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Ever since the invention of the rug, it has been a huge part of human culture. People use them to decorate their homes, run businesses with them, and sometimes just for comfort. This is where indoor rugs come in handy! They are easy on your wallet while still being stylish, comfortable, and durable. In the world of home decor, there are so many different options for you to choose from. From a simple rug to an entire room makeover, it's easy to get overwhelmed by all the choices out there. But don't worry! We're going to look at the latest trends in indoor rugs and what homeowners should be looking for when thinking about purchasing one. We will also provide you with some of our favorite picks from this year! The 100 Best Indoor Rugs For 2024 list has got you covered with a wide range of top-rated rugs that will meet your needs and preferences. So if you're looking for the perfect indoor rug or just want some new ideas, come on over and take a look at what we have in store for you!

1. Beige Gabbeh Area Rug

The Gabbeh Area Rug is a hand-knotted, wool indoor rug with sophisticated patterns. What better way to add elegance to your home than by adding this beautiful area rug that reflects tradition and class? The Gabbeh Rug has an intricate square design and subtler designs that will make any room pop in just the right way. Created from wool, you can also find these rugs perfect for creating a peaceful country feel for any family area or writing suite. 

Beige Gabbeh Area Rug

2. Black Ziegler Area Rug

As beauty is power, every room needs a splash of good stuff. This handcrafted rug will dress up any room with its earthy and cheerful colors and keep your toes warm all year long! This dark black Ziegler Oriental design can instantly give any room classy sophistication never seen before. From its stitching quality materials to the gorgeous, high-quality soft  fibers, you won't regret adding this beautiful piece of art to your house decor in whatever size or shape you desire – it's guaranteed not to let you down!

Black Ziegler Area Rug

3. Navy Contemporary Area Rug

The versatile Navy Contemporary Area Rug is great for modern living. Whether you're planning to entertain in your chic home or have an outdoor event, this rug will look great. The easy maintenance ensures that it will keep looking like new for years to come. Give your next living room look a sleek, contemporary vibe with the striking navy area rug that will redefine any space. Made from durable Chinese hand hook material and sporting an elegant 0'37 pile height, this rug is sure to be a staple for years to come. This rug is designed for contemporary-style homes; bring life back into your home today!

Navy Contemporary Area Rug

4. Blue Geometric Area Rug

Clean up your designs and make them amazing. With a rug that is all angles, it will be tough not to create great looks in every space. Relax on our geometric area rug with spooked-out shapes and dark lines for an intense pattern with a beautiful dark background. Great for minimalist décor, or you can let the top one pop against lighter colors as well.

Blue Geometric Area Rug

5. Orange Gabbeh Area Rug

A soft and vibrant orange rug to update your interior with some luxe elements. Made primarily of wool, this hand-knotted rug is a rich material that will make the perfect addition to any room you put it in. With its vivid tones, intricate patterns, and lovely textures, it's sure to help your home look more modern than ever.

Orange Gabbeh Area Rug

6. Tan Ziegler Area Rug

The Ziegler Area Rug is a classic hand woven wool rug from Pakistan. With modern earth-toned colors and natural patterns in style, these rugs are ideal for any indoor setting. With weaving capes consisting of wool fibers twisted tightly together, this particular rug is deemed medium-grade because of the pile or low. The pile height can be longer to accommodate sitting on it but should not be so long for those who want to keep their floor clean. 

Tan Ziegler Area Rug

7. Gold Gabbeh Area Rug

One of an area rug's main jobs is keeping your floors clean. It also protects cold feet in wintertime or when getting out of bed on a chilly morning! Gabbeh Area Rugs are handmade from natural materials, so they won't give off any toxins into the air, which keeps them safe for everyone who walks across them! 

Gold Gabbeh Area Rug

8. Blue Ziegler Area Rug 

Does your office have a boring environment that leaves you wanting excitement?  This blue Ziegler is best for poping up the dull areas into refreshing ones. This rug has been carefully crafted with some of the best wool yarns, string by hand into rugs, and a few detailed hours. This product is perfect for your living room - both durable for long-lasting use and not too expensive.

Blue Ziegler Area Rug

9. Red Southwestern Area Rug

Does your home need a little more "oomph" with color, texture, and pattern? Large rug is the perfect answer! Big and bold, our red southwestern rug brings an element of sophistication. You'll be drawn in by its rich colors and quality construction. Veritas offers many style options to fit your taste for personalization. Plus, they're easy to clean—whether from pet hair or accidental spills—just vacuum them on low speed right away before spotting sets in! 

Red Southwestern Area Rug

10. Brown Gabbeh Area Rug 

This hand-knotted brown Gabbeh Area Rug is made from wool. It has a sophisticated pattern that will fit in any indoor environment while adding the perfect texture. This one o' kind rug is designed to be multi-functional. Displayed as an accent piece or area rug, it's a sophisticated choice for any home. This reasonable price area rug will add personality to your coziest space in the home!

Brown Gabbeh Area Rug

11. Green Shag Area Rug 

Introducing the apple green Shag Area Rug, made with Turkish Machine Made technology and available in ma. This sophisticated rug features soft green and refreshing color that will give a soothing effect to your eyes. Bring elegance to your house flooring today by adding a touch of luxury with these machine-made pile rugs! Our rug size is ideal for most rooms or halls where there is enough space for installation. 

Green Shag Area Rug

12. Brown Persian Area Rug 

Bring sophistication and style to your home or office with this Persian Rug. This nearly any size area rug can be enjoyed on virtually any room floor surface, thanks in part to its soft underfoot. With a wide array of classic colors and styles for every personality, it's easier than ever to find that perfect one! Woven by skilled artisans from 100% natural wool fibers, these persian rugs will provide you with many decades of unparalleled quality and enjoyment.

