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The selection of the round rug is as easy as identifying a pattern that mirrors the room. However, determining the round right size can occasionally be difficult. When it comes to picking the top circular rug, size matters immensely. A rug can be made of excellent, long-lasting material that suits your decor, but if it's too big or too small, it can ruin the whole interior look.

Here is the comprehensive round rug size guide that will help you in selecting the most accurate rug for home decor.

What Are Round Rugs?

As the name suggests, round rugs are circular. These round area rugs don’t have edges. They are one of the most happening shapes which do justice to your home decor. Many people find it hard to measure this type of rug. However, it is not that difficult to measure it.

All you need to do is to check dimensions according to diameter and not length, or height. Instead, it is breadth or width that matters the most. Therefore, it is always recommended to measure and then place it in the center of the room. Remember, that you have to leave between 12 ½ inches and 15 ½ inches from the border of the flooring.

How to Measure Round Rug Sizes?

Follow these easy methods to determine which round area rug sizes will work perfectly in your area.

1. Determine the Exact Area on the Floor

It's crucial to select the right round rug size to ensure it fits the space well and enhances the room's aesthetics. To figure out the right size, first measure and mark the area where the rug will be positioned.

Attempt to map on the floor the area you want to cover with your rug. Take measurements from the middle of the desired space to the outer boundary. This will provide you with the circle's radius. Multiply it by two and you'll get the diameter for your living room rug.

Round area rugs are usually sold by diameter, with common sizes being 3’ round rugs, 4' round rugs, 6', 8', and 10' round rugs. Ensure you select a round rug size that is a bit smaller than the space to leave some floor visible around the borders.

2. Use Your Furniture as a Measurement Reference

Taking into account the furniture in the room and any furniture that will be placed on your circular rug is also crucial. Ensuring that the rug is sufficiently large to fit the furniture is vital. Your rug should not only be bigger than the furniture piece resting on it. But you might also get a rug overlap around the edges.

This is advantageous both practically and visually. From a design standpoint, the fabric around the edges of a dining table or a couch, for instance, aids in creating a smoother room flow. Functionally, additional circular rug space around the furniture's edges provides more room underfoot, and at a dining table. It allows for more space to move chairs without damaging the rug beneath.

When sizing a rug to go under a couch, consider the couch's position relative to the rug. The rug should at least partially touch each primary piece of furniture. All furniture legs should either be on the rug or at least the front legs, with the exception of a central coffee table, for instance. This can determine the size of your rug, but anything smaller might be too small and fail to bring the furniture together.

3. Maintain a Gap between the Rug and the Wall

It's important to leave some of your floor visible to create a pleasing border around the Persian round rug. Getting this measurement correct is crucial for ideal rug placement.

The typical guideline suggests approximately 6 inches of space. If it's less, the room may appear somewhat congested, and if it's more, the rug may seem like a floating island in the middle of your room.

How to Select the Right Round Rug Sizes for Round Table?

Do you need a round rug in living room or any other area under the round table? The general rule of thumb for the size of a round table rug is to ensure there's enough room on all sides to accommodate the chairs. 'The size is largely dependent on your furniture.

If the rug is placed under a round dining table and chairs, it should extend a minimum of 24" beyond the table, providing sufficient space to pull out a chair and remain on the rug.' Some designers opt for more. Buy the round rug size which is 4’ bigger than the size of the round table. Always round up, as rounding down typically results in a rug that's too small.

The typical size recommendations for a round table rug suggest ensuring at least 24" on each side to fit the chairs. Some designers might opt for an extra 30" around the table for additional space, but the decision is up to you.

For the conventional 24" around the table, you should aim for a rug that's 4' larger than the diameter of the round table. This might necessitate rounding up to the nearest whole number to align with standard rug sizes.

Consider the below example to clarify this concept:

  • Round rug size for a 41" round table is 8'.
  • Rug oriental size for a 44" round table is 8'.
  • Rug size for a 48" round table is 8' - 9'.

