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Do you enjoy going to the beach? Do you want to feel like you're at the beach? Why not get it delivered right to your front door? It may appear difficult, but with the correct beach and coastal carpets, you may easily achieve this. Only by purchasing a coastal rug for your home can you relive the warmth of the coastal every day and feel an ocean right in your own dining room. The hot weather has finally arrived, and so have the sandals! Along with sun, sea, and surf comes another Florida staple: coastal rugs. This new trend in home décor is all about bringing a little bit of relaxation to your beachside living space. The best part? They are easy to maintain by simply vacuuming or shaking them out. Coastal rugs are perfect for both indoors or outdoors because they are made of synthetic materials that resist mold, mildew, bacteria, water damage, fading from UV rays, and stains from drinks like coffee or wine spilled on them. Interior designers around the country agree that these versatile pieces can be used as an addition to any room, whether it's a bedroom or kitchen, which makes this purchase worth every penny. You've come to the right site if you're looking for the finest location to buy a coastal rug or to buy a coastal rug. RugKnots provides a large selection that is well worth looking at. The coastal rug trend is hotter than ever, and if you're looking to add a bit of the beach to your home, there are so many ways to do it. We recommend starting with these 10 easy tips for making your home feel like a seaside paradise in no time! Read on and find out how!

1. Look For sophisticated and Nature Inspired Rug

Beach homes offer a relaxed charm. Arched doors, huge columns, decorative ceiling beams, and ironwork are all examples of meticulous attention to detail. Natural elements, such as white stucco walls, wood doors, and natural fibers like jute or hemp, are also prominent. The combination of these two factors really ties the lifestyle together. Stylish but unpretentious. Coastal houses are noted for their informal comfort and effortless elegance, from broad oceanfront vistas to light and airy floor layouts to nature-inspired decors. That can be attributed to California's year-round pleasant weather. Even if you don't live in a beach house or a cliffside mansion, you can incorporate a coastal theme into your current design. All you'll need is a few crucial pieces and a coastal rug (or two!) to tie everything together. We contacted interior designers for advice on how to decorate for a chic coastal home with the least amount of work and without going broke.

Look For sophisticated and Nature Inspired Rug

2. Bring the outside in with you

Is there room for one more coastal chic element? Being near the coast gives you that laid-back, calm vibe. It's both comfortable and fashionable. It's light, open, and breezy, with no clear distinction between inside and out. It gives off the vibes of a beach or a tropical paradise—breezy. It's serene and laid-back. Bringing the outside inside is a key part of coastal chic home design. Why wait for the way in if you're getting a house with an ocean theme? Coastal outdoor rugs and their handmade quality will enhance your experience even before you enter the house. They not only make the transition easier, but they also elevate your home design to the next level. When it comes to buying outdoor rugs, you must be cautious and consider the durability element. Furthermore, the rug should be deeper in the shade. Why is this the case? The relic would be exposed to unfathomable levels of dirt, dust, and grime. The beachy-brown outdoor rug is ideal in this situation. Because of the hue, it will take a very long time for the rug to seem dirty! Just be cautious about how often you clean. Yes, the guests are unaware, but you and your priceless heirloom are! We already know that the durable rug pad's material is critical to keeping everything together in a handmade project. What is the finest rug kind for beach/coastal weather in this regard? A little background here: we're seeking a fabric that can withstand wet, humid weather while still being easy to clean due to sand collection in wool rugs. One material that springs to mind is wool. Cotton and synthetic fibers are two alternative textiles that can be used. Coastal carpets cannot be made using silk. Wool will be used to make a coastal rug from RugKnots.

Bring the outside in with you

3. When picking a color scheme, incorporate natural elements

You should largely use neutral or coastal colors. Because this style incorporates a wide range of materials, neutral or white walls should serve as the backdrop for your area. Additionally, painting your walls a bright white can open up your area and make it feel more informal and classy. This style relies heavily on white and bright colors. Take inspiration from the outdoor spaces for accent colors: think seafoam green, pastel blue tones, warm sand beige, or khaki.

4. Use as much natural light as possible

Because of the moderate climate on the West Coast, most homes feature external patios or doors that open up to a courtyard, providing large open spaces. Even if you don't live on this side of the globe, you can simply recreate the atmosphere by allowing more natural light in. The coastal style is light and breezy. If you don't live in a moderate environment where you can open your doors and windows, make an effort to let in as much natural light as possible. This means ditching the heavy window blinds or drapes in favor of light and airy white sheer curtains.