Brown Persian Area Rug

13. Multicolor Boho Chic Area Rug 

The colorful rug will easily make this modern and chic rug the highlight of your living room! This Red boho chic area rug is perfect for you in creating a trendy look. It adds personality and creates an inviting feeling to any room with its vibrant colors. Soft, warm, and durable polyester pile that feels cozy underfoot also helps create a unique feel over time - you'll never want to leave home without it! You're guaranteed style and durability with our 100% Polyester Rugs which are available at a discount price.

Multicolor Boho Chic Area Rug

14. Ivory Bokhara Area Rug

Handmade with natural soft fibers and high-quality materials, this rug is a gorgeous addition to any home. With beautiful diamond patterns and fine boundaries, it offers both aesthetic value and durability for your needs. This low pile rug is easy to maintain.  Enjoy peace of mind knowing that you have an investment piece in your new Bokhara area rug.

Ivory Bokhara Area Rug

15. Brown Gabbeh Area Rug

In the Persian rug tradition, this handmade Gabbeh rug is made from pure wool and features sophisticated patterns that fit well with traditional decor. It's recommended for indoor use only. ! Like most professional interior designers recommend activating certain spaces within your home with well-placed accents; if ugly floors offend you, color them over with some floor accent like this brown Gabbeh rug.

Brown Gabbeh Area Rug

16. Multicolor Boho Chic Area Rug 

This stunning multicolor area rug is a boho-chic design made of 100% polypropylene for soft, comfortable lounging. This high-quality, machine-made rug features a pile height/pile depth of 0.8 inches that is suitable for all types of indoor or outdoor use, as well as the edges being sealed to prevent fraying and unraveling. It is stain resistant and a washing machine wash rug that makes your cleanliness easy.

Multicolor Boho Chic Area Rug

17. Ivory Ikat Area Rug

A rug is the single most important element in making your room feel warm, cozy, and safe. Whether you're looking to cover a lot of ground for a welcoming look or create a divide between living spaces for a striking design that's all your own, there are plenty of options that will suit your every need. To get started deciding which rug is best for you, head on over to RugKnots and have some fun exploring!

Ivory Ikat Area Rug

18. Beige Southwestern Area Rug

Nearly any room can be spruced up by this rug, from the living room to the office. It's a colorful accent piece that'll brighten any locale you put it in and ties the space together! If you're on the hunt for large attractive area rugs, look no further: this one's a keeper. Not only is it rife with various shades of red, beige, and brown - colors which make for excellent patterned carpets - but also manufactured right here in Turkey. With 100% polypropylene material; these rugs are durable and stylish at once

Beige Southwestern Area Rug

19. Tan Gabbeh Area Rug

Hand-knotted Gabbeh rugs are made of wool, are indoor-only, and feature sophisticated patterns. Make this area rug a staple in your interior designer's toolkit so that you can amp up the charm factor of nearly any room at any size. Floor-to-ceiling cuddly softness and pinpoint attention to details like designing options means that your clients will love coming home to their new living space! Choose from classic or modern styles in various sizes for any office chairs.

Tan Gabbeh Area Rug

20. Grey Geometric Area Rug

A geometric form rug, made of 80% Jute 20% Cotton pile that is hand-knotted. Measurements are 8'x10'. The quality is in the design, manufactured to withstand spot cleaning but without a warranty. Get it fast and free with your confirmation email--so you can oil up those hardwood floors. Free shipping on this big guy if you have it out by Monday! And did we mention the 30 days return window for a full refund?

Grey Geometric Area Rug

21. Beige Southwestern Area Rug

The uniquely textured, high-quality construction will give your space a distinct personality and flair. It provides soft comfort for barefoot lounging or elegant appeal for furnishing your most formal areas. The machine-made rug is crafted with 100% polypropylene material and has earthy colors to choose from. Shop Now if you want to bring an aesthetic appeal to your décor.

Beige Southwestern Area Rug

22. Multi-Color Coastal Area Rug

A well-priced, durable rug with a cheerful design to bring some light to your coastal living space. Accents of colors include shades of blue and white for a versatile look that you can combine with natural materials. With an easily washable surface and many color options, there's no question why this rug is in such high demand! 

Multi-Color Coastal Area Rug

23. Brown Gabbeh Area Rug

Gabbeh is a range of magnificent and intricate hand-knotted rugs crafted with wool knots. A feature of Gabbeh rugs is their sophisticated patterns for an elegant look in any room. Order one today, and you will enjoy free shipping with our 30 days return policy, so don't wait any longer!

Brown Gabbeh Area Rug

24. Grey Bokhara Area Rug

If you feel like your ugly olive green and cream tiles are ruining the look of your living room, this gray Bokhara area rug is a way to spruce things up! The product is woven from polyester and cotton for years of use. The high-quality handmade area rug with diamond patterns intricately woven. Durable and resistant to mold, mildew, fading, stretching, or tearing can handle high traffic areas while lasting you for a long time.

Grey Bokhara Area Rug

25. Brown Southwestern Area Rug 

These exotic Brown Rugs are a popular decoration for both homes and businesses. The brown color of the rug gives your decor an instant update with its playful, earthy undertone. High-quality construction ensures this rug will withstand constant use and last you for years to come, so go ahead and splurge!