In simpler terms, for a 41" round table, the appropriate rug size would be 7.5'. If you add 4', but you should round this up to the nearest whole number for standard measurements, which gives you 8'. The same 8' diameter would also be suitable if you're determining the rug size for a 44" round table.

Generally, it's better to round up because rounding down often results in a rug that's too small. A round rug size for round table that's too small can lead to the chair's back legs sliding off the rug when pushed back, giving a feeling of falling.

 How to Incorporate Right Round Rug Size to Enhance Your Area?

Round area rugs are a current trend in interior decoration, as they can create a dramatic effect in any room when utilized appropriately. A round rug can be especially impactful in a bland and simple area. However, it can be challenging to execute this unique design element without the right guidance.

 With the tips below, you can effortlessly incorporate a round rug into your area and alter the ambiance and atmosphere of your rooms and home.

1. Embrace the Elegance of Minimalism

Living a minimalist lifestyle means simplifying your everyday life by eliminating unnecessary clutter. Some minimalists take this concept to an extreme, incorporating only the most essential items into their homes and lifestyles. However, minimalism doesn't necessarily mean renouncing all surplus and comfort. Area rugs offer comfort to the feet while keeping the minimal theme.

Choosing the perfect round rug sizes can make a strong statement that adds intrigue to an otherwise subdued space.

2. Use Round Rugs to Create a Standout Feature In A Space

A round rug can sometimes blend into a decorated space, so it can be a handy tool for highlighting a specific area within a room. For instance, you can create a reading corner in the living room by placing a round rug next to a bookshelf and under a comfy reading chair.

 This simple and effective solution transforms the space, making it a cozy spot for reading and relaxing. It stands out from the rest of the décor while still being part of the room.

3. Pair Rounded Furniture with Rounded Rugs

Most homes are designed with separate rooms or open-plan spaces, each filled with furniture of various shapes and sizes. Introducing a round rug to a room that already features coffee tables, TV stands, and other items with rounded edges, oval shapes, or circular designs enhances the room's ambience. Round rugs can dramatically change a room's appearance when matched with furniture and other key pieces that have similar rounded shapes.

This stylistic choice can improve any interior or exterior space's look and feel without being too dominant. Round rugs and furniture with rounded edges create a unique stylistic blend that can enhance any room's atmosphere without disrupting its functionality.

The round area rugs have diverse uses. What you have to know is how to measure a round rug for your home decoration. With the correct round rug size, you will not just be able to maintain your house perfectly but also will be able to call for minimum up keeping services. You can browse RugKnots new arrivals to get amazing offers, and gift cards and to find out more about oriental weaver rugs. For more information please email us at or call us at (301) 660-7046. We are happy to answer your questions!

Frequently Asked Questions about Round Rugs

1. Can I Place A Round Rug Under The Dining Table?

You can place a round rug under the dining table; however it should be at least three feet away from the wall. This is because if you are sitting in a chair, your knee will hit against the corner of a rug. Also, make sure that there is enough room to walk around the entire table without any obstruction. Make sure the rug is under the chairs as well.

2. Which Round Rug Size Should We Put Under The Coffee Table?

For a round table with a typical diameter of 22 to 30 inches, a 5x8 or 6x9 round rug would be the most suitable choice. By centering the rug under the table, you can ensure a minimum of 18” clearance around the table, as suggested. The recommended rug size for a round coffee table is either 5' x 8' or 6' x 9'.

3. Can I Place Round Persian Rugs In Any Room Of The House?

Yes! You can. Moroccan rugs are designed to be versatile as well as durable. They can easily enhance the look of any room while providing comfort and warmth at the same time! You will surely love them once you have added them to your home's decor. These rugs are easy to clean and maintain. You can clean them with a simple vacuum or broom - just avoid using wet cloth as it will damage the material of your rug! The right round rug size matters the most. So, be sure to choose the right size that fits in your room.

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