5. Choose furniture with natural textures and materials

Furniture should have simple lines and be composed of natural materials, such as woven dining chairs. You may pair this with a modern chandelier for dining table / coffee table to obtain the casual yet elegant look. Natural textures such as wicker, rattan, and worn, distressed, or white-sashed woods are recommended. Jute baskets and driftwood can also be used to create texture. Slip-covered sofas, as well as relaxed, light linen or cotton textiles in both curtains and pillows, are other hallmarks in coastal house design.

Choose furniture with natural textures and materials

6. In terms of decoration, less is more

When it comes to decorating a chic coastal home, you don't need much. A few décor pieces, such as glass bottles, woven baskets, a few beach touches, such as seashells, and textures like jute, rope, and driftwood, are all that's needed to create that relaxed coastal vibe. You may even make your own beach decor by winding rope around a glass vase and using shells as a centerpiece in a white washbowl or dough bowl. It can even be as simple as adding a coastal design to the hardware on kitchen cabinets or dressers or a cluster of glass vases with basic branches or single greenery stems. It's important to keep your design simple and your environment light and airy.

7. If you don't have access to a casual boho setting, go to art

Don't have a view of the ocean or swaying palm trees from floor to ceiling? It's not an issue. Jenny claims that well-placed artwork can provide the same effect. In a typical coastal property, the introduction of color and the 'art' for your area would be your view of the ocean. If you don't have a picturesque view, you can obtain a similar effect by hanging artwork that represents the beach, the Mediterranean, or simply has a lot of blues and greens in it. Coastal carpets are flat weave rugs created by hand. They can be utilized anywhere in the house because of their nature. In the summer, you spend the majority of your time in your bedroom. You prefer more cool colors and items in your space in this weather. What's cooler than a rug with a coastal theme? The lovely colors will bring even more beauty to your space. RugKnots rugs in these lovely colors could be the perfect addition to your bedroom.

If you don't have access to a casual boho setting, go to art

8. Use ceiling fittings to rapidly improve your home's appearance

Ceiling fixtures are sometimes ignored, but they are a low-cost addition. Even renters have the option of changing out light fixtures and then swapping them back when they leave. A ceiling fixture has the power to set the mood in your home. We adore the aesthetic of burst chandeliers, basketweave pendant lights, and open-cage lanterns for that coastal appeal. In nature, these rugs are warm and inviting. They give a more flattering view when positioned in the entrance. Choose your entryway rug carefully because it will be your first impression. The rug material for this region should be long-lasting, such as sisal or jute. This is because these are high foot traffic locations that require a longer-lasting substance. Always use a rug pad when setting down a rug at the entrance. The pad prevents the area rug from shifting. It will also assist in maintaining the floor free of scratches. In your entrance, you can also add runner rugs with coastal prints.

9. Use a rug to ground the effect

A rug is a terrific place to start when it comes to decorating your room. Rugs are a fantastic alternative to ripping up your flooring if you can't afford to do so. They may add a lot of color and design to create the effect you want for a little cost. A rug can also help you personalize your space. A rug is a terrific way to add a touch of bohemia, beach theme, or mid-century modern to your room. Rugs are fantastic statement items for your spaces since they allow you to show off your room's personality and flair. When choosing a rug for this look, think about the tones and colors you observe in nature, such as blue and green. Choose a type that is both indoor and outdoor space, as well as easy to care for, such as Ruggable, which is machine washable. When decorating a room around a rug, use the rug's colors and patterns to decorate the rest of the space. Paint colors are easier to match to a rug or cloth than vice versa! Stick with neutral or white walls if you choose a colorful or large-patterned rug, and your furniture should be made largely of natural materials, such as wood, metal, and natural woven fibers. To keep with the light, breezy design of a coastal home, choose basic pieces to decorate around the rug.

10. Shortcut To Aesthetic Decor

Unless you are an interior designer, interior décor appears to be a minor chord. You must be cautious, however, because one wrong step could lead to the burying of your ambitions. Coastal rugs require special attention due to their texture and designs. If you're wondering why to consider this: the objective of natural fiber carpets is to generate contrast and hence alleviate the environment. The problem with beach carpets is that most of the patterns are uninteresting. What else would you expect from an heirloom with a dominating light blue color? On the other hand, relaxing colors, coastal comfort, and salty air aren't for everyone. They have their supporters. Otherwise, they would not be a trendy trend right now! Throughout this post, we'll look at how you may use coastal and coastal rugs to transform your average home into your personal coastal zone! Choose an area rug in a light color like white or cream. This will help brighten up any room and make it feel more open.  Purchase rugs that are made from natural fibers like cotton or wool instead of synthetic ones as they look better over time and provide better insulation against cold floors. Think about where you want to place the rug as well as what size is best for the space before purchasing one so it doesn't overwhelm the rest of your décor.

