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Rugs can make your space look eternal. A lot of people might think that once they have decorated their living area, kitchen, bedroom and room, their home is decorated. Well, we don’t think so. We believe that your outdoor space i.e. your balcony, loan, pool area and patios are equally important as the “insides” of your home are. It should be equally significant for you to try and decorate your outdoor areas and make it look the best. Equal amount of effort should be invested. Outdoor rugs are one of the most celebrated rugs out there. They look breath-taking not just in your balcony but in your indoors as well. These rugs are simply amazing. If you start designing with these, you can’t stop yourself from playing with them colors and live your heart out. You can find the most entertaining hobbies while decorating with these rugs. They compliment every space whether indoor or outdoor as they are found to be one of the most versatile ones. You can make use of your mind (you know, the decorative and stylish brain) and our guide to make your outdoors AND indoors look magnificent and astonishing. We provide you all the tips and tricks to ace your decorations. All you need to do in order to achieve that vibrant style you always wanted, is just to simply keep reading.


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What is the best material for an outdoor rug

When shopping for outdoor rugs, you need to be extremely vigilant and careful about what material you are buying. Their specifications and implications are way different than indoor rugs. As they are places outside, there are a lot of features that they need to possess. They need to be weather resistant, stain-resistant and most of all; color resistant. Without these main features, we don’t think an outdoor rug is complete. Also because everything is in the material, it is very important to get the right material. These rugs are generally best made of synthetic fibers as these material rugs do possess the qualities that are necessary for outdoor. Here are some of the best outdoor rug materials;

1. Polypropylene

This rug material is by far the most popular when it comes to placing outdoor rugs. These are those “have it all” material. They are stain resistant and are durable, too. Most of all, they are easy to clean and their color doesn’t even fade when placed in sunlight. As it’s found to be very durable, it can even take high foot traffic without even getting deformed. These rugs can bear moisture, too and are thus best for humid, wet or rainy weathers. As far as its feeling texture; is concerned, they are all for softness. Their feeling is almost the same like any natural fiber rug has but they are on an edge as they are affordable. Polypropylene is the foremost material you need to ask for from the seller when buying outdoor rugs.


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2. Polyester

As propylene rugs are considered the best for wet climates, polyester rugs are the best for dry climates. They are long lasting and extremely durable. And the thing that really makes them stand apart is that they don’t fade and are stain resistant. However, oil based stains are hard to clean off of these rugs. But otherwise, they are the best.

3. Sunbrella

You must have guessed from its name itself, that they are best for sunny areas. These are specially made as for whether resistant rugs. They contain a high resistance to UV- radiations. Not only that, as they are overall weather resistant, they can even resist mildew and humidity. Your quest to get the best outdoor rugs is not complete without sunbrella rugs.

4. Nylon

Nylon rugs are also one of the topmost considerate rugs for outdoors. They are stain resistant and don’t even fade. Best for high traffic as they have the most impressive durability. Easy to clean and are water resistant. One thing that just amazes us so much is that Nylon is the only rug material that can be placed even in direct sunlight and of course, everywhere and anywhere you want. We are in with love nylon rugs.


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5. Sea-grass

If you have been wanting to add a little beachy effect to your home, then rugs made up of seagrass material are the best for you. They are stain resistant and are extremely durable. Moreover, they are water resistant and the best part is that they are eco- friendly! Not only that, they are color resistant as well which disables the color to fade away when in contact to sunlight. 

Now, after knowing about the best rug materials for outdoor, let find more about decorating with these rugs

What color?

What’s cooler than getting a vibrant colored rug that matches your vibe and outdoor aura. Well, nothing. It is very certain that most people consider sitting and ‘living’ outside in sunny or spring climates. That’s because winter is generally harsh which eventually makes you go inside. That is why, you would want to buy rugs with colors that are bright and vibrant for example, colors like red, orange, blue, yellow etc. Even color contrasts work well outside. Also, you can even try and match your furniture color with the rug color. You’ll love it that way.


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The placing, sizing and shaping

Of course, the placement of your rug has a lot of say in the eventual statement the space makes. Normally, outdoors such as balconies don’t have much furniture until and unless your area is large. But in any size and shape, rugs will rock your place. Rugs beneath chairs and tables look perfect. Or rather, some parts of your furniture are covered by the rug and some are not. Again, rug material that has the capacity of being able to be placed at high traffic areas is to be placed at the designated areas only to avoid any unnecessary wear and tear to the rug.