Brown Southwestern Area Rug

26. Ivory Ziegler Area Rug 

We know you're all about finding the perfect home decor, and nothing could be better than a beautiful area rug. This one is adorned with a traditional design that includes motifs like flowers and pomegranates, accented by detailed and intricate floral patterns. It's rugs construction includes hand-knotted techinque in Peshawar, Pakistan, from 100% New Zealand wool. 

Ivory Ziegler Area Rug

27. Multi-Color Gabbeh Area Rug

Carefully woven from pure wool, these intricately patterned rugs are a sophisticated addition to any room. Will bring an artistic and worldly charisma without sacrificing comfort. The Multi-Color Gabbeh Area Rug has FREE shipping for 30 days following purchase and returns within the same period! It's also a machine washable rug, so your apartment doesn't have to smell like dog hair when it gets too hot out!

Multi-Color Gabbeh Area Rug

28. Beige Boho Chic Area Rug

Satisfy your spacious modern home with this Turkish machine-made rug, which features thick and soft pile height. The boho-chic features traditional patterns with bright colors and distressed spots for a stunningly unique look. This area rug is a great addition to any room!

Beige Boho Chic Area Rug

29. Multi-Color Flatweave Area Rug

Give your home some style. With these colorful Flatweave Rugs, you can change the room around without having to remodel! With all the colors and textures you need, this rug is perfect for nearly any room. The woven pattern of this rug catches the light in a way that will add personality to your home decor. And from its tufted wool construction to its 100% pure material, it's built tough enough to last too!

Multi-Color Flatweave Area Rug

30. Ivory Bokhara Area Rug

No home is complete without a Bokhara rug. This vintage piece is handmade with traditional designs that are sure to please. Made from high-quality natural fibers and resistant to mold and mildew, this durable diamond pattern area rug will last for generations to come. No Doubt,This actual rug add amazing factor in your dull or boring décor.They're handmade pieces of history - don't miss your chance!

Ivory Bokhara Area Rug

31. Multi-Color Gabbeh Area Rug 

The multicolor Gabbeh Area Rug features innovative, borderless patterns. Each rug is carefully hand-knotted from wool and made for indoor use! Choose a 6' 7 x 9' 7 size rug to make sure your interior design fits your taste. Grandma will never tell you that these rugs are too nice to touch! They're perfect for hallways, offices, bedrooms, living rooms, and more, and the color palette will suit any space.

Multi-Color Gabbeh Area Rug

32. Green Geometric Area Rug

Beautifully geometric area rugs come in all shapes and sizes to best suit your space. These modern designs are perfect for contemporary spaces, modern homes, and save-the-dates weddings alike! Please take advantage of our free shipping on floor coverings and 30-day returns as you pick out the perfect pattern for your home. Rug pads are recommended with new rugs, which will help protect hardwoods, keep fibers from moving onto the flooring's surface, where they can seize beneath furniture or accumulate around contact points such as doorways or stairways.

Green Geometric Area Rug

33. Red Bokhara Area Rug

Add a traditional touch to your home with the diamond-patterned Bokhara Area Rug. This handmade rug has been woven in Bukhara, Afghanistan, from natural fibers and resists mold and mildew while also being easy to clean. The perfect addition to any high-traffic area of your home is a great way to make your space unique!

Red Bokhara Area Rug

34. Ivory Ziegler Area Rug

Ziegler Area Rugs are hand-knotted wool rugs from Peshawar, Pakistan. Sophisticated beauty and comfort at their finest! Typically handmade with intricately ornate detail, Ziegler area rugs have the power to transform even the most everyday space into a luxurious one. Whether used for an accent or as your main floor coverings, you will love how these luxurious hand-knotted wool rugs polish any interior design setting. 

Ivory Ziegler Area Rug

35. Multi-Color Gabbeh Area Rug

This exquisite rug offers a unique option for any floor plan. Its elegant, hand-knotted construction is made from wool and can be used indoors. This refined piece features distinctive patterns that are sure to set it apart from the competition. Available in multiple shades.

Multi-Color Gabbeh Area Rug

36. Grey Bokhara Area Rug 

Beautifully handwoven with the finest, most diverse materials made, this Bokhara Area Rug is a piece that both stands the test of time and spares no detail. The traditional design will withstand all types of wear and tear thanks to its sturdy construction from natural fibers. With diamond patterns on a lighter background for added interest, it's just what your home has been waiting for!

Grey Bokhara Area Rug

37. Ivory Geometric Area Rug

Made to please and withstand just about anything your household throws at it, a geometric area rug is a perfect addition for any home! You'll never have to worry about spills on this high-quality carpeting - which offers full protection from spilled liquids. What does Survey say? The geometric Area Rug will speak your language, no matter where you put it!

Ivory Geometric Area Rug

38. Aqua Transitional Area Rug

This aqua color transition rug brings a relaxing and refreshing feel to your surroundings. With over 25 years of experience in luxury rug making, excellence comes naturally here at RugKnots. Did we mention free returns? You're buying with confidence from us, knowing that our satisfied customers enjoy our carefree return policy.

Aqua Transitional Area Rug

39. Ivory Neutral Area Rug 

This rug is perfect for any minimal decor arrangement. It's machine-made and very durable, making it a great investment. The pile height of 0.37 inches makes this an enjoyable product to walk on and live with. If you're looking for something that will last forever, this rug is worth considering!

Ivory Neutral Area Rug

40. Brown Gabbeh Area Rug

Stylized hand-knotted rugs and textiles are a hallmark of the Persian Gabbeh rug. We ensure that no two Gabbeh Area Rugs are alike, as we pride ourselves on both quality and individuality. These one-of-a-kind pieces can be used in indoor settings with the area beneath furniture or your favorite reading chair, where its distinctive patterns will add synthetic sophistication to your home decor.

