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The neutral interior design style has never been more popular. From furniture to toss cushions, home design basics, and rugs, it's everywhere. This color scheme works well in a variety of styles, including a coastal, minimalist, modern farmhouse, and more. I, like many of you, am completely enamored with this trend. Neutral rugs, particularly tufted neutral rugs, are a favorite of mine. They're stunning, give depth to any room, and make a statement! Area rugs have been extremely popular for a long time. People have begun to recognize the value of rugs in the home. They are an important design element in your home. You haven't finished decorating and adorning your home until you've added rugs to the mix. Most people, on the other hand, believe that putting rugs in their rooms is all they have to do. That isn't entirely accurate, as there are a variety of ways. Nonetheless, they are critical and might serve as the icing on a cake at home. They serve as a red rug in your small room, making you feel like a star. Yes, they're that incredible! Neutral rugs are one of many different types and collections of rugs. They're an excellent way to bring warmth and texture to your hallways while also providing excellent protection and safety for your feet and floors. A neutral rug helps to create that relaxing atmosphere because it doesn't detract attention away from other design elements in your room, but instead enhances them. Here are 12 tips for how to go with neutral rugs when you're designing your modern decor.

1. Be Conscious of Your Preferences

The most important thing to consider is the style and atmosphere you want to achieve. Neutral rugs are available in a variety of styles, from contemporary to traditional and everything in between. Perhaps you want something basic and natural, like jute. Perhaps a rug in the style of a Persian rug with muted, neutral tones. If you want something a little more modern, geometric patterns are also a possibility. With so many options today, you can truly express your personal style and create the exact atmosphere you desire in your home. A stunning neutral rug, regardless of style or rug type, is sure to create a statement and brighten up any room.

Be Conscious of Your Preferences

There is no such thing as a "one-size-fits-all" approach to interior design. Others love bold color, colorful settings that are vivid and motivating, while others prefer quiet neutral tones that are great for generating a sleek sense of tranquility. The impact of both colorful and neutral methods is enormous. Furthermore, these methods can be applied in both conventional and contemporary home designs. RugKnots has a large selection of antique rugs and vintage rugs to complement any color scheme! To create an elegant atmosphere, choose huge neutral-toned ancient Oriental rugs from Persia and India. Smaller vintage Moroccan rugs are an excellent way to bring neutral textures and features to your space. To achieve a distinctive layering effect, use many tiny rugs. To add interest to a neutral environment, subtle tone variances in neutral colors are a fantastic way to go. Neutral rooms have a calming, pleasant, and relaxing effect.

Be Conscious of Your Preferences

2. Balancing Vibrant Colorful Rooms With Neutral Rugs

Antique rugs with strong designs and brilliant colors from China and Persia are a terrific way to add depth and texture to your house. Vintage rugs provide a cheerful and lively touch to any room! Your area will feel more coherent if you keep your accessories to one hue family (blues, reds, etc.). Colorful spaces elicit feelings of wealth, luxury, and vitality. Rugs have the ability to set the tone of a room. They keep your feet warm, preserve your floors, and are trustworthy multitaskers on the inside. A fashionable area rug might be the missing component in creating a unified design with all of your furnishings. It can also divide a large space into different zones, giving your furniture a visual frame.

However, selecting bedroom rugs that complement your home's aesthetic and style preferences might be difficult. It's not always easy to choose between variables like rug size, materials, and designs. Consider various aspects, such as room size, tile flooring, and foot traffic, when choosing a bedroom rug to fully transform your home — or improve its room decor. To make rug purchasing a breeze, we put up this handy guide with bedroom rug ideas and style advice.

Balancing Vibrant Colorful Rooms With Neutral Rugs

3. How Do You Select the Best Rug Material?

It may appear that focusing on rug materials and fiber kinds is a tedious and monotonous activity, yet it is a must for any home. Neutral rugs are perfect for the master bedroom, living room, home office, and dining room, to name a few places. The thing I like best about this lovely palette is how easy it is to decorate your home with it. You can go for a monochromatic aesthetic or add pops of color in the shape of throw cushions, furniture, must-have home decor, and holiday decorations. It's all about the substance when it comes to bedroom area rug quality, from cleaning to the risk of fading. The greatest bedroom rug materials are listed below.

Rugs Made of Wool

It's no surprise that wool rugs are in high demand in interior design retailers. Wool bedroom rugs are ideal for high-traffic areas like the living room due to the material's natural resilience and color preservation. A decent quality wool rug can survive for decades if properly cared for. It won't look like you've had it that long because of the fiber's resilience to crushing. In the fall and winter, a wool area rug may add warmth to your house. However, keep in mind that wool can absorb up to 30% of its weight in moisture. If you reside in a humid area, you should examine your wool bedroom rug for strange aromas and symptoms of mildew or mold on a frequent basis.

