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LED tube lights are quickly becoming the preferred choice for home and business owners globally due to their energy-efficient and cost-effective solution. With up to five times the efficiency of traditional lighting, LED tube lights provide an economical alternative to old fluorescent and impractical incandescent bulbs. Not only do these products use significantly less electricity, but they produce a brighter, higher quality light output that is pleasing in residential and commercial spaces alike. They are also not easily damaged from voltage spikes or temperature changes, making them both durable and reliable. For many people, making the switch to LED tube lights can be a literal life changer due to their long lifespans and overall environment-friendly characteristics - offering a great way for everyone to "go green".Have you ever wanted to brighten up a dull room with lighting solutions that are both practical and attractive? LED tube lights make it possible! Not only do they offer superior efficiency compared to traditional fluorescent bulbs, but they come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. Whether you're looking for an upgrade for your factory or commercial building, or just something special to add ambiance in the home - these 11 best LED tube lights have got you covered! Keep reading to learn more about the features and benefits of each one. 

1. Barrina Linkable Tube Lights

Let the Barrina Linkable Tube Lights provide your space with a unique and stylish look, brought to you in a durable aluminum and polycarbonate material. These LED lights bring an incredible 130lm/watt of bright light (with each light producing 2500lm output); perfect to overcome any darkness in corners or other areas. Installation is also easy with plug-and-play functionalities, allowing you to hang up the lights and start using them without any further setup or wiring required. Plus, when you purchase the Barrina Linkable Tube Lights, you come with the handy feature of being able to connect up to 12 lights into a single system for maximum efficiency - just use the included 48 inches connectors cord for linking multiple fixtures! The scientific design of these tube links features double row LED chips that are arranged in a 270 degree V-shape angle for better lighting results. Stop relying on outdated shop lights or insufficient lamps, get superior lighting from Barrina today!

Barrina Linkable Tube Lights


2. Barrina LED Shop Light

Create a bright and inviting workspace with the Barrina LED Shop Lights! This 10-pack set is the perfect way to light up your shop, and save money in the process. Each of the lights features an incredibly bright minimum lumen output of 125lm/watt, for a total of 9000 lm that illuminates even the darkest corners. Plus, you’ll be able to reduce energy costs by 70% as compared to fluorescent tube lighting thanks to its low power consumption (72w). Installation is also super easy – either plug & play or hardwire directly into wall switches easily. You can also use 48 inches connecting cords to link up to 5 lights in a series if necessary. Our shop light is built with quality and efficiency in mind. With our 5000K daylight white, enjoy brighter and more natural light, with no buzzing ballasts or flickering. Plus, there’s absolutely no mercury or hazardous materials and no UV or IR radiation; so you can trust that our lighting is safe for both people and the environment! On top of all this, we are proud to offer a 3 year warranty on all our products to give you that extra sense of security. Each package comes with 10 Barrina T8 8' led shop lights along with 5 power cords plus switches, 10 power hardwires, installation accessories, 8 48 inch connector cables, and small connectors. So what are you waiting for? Get your Barrina LED Shop Light today!

Barrina LED Shop Light


3. Onlylux Daylight White Tube Light

Are you in search of a lighting solution that can make your home look glam and inviting? Well, the Onlylux Daylight White Tube Light is here to save the day! This smart LED light strip does more than just provide illumination. It helps create a modern, sophisticated atmosphere to give your home an upgrade. The white light it emits is perfect for setting the mood in any given space. Whether you are looking for accent lighting or just incandescent bulbs that radiate warmth, this LED strip has unpredictable solutions. The LED bulbs in thisLED light strip are incredibly energy efficient, meaning they regulate electricity usage while also illuminating dark corners and lending a soft glow to small spaces. We understand that selecting the best LED lights and best LED light strips can be tricky. That’s why we deliver our lighting solutions right to your doorstep with easy installation instructions so that you can incorporate our products into your home with ease! So don’t wait any longer—give your room a glamorous update today with the Onlylux Daylight White Tube Light.

Onlylux Daylight White Tube Light


4. Sunco Lighting Tube Light Bulbs

Sunco Lighting Tube Light Bulbs are the perfect blend of convenience and style! Their energy efficient design allow you to express your personal lighting tastes in any space. With a light emitting diode, these led lights offer a warm white glow that creates an inviting atmosphere everyone can appreciate! These bulbs feel great on the eyes thanks to their modern design. Unlike traditional strip lighting, these Sunco Light bulbs feature a flexible circuit board for added convenience and reliability when trying to create that mood lighting look you're going for. The LED lighting has a color temperature of 3000K which is perfect for creating that subtle warm feeling. The tubes also use up to 80% less energy than comparable incandescent products which saves you money in the long run while being good for the environment. Needless to say, these Sunco Lighting Tube Light Bulbs are the best overall LED lights on the market today. You can appoint them utilizing their easy-to-install methods so no matter what kind of space needs lighting setup, these tubes provide a warm glow like no other!