Shortcut To Aesthetic Decor

Where To Place Coastal Rugs


Placing beach rugs throughout your bedroom can give your home the perfect vibe you've been looking for! Imagine waking up to the softness of the sand or the smoothness of the sea for a change. Isn't it well worth the effort? A beach rug would look great in a bedroom. Not only does the environment complement the artifact, producing a stunning contrast, but coastal rugs can also tell stories. Coastal rugs have a variety of designs interwoven in them, each with its own symbolism. As a result, you may tell a story, live amid your philosophy, and convey everything without saying anything. Let's have a look at a couple of styles that might be appropriate for a coastal bedroom. White and black, as well as navy blue and white, provide a captivating contrast. A coastal stripe area rug, as well as a color-rich heirloom, are always options. Let's go specific: what color carpeting should I use in a coastal bedroom with white walls? Anything blue that has a fishing theme! Another option is to use striped rugs in a dark color scheme. It's as simple as creating contrast, and with white as one of the colors, it's never been simpler. Before I forget, your master bedroom is the perfect setting for round coastal carpets. While traditional rectangular rugs are certainly lovely, a round rug can add even more ripeness to the mix. A round rug can also be a nice addition to your living room, but when it comes to proportionality, a bedroom is a better choice. Any interior designer will tell you that bordering a coastal rug with furniture is the finest way to place it. Is everything in order now? If so, browse and purchase coastal and coastal rugs from our online store.


You can see how fitting it is that the beach serves as the entrance to the sea. You must pay extra attention to your entryway if you are creating a coastal home for yourself! Coastal runner rugs can serve as a middle ground between outdoor and bedroom rugs. They don't need to have the same flamboyantly black textures as outdoor rugs, nor do they need to be as durable. They can't be as delicate and vibrant as a bedroom rug. Overall, while purchasing a coastal rug for your foyer, pay special attention to the fabric, color, and texture. You may also get outdoor pillows to complement your living room. When it comes to attention to detail, the rug size is an important consideration. The majority of individuals are unsure about the parameters for sisal beach runner rugs. The answer is as straightforward as it gets: the rug's size is determined by the size of your entryway. Entryway rug sizes vary widely, and while it's risky to generalize, 8x6 works well most of the time.


In the Living Room

And you think we'd forget about the most important aspect of any home? The living room has the distinction of being the gathering area for the entire family! A living room, unlike other sections of the house, is open to all and thus deserves careful consideration. You'd miss the spirit of a coastal house if you made a minor error here and there! Let's dive into the meat of the matter before moving on to the trends. 'What color carpeting matches with coastal paint colors?' is the most crucial question. While interior design and aesthetics are often subjective, here is my honest perspective. Colors that are suitable for coastal decor are those that may generate a contrast. That means they're either dark, harsh, or dazzling. If we were to rank these hues, navy blue would undoubtedly be at the top. Nothing beats a blue beach rug, right? Browns, blacks, yellows, and greens would also be on the list!

Coastal living area rugs must be long-lasting, warm, and comfortable, as well as easy to clean. So, if you're willing to spend a lot of money on a rug, they should do it! In this case, a light-colored rug size may cause you problems when it comes to cleaning, but it will undoubtedly perform a fantastic job in terms of décor. Not that darker rugs are bad, but in coastal decor design, nothing surpasses navy blue/aqua immersed in a sea of white for the best in sea life. In a coastal bedroom, what color rug should you use? White and navy blue! In a chic coastal setting, what color carpeting should I use with a laurel green sofa? Navy Blue and White! Choosing the proper colors for coastal and coastal carpets is critical.

Dining Room

These area rugs will look fantastic in your dining room. These carpets can be used to provide a soft landing for your feet at your dining table. It can give your dining room some texture and color. A comprehensive ocean look can be achieved by combining a coastal design with the addition of coastal objects in the room. Coastal designs work best in the living room, which also serves as a seating place. You must ensure that it blends perfectly in with the rest of the living room's hues. The artwork on the walls, as well as the colors on the walls, should coordinate with the carpeting on the floor. Because these area rugs have more coastal tones, consider using similar colors in your furniture as well. Rugs with coastal designs can be utilized both indoors and out. You can use one of these carpets on your lawn or preserve one for your beach picnics. Have one for your living room and one for your bedroom; they can serve both purposes. These rugs are meant to give off a coastal vibe wherever they are used. They are meant to withstand the sun, sandy feet, and any type of weather when manufactured of synthetic materials. Because they're low-maintenance, coastal design carpets are frequently utilized for indoor-outdoor excursions.