Brown Gabbeh Area Rug

41. Blue Bokhara Area Rug 

Imagine floor coverings in your home that combine tradition, originality, and high quality. The Bokhara Area Rug is an excellent addition to any room with style and panache. This rug's design features diamond patterns with fine borders for traditional flair. It also resists mold and mildew because of its natural fibers like wool, cotton, or silk. This rug is perfect in living rooms, dining rooms, or the bedroom as it does well with heavy traffic areas while providing comfort thanks to its dense padding on the top layer.

Blue Bokhara Area Rug

42. Brown Southwestern Area Rug

A rug is delicate, but it's not forgettable. That's because we build our beautiful rugs to last for a longer period. This brown southwestern rug is made from pure wool fibers that last for many years. Its brown color beautifully hides the damage and stains of wooden floors. And with that kind of craftsmanship and care? You'll never want to take them off the floor.

Brown Southwestern Area Rug

43. Navy Geometric Area Rug

You're the type of person who likes your floor to have that brand-new look, but all those pricey installation fees can cut into your creativity. Thankfully, we've got a solution by introducing this high-quality navy geometric area rug from our exclusive collections! Take advantage of our free shipping and return policy for 30 days to see if you like the comfort and elegance it has to offer.

Navy Geometric Area Rug

44. Multi-Color Gabbeh Area Rug

This Gabbeh Area Rug is an original, handmade wool pile. The plain patterns and natural colors make it a great decorative piece for any home's interior space. This colorful floor piece can cooperate with any home décor. You can make this statement rug as a focal point of your décor.

Multi-Color Gabbeh Area Rug

45. Blue Overdyed Area Rug 

Combining vintage, traditional, and contemporary design influences to create the perfect overdyed look for your room. The wool is imported from New Zealand to provide high quality at an affordable price for everyone. Extensive color variations so you can find the exactly right hue that matches your home decor. 

Blue Overdyed Area Rug

46. Grey Geometric Area Rug

No rug has ever looked as good as this geometric area rug. With its squiggly-squares design, the patterns found on one of these are slightly different and won't blend with your other borderless squares. We recommend pairing it with just a dash of personality to get the most out of its boldness in style! 

Grey Geometric Area Rug

47. White Transitional Area Rug

White Transitional Area Rug: Inspired by traditional geometric patterns for a modern twist, our transitional rug is made from hand-knotted wool with classic black and white patterns. Ideal floor covering in any room of the house or office space! We're here at RugKnots, so we have something for all tastes and budgets--whether you're looking for an affordable floor covering that doesn't compromise quality.

White Transitional Area Rug

48. Brown Gabbeh Area Rug

Featuring simple patterns in warm earth tones, this quality woolen rug is a great addition to any room, from the living area to the bedroom. This rug design will go with your formal sitting areas like the in-home office. Hang it over the couch for added warmth and color! It's also waterproof for up to one year, so you don't have to worry about stains or spills hurting the quality anymore! So what are you waiting for? Call us now for more information.

Brown Gabbeh Area Rug

49. Black Shag Area Rug

If you're looking for a hip, interior decorating touch that will make your home look stylish and modern, the Shag Area Rug is the perfect addition to any room in your house. The handmade design draws inspiration from old-fashioned shags but without forsaking its modernity with a machine-made construction using 100% polypropylene, which make shag rugs easy on the eyes and great for people with allergies. 

Black Shag Area Rug

50. Teal Boho Chic Area Rug

The material that a rug is made of is the most important element to consider. The teal boho chic area rugs are constructed from polypropylene and polyester material for ultimate softness and durability (it's gentle on bare feet, won't run up your dog's nails). This rug measures 7'10" x 9'10", 9'3" x 12'6" inches for maximum comfort or style depending on what you need it for--throw pillows display awesomely when placed next to this piece of furniture!

Teal Boho Chic Area Rug

51. Aqua Contemporary Area Rug

Don't let your feet get chilly! This rug is great for people with pets or those who want to be barefoot. It's a high-quality handmade country rug in pure wool that you'll have to feel and live in before you see the difference. Its soft texture makes it perfect for that living room design where visuals are important, but comfort matters more than anything else! Shop now, and we will include free shipping as well in our services.

Aqua Contemporary Area Rug

52. Multi-Color Gabbeh Area Rug

We know you've seen these when you walk into a showroom, and they're one of the pricier items up for grabs. It's also not the most practical item in your home- decor-wise with all those pointy edges that make trips and falls far too common. But we have some good news! Gabbeh rag rugs are handmade using wool, so they don't fray or shed as synthetic fibers would. Plus, these designs are original without being complicated, thanks to their simple geometric patterns on plain backgrounds, which is perfect for anyone in your home with sensitivities to color or pattern (and it can still look pretty cool!).

Multi-Color Gabbeh Area Rug

53. Ivory Geometric Area Rug

Introducing the geometric Area Rug, soft and durable. This Area Rug is meticulously made to provide a geometric work of art for your home or office. The large print area provides the perfect place setting for indoor and outdoor events while also adding nuance to any space with its bright shade of ivory. Resistance against spills, dirt, mud, and other stains makes it the perfect accessory when entertaining outside or indoors! Handsome in versatility, this rug will always have a place in your heart as you bring color and character to wherever you put it!

