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Whether you're going for a modern, transitional, or traditional look in your bedroom, rugs may make a big difference. In terms of mood and aesthetics, you must decide whether you want this room to be a refuge of calm and relaxation or a passionate, thrilling area at the outset of your bedroom decorating style project. After you've settled on that, you'll have to make a number of practical choices.

From modern Contemporary bedroom rugs in abstract patterns to designer rugs with a refined feel, whatever your personality demands in terms of functionality and aesthetics, we recommend that you either use the rug as a starting point of your decor and build your bedroom design around it or use the rug as the finishing touch to your design scheme. We've put together a bedroom rug buying guide to assist you in deciding what's ideal for you!

Adding a bedroom rug to your home will not only give you the feeling of luxury, but it'll also provide comfort and warmth. Area rugs for bedroom are available in all shapes, sizes, colors, and patterns so take some time to find one that matches your style. We've gathered 13 stylish ways on how to add bedding rugs into your dream home!

13 Styling Tips To Incorporate Bedroom Rugs In your Dream Home

Why Have A Rug In A Bedroom?

A premium rug, especially if you have hardwood flooring, can add a lot of value to your home, both in terms of aesthetic and functionality. Nothing is more pleasant than a soft rug underfoot on cold mornings and evenings; no one wants to walk barefoot on hard ground. A rug can also help to raise the room's temperature by providing insulation to the floor. A plus is sound insulation, which might help you obtain a good night's sleep. A rug is an important aspect of a bedroom's interior design. It has a much softer aesthetic than a bare floor and may be utilized to partition the space into various zones, giving it a more organized appearance. Nothing makes a space seem and feel more warm and welcoming than a rug, and this is never more precise than in a bedroom, according to RugKnots.

Why have a Rug in a BedroomAdding an area rug to a bedroom can bring a slew of advantages! Antique or vintage rugs are a terrific way to make a statement about one's personality while also adding style to a place.

In addition, area rugs in the bedroom have various practical advantages:

    1. If the bedroom is on the second floor, an area rug serves as a wonderful sound barrier to keep the downstairs neighbors pleased.
    2. Scratches, scuff marks, and incidental stains can be hidden in an area.
    3. When you first tread on a great area rug on a cool morning, it might add warmth beneath your feet.
    4. An area rug can be utilized to divide a room and create more personal and intimate spaces.
    5. An area rug can bring a room's other style choices together and give it a finished look. If for no other reason than to protect the floor from any harm, an area rug is ideal.

Before going out to shop and buying a rug, it's critical to figure out what you want from it in order to get the most bang for your dollars.

Why have a Rug in a Bedroom

Decorating a new home is always exciting and challenging, as is remodeling an older home that needs some TLC. In either case, you get to create a space that looks and feels comfortable to YOU! Our bedrooms are typically the place where we want to feel the most at ease. The bedroom is a haven of refuge in any home. Decorating your bedroom, which represents rest, comfort, and relaxation, is a significant and sensitive task, and the selection of a bedroom rug is crucial.

Why have a Rug in a BedroomOur interactions with rooms have a substantial psychological component. Colors, textures, and patterns in various pieces of furniture will all have an impact on your attitude. You wouldn't paint your whole bedroom a new color without giving it some thought, and you shouldn't hurry into choosing a new rug either. RugKnots is passionate about both rug design and rug styling, and we feel that the location of a rug is just as important as the rug itself. For those wanting to choose a bedroom rug, we've put up a quick overview of rug decorating bedroom ideas.

Why have a Rug in a Bedroom

Read on for 13 decorating guidelines for incorporating bedroom rugs into your dream house that will help you figure out the best method to incorporate area rugs into the décor of your bedroom.

Tip #1. Use A Room Size Rug

In rooms with high or vaulted ceilings, laying down a large, room size rug, one that covers the bulk of the surface area of the floor, will give the room a more 'wide open' feeling. To do so, measure the exact length and width of your bedroom and subtract one to two feet (12-24 inches) from those measurements. Then, buy an area rug that is the closest match to the size you estimated.