Dining Room


What's stopping you from bathing with the fishermen now that you've done everything you can to find a coastal décor house? Why should you stop at coastal bathroom rugs if you have the entire list? On a more serious side, coastal carpets in the bathroom are lighthearted, playful, and friendly. They can also help you finish your coastal home. You must have coastal bathroom rugs! Not that I didn't have a few cracks while writing this, but you must have them!

Coastal Rugs Represent

To begin, what are the differences between coastal and coastal rugs? They're rugs with free-flowing patterns of oceans, beaches, waves, and everything else related to them. Coastal areas such as the Hamptons, Nantucket, and Key West inspired these rugs. Coastal rugs have hidden meanings embedded in their designs, which is an interesting fact. The anchor represents protection, while the knot represents friendship, harmony, and love. Similarly, the flag is a graphic element that is active. Motives can even be found in the stars and stripes. The former conjures up images of protection, whereas the latter conjures up images of simplicity. As a result, when you acquire a coastal area rug, you're not just getting a coastal-styled mat but also a way to express yourself! Isn't everything just perfect? Coastal style is all about comfort. What do you get as you walk down the beach sand with salty air in your face? Comfort! Coastal area rugs may not be able to imitate the salty wind or the softness of the sand, but they may certainly lend a sense of calm to the environment. As a result, if you're searching for a location to unwind, there are few better options. If you want to create a less beachy and more calm ambiance in your home, you should choose a coastal rug. A problem with coastal area rugs is that they tend to appeal to a small number of people. It's not that they're any less elegant; it's just that most people can't incorporate them into their decor. Part of it may be due to the limited array of options available to you. When you buy a coastal rug from RugKnots, you won't have to worry about that!

Frequently Asked Questions About Coastal Rugs

What are Coastal Area Rugs?

Coastal carpets were created to bring the beach vibe into your home. They're termed casual area rugs because they add a laid-back vibe to your space. With their attractive colors and materials, they create a pleasant atmosphere in your house. Their various beach and coastal inspired designs are ideal for the summer. It's not simple to choose the appropriate coastal carpeting for your summer house. Let's delve deeper into the specifics in order to find a great match. The coastal area rug is another popular rug with a sea theme. The symbols and emblems associated with the captains' ships are depicted on these rugs. These rugs are sometimes mistaken for coastal rugs. The distinction between the two is that coastal themed rugs have various types of coast-related motifs, whilst coastal styled carpets typically feature mainly ship patterns.

What Kind of Beach Rug Should I Get For My Living Room?

There are several superb indoor/outdoor rug built with the coast in mind, whether you have a formal sitting room or a finished patio. If your modern color palettes is taupes, tans, browns, or creams, for example, a flash of blue provides interest without overwhelming the space. For a modest update, choose a tan area rug with blue coral accents. If you want to go a little crazier, elegant cream and turquoise beach themed rug will look wonderful in your entrance way. A splash of tropical color instantly transforms any space, especially if the majority of your furniture is in greys, whites, or other neutral tones.

What Are Coastal Area Rugs and What Makes Them Different From Other Rugs?

Coastal area rugs, also known as beach rugs, are commonly thought of as rugs, but they are much more than that. Seashore floor coverings are those created in or around the coast, according to a traditional definition. Natural fibers like resilient Wool, Sisal, and Cotton, as well as synthetic materials like Polypropylene and Polyester, are among them. Other types of rugs, on the other hand, may employ synthetic materials like acrylics or olefin instead of natural ones. They may also have a thicker pile, which gives them a completely distinct appearance and feel than coastal floor coverings. These rugs are commonly utilized in home and workplace design with a beach motif. However, because they are in lighter tones, such as blue and neutrals, they may be used in any space of your home.

Natural materials such as wool, cotton, and silk, which come from animals that live near the sea or on adjacent farms, are used to make seashore rugs. The various colors can also be produced from plants found in these areas. Because of their earthy tones, these offer a cozy look to homes with maritime decor. The majority of coastal floor coverings are handwoven and dyed with natural dyes. These carpets also have a thicker pile than coastal or seashore rugs, which gives them a completely different look and feel.

How should these rugs be styled in your home?