Ivory Geometric Area Rug

54. Grey Shag Area Rug

If you're looking for a plush, shaggy rug that's low to the ground - look no further. You've found deals in the shag area rug department! Handcrafted with a 100% Polypropylene pile, this is one solution for your sprawling floor space without sacrificing coziness. What's more - these rugs come at an unbeatable price point, all thanks to our free shipping and generous 30-day return policy on our handmade Turkish machine product-so. When it comes time to upgrade your pad, be sure to take a trip down here first.

Grey Shag Area Rug

55. Red Gabbeh Area Rug

This is a one-of-a-kind handmade rug, perfect for any space to add that final touch. The red Gabbeh Area Rug will last through time, with it being both durable and soft while maintaining the stylishness that will stand out in your home. Durable precision weaving with natural fibers is just some of what this rug has going for it! This affordable rug lasts for many years to come.

Red Gabbeh Area Rug

56. Tan Jute Area Rug

This exotic Peshawar Ziegler rug boasts juicy fruit tone colors best described as natural with pops of plain pattern with a tan background. Hand-knotted wool in 100% New Zealand Wool makes it perfect for pet hair; this can be put up against the wall or laid down for durable durability indoors or outdoors. It'll also add some texture to any room!

Tan Jute Area Rug

57. Brown Southwestern Area Rug

Finding decorating inspiration has never been easier because today, everyone wants to have a punchy, eclectic home. Seeking something that will brighten kitchens and dining rooms?  This southwestern rug features modern wavy patterns in brown and beige colors ideal for your high traffic indoors. You can also use these pieces as Outdoor Rugs because of their tufted construction with viscose piles. The vividness is exceptional - you may find yourself deeply entangled in the naturally colored tight knots crisp on your fingertips. 

Brown Southwestern Area Rug

58. Multi-Color Gabbeh Area Rug

A richly textured Gabbeh area rug with striped patterns designed to enhance the beauty of any room. Handmade in Iran using wool and heat-treated for colorfastness, this high-quality area rug will beautify spaces ranging from living rooms to bedrooms. Whether round or rectangular, extra thin or plush, we offer rugs that will suit anyone's lifestyle needs.

Multi-Color Gabbeh Area Rug

59. Tan Geometric Area Rug

The geometric Area Rug is hand woven of 100% wool pile and is free from any returns. Their high-quality design means an indoor use rug that requires no rug pad for hardwood floors or outdoor usages. The neutral design of this product makes it appealing to all homes as a perfect area rug that's floor-friendly and easy to care for.

Tan Geometric Area Rug

60. Red Boho Chic Area Rug

The red boho Area Rug is composed of a hand-knotted 100% polyester pile, which makes this rug perfect for high-traffic areas. The area rug features a beautiful classic white design that would look good in any room with medium pile and outdoor use. The clean lines built into the shape of the synthetic rugs make them perfect for higher use areas like sofas, dining rooms, or restaurant patios. 

Red Boho Chic Area Rug

61. Multi-Color Gabbeh Area Rug

This craftsmanship shows through in every detail. The colorful and intricate patterns catch your eye with mere seconds of looking, and the wool feels perfect underfoot on a chilly winter evening. Choose this rug for rich textures that will accentuate any style. The pure wool material means a durable construction that will last for years and high-quality fibers to keep your home's interior design cohesive and preserve its original texture as much as possible overtime

Multi-Color Gabbeh Area Rug

62. Brown Ziegler Area Rug

The wool area rugs are made in Pakistan, each using traditional motifs and natural scenes. The Peshawar Ziegler Area Rug has a simple design that appeals to your classic tastes. It features multiple shades of beige with reds and dark blue representing flowers and leaves, respectively, giving the rug an earthy feel that brings beauty into any room. 

Brown Ziegler Area Rug

63. Grey Gabbeh Area Rug

Serene, modern era style-inspired designs and delicate patterns combine to create this lovely handwoven Gabbeh rug. The textured look of these meticulously crafted rugs will suit any room in your home as well as on the patio. They offer traditional designs such as runners, squares, and rectangles in vintage rustic shades, including rich browns, warm neutrals & black accents on red Persian-type rugs, or complicated patterns on throw rugs for under furniture!

Grey Gabbeh Area Rug

64. Ivory Boho Chic Area Rug

Ideal floor piece for your floor. Whether you choose one or two for your kitchen's decorator accent pieces or opt for these elegant floor coverings to fully dress up your living room, embroidered Afghan hand-knotted ziegler rugs by Parwez Rugs will always ensure you instant Persian charm right at home in America. Machine washable wool piles are durable for those seeking additional pets.

Ivory Boho Chic Area Rug

65. Red Ziegler Area Rug

The Ziegler Area Rug features traditional motifs like flowers and pomegranates, accented by extremely detailed floral and natural motifs. This rug is made of 100% New Zealand Wool which is hand-knotted in Pakistan. Choose a rug for any space in your home with this woven option at RugKnots for Tufted Rugs. This high-quality item will make your room shine! These are machine washable  rugs and free for 30 days, both returns and free shipping!

Red Ziegler Area Rug

66. Multicolor Boho Chic Area Rug 

Are you looking for the perfect rug to complement your modern living space? You're in luck! We have a variety of colors, shapes, and textures you'll love. If you enjoy bare feet during the frugal winter months but don't like cold toes when summer comes along, there are pet-friendly rugs made with wool so soft it feels just like cotton rag rugs. Its machine-made construction with polypropylene pile makes it ideal for high foot traffic.

