Silk Style

Silk rugs have a regal charm and a velvety smoothness. These naturally beautiful and appealing silk rugs are made from real silk. Silk has always been associated with luxury and wealth. It infuses many facets of our existence, such as textiles, apparel, and home furnishings. These lovely silk carpets result from one of the most elegant uses of silk.

These remarkable floor ornaments radiate an air of refinement and unparalleled elegance. Silk carpets are a premium décor option because their lustrous texture and handcrafted motifs convey an exceptional sense. Nothing can beat the silk area rug feel and luxurious appearance when placed in any area.

Thus, transform your house immediately with the superior rugs from RugKnots, offered at the best rates on the market.

Modern Silk Rugs Design

Silk rugs have beaten their historical significance today. The splendid artistry in silk rugs elevates sophisticated home décor. As such, silk carpets come in a range of designs, from traditional to contemporary. Our modern area rug can effortlessly merge with any interior design, bestowing a touch of luxury to your living space.

A thoughtfully chosen silk rug can amplify the overall aesthetic appeal of a room. You can select the rugs with the latest and modern patterns which look stunning. It creates a central point that draws the gaze and admiration of guests.

Long Lasting & Durable Silk Rugs

Handcrafted natural silk carpets add value to your home. These rugs are long-lasting and stay nearly three decades without damage. Pure silk is sturdy and resilient enough to RESIST the test of time. With proper care, pristine silk carpets can last longer due to their superior tensile strength. This is one of the most notable advantages of owning a silk area rug. These silk carpets for dining area rugs look great when placed under the dining table. It can easily withstand the maximum foot traffic without tearing apart.

Dense Fiber Silk Rugs for Maximum Comfort

Handmade silk rugs are dense and flawless. Their soft and plush fibers give maximum comfort to the feet when you place your feet over them. The thickness and its lax feel multiply the comfort level. They not only create a refreshing and inspiring environment but also diminish noise. They possess the capability to absorb sound, effectively lowering noise levels.

With silk carpets in your area, outside noise won't bother you. This sound-absorbing characteristic makes them a superb option for LIVING rooms, bedrooms, and offices. Isn't it an intriguing feature that it fosters a peaceful environment and calmness in your space?

Silk Rug Styles That Looks Classy

Different styles of silk rugs look classy while lying on the floor. These represent the taste of the buyer and his interior designing sense. Round, square and rectangular style silk rugs work perfectly depending upon the area you selected for rug placement. These modern, Moroccan, oriental and Persian area rugs in silk add charm to the visual appearance of the room.

Whatever style and design you buy, just keep in mind that it should complement the whole look!

Various Sizes

The standard dimensions of silk area rugs are typically exact in the market. It is available in small, medium and large sizes. Silk runner rugs are elongated, slim rugs that are ideal for kitchens, high-traffic zones, hallways, and entryways.

You can find the Silk rugs in 3’x5′, 5’x8‘, 8’x10′, 9’x12′ and 12’x15′ in the market. However, if you need rugs in customized sizes for your specific space, contact RugKnots. We offer customization options for all types of silk rugs to deliver whatever our client needs.

How To Choose A Silk Rug?

Silk rugs in different shapes, colors, designs and sizes look amazing when placed in the rooms. While selecting these soft and premium rugs, consider the space theme, area, color and design you want to add to your area. Both handmade and machine-woven silk rugs are the option to consider.

If you're looking for a blend that offers both affordability and durability, RugKnots is your solution! Explore the entire rug collection and get exactly what you have imagined for yourself.

Washable Silk Rugs

Washable silk carpets and rugs make it easier to keep them neat and as it is. Their resistance to stains further prolongs their longevity and makes moving them from one place to another worry-free regarding wear and tear. RugKnots offers a high-quality washable silk carpet collection to ensure durability with a luxurious touch. Buy the stylish rugs now and let others admire your choice.


Why are silk rugs more expensive than others?

The silk rug may appear costly, but rest assured, they are a worthy investment. The superior quality and craftsmanship of these rugs have won the hearts of the customers. Silk, being the luxurious fabric, makes it more expensive than the rest.

Are Silk rugs durable?

Silk has a high tensile strength, which makes it last longer. These rugs are durable, so you do not need to worry about their longevity. However, it may lose its luster and texture when frequently used in homes & offices.

What are the benefits of silk rugs?

The stylish and the most luxurious silk rugs offer the maximum comfort and appeal. These are environmentally-friendly, durable, versatile and high quality. Its luster remains for a more extended period if properly maintained.

Are silk rugs worth investing in?

Yes! It is a one-time investment which lasts for many years. These are the premium rugs that add a luxurious touch to the entire theme. Its shine does not fade away quickly. So, you can keep it for your home décor that does not look outdated.

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