Now that you know everything there is to know about these carpets, the question of how to design them arises. We offer the perfect coastal styling guide for you no matter where you live, whether it's a beach house or a summer farmhouse. Bring out your inner captain and go full ship sailing in your home, or simply decorate a space to serve as your safe haven. This article will assist you. We'll go through a few design ideas that will give your home a complete tropical or coastal vibe.

Where can I get a coastal rug for my beach house?

RugKnots is an internet retailer that sells coastal rugs. To fulfill all of our client's needs, we have a featured coastal rug selection. Our rug pads are all hand-tufted and have elaborate designs that will look great on your flooring. If that wasn't enough, the majority of our beautiful assortment is on sale for up to 60% off! So, what exactly are you waiting for? Choose a coastal rug and rob us of it right now; you may also check out the new arrivals feel. You can also look for and purchase a coastal rug that best suits your needs.

Which carpeting is best for a coastal house?

The ideal carpeting for a beach house is the one that matches your decor. We have a variety of rugs in a variety of colors and patterns, so you can pick something to match your home decor while staying true to the coastal concept. Use hand-tufted wool jute, sisal rug, or natural fiber material, for a beach house to bring out the rug's optimum thickness and softness.

Where Should I Put Coastal Rugs?

The high traffic areas of the house, like an entryway or family room, is the greatest place to install your coastal area rug. A warm living room with a fireplace, a hand-tufted jute rug, and soft throws on the furniture is ideal for curling up on the couch with a nice book. In your living area, choose a lovely navy-hued coastal carpeting!

What is the Optimum Size Coastal Rug For a Living Room?

Any living space can benefit from the addition of a rug. We have rugs in a variety of sizes to suit your needs and the area you have available. We recommend our small or medium size rugs for smaller living areas, while our giant coastal carpets should suffice for larger places! The rug's exquisite motifs and one-of-a-kind pattern are enough to make your place look lovely and appealing. So all you have to do now is pick the appropriate size. On the market, beach area rugs come in a variety of designs and sizes. If you want a tiny rug, consider one made of silk or cotton so that it is simpler to clean. You can choose from a variety of shapes, including rectangular, round, and even runners.

What Is The Best Way To Care for a Coastal Area Rug?

Cleaning a coastal area rug is simple and affordable. For this, you can use basic household goods such as soapy water or a baking soda vinegar mix. Your coastal rug adds elegance and appeals to any room in your home. So, if you want it to look great for a long time, you must take care of it. Vacuum your rug once a week, and get a professional to clean it every few months if possible.

What Are Ways To Use Coastal Rugs In Your Decor?

Coastal floor coverings are a time-honored method to decorate and personalize your home. They are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. The harbor-side rug, made of cotton or polyester with Navy or Blue stripes that depict the horizon line seen on a boat when sailing at sea, is the most popular style of coastal rug. These carpets can be used in any room of your home! The following are some of the greatest ways to style with coastal area rugs:

1. Use one under the bed as a shortcut to add an attractive statement piece to a bedroom.

2. Place them in front of your fireplace or windows as accent items in your living area. Place it on top of sofas or chairs in the living room (especially if they're light).

3. Make sure an entryway is large enough to cover the area where people enter the house.

4. While it's crucial to maintain your area looking neat and tidy, you should also make sure that it has a variety of textures. As a result, we propose investing in Coastal Runner Rugs, which can be used as both a flooring and a decorative element over an existing rug or carpet.

5. Choosing a rug is more complicated than simply looking for something to keep your feet warm. In order for the space to look coherent and appealing, the rug should be the same color as the rest of the room, so don't miss this aspect!

6. As you can see, coastal carpets can be styled in a variety of ways. Coastal goods are available in a wide range of shapes, sizes, styles, and colors, making them suitable for every room in your home!

What rug looks the most like it belongs on the beach?

In its natural nature, jute gives off a casual beach air. A good striped rug also has a great seaside feel to it, as do many hues of blue in a rug, solid or striped.


Any decor style will look great with the coastal Rugs. Because of their versatility and ability to fit in as well as stand out when needed, they work with a wide range of styles. These rugs can tie your space together while also giving a unique touch of love that only you could think of! RugKnots offers the ideal rug for you, whether it's one of our own or one of our partners. Come see us today to see the seaside area rug that will be the perfect addition to your home! RugKnots has a large selection of rugs in a variety of styles, sizes, shapes, and colors. You can select rugs ranging in price from high to low and get the ideal one for your home. If you have any concerns about our products, please contact us by email at or by phone at (301) 660-7046. We will gladly respond to your questions.

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