Multicolor Boho Chic Area Rug

67. Teal Neutral Area Rug

Towels on the floor or freshly vacuumed wood floors can create a look as white and fluffy as drift snow, but your bare feet will tell a different story. Area Rugs keep your house looking good with an unexpected twist—there's nothing better than feeling dirt in between your toes when you cross back and forth over its surface. The neutral teal rug that loves to show off doesn't have to worry about stains from spilled milk; you would be proud of this pure polypropylene and viscose pile accessory for decor style: traditional, contemporary, eclectic, minimalistic.

Teal Neutral Area Rug

68. Grey Ziegler Area Rug

The grey Ziegler Area Rug is a marvelous addition to any space. The beautiful wool rug features traditional elements like flowers and pomegranates, accented by detailed floral and natural motifs. With its one hundred percent new Zealand Wool construction and machine washable material, this rug can survive both the toughest living conditions as well as disastrous spills from sticky drinks or plates of spaghetti that splatter across your dining room table. This product is great for anyone who's looking for something durable but stylish at an affordable price!

Grey Ziegler Area Rug

69. Multicolor Kids Area Rug 

Whether you've noticed an accidental spill or kids dropped some food, bulky dirt that stubbornly sticks to everything--a quick clean with water or vacuum will leave the rug as good as new. Keeping your rug in tip-top condition has never been easier than with this hand-tufted 100% Polyester pile. Place anywhere—indoors or outdoors—because this stunning design will look great wherever you choose!

Multicolor Kids Area Rug

70. Beige Wool & Silk Area Rug

Nothing's cozier than a rug under your feet. This hand woven area rug is made with pure wool and silk that softens to the touch over time, so it feels fresh and new no matter how much you walk on it. With this luxurious feel in mind, we added the detail of a barefoot woman to show just how comfortable she looks while lounging around. It's not only beautiful but ruggable too—which means pets and foot traffic are encouraged! A modern, stylish choice for any home or room where kids play (or adults).

Beige Wool & Silk Area Rug

71. Multi-Color Ziegler Area Rug

This smart and versatile Ziegler Area Rug by Peshawar will serve you well for years to come. This rug could confront stains, wrinkles, and dirt due to its 100% New Zealand Wool interior. This wool rug's detailed floral and natural motifs are handcrafted with traditional simplicity like flowers and pomegranates, bringing life to your living room's decor.

Multi-Color Ziegler Area Rug

72. Beige Shag Area Rug

The beige shag rug is made with a Turkish machine, meaning that the manufacturing is quick and efficient. The pile is 100% POLYPROPYLENE PILE which means your rug will stay together forever - making it easy to clean up spillages and pet hair. If you're looking for a laid-back area to install in front of the TV or as a cozy space to curl up during winter, we've got shaggy rugs for you!

Beige Shag Area Rug

73. Multicolor Boho Chic Area Rug

Beautifully made rugs that are machine-woven, fuzzy, and make a bold statement. It's who you are inside that matters, not what the outside looks like. That's why our huge selection of boho chic is available in various colors and styles, from geometric to floral patterns. So be it shaggy, woven, or jute, we have all the floor style you need at RugKnots.

Multicolor Boho Chic Area Rug

74. Blue Gabbeh Area Rug

A designer rug is handwoven from 100% wool. Made in Pakistan, it's the perfect addition to any room for today's modern look. Its light steel blue color complements the light colors wooden or carpet tiles or floors beautifully. Best for indoor use in low traffic areas. Let RugKnots welcome your customers home today with our traditional yet elegant rugs guaranteed not to disappoint!

Blue Gabbeh Area Rug

75. Brown Gabbeh Area Rug

The Brown Gabbeh Area Rug is handmade. It is made from natural wool in plain, earthy patterns. It can be used on hard surfaces indoors as it's made for indoor use. Beautifully handle the stains or spills in high traffic areas like the kitchen, dining room, and living room.

Brown Gabbeh Area Rug

76. Ivory Ziegler Area Rug 

The Ziegler Area Rug is flat woven and made of 100% rustic new Zealand wool. Its design consists of a motif inspired by the renowned rugs weaving industry in Peshawar, Pakistan. The rug calls for a shiny, high-pile sheen to provide it with that ancient earthy style timelessly pleasing. As an all-over weave with different textures, it will be sure to make any space you place feel cozy and inviting.

Ivory Ziegler Area Rug

77. Multi-Color Kids Area Rug

Beautiful oriental rugs for the little ones! With two sides of bold and beautiful color, this rug is a great addition to any nursery or play area. Made in soft earth tones, it will provide hours of creative fun as kids arrange their favorite toys just so on those brightly colored pieces. This rug features a 100% Polyester pile height of 0.37 inches.

Multi-Color Kids Area Rug

78. Brown Gabbeh Area Rug 

The Brown Gabbeh Area Rug is a handmade wool rug that's perfect for any indoor space. The plain patterns create the ultimate simplistic elegance to your home. This maroon color rug dominates the décor in no time. You can trust this floor piece to handle the high traffic areas' rough use.

Brown Gabbeh Area Rug

79. Multicolor Geometric Area Rug

The modern geometric rug is made from synthetic fibers and is completely hand-tufted, so it's durable and easy to clean. The 100% polyester pile resists stains and fading, making this a great option for high-traffic areas like hallways or under your dining table. Plus, we offer free shipping on all orders of any size!

Multicolor Geometric Area Rug

80. Navy Ziegler Area Rug

The Peshawar Ziegler Area Rug is hand-knotted and made out of 100% New Zealand wool that creates a medium pile. This durable rug can be the perfect addition to your home, whether it's in or outside of the dining room area. No worries about pet hair! When looking for rugs for you both inside and out, this rug has you covered with its durability and stylish pieces with pops of sophistication.