Rugs Made of Wool

Rugs made of natural fibers

Natural fiber rugs, such as sisal, jute, and seagrass, are popular among designers because of their effortlessly stylish look and warm, organic feel. A natural fiber rug is a must-have when it comes to summer bedroom rug designs. Because sisal and seagrass are extremely durable, they are popular in high-traffic locations. Jute plants are soaked and stripped before being spun, so the material is as soft as wool, despite its lack of toughness. A jute rug lends a great earthy vibe to any space, making it ideal for a guest bedroom or master bedroom.

Rugs Made of Synthetic Fabric

Consider designs made of nylon and polypropylene if durability is a priority for you or if you're looking for bedroom area rugs that can be used both indoors and out. These synthetic materials are stain and fade-resistant, making them a good choice for families with small children and pets. Nylon and polypropylene are also resistant to mildew and moisture. This is fantastic news for anyone considering putting a lovely area rug in a bathroom or other high-humidity room.

Rugs Made of Synthetic Fabric

4. What Rug Size Should I Purchase?

The correct rug size for your room is determined by a number of criteria, including your bedroom furniture, the form and arrangement of the room, and your stylistic objectives. The most common rug sizes for living rooms are 8'x10' and 9'x12'. To get a sense of how the rug will look on your floor, measure it out with painter's tape. The basic rule of thumb for bedrooms is to get an area rug that reaches three feet on all sides of the bed. Large bedroom rugs like this seem proportional, and they provide a warm, cozy surface under your feet every time you get out of bed. (This is one of the main reasons to buy a soft rug for your bedroom.) This restriction does not apply to small bedroom rugs. Simply ensure that the bed rug extends at least a few inches over the edge of the bed. In this case, you'll want to avoid having your area rug cover your entire bedroom floor. That would give it the appearance of being a rug from floor to ceiling.

5. Rug Suggestions

1. Using a rug in the living area gives you a new degree of versatility. Place the rug in front of the sofa to draw attention to it. Always buy an area rug based on the dimensions of your room, not how much furniture you want to fit on it.

2. Choose a wide rug to define the sitting area and visually separate it from the kitchen or dining room if you live in an open-concept environment like a loft.

3. Place the rug under your bed and nightstand in spacious master bedrooms. Otherwise, it can appear to be too small for the space.

4. Your area rug in the dining room should be large enough to accommodate your table and chairs. Also, if you have an extensible table, remember to factor in the extra length when choosing a rug size.

5. When working with a tiny space, it's critical to choose a rug that doesn't overwhelm the space, making it appear even smaller. Choose an area rug that fits only under your desk and chair for your office. A little shag rug in an undersized living room would appear extremely attractive. A neat look can be achieved by placing an area rug under the front legs of your sofa and chairs. Runners on both sides of the bed are a good alternative for compact bedrooms.

Rug Suggestions

6. Make Use Of A Rug Pad

Every area rug in your home should be protected with a rug pad. Rug pads are usually constructed of synthetic rubber-like material. It maintains your area rug in place while preventing you from slipping. Place rug pads under all your area rugs, no matter how tiny or large they are. If you have small children running around the home playing, "the floor is lava." Rug pads can also help your flooring last longer by adding padding. Even if your rugs are thin, heavier furniture can readily harm hardwood floors. Rug pads can usually be trimmed to fit an area rug in a hall or bedroom. Subtract two inches from the rug's dimensions as a rule of thumb. Then, using the revised measurements, cut your rug pad. Under your rug, the rug pad should be entirely hidden.

Make Use Of A Rug Pad

7. What is the Best Way to Layer Neutral Rugs?

It's an art form to layer rugs, but it's not tough to perfect. You'll be rewarded with a stunning appearance that will impress your guests. Layering is also a terrific technique to give a room more texture or color. Place a lovely area rug over a larger one that is similar in color to your flooring to highlight it. You won't have to worry about the top rug being too tiny for the space in this situation. The larger rug will make up for it. Choose rugs in neutral colors that complement each other but have various textures if you're going for a trendy look. You won't be introducing any bright colors to your environment this way. Instead, you're adding depth to your room while maintaining its contemporary aesthetic. Play around with angles and rug placement as well. There's no law that says two rectangular rugs must be laid neatly within each other. Finally, for optimum effect, make sure the top rug is much smaller than the bottom rug.

What is the Best Way to Layer Neutral Rugs?

8. Establish a focal point

The next reason to consider contemporary or transitional rugs is that they can serve as the room's focal point. Never underestimate the power of a rug to transform a space. The rug can sometimes be the piece that sets the tone for the entire room. This is something that many individuals do. They choose mostly neutral colors to adorn a room. They have two rugs after that—one for the winter and the other for the summer. You might be wondering why. Warm hues are reds, oranges, and yellows. During the winter, they can make the room feel cozier and warmer. Blues, greens, and purples, on the other hand, are cool colors. They're perfect for creating an airy, cool atmosphere in space during the summer. Yes, it is correct. A rug can completely transform the mood and feel of a room!