Sunco Lighting Tube Light Bulbs


5. Hykolity LED Shop Lights

Introducing the Hykolity LED Shop Light – your go-to lighting solution for every occasion. This incredible smart light easily installs via adhesive backing, ensuring your shop or home is well-lit and secure in just minutes. The panel design offers intense light output equivalent to traditional fluorescent fixtures yet at a fraction of the energy consumption. The slim design and high capacity light output make this ideal even for kitchen cabinets, task lighting, or any area that needs more brightening up! Not only will you see savings in your energy bill with Hykolity’s LED light, but you can control it within your smart home ecosystem too. Enjoy voice control capabilities from Amazon Alexa and Google Home Assistants as well as seamless integration into pre-existing systems, allowing you to turn off lights with a tap of a finger. Its thick coating ensures durability so it can stand the test of time and everyday life. Make Hykolity LED Shop Light your go-to choice when looking for quality smart lighting solutions that offer style as well as savings! With installation as easy as peel and stick and no fussing over wiring, what are you waiting for?

Hykolity LED Shop Lights


6. BSK.BESTKA LED Shop Light Fixture

Bring your interior designs and projects to life this season with the BSK.BESTKA LED Shop Light Fixture! This high-quality, affordable fixture is the perfect choice for any home improvement project. Featuring a powerful power supply and tiny LED lights that create rich lighting effects and warm hues, the BSK.BESTKA LED Shop Light Fixture can provide up to 2000 lumens of illumination. With its adjustable brightness settings, you can customize your lighting environment to fit any setting. Its sleek curved surfaces ensure that the fixture will conform perfectly to whichever surface it is installed on for an ideal aesthetic appearance. The BSK.BESTKA LED Shop Light Fixture is also equipped with a hue hub that allows you to sync its RGB strips remotely from different locations. Additionally, it comes with a motion sensor which makes it even easier to control your lighting needs in real-time—simply wave your hand for changing brightness or changing hue through voice commands! It also boasts a protective coating which helps keep the fixture looking like new in any environment, even after years of use – making it particularly suitable for outdoor spaces such as patios or balconies where harsh conditions are present. And if you're feeling adventurous, try syncing your shop light with music and watch as the luminescence dances in time with each beat – what a stylish feature to boost atmosphere!"

BSK.BESTKA LED Shop Light Fixture


7. Luxceo RGB LED Video Light

Tired of boring, standard lighting? Produce amazing vibes and moods with the Luxceo RGB LED Video Light! This amazing product is cutting-edge technology that will surely make your home or office stand out in terms of design and innovation. Our light offers more than just improved visibility: it’s fully integrated with Google Assistant to provide you with maximum control over your lighting. This means you can effortlessly adjust brightness and create different colors and patterns to tailor the look and feel of your living area at the simple command of your voice. Plus, this RGB LED Video Light features a carefully engineered tiny LED light source that emits warm colors— all while using much less energy than regular bulbs! The Luxceo RGB LED Video Light is perfect for those who are looking for a seamless blend between convenience and style, so why wait? Get yours now and start creating beautiful lighting scenes whenever you want!

Luxceo RGB LED Video Light


8. Govee LED Smart Light Bars

Introducing Govee LED Smart Light Bars – the perfect way to upgrade your home lighting! With this set of LED smart lights you’ll get endless possibilities on how to customize and light up your home. Whether you choose to use Google Assistant, control your lights remotely, or sync with music in party mode, you’ll find the perfect setup that fits your lifestyle. You'll receive more light than standard light bulbs can provide and tiny LED panels to create a subtle but elegant touch. Enjoy ambient lighting from the best LED strip lights on the market today - Govee's top-of-the-line product provides smart home integration so your life is easier than ever before. It will be more fun and efficient to do tasks around the house when surrounded by the perfect lighting. With Govee's Smart Light Bars, you can enjoy vivid colors and enjoy improved ambience anywhere in or outside of your home. Make it yours with Govee!

Govee LED Smart Light Bars


9. GE Lighting LED Linear T8 Tube

Experience the revolutionary GE Lighting LED Linear T8 Tube, a perfect lighting solution for any environment. Brighten up any space with this 15-watt bulb that only uses half the electricity of a traditional 32-Watt linear fluorescent light bulb, yet emits 1750 lumens of cooling white light with a 4000 Kelvin color temperature. Our durable LED tube lights are rated to last for 16 years with 3 hours of daily use, meaning your room will stay brilliantly illuminated without spending hours swapping out light bulbs. Plus, each LED tube costs just $1.81 annually to operate - that's over 90 percent less energy than traditional fluorescent lighting! That'll leave you extra cash in your pocket that can be used in other parts of your house. With its easy installation process, you won't ever have to worry about finding someone who can help get it done right. Invest in the future of warmth and light with GE Lighting LED Linear T8 Tube and never go dark again!

