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As we know there are several types of rugs. Some of them are big and others are medium or small. With the rug size comes dimensions, colors, designs, the right placement, and more. But have you ever pondered on the fact that there are some rugs which cannot be replaced with others? Well, yeah round rugs is one of them which play a vital role in home decor. Usually, it is said for specific dimensions and rug sizes. Having said that, here in this article we are about to discuss the following.

  • What are round rugs?
  • Where are they used?
  • Which materials are best for round area rugs?

    Furthermore, this article entails the essence of utility in a broader perspective. That clearly means the main focus of the article will be where and how are round rugs used effectively and efficiently.

    Let’s delve in the article and discuss the mentioned topics.

    What are Round Rugs? 

    As the name suggests, round rugs are of circular shape. They are one of the most happening shapes which do justice to your home decor. Many people find it hard to measure this type of rug. However, it is not that difficult to measure it.

    All you need to do is to check dimensions according to diameter and not length, or height. Instead, it is breadth or width that matters the most. Therefore, it is always recommended to measure and then place it in the center of the room. Remember, that you have to leave between 12 ½ inches and 15 ½ inches from the border of the flooring.

    Where are Round Rugs Used? 

    Since the rug shape is not rectangular or square, it becomes a little too complicated where the round rugs must be kept or utilized. Nevertheless, the feel of these rugs in the center of the big entrance, larger rooms like living room or dining room and bathrooms are amazing rather than using in a small space . Not just because of the element of uniqueness but also because this is what we need to explore in the mainstream.

    Areas, where the round rugs can be placed, are a bathroom and outdoors.

    1. Round Outdoor Rugs

    Round rugs when placed in the entryway, right on the entrance gives a chic feel. It is because of the colors and design as well as the unique round shape. Also, when the rugs are placed outdoors in the lawn in the canopy or under the round table in the backyard, it gives a feeling of vibrancy. Leaving behind the generalized and so not fancy rugs, the colorful ones in the garden helps in synchronization of nature. Yes, the leaves and plants with flowers with the beautiful colorful pattern are what most of us love the most. However, there are some of us, who don’t like boldness in the rugs and prefer dull metal-like colors. In either situation, the crux of the round carpet is to facilitate diversity in the use.  

    2. Round Bath Rugs

    If you have a large bathroom with a pair of sinks, jacuzzi, shower area, and a beautiful place for munching while relaxing in the tub, you might need round bathroom rugs. It will addon glamour and rejuvenate body, mind, and soul. Contrary to this, there are bathrooms which aren’t really big but have everything that a bathroom should have. These are the washrooms where you can place less vibrant, small-sized round rugs. Anyway, the rugs do justice according to the circumference. You can use a rug pad underneath to avoid the rug slip off

    Apart from placing circular rugs outdoor you can also try positioning it indoor according to your space under the dining table, dining chair, and side tables or even coffee tables which is not a bad idea. 

    Which Materials are Best for 

    • Wool
    • Cotton

    Let’s discuss them separately.

    Wool: Main characteristics of woolen round rugs are fixated to its softness and warmth. Moreover, wool rugs are mostly with conventional but trendy and traditional styles. Designs are so artistic as well as well-sculpted like medallion patterns. People who buy wool shag rugs stay happier because this material doesn’t need a maximum up-keeping. Last but not least wool area rugs are considered as stain-resilient fiber which is best for high-traffic areas.

    Cotton: These rugs aren’t much expensive and are often regarded as cheap rugs. Besides that, if you buy a round rug that is hand woven made up of cotton, you will hardly regret. Reason being, they leave fresh air and also works best in kitchens, bathrooms, or outdoors. Cotton round rugs are also used in order to do the decor of the house, office, or anywhere they are kept.

    Other materials which are not mentioned above are synthetic fibers and natural fibers like jute, seagrass, and sisal. Both of them are important in the manufacturing process. However, they are not much regarded as compared to cotton or wool.

    All in all, we can say that the round rugs have diverse use. With correct and legit purchase you will not be just able to maintain your house in the perfect manner but also will be able to call for minimum upkeeping services.ot.

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