Establish a focal point

9. Blending

Transitional and contemporary rugs can blend into the design you're going for if you don't want to make the rug the focal point of the space. You can choose something that complements your furnishings and décor without taking center stage. A transitional rug's natural lines can offer a pleasant effect without taking away from the other items in the space. If you want your rug to stand out, don't let it blend in too much. Otherwise, it will blend into the room's decor. This room is worth obsessing over, especially if you like varied art and bright colors. This luxurious Moroccan-inspired rug, like the creative haven's whimsical canvas print featuring a woman's face, is strong. Dramatic strokes contain imprecise linework that doesn't take itself too seriously. The neutral colors of this living room rug, on the other hand, help to balance off the vibrant shades of the furniture and wallpaper. A room's tone can be defined by an area rug, which grounds the design while also bringing warmth and individuality. Because it is most likely the room's largest item of art and design, simply swapping it out can have a significant impact. If you want to freshen up your home, a new area rug could be just what you need. Because of their versatility and the clean, inviting feeling they impart to a room, neutral area rugs are a terrific choice and quite current right now. Changing a dark color or a bold pattern rug for a more subtle and lighter color rug would instantly lighten the space, creating a sense of warmth and airiness. Choose a rug with a lot of texture or a little bit of pattern to keep it interesting.


10. Don't Forget About Your Budge

There are a few things to consider when selecting the right neutral rug for your space. The first consideration is your price range. A well-made area rug can be a terrific investment and make a big statement, but a beautiful area rug doesn't have to be pricey. If a high-end rug isn't an option for you because of your budget or lifestyle, there are plenty of lovely rugs at every price point, so you'll be able to choose one that suits both your style and your budget. Just remember not to scrimp on the rug's size to save money on the one you choose. Always ensure that the rug you purchase is the correct size for the space arrangement you desire. To help you find the right size for your space, check out our handy guide here. Even if you adore a rug that is simply too pricey, it is best to choose a more affordable replica than to go down a size that is too tiny for your space.

Don't Forget About Your Budge

11. Height of the Pile

The density and height of fabric loops in a rug are referred to as piles. Long-pile rugs feature taller and looser loops, whereas low-pile rugs have tighter, shorter, and denser textures. So, what is the significance of the rug pile? Rugs with a low pile are easy to vacuum and clean. This is because the longer fibers of high-pile rugs frequently get trapped in the vacuum cleaner's revolving brush. Shorter, denser rugs are also more durable, so they're best used in high-traffic areas like the kitchen or mudroom. High-pile rugs look best in bedrooms since they are warm and inviting. In the fall, though, some individuals like to replace their low-pile rugs with high-pile rugs. The season's moodier feel pairs well with high-pile. Another key rug decorating advice is that the pile of a rug has no bearing on its quality.

Because not all rugs are created equal when it comes to high-traffic areas, children, or dogs, you must evaluate your lifestyle and the amount of use your new rug will receive. Lush, high pile rugs feel wonderful underfoot and add a sense of luxury and warmth to any room, making them ideal for bedrooms or areas with little foot traffic. However, they may not hold up as well in high-traffic areas and may begin to exhibit wear sooner than you'd want. Rugs with a lower pile or made of more durable fibers would be a better fit for these places. Loop pile rugs, such as Berber, might also be a nice choice, but keep in mind that if you have pets, their claws may snag in the loops.

Height of the Pile

12. Variety Is The Spice Of Life

When looking for adorable rugs for your bedroom, think about the style of the room and hunt for possibilities that match.

Rugs in a single color

Monochromatic area rugs work best in apartments with minimalist interiors and rooms furnished in a pared-down style. But don't let the word "monochrome" fool you: it doesn't have to mean "boring." Textured patterns, on the other hand, add depth and interest to spaces while keeping the colors to a minimum. Speaking of color, the greatest way to add a burst of color and create a design statement in a modern room is with a monochrome rug in a bright hue.

The rug in the Persian Style

Persian rugs date back thousands of years and originated in Iran. The intricate and vibrant designs highlight the art of rug production in that region. As a result, Persian rugs are frequently displayed as works of art on the wall. While their origins may date back to the 1800s, the style is timeless and adaptable to a wide range of interior styles because of the vast array of prints and colors available. Red Persian rugs provide a wealth of charm to any room. Choose a neutral-colored Persian rug to decorate your modern living room or a boho-style bedroom to complement wood furnishings.