GE Lighting LED Linear T8 Tube


10. Novelux Long Tubular Light Bulb

Looking for a lighting solution that will not only help you conserve energy but will last you a lifetime? Look no further than the Novelux Long Tubular Light Bulb! With its 6W LED design, this light bulb has all the illuminating power of an 80 watt incandescent bulb without hogging up your electricity bill. This means you could save up to 90% on your next electric bill! Not to mention, this powerful little light bulb is rated for an incredible 30,000 hours of use - that's over 20 years with it averaging 3 hours of use a day. You don't have to sacrifice quality for energy savings either. This t10 Led Bulb produces just as bright and consistent light patterns as traditional incandescent bulbs, so you won't miss out on any brightness. Moreover, the 120V design was created to have a smooth dimming transition from 100%-0%, guaranteeing perfect control over light level adjustments in your space. It even flicker free and UV-free so you'll never have to worry about eye strain caused by uneven lighting or dangerous Ultra violet rays. The Novelux Long Tubular Light Bulb delivers amazing results on both performance and energy savings, allowing you to trust that your residential and commercial spaces are illuminated properly without generating outrageous electricity costs in the process. Don't wait another second; get yours today!

Novelux Long Tubular Light Bulb


11. Jesled Daylight White Light Bulbs

Bring light and life to any space with the energy-saving, high efficiency JESLED Daylight White Light Bulbs! Whether you’re refreshing your office, brightening up your home, or getting creative in your workshop - these brilliant bulbs are the perfect pick. This eco-friendly design utilizes a T8 4foot type B LED that guarantees up to 50,000+ hours of illumination - giving you the bright light you need without burning up your power. While our bulbs might be inexpensive in terms of price, they pay themselves back ridiculously fast with an impressive 63% decrease in electricity bills! And with our convenient dual-end powered installation and easy removal of ballast setup - you won’t need to worry about technical details or special tools. Just take a look at our user guide for more information and get ready for long-lasting savings on both energy and money. So when it comes to illuminating solutions that are great for everyday use, choose JESLED for all your lighting needs! Get those stylishly modern looks you’ve been craving at prices that won’t break the bank – get it today!

Jesled Daylight White Light Bulbs


Here Are 6 Tips for Purchasing LED Tube Lights

LED tube lights are making the switch to more energy efficient lighting solutions much easier than ever before. Not only do they use up to 50% less energy than their fluorescent counterparts, they also provide a warm light that is much more pleasing to the eye. Perfect for wet areas or areas without adequate natural light, these lights offer even and consistent light which aids in productivity and safety. For those looking for an extra pop of custom illumination, LED strips are an excellent way to achieve just that by wrapping staircases, highlighting artwork or simply providing unique accent lighting in any space. And since LED strip lights don't need to be completely replaced every few years like fluorescent bulbs, installation cost is easily offset over time through lower energy bills.Switching to LED lights can be a great investment for any home or business owner. Not only are they more energy-efficient than traditional lighting options, but they also last much longer and require less maintenance. When you're ready to make the switch, however, it's important to know what to look for when purchasing LED tube lights. Here are six essential tips that will help you make an informed decision.

1. Check the Lumens Rating

LED Tube Lights are a great way to turn any room into an illuminated paradise. With remote control capabilities and music sync mode, you can easily tailor your lighting preference to fit the exact environment you desire. For a romantic dinner or movie night, you can set your lights to create an ambient light that is perfect for the occasion. Perhaps adding in some colorful LED strip lights will take it up a notch! Whatever mood you want to create, LED Tube Lights have what it takes. Lumens measures the amount of visible light emitted from a bulb or light fixture. The higher the lumens, the brighter the light. When shopping for LED tube lights, always check the lumens rating so you know how much light your fixture will emit.

2. Look at Color Temperature

Color temperature is measured in Kelvins and refers to the “warmth” or “coolness” of a light source. Warmer colors have lower Kelvin values (2500K-3000K) while cooler colors have higher Kelvin values (5000K-6500K). Depending on where you plan on using your lights, you may want a warmer color temperature in living rooms and bedrooms and a cooler color temperature in kitchens and offices.

3. Read Reviews

Reading reviews is a great way to get an idea of how well a product works before buying it yourself. Make sure to read reviews both on the manufacturer's website and third-party sites like Amazon or Yelp so that you can get an unbiased opinion about your purchase before making it. check wyze light strip, philips hue bluetooth smart lightstrip 

4. Buy from Reputable Vendors

There are many different vendors selling LED tube lights online, but not all of them are reputable sources with quality products. Make sure to do your research to find reputable suppliers with good customer service who stand behind their products before making any purchases.

5. Consider Installation Costs

If you plan on having your LED tube lights professionally installed, make sure to factor in those costs into your budget as well as the cost of purchasing the fixtures themselves. You may also want to consider hiring an electrician who specializes in LED lighting installation if you don't feel comfortable doing it yourself.

6. Look for Warranties

Many manufacturers offer warranties on their products, so make sure to look for one when shopping around for LED tube lights . A good warranty should cover both parts and labor for at least two years after purchase date; some even go up to five years! It's always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to expensive investments like lighting fixtures—so be sure that whatever product you choose comes with a reliable warranty policy just in case anything goes wrong down the line!


Making an informed decision when purchasing LED tube lights is critical; otherwise, you could end up wasting money on low-quality products that won't last very long or provide adequate lighting coverage for your space . By following these six tips , however ,you'll be able put aside worries and focus instead on finding reliable fixtures that will provide quality lighting solutions without breaking your budget! Don't wait—start shopping today!

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