Navy Ziegler Area Rug

81. Multi-Color Flat Weave Area Rug

This flat woven rug features diamond patterns in soft and muted tones. For the purest of reasons, this area rug offers a soft and comfortable feeling to those who step on it. Enjoy best-possible quality through its material as well as at an affordable price. This is perfect for any pet owners or foot traffic, too!

Multi-Color Flat Weave Area Rug

82. Tan Gabbeh Area Rug 

With a laid-back design, the Gabbeh Area Rug is perfect for your living room. With its modern style feel and easy-to-clean material, this rug will be a conversation starter. To protect your beautiful rug from stains and spills during house parties or catered events, conveyor belt it up and take advantage of our padding services. In need of some additional décor? 

Tan Gabbeh Area Rug

83. Ivory Ziegler Area Rug

Made in Pakistan by experienced craftsmen, the Ziegler Area Rug's quality is demonstrated by its durability and luxurious feel. With wool that comes from New Zealand and a pile that ranges in height to meet any need, this rug perfectly complements both traditional and transitional settings. The variety of color options allows you to find a hue that fits your home's style needs.

Ivory Ziegler Area Rug

84. Red Bokhara Area Rug

This Bokhara Area Rug displays a diamond pattern with fine border designs at each end. It is handmade from high-quality natural fibers and can withstand the damage that comes with high traffic areas in your home. This indoor or outdoor rug beautifully hides your ugly floors.

Red Bokhara Area Rug

85. Ivory Ziegler Area Rug

The Peshawar Ziegler is a stylish area rug that features rich colors to bring out the look of your home. From soft colors, beiges, and creams, this hand-knotted wool rug will add comfort that you've always been looking for in your family room. Want living room rugs in elegant Persian style? Just let us know what size and color you're looking for!

Ivory Ziegler Area Rug

86. Beige Gabbeh Area Rug

This beige Gabbeh area rug is handmade with wool fibers that are soft to the touch and durable. Gabbehs typically go indoors since they're so thick, but you can place other pieces of furniture on top! What's more, it has a reasonable price tag. Soft texture satisfies warm bare feet, yearning for solace amongst this cozy decoration, enhancing any bedroom or living space as it blends seamlessly into your décor style!

Beige Gabbeh Area Rug

87. Ivory Bokhara Area Rug

Hold on to your heartstrings with this diamond-patterned rug. Handmade by artisans in the Bokhara region, natural materials and resistant mold and mildew tendencies are made! Let them be breathtaking at eye level or bring them across your floor; either way, they're an elegant addition from which there are no shortcuts. Put this traditional rug along with wall to wall carpeting to spruce up your décor.

Ivory Bokhara Area Rug

88. Black Ziegler Area Rug

The Peshawar Ziegler Area Rugs we offer are hand-knotted and made with 100% New Zealand wool. These area rugs will be an excellent addition to any room in your home with a medium pile! These vibrant yet classic pieces make their statement in your décor. This machine-washable rug is best for high-traffic areas. Best as a living room rug.

Black Ziegler Area Rug

89. Beige Gabbeh Area Rug

Indulge in this beautifully handcrafted beige Gabbeh rug. It's a great addition to any space, be it your living room or bedroom. The mercerized wool fibers are soft and durable, which makes for an always comfortable feel and soft underfoot. There's no better choice for rugs than this one! Get idea about rugs online through our site.

Beige Gabbeh Area Rug

90. Red Ziegler Area Rug

This red Ziegler Area Rug is a 100% New Zealand Wool rug, hand-knotted in Pakistan to give it that classic appeal with just enough of a modern twist. At medium pile height and available in many colors meaning there's one for everyone - whether you prefer the natural look or something more vibrant. And don't worry about pets shedding all over it; this area rug is upholstered so your children can play on top of it without fear of messing up their nice new rug!

Red Ziegler Area Rug

91. Green Gabbeh Area Rug 

RugKnots is happy to announce a new addition to our rug family, the Green Gabbeh Area Rug. The comfortable wool fibers of this beautiful handmade weave are a true labor of love and will make your home feel like it's been transported away from hectic city life. Available in many color options, each rug is perfectly suited for any taste or style you could be looking for - regardless of how modest or bold. The Gabbeh Area Rug includes free domestic shipping and returns!

Green Gabbeh Area Rug

92. Grey Oushak Area Rug 

In today's more and more pet-friendly homes, the oushak Area Rug is an essential decor piece. Ruggable rugs are perfect for pets to enjoy comfort while giving owners a sense of security in knowing there is a durable rug that won't ruin rugs or difficult-to-clean areas. The rug comes woven from pure wool, distressingly protected with an acrylic coating, designed beautifully as original natural fibers with expert care and attention given to impossible wear patterns found on high traffic indoor surfaces. 

Grey Oushak Area Rug

93. Red Ziegler Area Rug 

The red Peshawar Ziegler rug features the iconic and traditional hand-knotted construction used in these rugs for centuries. Made from 100% natural New Zealand wool, this timeless area rug offers a lifetime of enjoyment with its medium pile of fluffy wool and durable hand-tufted weaving style. Ideal for both indoor or outdoor use, the Peshawar Ziegler can be found predominantly in grand homes around the world as well as living rooms, dining rooms, entryways—and even most pet owners prefer to put it somewhere their furry friends are less likely to shed it. 

