furniture legs as protection from spills. A long runner would perfectly fit in the areas that have a long and narrow passage like staircase or hallways.

2. Can I Use A Staircase Runner Rug On My Tiled Stairs?

Yes! You can use stair runners on stairs with a tiled floor or stairs. But, remember to use a rug pad in order to keep the rug in place and to prolong its life. Using a rug pad on the staircase will also help to keep dirt and debris from going on the stairs. However, if you have kids and pets, it is best to have a runner rug in the middle of your stairs.

3. Are Runner is Best For Hardwood Flooring?

Yes! A smooth hardwood floor surface requires less maintenance and is easier to clean. Runner also provide a warm feel when walking on them, which is especially great during winter time. You will love runners on your hardwood floors as they will protect the surface and make it look better. You can use two runners in a wide space to create a grand entrance.

4. Where Can I Put A Kitchen Runner?

You can place a kitchen runner in front of the sink, narrow areas of the kitchen like between the counters and pantry, in front of the stove and oven, or any place where you want to keep your floor clean! You can choose the perfect size runners to create a dramatic entrance to your kitchen. Remember to use washable rugs when choosing a rug for the kitchen.

5. How To Maintain Rugs In Narrow Hallways?

Narrow hallways can be a place of frustration and disappointment, so you need to find the perfect solution for your home. You should use runners in these tight spaces because they are narrow too! They will not only brighten up your hallway but also protect it by absorbing dirt and slowing down traffic. If you have the smallest floor space in your home like narrow hallways where you can’t put any furniture, then use runners to make it more official and beautiful. However, maintaining a rug in narrow spaces can be challenging, so you need to vacuum and sweep or shake the rug daily.

6. What Size Rug Would Fit In A Narrower Hallway?

Narrow hallways are hard to fit a rug into. To make it work, you can purchase one that is not as wide or use two runners. You need to decide where the runner will go and what kind of flooring you have in order to know which size rug you'll need for the space. Choosing a perfect size rug for a narrow hallway will depend on the width of your hallway, where you want to put it, and what kind of flooring is in the room.

7. What Are The Benefits Of Runner?

Runner rugs provide a nice soft surface to walk on, which is beneficial for people with sore feet. They also offer an aesthetic appeal and can be used as wall art in certain settings such as a hallway or entryway where you don't want anything covering the flooring. Rugs also provide an attractive transition from area to area.

8. Where Should You Put Runner Rugs?

The placement of a rug depends on the type of flooring it will cover, plus how much space is available for placing furniture and other objects around it. A runner can be placed in front of an entertainment center to offer protection from spills or stains which might otherwise ruin your carpeting. Runners can serve as a kitchen rug, protecting the floor from spills and stains. A runner in the hallway could also be used to protect carpeting or hardwood floors for those who are unable to reach their feet. Runners can make great bedroom rugs too, providing extra warmth on cold mornings or serving as an attractive place of retreat for a cozy nap.

9. Where Can I Buy Runner Online?

Some of the best places to buy runner rugs are on sites such as Rugknots. You can also find a wide selection at your local retailer or department store. RugKnots have a great selection of runner rugs in different sizes, colors, and styles at competitive prices, We also offer free shipping on all orders.

If you want to learn more about how to choose the right runner for your space or the perfect rug color, read more of our blogs, or get in touch with our expert in-house designers! Contact us to order your custom-made runner rug. You can buy runner rugs in the US and get free delivery.  For more information please email us at or call us at (301) 660-7046. We are happy to answer your questions!

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