The rug in the Persian Style

Graphic Rug

Graphic prints are a fun way to add color to a room or to accent furniture. This style of the living room and bedroom rugs has a playful, artistic feel to it. Area rugs with modern graphic designs instantly enhance a room, giving it a gallery-like vibe. A graphic rug would look great in living rooms, dining rooms, and other entertaining areas. Their distinct style works well in both mid-century modern and contemporary settings. Chevron, diamond, and abstract designs are some of the most popular graphic rug patterns.

Rug from Morocco

Moroccan (or "Berber") rugs are stunning in their geometric patterns and vibrant colors. Hand-woven Moroccan rugs are always authentic and can take up to a year to complete. Consider hanging one as a tapestry if you want to add some wonderful art and character to your walls. Asymmetrical motifs in strong colors are common in Moroccan-style rugs, which go well with contemporary and industrial settings. Berber area rugs are most commonly utilized in bohemian-style rooms with lots of plants and linen linens.

Rug from Morocco

Shag Rug 

Shag rugs, which are popular in winter and fall bedroom décor, can make any area feel cozier, warmer, and more comfortable. That's why they may be found in every room of the house, from the office to the bathroom. They're decor multitaskers because of their adaptability. Place one beneath a statement chair, for example, to create a lovely sitting area or reading corner in your bedroom or living room. Also, don't limit yourself to using them only on your floors. Smaller shag rugs, placed over sofas and beds, can also look fantastic.

Frequently Asked Questions Neutral Rugs

What Are Some Of The Advantages Of Neutral Area Rugs?

People who wish to create a sleek and contemporary impression in their houses should use neutral rugs. They can also be utilized as an accent item because they don't have a lot of colors but still give texture and complexity to the room. They fit well with any decorating style. Natural rugs, like other area rugs, act as sound absorbers, reducing noise and echo. Walking on them is much quieter. Area rugs have this advantage since hard floor surfaces do not absorb sound, as well as rugs, do.

What Are Neutral Rugs Made From?

Neutral rugs come in a variety of materials, including jute, cotton, wool, and silk. These are all-natural, eco-friendly materials. You can use these rugs to cover up stains on your floor or position them in high-traffic areas. Jute area rugs look fantastic in living rooms with a rustic theme. Jute is a natural material that comes in a variety of neutral colors. It's also a more cost-effective solution. Sisal is another material that works well in high-traffic areas and is used in rugs.

What Is The Best Way To Clean A Neutral Rug?

Vacuuming should be done frequently, and spot cleaning should be done as needed. Because of the light tints and differences in material, cleaning neutral rugs can be difficult. If you have a dark-colored rug, utilize lighter colors, and vice versa if you have a light-colored rug. Regular vacuuming, spot and spill cleaning with a dry sponge or cloth, and blotting the area with soapy water before letting it air dry completely are the best ways to clean a neutral rug. You can also use a vacuum with a specialized attachment for removing dirt and debris from rugs.

What Size Neutral Rugs Should I Buy?

When selecting neutral colors, keep in mind the size of your rug as well as the amount of traffic it will receive. For durability, larger areas will require thicker fibers, whilst smaller spaces will benefit from thinner yarns or low pile rugs. To ground the conversation space, your area rug should be around the same size as your living room's seating area. To prevent looking clumsy, your rug should be at least a foot broader on both sides than your sofa.

What Colors Do Neutral Rugs Contain?

Gray is the most preferred rug color since it blends in with any other color perfectly. Beige, black, and white are also popular colors. Rugs in Neutral Colors for 2023! Our website will help you locate the greatest neutral rug. Green, pink, brown, white, and a variety of other hues are available. Neutral rug color is a wonderful choice if you're looking for a rug color that can adapt to practically any trend or style.

Is It Okay To Use Neutral Rugs In The Living Room?

Yes! A neutral rug's biggest feature is that it goes with any color palette. You can put one on the floor in your living room and be surrounded by colors while remaining confident that they will complement each other. Neutral rugs work particularly well in the living room, where they complement both colorful and neutral furniture and decor while also adding a subtle brightness to the environment. So you need a neutral living room rug, but you don't want anything impersonal or dull.

How Do You Keep Neutral Rugs Clean?

A rug cushion should be placed beneath your area rug to prevent the rug from slipping on hardwood floors and to save wear and tear over time. You may also use non-slip rubber mats underneath an area rug to keep it from sliding around.


We hope you found this blog post to be interesting and helpful. We attempted to present the most beautiful neutral rugs available since we believe they are the way to go! Visit RugKnots to see a larger selection of our rugs. We have an incredible selection of Area Rugs in a variety of colors, styles, sizes, and designs. You can even have a rug made to your specifications. These rugs are a wonderful choice if you want to be surrounded by beauty.  Please contact us at or (301) 660-7046 if you have any questions, and don't forget to leave a comment below to let us know what you think of the blog.

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