Use A Room size RugIf you have a large bedroom with a double or king-sized bed, a huge bedroom rug is an ideal option. The rug should ideally go beneath the bed and form a large border beyond it, allowing you to step out of bed and into the thick, luscious pile of the rug. A minimum of 24 inches/60cm on either side of the bed is recommended. We recommend purchasing a high-quality rug since you will notice the difference when walking on it.

Use A Room size RugIf you think having a large rug half concealed beneath the bed is a waste, you can save money by using two tiny bedside rugs or two bedroom runners on either side of your bed. The dream bedside runners are created by the varying pile heights and add the softness of 100 percent New Zealand wool in Runner. The rug's thickness makes for the ideal pleasant first step out of bed in the morning! If you have a small or single bedroom, use vivid and geometric designs to make the space appear larger.

Use A Room size Rug

Tip #2. Bedroom Rug Sizing

There are various different possibilities for bedroom rug placement depending on the room size of the space you're working with and your own preferences. When it comes to bedroom rugs, the old school of thought was that the bed should either be wholly on the rug or completely off it. To put it another way, the rug should either sit squarely beneath the bed with an equal amount of exposure on each possible side, or it should not be underneath the bed at all.

Bedroom Rug SizingHowever, the current fashion in bedroom rugs is to stretch the rug a good distance in front of the legs of the bed and along the sides, leaving a bare strip of floor directly in front of the wall at the headboard end. The bedside table is either totally off the rug or half on half off, as shown in the photograph above. This RugKnots bespoke rug is substantially sized, bringing various benefits to the room in terms of both comfort and design; however, if you only have 60cm or so of rug around the bed, this is fine as well. Simply make sure you can go all the way around the bed without stepping off the rug.

Bedroom Rug SizingAlternatively, you may decide that no part of the rug should be placed beneath the bed. Some clients, for example, prefer runners on either side of the bed or at its foot. If you go with this choice, choose a rug that is the same length or breadth as the bed. If you choose a bedroom rug that is too small, it will begin to look like a mat, which will detract from the room's overall appearance. If you have a large bedroom with room for a seating area, a rug is an excellent method to separate the two areas of the room. This can be seen in the image of the bedroom above. This can greatly help the room's layout, allowing for a more purposeful and well-defined aesthetic.

Bedroom Rug Sizing 

Tip #3. Show Off A Beautiful Rug Design

The visual appeal of an area rug placed in an offset way beneath a bed is maximized. To do so, place the area rug beneath your bed at least half the distance from the headboard, but no more than 1/3 of the rug behind the bed. This arrangement allows you to highlight the rug's design.

Show Off A Beautiful Rug Design 

Tip #4. Bedroom Rug Color And Design

One of the main reasons for adding a rug to your home is for décor, and as with any decorating project, you must consider the current decor. Take a glance around your space and think about the many styles, colors, and textures that are there. Not only should you consider the furniture and wall colors, but you should also consider the curtains, bed coverings, and other soft furnishings such as scatter cushions. If you have a lot of vibrant yet solid blocks of color with few discernible patterns, a gently patterned rug can give a wonderful region of unique appeal to your space.

Bedroom Rug Color and DesignIf your room already has a lot of patterns, though, you can go with a plain colored rug that matches the other colors in the space, possibly taking an accent shade from a secondary color in a fabric design or an item. To create a relaxing atmosphere, use soft, pale, or muted colors. Of course, if you're completely redecorating your bedroom, you might just pick your favorite rug and use it as a starting point for designing and decorating the remainder of the space. 'I want to envision a rug floating on a neutral-colored ground, like an island,' stated internationally known French designer and architect Andree Putman. With such a wide selection of stunning luxury rugs to choose from, it's easy to become lost in the world of rugs.

Bedroom Rug Color and Design 

Tip #5. Two Rugs Are Better Than One

In a bedroom, using two unique area rugs can assist in breaking up the monotony of a vast space while also adding interest and color. Choose two area rugs with different colors and/or designs to accomplish this. Placement should be based on your furniture and design; experiment with different positions until you discover one that feels right.