Red Ziegler Area Rug

94. Tan Gabbeh Area Rug

The Tan Gabbeh Area Rug is the perfect addition to any living space. It's crafted by handmade wool fibers and has a reasonable price tag for such natural quality. The rug will not only add some layers of warmth and comfort but also give your home a lovely pop of color! Should you happen not to love our gorgeous range of wool colors (because who wouldn't?), don't worry—our gorgeous neutral rug for your floor!

Tan Gabbeh Area Rug

95. Ivory Oushak Area Rug

This handwoven wool rug is a perfect addition to any room just waiting for your personal touch. Living room? Check! Bathroom or bedroom, check! And when you're on the go and looking for a spot of comfort- we won't offer any names because, well, they should know better- this rug will do just fine in those rugged environments as well. There's nothing our rugs can't handle with their soft texture made to orbit around you as you live your life in style underfoot: bare feet at home, pet owners, paws off too.

Ivory Oushak Area Rug

96. Multi-Color Ziegler Area Rug

The splashes of color offset the dark background, giving a relaxing vibe that could easily fit in with almost any interior design. The wool is specially selected to be soft and pleasant to touch while resisting spills and pet hair - a perfect addition to your living room or office! The Ziegler Area Rug provides an elegant surface whether you want it for use outdoors or indoors. It resists spills, and high pile knotted construction prevents deep-seated soiling and helps the rug stay together with only slight wear through traffic patterns. 

Multi-Color Ziegler Area Rug

97. Ivory Caucasian Area Rug

With a modern yet rustic design, the geometric looks will blend beautifully into your home décor while also adding texture that will make everything look fuller and richer! You'll enjoy the lively woven loops for years to come. It is also handwoven, ensuring that every detail was given care in crafting this perfect aesthetic. These higher pile rugs add extra soft and plush feel into your rough and chill floors or carpet tiles.

Ivory Caucasian Area Rug

98. Grey Bokhara Area Rug

It's easy to understand why this grey Bokhara rug is a go-to for any high-traffic area. Made with natural fibers and handcrafted in artful detail, it features a diamond pattern of exquisite diamonds. With an impeccable balance of durability and elegance, it doesn't invite mold or mildew - making it perfect if you want to get more mileage out of your investment.

Grey Bokhara Area Rug

99. Orange Gabbeh Area Rug 

The Gabbeh Area rug is soft and durable for all of your indoor needs for traditional and modern home decor. With wool fibers handmade from Pakistan, this beautiful motif looks best in a house with a rustic or natural feel. It also has some sheep patterns on the border that are very pretty as they set mixed tones against each other. The reasonable price offers affordability while still maintaining quality!

Orange Gabbeh Area Rug

100. Ivory Caucasian Area Rug

Our Ivory Caucasian area rug has a diamond pattern and a fine boundary. Made with 100% natural fibers, this traditional handmade piece resists mold and mildew. This product is perfect for high-traffic areas, so your home will look and feel refreshed! Shop now while supplies last! The perfect compliment to any flooring. This rug will not only make your living room feel cozier, but the combination of pure wool and soft texture makes it a great addition for foot traffic or those with allergies. 

Ivory Caucasian Area Rug

Frequently Asked Questions About Indoor Rugs

1. What Is The Best Material For An Indoor Area Rug?

Wool carpeting is an excellent choice because it has a natural ability to prevent the growth of bacteria, molds, and difficult-to-clean spills. Wool does not accept or repel stains (which means that if you spill red wine on a wool rug, the red wine will show up plainly, but when wiped away with water, it will simply vacuum itself up in seconds). Wool rugs can absorb excess humidity, and they do so without creating any harmful reactions. Outdoor areas always need breathability because outdoor temperatures can fluctuate so much; this is why synthetic materials are typically used for outdoor area rugs.

2. What Type Of Indoor Rug Is Best For The Kitchen?

Seagrass and sisal are more water-resistant than wool or cotton, yielding less damage from spills. They also tend to be scratchier, so they're a good option for kitchens where there might be business wear that needs protection. More kitchen rug should be machine washable.

3. What Kind Of Rug Hides Dirt?

A dark carpet hides stains easier because it's not transparent and is less likely to show dirt. Children are especially susceptible to spilling sports drinks on outdoor play areas where weather changes happen rapidly, but the rugs appear clean thanks to the dark colors of area rugs.

4. Are Jute Rugs Best For Indoor Areas?

Jute is a durable choice for indoor spaces like the living room or foyer. These types of rugs are perfect if you're looking to replace an old rug with one that can withstand your everyday wear and tear, such as spills from food items!

5. Should You Put A Rug Under A Dining Room Table?

A rug under the table not only looks nice but also means you don't have to do the cleaning after dinner if you spill. No one wants to roll around on that nasty tile floor and ruin their clothes just to be a good neighbor in an instance where they would never have spilled. Plus, it's way easier for smaller kids or people with disabilities who might have an accident if there is some padding between them and the hard tile underneath. With food streets growing in popularity, it's better for everyone if there is something soft below! It also looks elegant and puts a fancy look on any dinner party! That's all from me today, kids-see you next time! 


Did you know that the best way to update your old home is by switching out rugs? We have listed some of our favorite new area rugs from RugKnots, a company with free shipping and free returns. With so many options available for different interior designs, we're confident there's something that will fit your needs! If you have any confusion about anything related to area rugs, then please email us at or call us at (301) 660-7046. RugKnots online customer service happily answers all your queries.

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Multi-Color Overdyed Area Rug - AR3441Multi-Color Overdyed Area Rug - AR3441
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Free Shipping

Ivory Isfahan Area Rug - AR5496Ivory Isfahan Area Rug
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Multi-Color Ziegler Area RugMulti-Color Ziegler Area Rug
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