 A little bit of indoor drama

As we have mentioned this previously too that outdoor rugs as their name suggests are not just for outdoors but can be used indoors as well. as we have suggested that some outdoor rug materials such as polypropylene and nylon are extremely durable and long lasting so they can be placed in most parts and areas of your home space (inside) such as your kitchen or living area. Considering the fact that most of the rug materials can take high foot traffic and are most importantly stain resistant make them eligible to be placed simply anywhere. Especially, spill and stain resistant material rugs can don the look of a kitchen. They are proved to be the best both in terms of visual appearance and also texture wise.


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Layering is the best

Well, if you have been following our blog, you must have taken notice of the fact that we are simply in love with layering. Our decoration ideas, techniques and suggestions are ever complete without layering. We are certainly not at fault because this tip is simply remarkable and looks the best anyway. This time, we are not just talking about the same old layering i.e. placing rugs on rugs or rugs beside rugs, that are the similar or at a striking contrast but, this time we would want to suggest you some different type of layering; which is in terms of shaping. Get a large rug of a standard size such as a square rectangular or even a triangle shape. The next thing you need to do is to get a small sized rug that is round in shape and place it above the larger one. A small round rug on a large rug will make wonders and provide you with a visual treat whenever you look at them. You should definitely try this out.

Building a home but, outdoors!

We have provided you with some simple tips and tricks about outdoor rugs decoration. But, we don’t think that’s all. We will give an ever better insight regarding how you can stun your outdoors with rugs.


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1. Your outdoor dining room

Getting your outdoors a full home like vibe is one of the best feelings ever. If you have an incredibly large outdoor space, you can even build a small or medium dining area out there. You should place a rug beneath your dining table. Consider the same old method by covering the hind legs of your chairs and the back legs should not be covered. But at the same time, the whole table area should be covered by the rug. making fresh meals and eating in fresh air is definitely a dream come true. These tips and tricks work the best if you are wanting to conduct dinners and lunches in your own homemade outdoor café.

2. Your outdoor living area

Again, if you want a living area not just ‘inside’ of your home but outside, too then consider these tips. We all know that everyone wants to have some “fresh” conversations in the fresh air that you can only get once you are somewhere out and for that reason, rugs are of immense importance. Of course, in order to build one living area, it’s not just an outdoor rug that you would need but some more furniture. Get a small coffee table and some sofas/ couches.  Again, by following the traditional methods, the table should be covered and the front section of your sofas should be covered. Also you can consider not covering anything other than the table at all. You won’t need a very large rug if you are planning to cover a relatively small area.


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3. Do you have a pool?

If you have a pool, you are lucky and are considered royal! Yes, you are because less people possess one. One reason you need a rug in your pool area is to soak the water once you get out of the pool. The second reason to use an outdoor rug around your pool is for refreshment reasons. Get some seating arrangement done beside your pool, place a rug and you’re ready to roll! And swim your heart out. Or even a rug beneath some good beachy chairs looks amazing. Either ways, outdoor rugs are awesome.

4. Do you have elongated outdoor ways?

If you do have an elongated passageway connecting your outdoor spaces, you would need some more than one rug of the same designs. Outdoor patios look mesmerizing when rugs are placed in these areas.


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And, we have approached the end of the blog post. We sincerely hope that you found your ideal outdoor rug décor through this written piece. Outdoor rugs can either make or break your outdoor ambiance so it is very important to pay attention to the details. Whether it’s the color, shape, placing pr intricate designs, everything should be considered with utmost vigilance. You might make a couple of mistakes but that’s okay as well. But, we have provided you the techniques so that there is no room left for any mistakes to be committed. We wish that this blog post was helpful for you and you must have made up your mind about what you actually need. Make use of these decoration ideas and you sure won’t be left disappointed. Are you ready to start decorating your outdoors? Well, we think you are almost done already!

Are you looking for some amazing outdoor rugs that can satisfy both your needs and fantasies? Well. you are exactly where you need to be, at RugKnots. We at RugKnots provide you with the widest range of colors, sizes and collections that you could ever ask for. Our aesthetic truly matches yours and we are definitely the best online area rug store that you were looking for a long time. We know that it might be hard for you to choose amongst our never ending beautiful collection but, it is definitely not impossible. Head over to our rug collections and choose for yourself whatever you want. Also, if you need any assistance or guidance in terms of drug decoration and selection, we are always there. Don’t fret and ask away.

Happy decorating! z


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Rahul Pal

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