Two Rugs Are Better Than One 

Tip #6. How To Choose A Bedroom Rug Material

The beautiful thing about picking a rug for your bedroom is that it doesn't have to be functional. Because shoes are rarely worn, and foot traffic is limited in this location, even delicate fabrics might be considered. Soft textures are ideal for the bedroom since they are soothing to the feet, and a richer texture can offer a sense of warmth and comfort to a space. Silk rugs, whether real or fake, are a popular choice for a bedroom since they provide a luxurious hotel-chic feel. A thick or shaggy pile wool rug, on the other hand, can create a comfortable ambiance that is ideal for a bedroom.

How to Choose a Bedroom Rug MaterialAside from colors and patterns, area rugs are available in a variety of natural materials. The easier it is to clean a rug that is thinner and bumpier. Sisal rugs are among the best bedroom rugs for heavily trafficked flooring. For a bedroom rug, it's pretty much the only coarse natural fabric you'll need. Your feet will appreciate it. While your feet are unlikely to drag dirt all the way to your bedroom unless you live in a tiny flat, your cat most certainly is. Silk and viscose rugs are beautiful and give a touch of glitz to your room's decor, but if your pet sleeps with you in your room, they will quickly show signs of wear. If you have dogs, stay away from absorbent rugs in the bedroom, as well as those with continuous loops that will snag on claws.

How to Choose a Bedroom Rug MaterialWool area rugs and Polypropylene Rugs are both incredibly durable, easy to clean and maintain. So, if a drink on the nightstand spills, or if you're eating pizza in bed and a slice falls sauce-side up, your floor will be ready to absorb the stain. Polypropylene backing reduces the need for a rug pad, making it less likely for you to slide or trip. You want a rug material that can withstand all seasons, not just the rainy ones, to avoid fading. If your bedroom receives a lot of direct sunlight, though, you can close the curtains throughout the day to extend the life of your rug. Nylon, cotton, and polyester don't need to be replaced as frequently as other fabrics, and they won't break the budget when they do.

How to Choose a Bedroom Rug Material 

Tip #7. Make Bedroom Rug A Focal Point

An area rug can be used to anchor your bedroom, giving it a sense of balance and order. The surrounding flooring serves as a frame for your beautiful rug. Simply place your bed and area rug in the center of the room, with equal amounts of exposed flooring on each side. If you've ever gotten out of bed just long enough to see that the floor looks like a polar ice sheet, you know why a bedroom area rug is more than a good idea. Bedroom area rugs not only keep your toes warm but also show off your own decorating style and personality. A rug can be used to disguise unsightly rug stains, dampen noise, and protect your solid flooring from scratches caused by a heavy bed frame. Use these guidelines to find a bedroom rug that compliments your decor and adds warmth to your personal space.

Make Bedroom Rug A Focal Point 

Tip #8. Pick An Area Rug Style

When it comes to separating your space, your bedroom is your haven, especially if you share a room. Personal preference and balance should guide you in selecting the proper style for your area rug. This is your own space, where you don't have to be concerned about foot traffic. The emphasis should be on luxury and comfort. So, if you're thinking about getting that soft, fluffy sheepskin throw, this is the area to do it in.

Pick an Area Rug Style

If you're going for a huge rug in your bedroom, keep it neutral. You don't want a huge expanse of cloth that makes it impossible to get out of bed in the morning. Take inspiration from the upholstery on your bed frame, your nightstands, or your bedding. If the majority of your master bedroom is upholstered in a solid color, a vibrant pattern, such as that seen in Oriental Rugs, is a terrific choice.

Pick an Area Rug Style

Smaller rugs have the potential to be more daring. If the room is small, consider a striped bedroom rug. Stripes lengthen the space, drawing you in and enticing you to climb into the blankets. A solid low-pile wool rug is a wonderful choice for rooms with artwork and patterned print comforters, but don't be afraid to mix and match patterns.

Tip #9. Make A Bedroom Cozier

A Silk Rug is an excellent choice if you prefer the sensation of fluffy bedroom rugs or if you want to add a touch of luxury to your bedroom. Because you don't have to worry about foot traffic in the bedroom, it's the perfect area to splurge and prioritize comfort and style. The queen of bedroom rugs is our Limited Edition Silk Rug.  This would be lovely as a focal point in a bedroom, beneath a dressing table, or encircling a double bed.

Handmade Rugs can add an extra layer of coziness to any room. Owning an artisan object, handcrafted with the knowledge and care of hundreds of years of tradition, has a certain allure. It's also crucial to understand (at least for us!) that buying a rug supports traditional weaving communities, supports local crafts and improves their working circumstances. Natural fiber rugs, such as wool or silk, are also recommended. The bedroom, out of all the rooms, is the one that requires it the most, as natural fiber provides the softest underfoot feel while also being kind on the skin.

Make A Bedroom Cozier 

Tip #10. Introduce Rug Pad

Small bedrooms are small, but they may be made much cozier with the addition of a wool area rug; rugs not only bring design but also warmth to a room. To accomplish so, select a rug in one of the tiny standard sizes, such as a 6x9 or a 5x7, depending on the size of your room; a rug with a smaller design is preferable for small spaces.

Introduce Rug Pad

The backing material is the last item to think about when choosing a bedroom rug. You don't have to worry about your rug slipping if you put it under a TV console or bed frame, but a rug pad can give even more traction and padding. To avoid accidents, bedside rugs should be secure. Thus a rug pad should always be considered. If you're installing your rug on solid-surface flooring, use a rug cushion to keep it in place, or choose a rug that's slip-resistant.

Introduce Rug Pad

In addition to the numerous advantages of a rug pad, it will provide a cushion for your rug. Nobody wants to get out of bed first thing in the morning, but the best bedroom rug will set the tone for the rest of the day as soon as your feet touch the ground. What's the bottom line? A rug pad is a purchase you will not be sorry for.

Introduce Rug Pad 

Tip #11. Rug Placement 

Unless your bed is against a wall, you should be able to walk around it with a clean 36-inch space on all sides. Measure the length, width of the area where you think your new rug will go inside that border. You can cover it with masking tape or a bedsheet or use our Ultimate Area Rug Size And Placement Guide to discover the right size. When you throw your legs over the side of your bed, the ideal bedroom rug should extend at least 2 feet beyond the edge, so you feel like you're scooting right into your fluffy slippers. If you have a trunk or seat at the end of your bed, add a foot to the length of your rug.

Rug Placement

Unless you choose runners on the sides, you just need the legs of your footboard to reach your rug in tiny bedrooms with little furniture space. Runners are less expensive, have a more interesting visual appeal, and ensure you aren't paying for rug material you won't see. Use numerous area rugs to separate regions in larger bedrooms where you might have room for a lounging area, workstation, or vanity table.

Rug Placement 

Tip #12. Change The Feel Of A Bedroom

Bedrooms are a haven of relaxation, style, and passion. Bedroom rugs may change the ambiance of your room in a beautiful way. Use blue and Green Rugs in all their varied varieties, including teal, navy, turquoise, and lime green, for a cool and quiet effect, especially if nature is your source of serenity. These colors are known for their calming properties and are hence a safe choice. However, if you want to be smart rather than safe, attempt a fusion of pastel colors. Cool-toned pastels, such as baby blue, lilac, and mint, offer a lovely relaxing effect.

Change the Feel of a BedroomUse oranges, reds, and purples in your bedroom to create a warmer, more sensual atmosphere. Or a striking, passionate piece like our Kiss Rugs — a strong design that exudes passion and anticipation from the moment you come into the room. You can also experiment with other warm orange and deep purple tones.

Change the Feel of a Bedroom

Tip #13. Choose Your Rug Now, Accessorize Later

Even if you're spending your first night in a new house surrounded by boxes, a rug is a quick way to make it feel more like home. When shopping for an area rug for your bedroom, it's advisable to start with that item before moving towards the rest of the decor. If you wait until the last throw pillows are placed to add the right rug to coordinate with your decor, you may spend months searching for the appropriate rug to coordinate with your decor.

Choose Your Rug Now, Accessorize Later


The good news is that chameleons make the nicest bedroom rugs. When coupled with the correct furnishings, a shag rug may go from classic Mid-Century Modern to bohemian Moroccan import. Because neutral patterns keep things more light and airy, they may easily transition from coastal to shabby chic. Start with a rug when you want to give a bedroom personality and depth.

Choose Your Rug Now, Accessorize Later 

Frequently Asked Questions About Bedroom Rugs

1. What Is the Best Type Of Rug For A Bedroom?

Because of their pleasant feel, wool rugs are a popular choice for the bedroom. Natural rug fabric has many advantages, including durability. Wool rugs give a pleasant touch to bedroom flooring in both heavy and low traffic areas.

2. What Should We Consider Before Buying Bedroom Rugs  For Kids?

Rugs for children's rooms are becoming increasingly popular among design-savvy parents and youngsters. Bright and brilliant colors have been demonstrated to promote children's learning in numerous studies. A colorful rug in a child's room is a simple and efficient technique to achieve this stimulation. Our children's rug has proven to be particularly popular as a rug for a child's bedroom or playroom. The vibrant colors and layering of color make this a great piece for learning and participation.

Rugs For A Teenage Girl's Room: Try the After Matisse Rug or the Magic Stepping Stones Runner to match a bold, lively attitude. Both works are a vibrant, multicolored display of energy and vigor. Try the delicate combination of pastels in the Prism Pastels Rug or the exquisite pink and aqua in the Jewel Sky Rose Rug if you're going for a more softly feminine look in your decor.

Rugs For A Boy's Bedroom: The Bubbles Rug is a great choice for a boy's bedroom rug. Green and blue are combined with brilliant orange and purple to create a lively yet fashionable look. This piece is appropriate for a boy's room because it is both visually and intellectually interesting — the ideal combination for a growing mind and senses. If the Bubbles Rug is too adventurous for you, try the geometric Kaleidoscope Rug or the After Albers Cornflower with its fun layering of blues and greens.

18 Tips Before Purchasing An Area Rugs On Sale

3. How Does The Rug Go With The Modern Bed Frame And Other Pieces Of Furniture?

The enormous fluffy bedroom rug doesn't distract from the wood floors, but it does offer a splash of color to the dark espresso-colored furniture and modern bed frame while also matching the trim and comforter. This is yet another of those rugs that would look great in any area of the house.

4. In A Bedroom, Where Should A Rug Be Placed?

In the bedroom, the most frequent location for an area rug is beneath the bed, where it anchors the room's largest piece of furniture. If your bed is flanked by nightstands, consider whether you want the rug to go below them all the way to the headboard or stop just before the front legs of the nightstands.

5. In A Master Bedroom, How Do You Place A Rug?

In the bedroom, this is still true. With the proper arrangement, it defines the area. The rug should be placed in front of the nightstands, not underneath them. Make sure they're not too long and that there's enough room on each side to breathe.

6. Without Natural Light, How Can You Brighten Your Bedroom?

Artificial lighting is nevertheless necessary for any space, particularly those with little natural light. To immediately brighten up your home with some gentle yet warm artificial light, add full-spectrum light bulbs to the light fittings in rooms with low lighting (they're designed to resemble daylight).

7. What Is The Purpose Of Putting A Rug Under A Bed?

Rugs under beds, like any other hardwood flooring region, help to highlight that specific area in the room. It determines the size of the bed. Another advantage of putting a rug under your bed is that it helps to make a vast room feel more intimate, inviting, and connected (even with a lot of space between furniture)


RugKnots aim to assist you in finding the appropriate rug for your unique bedroom. RugKnots offers free shipping on all orders, so browse our collection of lovely rugs at your leisure! We have many options available at RugKnots, whether you prefer natural colors or vibrant designs, need something round for a tiny space, or require something long enough to cover an entire wall in front of your bed. You can sort our selection by size, material, shape, or design style or use filters on different features of a rug. If you don't find what you're searching for but know the size of your room, give us a call at (301) 660-7046 or send us an email at, and one of our helpful and active customer service representatives will assist you.

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